Thursday, November 20, 2014

Healing the Family Tree

I saw something in a dream recently that I want to share with you. I believe it gives us all some much needed strategy against the works of the enemy.

What I saw was that the enemy had put a mark on those that he was claiming as his, whether saved or unsaved. The mark was also indicative of those the enemy wanted to curse to keep from coming into their destiny. The mark itself looked like a black raven and it was on the head. I also heard the Lord say, "Pray for healing of the family tree," and as I was praying about all this several things came to mind.

First, the 'bird' reminded me of the scriptures of the birds of the air that come to eat up the good seeds of truth that come from the Word of God. The enemy is snatching up those words because he knows they are full of power to save, heal and deliver those that hear. I asked God to send His angels to clear out the airwaves from those demonic spirits so that they cannot snatch the good seed away from those that are speaking and those that are hearing. The mark is also a word curse that carries judgments, slander and attempts to destroy the opportunities, new doors and good plans of the Lord so that people cannot enter into what is appointed for them. The birds of the air pick up the words laced with death and destruction that negatively influence others, and they take those words from one person to another in the form of gossip and evil speaking. These things are intended to keep people from salvation, keep them from their deliverance, and also prevent them from entering into the new day God has intended for them. He needs our cooperation to pray His plans into the earth, and He gives us prayer strategies to insure that His plans will be carried out. 

Secondly, I asked God to give people everywhere the desire to be cleansed from generational sin so that their family tree can be healed. I think that we often do not realize the impact of even one person's sin that can affect others in the generational line. Let me give you an example. Have you ever seen a child born into a family and maybe this child doesn't look anything like the other kids or family members. Maybe they have a different color hair or features that seem very different from everyone else. Then you pull out the old family picture album and find a picture of great aunt Sally or great, great grandfather so-and-so and you think, "Oh, so this is where those genes came from!" Something in the gene pool from way, way back got carried forward and was reproduced. Well, that is exactly how things get pulled out of the spiritual gene pool also, but sometimes it can be like a dead man's pool. A spiritual gene pool, if I may use that illustration, can have both good and bad. If a person is saved, then there are gifts, talents, callings, mantles and spiritual inheritances that can be a tremendous blessing because they come from God. But, there are also things that can come out that has poverty, death and destruction attached to them. Those things come from the enemy. We want to break the curses that travel in family lines. It's like playing Russian Roulette with our spiritual health and future because we just don't know what other people in the generational line opened a door to. There can still be open doors to the enemy that they never took care of, even in the most dedicated Christian families. Sometimes people just don't realize they need to take care of something or don't have the revelation of it, but each year we should recover more spiritual truth and walk in a greater understanding than we have in the past. Demonic spirits look for legal loopholes to entitle them to rob, steal and destroy your family's blessings. They feel entitled to hang around and will wait for an opportune time to rebirth generational sin and iniquitous patterns. They don't just go away. We have to send them away through prayers of renouncement and genuine repentance which results in changed behavior. This is why we should take great care to heal our family tree as soon as we are blessed with this understanding.

This is not just about our personal family tree, but the family tree that represents God's entire family. His desire is for each one of our family trees to become a tree of life. When the spiritual roots are healed, the family tree can become a tree of life that releases healing to others, also, because you then have the knowledge of how to help others heal their family trees. Revelation becomes widespread and affects more than just your generation! I also prayed and asked that the Lord would heal the root system of people's family tree so that those trees would be trees of healing that bear good fruit. The healing and cleansing come from renouncing generational sin and unhealthy learned patterns that are passed down from one family member to another. People cannot hope to overcome their flesh if there is demonic attachments that they cannot see. It will remain there to trip people up, time after time, reproducing and re-birthing the same patterns of behavior that cause people to experience loss, poverty, sorrow, broken relationships, addictions, divorce, mental illness and much more. This is how the enemy perpetuates certain weaknesses of sin that run in family lines. Generational curses can come to an end and a new destiny for entire families is possible. (See our Breakthrough Prayer).

Sometimes we don't know what to ask for, but I believe God gave a strategy through the dream. There is not one family on earth that is cannot benefit of a more intimate walk with God, healing for their family, and deeper revelation. Lord, help us not to think that we are 'good enough' as we are, but to seek You for continued growth! When relationships are fractured there will always be differences of opinion. Many times those differences of opinion lead to stubborness and attitudes of self-righteousness that become stumbling blocks to healing and restoring the relationship. Judgments, pride and other things become elevated above love and humility, which are needed to be able to make reconciliation a possibility. God wants us to lay down our judgments, criticisms and religious attitudes that look down on others as if they are unworthy of grace and restoration. If relationships are to be healed, and if Christ be our head, then we must find it within ourselves to surrender to His will, and His will requires humility on everyone's part. He levels the ground and puts us all on equal footing, secure in the knowledge that we are all just sinners saved by a loving God. None better, none worse than anyone else. All sin requires forgiveness, and a Savior.

I also saw that many people feel like they are stuck or waiting but they don't know why. God has called a divine delay in some people's circumstances because there is something specific He wants them to pray before they can be released into His greater purposes. God wants to plant good trees and reap good fruit. A good tree does not produce bad fruit because the seed comes from Christ. It's time we cleanse the remnants of death, decay and corruption from the spiritual gene pool. Religion has corruption and death attached to it. Scripture tells us the letter of the law releases death but the Spirit is life, according to 2 Cor. 3:6. God does not want to birth more religion; He wants to birth a tree of life. Bitterness, selfish ambition, envy and other things also have death and corruption attached to them. Study the scriptures and you will see. These are all things that God wants to cleanse from us so that when the birth of the promise comes, it is all Him. The promise should speak of the supernatural. It should look like God and represent Him in every way, not our flesh. We must cooperate in our own healing and deliverance so that we are ready for the next new thing God has planned. Sometimes doors won't open until all things have been made ready. Will you make yourself ready? I also saw that when I prayed what God told me concerning the healing of family trees, that spiritual births would come quickly and without delay. So many people are much closer to their breakthrough than they realize. If you have been asking God what is taking so long, perhaps there is something specific you need to pray. When you pray what God has asked, the birth will occur. God wants a pure birth, a birth that is full of power, anointing and can move with Him in the Spirit. Ask Him for a prayer strategy specific for you and your situation. When we pray, the delay is moved out of the way!

Father God,

In the name and authority of Jesus Christ I come to you and ask that you give people everywhere the desire to heal their family tree. Give them a heart to search for the right answers and faith to take the appropriate actions that make that possible. Let family trees be healed, in Jesus name. Let the family tree that represents the family of God be healed as well.

Let eyes blinded by pride, prejudice, offense and accusation be opened now in Jesus name, to see beyond those barriers. Let correct spiritual vision be restored to them now. Let ears that have been closed to truth be opened now, in Jesus name. 

Let your angels be released to anoint the ears to hear what Your Spirit is saying. Let hearts be softened and anointed to receive the truth. I declare and decree there shall be no rejection of spiritual truth but people will know it is the truth and submit and surrender to the truth. I ask for the Spirit of Understanding and the Spirit of Truth to reveal that which will make people free, in Jesus name. Let the good seed fall on good ground and let there be no delay in the seed bearing fruit.

Father, let what has been broken through hurt, betrayal, anger, offense, jealousy and divorce be healed. Take those relationships that have been divorced from one another and make them whole again. Whether it be family members, children or church members, heal and restore that which has been wounded and broken. Pour in Your love, grace, forgiveness and mercy. Pour a new foundation and restore the bonds of loyalty, trust and respect in Jesus name.

Lord, heal us from our harshness and prejudices. Heal us from self righteous convictions that are not from you but tend to keep us from fully accepting and being able to love others. Help us to let go of pride and other attitudes that makes us feel that others are not worthy of our acceptance, loyalty or commitment to love. 

Lord, heal our memories. The enemy would try to rob us from the good memories and leave us remembering only the offenses. Restore to us the happy memories that give people a desire to see relationships healed.

Let anyone that feels stubborn or resistant to healing have a sudden change of heart. Give them a willing desire to reconcile the relationships YOU want healed and restored. Let all stumbling blocks be supernaturally removed now, in Jesus name.

Take what was once broken and heal those fractured areas. Cement hearts together in covenant bonds that cannot be broken. Let Your Holy Spirit be the threefold cord binding hearts and lives together that are by the appointment and design of God, in Jesus name.

I declare and decree that the birds of the air, all demonic lying spirits, thieving spirits, and those that come to block the ears of those who hear, must be removed immediately. Let Your angels come and gather those ungodly spirits, chain them and send them back to the abyss that was created for them. I bind them from any and all interference in the salvation and deliverance of those marked for the kingdom of God in Jesus name.

I declare and decree in the mighty name of Jesus Christ that the mark the enemy has placed upon the heads of your children must be supernaturally removed now. Let Your angels be released to remove those marks. Let every word curse be cancelled and those words of death be condemned according to Your promise in Isaiah 54:17. Let every judgment be removed and let truth prevail, in Jesus name. I ask You to send out Your words and let Your angels carry the words of heaven to speak over those that have been targeted for destruction. Let their true identity as sons and daughters of the Most High be spoken about them. Let all lying cease according to your promise in Ps. 63:11, and the mouths of liars be silenced in Jesus name.

I thank You Father for hearing my prayer declaration and sending out help from the sanctuaries of heaven and earth. May Your servants prosper in all that you have put in their hand to do, and may the family trees be healed according to Your desire, in Jesus name I pray. Amen.

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Spiritual Truth, or Deception?

The enemy does not want us to be delivered. I think we can all agree on that, but Satan understands the word of God quite well and he understands us quite well, too. He knows that in order to deceive a believer, then he must find a way to block their understanding of truth. The spirit of accusation can be subtle. Not only does it look for ways to accuse, but it looks for ways to discredit. It all starts with a judgment, and then that judgment takes over in order to accomplish a goal that Satan has put in place. Did you know that a spirit of accusation will look to discredit not just people, but the Word of God? If the enemy can discredit certain areas of teaching, he can also prevent people from believing in the truth that will make them free and healed.

One thing I have recognized, and I admit, have been guilty of it myself in times past, is to think that something is biblically unsound when the reality is, I simply lacked the revelation of it in my own life. I had yet to grow in certain areas - and, truth be told - was in need of deliverance in certain areas of my own thinking, (mainly my own pride) for there were strongholds in my own life that were in need of being torn down.  Those strongholds prevented truth from getting in because the enemy was protecting blind spots that were designed to resist my healing and deliverance. How often people persecute the Word of God when it is simply their flesh resisting a truth that can make them free. The Bible tells us that our hearts are deceitfully wicked and we cannot know what is even in our own heart. This means that our hearts will deceive us. We will be prone to misdiagnosis of our own heart and life. We will be prone to missing our own blind spots. We will be predisposed to protect and defend the areas of our life where we may be in sin, and yet, not realize we are we are in fact, in need of repentance in some area.

Scripture tells us that all unbelief is sin. Unbelief in any area of our life produces a rejection of the truth and separation from God on some level. S-i-n. Boy oh boy, that itty bitty word sure does have the power to get people upset. It's human nature to not want to think we are in sin, because that would mean that we are in the wrong. Yet, the Bible tells us that if we say we have no sin then then we are self deceived and the truth is not in us, according to 1 John 1:8. Self-deception in any area of our thought life is usually held in place by pride. It is judging ourselves by our own standard rather than by God's revealed truth. Sin, as much as we may hate that little word, is the result of unbelief. Maybe not in every area of our life, but concerning certain areas we may not have the victory just yet. All unbelief produces separation between ourselves and God, or us and others. It is the root of every fear and sin. Unbelief makes room for spiritual, emotional and physical weakness. Why? Because Truth is not reigning in that place. Uncovering the area of unbelief that we've taken in to our belief system is our job. Jesus provided the salvation, but it's our job to appropriate the victory in every area of our life. If we fail to understand, then the error is not with God, it is with us. Hosea 4:6 tells us "My people perish for lack of knowledge..." It is also written in Proverbs 29:18 "Where there is no revelation people cast off all restraint, but blessed is he who keeps wisdom's instruction." Revelation is important. It can keep us healthy and well, free and victorious. But where revelation is lacking, people live by their own thoughts and imaginations and reject the wisdom of God. That is why revelation is so important. Revelation comes as a result of relationship with Holy Spirit. One cannot come by revelation except by God's Holy Spirit. It does not come by the flesh or spirit of man; it is divinely given. It is the glory of kings (that's us!) to search out a matter so that we recover the truth that will release empowerment, healing and restoration. Friends, if we were all walking in perfect harmony and agreement with scripture, we would be perfectly aligned with God. We would have no weakness in our bodies. We would be walking in miracles, signs and wonders everywhere we went because we would be full of resurrection power. We would be victorious overcomers in every sense of the word, but there is not one person on earth that has achieved complete perfection. Not yet. We all need work! The price for our sin has been paid, but there is still the work of sanctification. This is not a forgiveness issue; it's an enlightenment issue in our understanding that allows us to enter into deeper relationship with God and his Holy Spirit. Every time we displace an area of sin, deception and darkness, we gain more depth in our relationship with our God. Truth sets us free because TRUTH IS A PERSON. It's all about relationship with Him. Light displaces darkness. When lies are displaced, the natural response should be a conviction that leads us to change our heart and mind about what we previously believed. It SHOULD lead to repentance. Repentance means to change our mind about something we once believee and then adjust our thought life and behavior accordingly so that what we now believe is more reflective of God's truth in our life. We OUGHT to feel compelled to revel in thankfulness to God for showing us a truth we weren't able to walk in before we had that nugget of pure gold revelation. When darkness is displaced, then the light and glory of God fills the place that was once weakened and darkened through unbelief. Areas of our heart, mind, body and soul that were once blocked off and damaged, diseased or wounded can begin to receive resurrection power.

What people often lack is either revelation or experience in a particular area that gives them greater understanding. Remember the Pharisees? They knew the scriptures better than just about everyone else, but they completely missed the Word of God when He was standing among them, simply because their judgments clouded their ability to see correctly. They knew what the scriptures said but they didn't know the heart of God. If we don't understand the heart of God to know His ways, we will miss God in the midst of us. Hardened by their own pride, they could not receive Truth. Judgments made them spiritually blind to recognizing the truth that was sent to heal them.

Friends, God will often send us people with both experience and revelation that can help heal us. At the same time, God may also test us as to whether we will discount the truth based on the packaging of His messenger, or He may test our ability to recognize his Holy Spirit within an ordinary vessel. I have had to learn to receive from many unlikely messengers. Sometimes they were my children and sometimes they were strangers. One time God used a prophetess on a bicycle that I met on the boardwalk by the beach. A couple of days later she called and had a very strong word for me that made my flesh rear up in defensiveness. Keep in mind this was a woman I did not know personally but I did recognize the spirit within her and the gift of the Holy Spirit working through her. Even so, immediately I wanted to reject her because I felt such conviction of what had been spoken. God didn't care about preserving my pride! He wanted to bless me with a deeper level of healing, but when it snuck up on me and caught me by surprise I had to choose whether or not I would let my pride get the better of me. That woman was doing her job. She told me exactly what I needed to hear to get delivered. She wasn't hurtful but she didn't mince any words about it, either. Although I didn't care for the process, I also realized she was speaking the truth. That was the Holy Spirit bearing witness to the message. Listen friends, God is not about to coddle us when we're in sin. It might not be something we consider a big deal. But to God, it's all a big deal because our thought life determines who we become and how much of His "BIG PLAN" we are able to accomplish. Holy Spirit is relentless to bring us truth, teaching and revelation that is intended to set us free and lead to deeper levels of our restoration. God has even used homeless people to speak profound truths. There can be a lot of wisdom in unusual packages, if we will just have ears to hear and take the time to listen. If I had discounted some of God's messengers I never could have received the truth that led me into freedom. There are times when hearing the truth made me angry and defensive, but that alone did not negate the truth; it simply meant the enemy was guarding a stronghold and I had to choose whether or not to submit to the truth or continue on in captivity. The next time you hear an area of teaching, instruction or read something that makes you question whether or not it is from God, consider asking Holy Spirit to show you the difference between what your thoughts are telling you, what you think you know about scripture, and what is truth. Don't assume to know. When ever I have asked the Lord to show me what is really true, He leads me to the scriptures and shows me very clearly. He has also used other things that are not necessarily scripture, but medically based on the workings of the human body and then drawn a line of understanding between the two. God can use many things to show us truth! The Bible tells us to test the spirits, but the evidence of any teaching and also in the life of the one who teaches, is the fruit. Jesus said we would know the false from the genuine by testing the fruit. The fruit of the Spirit is mentioned in Galatians 5:22. Servants of the Lord should walk in love, joy, peace, forbearance kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control. The fruit of the Spirit in the believer (and the one who teaches) is the test which determines whether or not their life and teaching produces good fruit.

Does what is being taught lead a person closer to God, or away from Him? Does it magnify God, or someone else?
Does it lead a person into repentance, a changed heart, and a desire to trust God?
Does what is being taught come from revelation from Holy Spirit?
Does it open the spiritual eyes so that more truth can be received?
Does the teaching result in deliverance from some lie the person has believed and a greater sense of victory?
Does what is taught exalt the name of Jesus, the Word of God, and empower the person to overcome the enemy?
Does it result in physical or emotional healing?
Are there testimonies of healing and deliverance that come from the teaching? These are all indicators of good fruit, for the testimonies of what that teaching produces cannot be negated. Testimonies are the result of truth displacing darkness and Jesus being elevated in that person's life.

False teaching, however, will produce bad fruit. Jesus said that bad fruit came from bad trees. Good fruit came from good trees.

False teaching produces double-mindedness and confusion.
False teaching does not produce righteousness; it leaves people feeling guilty and condemned.
False teaching can also teach a wrong perspective of grace. One of the greatest errors in teaching is not radical grace. It is the teaching that repentance is unnecessary.
False teaching produces a sense of never measuring up and the inability to please God.
False teaching places people in bondage rather than leading them into freedom.

False teachers do not live by what they teach to others. Many live for themselves and live according to self rule. Self rule discards the truth and conviction necessary to produce genuine repentance and change.
False teachers demonstrate a lack of love for others.
False teachers will place others in bondage and leave others feeling hurt, confused, angry or bitter, which is the result of bad fruit in their life.
False teachers often insistent and unyielding. They have an unyielding nature that does not produce righteousness.
False teachers are proud and resistant to truth.
False teachers often do not live in the revelation that they have. Their life is marked by compromise.
False teachers do not walk in revelation. They speak as natural people but not by the Spirit. They teach as natural men or women but not as spiritual. (Revelation is the mark of those chosen by God with spiritual authority).

Man uses many things to determine whether or not something is from God, but not all of those things are profitable nor are they biblical standards of measuring truth. Opinions are a dime a dozen  depending on who you may be talking to, and subject to error but truth will stand up to scrutiny. Good fruit and sound teaching will stand up to scrutiny. I hope this article has been helpful. Friend, guard yourselves from those that may attempt to persuade you to believe like them by the use of persuasive words or empty philosophies. Jesus is known to have asked His disciple, Peter, 'Who do you say I am?' in Mark 8:29. Peter received the revelation that Jesus was indeed the Son of God and therefore could answer, 'You are the Christ.' Truth bore witness. The Spirit of Jesus lives in those that are HIS. Bought and paid for, sealed with the Holy Spirit. JESUS is not confused about what is truly from His Spirit. Jesus in us will testify to what is truth and what is error. Test all things according to God's word, but also by His Spirit. John 14:17 reminds us that the world cannot receive the Spirit of Truth because they do not know Him; BUT, we have Holy Spirit as a witness and His presence WILL WITNESS as to whether something is from God, or not. These three things agree: 6This is the One who came by water and blood, Jesus Christ; not with the water only, but with the water and with the blood. It is the Spirit who testifies, because the Spirit is the truth. 7For there are three that testify: 8the Spirit and the water and the blood; and the three are in agreement." 1 John 5:6-8