Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Declare the Turning Around!!

Do you feel like the world has just gone mad? It seems like every time we check our social media, scroll through the news or turn on the TV, there are more reports of terrorist activity, police officers being ambushed and lawlessness is getting more out of control. We MUST do something to reign it in!

We must keep our eyes on the Lord and remember what God's word tells us. He is not moved by what is taking place on the earth!

"He who sits in the heavens laughs. The Lord holds them in derision." Psalm 2:4

"Your hand will find out all Your enemies. Your right hand will find out all those that hate You." Psalm 21:8

Our responsibility is to declare His word so that we give Holy Spirit the promise to be carried out. It's like giving marching orders to His angels! The following declarations are made to proclaim a 'turning around' of those that are going the wrong direction and running towards destruction. Feel free to personalize them over loved ones of those you are praying for specifically. Will you join me in declaring God's word?

Heavenly Father, 

In the name and authority of the Lord Jesus Christ, I return Your word to You, for it is written in Isaiah 55:11 that Your word will not return to You void. It will accomplish exactly what You have purposed. Therefore, 

I declare  people are departing from evil and turning their efforts to do good. They are pursuing peace according to Psalm 34:14.

I declare that people everywhere are turning their feet away from evil according to Proverbs 4:27.

I declare that people will watch their way in order to preserve their life; they are departing from evil and walking on the highway of holiness according to Proverbs 16:17.

I declare that people are turning away from their evil ways and forsaking their evil deeds according to Jeremiah 25:5.

I declare that people will not be wise in their own eyes but they will fear the Lord and turn away from evil according to Proverbs 3:7.

I declare that people will turn away from evil and move past it according to Proverbs 4:15.

I declare that Holy Spirit is poured out upon the earth and people will hear the words of God. They will respond to the reproofs of God by turning back to Him according to Proverbs 1:23.

I declare that people are listening and turning away from their evil ways so that the Lord will relent from the calamities that are occurring upon the earth according to Jeremiah 26:3.

I declare that many lives are saved because people have turned away from their transgressions, according to Ezekiel 18:27,28.

I declare that people are repenting and turning away from their sins so that their sins may be wiped away according to Acts 3:19. 

I declare that people everywhere are repenting and being baptized in the name of Jesus Christ for the forgiveness of their sins, according to Acts 2:38. 

I declare the hand of the Lord is upon the body of Christ, enabling them to evangelize and preach with power, and a great number of people believed the gospel of Jesus Christ, according to Acts 11:21.

I declare the Lord opens the eyes of the blind according to Psalm 146:8.

I declare the Holy Spirit has opened people's eyes in order to turn them from darkness to light; and from the power of Satan to God, so they may receive forgiveness of sins and a place among those who are sanctified by faith in Christ, according to Acts 26:18.

I declare the eyes of the blind are opened and the ears of the deaf are unstopped, according to Isaiah 35:5.

I declare that You, O God, have led the blind by a way that they do not know, and in paths that they do not know. You have made darkness into light before them according to Isaiah 42:16. 

I declare that You have opened blind eyes and brought Satan's prisoners out of the dungeon. Those who dwell in the prison of darkness have been delivered according to Isaiah 42:7.

I declare that this is the day that was written about in Isaiah 29:18 where the deaf hear the words of God's laws. 

I declare the God's Holy Spirit has opened the understanding of many nations so that they may understand the scriptures, according to Luke 24:45.

I declare a release of light into the eyes of people's understanding so that they may understand the hope of their calling in Christ Jesus, according to Ephesians 1:17.

I declare that people who have dwelt in darkness have seen a great light, the light of Christ, according to Isaiah 9:2.

I declare people are running to Jesus to be saved and delivered just as the demoniac ran to Jesus in Mark 5:6.

I declare that people have been transported out of darkness and they will no longer be conformed to this world, but they will be transformed by the renewing of their minds, according to Romans 12:2, and that they will discern the good and acceptable will of God. 

I declare that people will receive the truth about Jesus Christ and believe unto salvation, becoming children of God, according to John 1:12.

I declare that people will understand that there is no other name under heaven by which they may be saved according to Acts 4:12.

I declare that people will produce fruit worthy of repentance according to Luke 3:8.

I declare that people will believe in their heart and confess with their mouth the Lord Jesus and be saved according to Romans 10:9,10.

I declare that people will put off their former way of life and be renewed in the spirit of their minds.They will put on their true and new self, created after the likeness of God in true righteousness and holiness, according to Ephesians 4:20-24.

I declare that people are sanctified in the truth of the Word of God according to John 17:17.

I declare that people will present themselves to God in true worship, in spirit and in truth, according to Romans 12:1.

I declare that people will know the truth and the truth will set them free according to John 8:32.

I declare the Book of the Law will not depart from people's mouths but they will meditate in it day and night and find good success, according to Joshua 1:8-9.

I declare people will have the mind of Christ Jesus operating in them according to Philippians 2:5

I declare that people will have a revelation of the good plans You have for them, and they will have hope for their future according to Jeremiah 29:11.

I thank you, Lord, for hearing my prayers and declarations and sending out Your angels on assignment to carry out Your word. may Your word run swiftly to accomplish all Your will and purpose. Thank You, Father, for intervening in the lives of those I have lifted up to You. I pray that Your Holy Spirit would over shadow them and interrupt plans of evil on assignment against those that I have prayed for. Lord Jesus, present them with divine experiences, dreams, visions, and other God encounters. Reveal Yourself to them. Destroy the works of evil in their lives so that the direction and course of their lives may be corrected to come into alignment with Your plans and purposes for them. In Jesus name, Amen.

Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Mercy Triumphs Over Judgment

Where the fear of the Lord is missing, there will be injustice. Injustice is a result of people that have no fear of authority or repercussions for their actions. What we see played out in society - anger, hatred, violence and retaliation - come from lawlessness. The remedy then, is the restoration of the fear of the Lord.

God hates injustice. He is exposing a great deal of it so that America will wake up to the lies and deception, and refuse to support those that perpetuate the injustice. Sometimes it can be difficult to know who is able to be counted worthy of our trust, but lean into God for His wisdom.

There is something important that everyone needs to understand about the Black Lives Matter movement and some of the other protests going on right now. They are in a political chess game financed by wealthy political figures that have an agenda to fulfill, and they are using our citizens as pawns. Soros has funded approximately $33 million dollars to these groups to start factions, strife and revolts. They have put more lives in danger and are getting people killed. The leaders have received money to orchestrate chaos. Paid to disrupt the peace and promote violence. Because the bigger picture is a desire to implement martial law and further control, oppress and dominate the American people. The political powers that are afraid of losing their control and positions will stop at nothing to carry out their plans to make slaves of American citizens. I urge people everywhere to put their emotions in check for a moment and consider what they get involved in. Don't let the enemy lure you into his trap!

The reality is none of those wealthy political influences behind all this really care about Black lives, or any lives for that matter. They have no desire what so ever to help anyone except themselves, and yet people continue to take the bait. Hook, line and sinker. Protests, when done well, can be powerful. But, protests that promote lawlessness, anger, racism and murder are simply another form of terrorism. The protests will not correct injustice, end the corruption or level the playing field. It will only add to the problems, keeping the power brokers and corrupt political figures in the very places that hinder real justice. It won't accomplish any of the things that these protest groups are supposedly fighting against. So why are people allowing themselves to get carried away with someone else's political agenda when it won't solve any of the real issues? Wake up, America! There are behind the scenes players that are maneuvering events to suit their desired outcome and they are not for justice. They exploit people's emotions, using the pain of this nation's citizens against them in order to lead them further into captivity and slavery. 

Bitterness has held people hostage but neither side is free until they choose to forgive. Bitterness has made people slaves to the enemy that pulls their puppet strings. Don't rely on your own emotional responses, for they can often be misleading. God's word to all of us is not to take vengeance into our own hands, but to leave room for Him to balance the scales of justice. He will! Remember, even Martin Luther King, who was a minister of the gospel as well as a social activist, did not just march for love and unity. King marched for truth, and truth will always force people to take sides. 

Truth does cause division, but I believe that recognizing the truth and understanding a need for change does not mean that we overlook the issues. When truth is revealed, people must choose what side of it they will be on; what they will support and defend. It is a natural response to feel outrage when corruption is revealed. It is natural to feel as if something must be done to correct things that have gone wrong, but remember that people cannot act as judge, jury and executioner of their own version of justice without taking the side of the destroyer. To think that God overlooks that type of behavior is reckless at the very least and speaks of those that are blind to His ways.

Forgiveness does not mean that we overlook the issues but it does mean we do not take vengeance into our own hands. Let us acknowledge where change is needed and then work together to implement proper measures to achieve the changes that are necessary. Prayer must be an important component in any reformation.

Proverbs 1:7 reminds us that fools despise wisdom and instruction, but the fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom and understanding..It is foolishness to heed the words of those that stir up strife and instigate, by their insinuations, that the increase of more darkness over the earth is the right answer. Lawlessness can only produce more lawlessness, which invites the judgments of God on those that partake of it.

Dr. Ben Carson got it right when he said (tonight on the Hannity Show, Fox News) that America is in a crisis of family values. We cannot afford to divorce ourselves from morality. 

We must heal the great divide. There is a chasm of bitterness that separates American citizens from one another and we must find a way to heal it. The enemy will always seek opportunity to rob people of their hope. This is what is happening right now. There are many issues in the news that promote violence, a loss of constitutional rights, prognosticators that predict economic collapse, corruption that seems above the law and much more. We should feel angry about that. But, these things are happening because as a nation people we have embraced lawlessness and rebellion from God's ways. We have rejected the fear of the Lord and demanded our own ways. So, God gave us leaders that promoted rebellion, corruption and lawlessness. He gave us leaders that also rejected God and this is what we have reaped. Where there is an absence of the fear of the Lord, there will always be injustice!

We must turn back before because the path we are on is not good. America seems headed for the edge of a cliff, but God can bring us back and restore hope once again. We must renounce generational bitterness and seek forgiveness from God, for as a nation of people, we have carried it with us far too long. The only way to heal our nation is to do it God's way. It's to divorce that spirit of bitterness, vengeance and unforgiveness once and for all, and make the conscience decision that no real good can come from carrying it forward into the next generation. 

We must make the choice to end it now before it destroys us all. We must make the choice to repent from holding on to bitterness, a desire for vengeance and allowing anger to over rule sound judgment. No good can come from a dark heart! Will you make the choice today? If it doesn't begin with each of us, where does the answer start? I urge you today to choose mercy.

Forgiveness is not for the weak. Forgiveness can only be done by someone with personal strength and integrity. 

Mercy triumphs over judgment. It represents the very heart of God. It does not mean that acts of injustice and corruption should not be held to an account. It simply means that we are trusting God to be bigger than the corruption. Bigger than those who feel they are above the law. Bigger than those who get away with evil. The truth is, God cares very much and will act in perfect justice towards those that warrant it. The timing and the way that occurs is not up to us; it is left in His hands. The decision to forgive opens the door for healing. If it can do it for an individual, it can do it for our nation. Forgiveness restores a nation to right relationship with their Creator. It builds bridges of hope to the future.

Those that side with hatred and perpetuate more injustice in the name of retribution act like fools and terrorists. As a nation of people, is that who we want to become? Is that how we want to be known? Actions reveal the heart of the person. What do we truly identify with? Our nation is being tested. It's a test of character. It's a test of integrity, but most of all, it's a test to see whether we will identify with darkness or light. Goodness or evil. Hatred or mercy. 

Are we going to be found faithful to our true identity as patriots and defenders of truth and justice? Will we as Americans, rise up out of the ashes of our pain and injustice and band together for a greater good, loving our neighbor as ourselves, and honoring God and others in the process? I urge every person to consider more than just social justice issues, but to consider how they want others to truly know them. The law of love is the highest law by which we will all be judged! 

God sees the pain this nation is in and He will come to bring healing. He wants to restore our hope for the future, correct the injustices and corruption and heal our hearts, but it can only be accomplished His way. He will deliver this nation from evil if we will trust Him. Healing will come as a result of forgiveness, love and a restoration of the fear of the Lord. Mercy triumphed over evil at the cross and it can do it again. Love is the only force more powerful than hate and violence. Love never fails.


As a nation of people, help us by pouring out Your grace upon us, enabling us to forgive the injustice, corruption and abuse of power that has brought a dark shadow over us for far too long. Help us to forgive those that have sinned against us and caused bitterness in our hearts. Pull up the root of bitterness out of our hearts and please heal our land. Heal the heart and soul of this nation. We cannot do it without You!  We trust in Your divine wisdom to not just expose evil, but to execute judgement and justice on behalf of those that have been treated wrong. Give judgments on behalf of your people that delivers them from the hands of wicked oppressors and those that abuse their power, position and authority. Turn the hearts of the ungodly towards You and convict them of their sin. Give them the desire to repent from their ways that they may be saved. Let mercy and truth never forsake us. Let mercy and truth enter our hearts and guide us in all Your ways. In Jesus name, Amen.

Thursday, July 7, 2016

Renounce Old Covenants!

The word covenant is not a word I find to be common language, except when one is specifically referring to scriptures in the Old Testament. However, in a recent dream I heard the Lord say, “Renounce old covenants!”

I know that God was not referring to every covenant, but He was specific in His intent. He did mention specifically covenants of regret. A covenant is a contract. He wants His people to renounce the agreements we have unknowingly had with the enemy. The word covenant can obviously be applied in a positive manner, such as a marriage covenant or the way God has chosen to honor His covenant with us. In a marriage, there is a promise and an intent of two parties in mutual agreement to live with one another and share in the stipulations of that contract that both parties agree upon. Even business contracts are often similar in nature. However, in this context the word covenant has a negative connotation. It refers to an agreement or a contract between two parties that is legally binding. Remember, Satan is a legalist. Every devil, including Satan himself, examines us for the legal right to enforce the negative consequences of our actions. offers several definitions of the word.


1. An agreement, usually formal, between two or more persons to do or not do something specified.

2. Law. an incidental clause in such an agreement.

3. In relationship to law, a covenant is a formal agreement of legal validity, especially one under seal.

It also means a promise to enter into a covenant between two people or parties, a pledge.

Let me reflect back on my dream. In the dream I saw myself asking a question, “Why have I been so angry?” Immediately it was as if I had been taken back in time, about 20-25 years earlier. The Lord was connecting the dots in my understanding about events that happened around that time, and what my emotional frame of mind had been at that time in my life.

During that time, I was incredibly broken. It was before I came to know Christ and I had been caught in the snares of a worldly lifestyle, an abusive relationship and a whole host of other problems resulting from making poor choices. At that time in my life, I rejected myself in many ways because I was emotionally and spiritually unhealthy. I was full of fear, anger and bitterness. Most of that was due to living in rebellion and separation from God, but the pain of a guilty conscience and depression were overwhelming. I couldn’t escape it no matter what I did. I repeatedly overdosed and almost died several times. I had no real will to continue to live because I was so full of self-hatred and hopelessness. I had many people that looked down on me and daily told me I was a loser. The enemy used others around me to degrade me with verbal assaults and condemn who I was as a person and a parent. The result is that I loathed myself and wanted to die. And so, I came into agreement with those voices. I agreed with the voices that told me how unworthy and unacceptable I was. I agreed with the voices that told me I was a bad parent and would never be good for my child. I agreed with the opinions of others that were disappointed in my conduct and had judged me, told me I was unacceptable and rejected me as a human being.

Fast forward to the present. God has set me free from so many things and has radically transformed the person that I am today. What I did not realize until I had that dream is that somehow, all this time later, (and after renouncing many, many things over an extended period of time), is that there was an old covenant between the enemy and myself that was still affecting me. 

Healing comes in layers, and only God can choose the timing and the method of revelation that we each need so that we can experience greater levels of healing and freedom. In my dream, I had asked the question, “Why am I so angry?” This has been a question of my heart for some time in relationship to some areas of my life where I felt a disconnect and a lack of ability to nurture some close relationships that were very important to me. I’m not perfect but I hope my transparency will not hinder you, the reader, from being able to receive from me. In an area of my life that should come naturally, (parenting) I still struggle. I feel caught between the person I want to be, and yet unable to fully express the love, peace and joy that I know are mine in Christ. So, I’ve been asking the Lord for a while now to reveal the source of that block. That is what the dream was about. He came to answer the question of my heart and reveal why the block existed.

Apparently, the agreement that I had made with the enemy all those years ago was still a legal contract that the enemy was attempting to enforce. You may ask how that could be? I certainly asked that same question! Yet, this is what the Lord showed me. I took in certain lies and believed them, and they shaped who I became. There were still lies circulating in my belief system that told me I wasn’t a good parent and I wasn't good at loving. I had experienced a lack of love and nurturing in my childhood and I just didn’t have the previous experiences to draw from that would enable me to become the mother and person I wanted to be. Although those may be the facts, it wasn't the truth. The truth is, we are new creations in Christ and we don't have to remain the same. Scripture tells us that the old has passed away and all things have become new.

"Therefore if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation. The old things have passed away; behold, the new has come into being." 2 Corinthians 5:17 

I know this scripture well but in certain areas of my life and belief system I was still operating in an old mindset. Somewhere along the line I had rejected this truth in regards to my parenting ability, so unbelief prevented me from this scripture becoming a reality in that part of my life. Not everything, mind you, just parts of it. What I found to be true is that I would repeatedly have this negative self-chatter in my head that focused on my short comings rather than giving myself credit for the things I was doing right. Not regarding everything, but towards certain things that were very important to me. As I started to examine those sort of thoughts last night, the Lord told me to reflect on the things I could honestly say I was doing well. I was surprised at the list I was able to make, considering I can be extremely hard on myself. Then I wondered how on earth I had allowed my thoughts to be taken captive all this time, unraveling the good with the negative, critical, harsh and hard judgments I made against myself. I realized I had not only judged myself, but I was holding my young children to some standards that were pretty difficult for them to meet at times. I found myself yelling a lot more than I wanted to, and felt like I kept blowing it every time I opened my mouth. I wanted off the merry-go-round but didn't know how to make it stop! 

In my dream, the Lord brought several people to pray for me and they told me to break the old covenant I had with regret. I said I didn’t know I had made a covenant with regret, but the person in my dream said, “It doesn’t matter if you did it knowingly or unknowingly, you still need to renounce it because the enemy is enforcing it!” That shocked me. As many of you know, I write a huge amount of prayers that deal with renouncing things like this, but that one caught me in a blind spot. We all have blind spots, and I think that was the point the Lord wanted to impress upon me. The enemy hides from us, so it’s the Lord’s job to drive him out of hiding. That’s why we will experience certain areas of our lives where we just seem that for the longest time we can’t seem to get a victory. God shows us the problem,  often by making us miserable with our own frustrations and limitations. Then when we get around to asking the right question, He will come with the revelation that helps us understand how to get free.

When the enemy hides from you, God will send those things that will sting your conscience and release a certain amount of pain associated with it, because He wants you to hate that part of your behavior. He is showing you something that the enemy is using against you to keep your heart and mind and your true identity in captivity. This is one of the ways that God leads us out of old behavior and into our true identity in Christ. The new you is better!

“Moreover, the LORD your God will send hornets among them, until those who are left and hide themselves from you are destroyed.” Deut. 7:20

"I will send hornets ahead of you so that they will drive out the Hivites, the Canaanites, and the Hittites before you. Exodus 23:28

The things that God is driving out are the enemies of your soul that separate you from who you are in Christ.

In John 8:32, Jesus told his disciples that if they continued in His word they would be His disciples, but on their part they would have to learn how to resist evil, obey His commands and trust Him. In doing these things, they would come to understand His teaching, be led by His Spirit, and also learn where their hope and trust were truly anchored – in Him. Jesus’ response is this: “Then you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free."

I feel like this is not just for myself, but for many others, too, because the core principle is applicable to more than just myself. What I understand about covenants is that they are binding until you do something on purpose to break them. When the Lord told me to renounce regret, what I understood (even from a previous dream years ago regarding this topic) is that regret is a spirit, but it’s also an assignment from the enemy. It’s not just a feeling or an emotional response; it’s a demonic entity. As such, we cannot afford to think that we can just shrug off the emotional aspect of it and be done. We must do something intentional to cut off the attachment and demonic assignment. Apostle John Eckhardt, who I consider to be one of the foremost authorities on healing and deliverance, writes about a spirit that also calls itself “Past.” (Eckhardt: Deliverance and Spiritual Warfare Manual, Charisma House, 2014). Regret and Past are witchcraft spirits that have an assignment to keep people locked up in the pain of their past. I had dealt with things of that nature in other areas of my life and thought it was finished. Yet, I had not recognized that in a different area of my life that revolved around parenting issues, I still had a stronghold in my thought life that needed to be torn down.

Recently I have become a grandmother for the second time. I have had the pleasure of holding my new grand baby and loving on her, and to be honest, it’s that flashback feeling so many parents experience when they look at their grandchild and feel like they’re holding their own children all over again. But, with that joy also triggered a twinge of regret at not having been the parent my older daughter needed when she was young.  So many times I’ve wished I had a do-over with my daughter and go back and try to correct mistakes I made along the way. I wish I could undo the pain I caused her. I think that somehow knowing she still struggles with heart issues because of things I was responsible for, has held me in a place where maybe I was even still holding myself accountable for all that. What I've come to realize is that regret is also a form of self-punishment, whether we intend it to be or not. I had to choose to, once again, forgive myself. I had to tell myself that I was released from my past and I would not continue to hold onto any regret. I broke that agreement once and for all. Maybe as you read this something is speaking to you about your own need to let go.  

One thing I’ve realized is that we can’t change the past. In fact, regret over the past is not always tied to our own failures and mistakes, but a feeling of what we had hoped could be. It’s tied to things that we longed for but never became a reality. Even as I'm writing this I know that's a big one for a lot of people. Hopes and dreams that got lost along the way or just plain destroyed. Regret can take many forms. It can be tied to people, situations or relationships. Sometimes people need to renounce soul ties to individuals that they feel are tied to regret, loss or disappointment. Regret is defined as feeling of remorse or sorrow for one’s actions, but it is also to think of something (or someone) with a sense of loss, disappointment or dissatisfaction. It is distress of the mind, or sorrow for what has been done or failed to be done. It is, in a sense, hope deferred that made your heart sick with unrealized longings. It involves wrongs that were committed or errors that were made, and it means to lament, mourn, sorrow and grieve. The strongman spirit over all of these is the spirit of heaviness. Well, guess what all these things do? They rob a person of joy, peace, love, patience, kindness and contentment. All those good things are replaced with criticisms, judgments, impatience, harshness, restlessness, irritability and lack of peace. Sound familiar? It was for me. Maybe for you, too. If that’s your struggle, then the good news is, now you know how to direct your prayer. But, before I offer a prayer, I want to encourage your heart.

Many people turn to others to seek help from their emotional pain, and though that is not wrong, I urge you to be careful about others that simply agree with you. If a person never really works towards freedom and healing they will stay stuck in wilderness seasons of their lives and left with the misery that tends to make a person feel bitter. You can break free with God’s help. God knows the hurt, pain and longing in each of our hearts. Although we cannot change past events, we can put our trust in God. He can make all things new, which I translate to mean, He can give us something new that fulfills the longing in our heart. He can heal the areas of our brokenness so that we no longer feel the pain any more, but enjoy life and those he has put in our life so that we truly become whole. He is the healer of sorrows. The One who wipes away our tears. We don’t have to wait until we get to heaven to experience His touch. He wants to heal. His promise is to bind up our wounds and restore us, to give us a good future.

Your current state of life is not all that He has for you. Look to Him as your hope. He is the Creator and can create all that you need to make you whole.

“For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future. Then you will call on me and come and pray to me, and I will listen to you.” Jeremiah 29:11,12

Heavenly Father,

Whether I came into agreement with the enemy knowingly or unknowingly, I now take the authority you have given me and break all ungodly covenants with the spirits of darkness. I renounce and repent for any agreements I have made in the spirit realm with demonic entities known as Regret, Past, Shame, Sorrow, Grief, Criticism, Bitterness, Unforgiveness, Irritability, Strife, Anger and Heaviness. Let these spirits be bound in the name and authority of Jesus Christ and sent back to the abyss created for them. I choose to forgive myself and anyone else that I have held responsible for my pain and disappointment. I forgive myself for any pain, offense or disappointment I have caused others. I also renounce any ungodly soul ties to (Declare names of individuals) that are connected to feelings of anger, disappointment, unforgiveness, loss and grief over lost hopes and dreams. I submit to You, Lord, and resist the enemy. I command all demonic spirits to leave me now and never return. I ask Your Holy Spirit to continue to release revelation that will lead me into greater levels of freedom and inner healing. Let peace, love and joy be released in my life now. I also ask You, Father, to create the new things in my life that will continue to bring healing, wholeness, contentment, peace and joy, in Jesus name. Amen.

Friday, July 1, 2016

Who Is God?

On tough days sometimes we need a little reminder of exactly who God is, and just how capable He is in handling everything that concerns us. He has said in His word that to those that order their conversation in a way that honors Him He will show the salvation of God! How many of You want God to show up big in your life? Then give Him a thank offering!

"He who offers a sacrifice of thanksgiving honors Me; And to him who orders his way aright I shall show the salvation of God." Psalm 50:23 NAS

Oh Lord God, God who made the heavens and the earth. How awesome is Your name! You are not just Lord, but my Lord and my God. I am not an orphan, I am chosen by You to be Your child. You are not just Father to many, but You are my Father, the One who has known me from before the foundations of the worlds. You are Abba, the One who predestines us to be Sons and Daughters, who adopts us as Your own and loves us unconditionally. You are the One who accepts me just as I am. You are the One who sees everything and understands me, because You made me. You are the One who is full of mercy and compassion. You are my Father, the one loves me and will do anything for me! You’re the One who has promised to never leave me nor forsake me. You consider me the apple of Your eye and Your delight.

Father, You are the Creator God, the One who made the heavens and the earth and all that is. All that has ever been. You are the God who speaks and it comes to pass. You are the God that speaks and acts. You are the same forever. You are the unchanging God, the same yesterday, today and forever. You are The Almighty, the Ancient of Days, the Alpha and Omega, the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, and my faithful, covenant keeping God.

You are the Rock of Ages, my shield and exceedingly great reward. You are the God I can call on, the One who hears and stops to listen to Your children. You are the God whose hand is long enough to reach out to us no matter where we are.

You are the Creator who never forgets Your creation. You are the God who holds the worlds in Your hands, who hung the stars in the sky, who knows each one of them by name. Forgive my small thinking! You are so, so big! You are the God who exalts His Word more than You exalt your name. You are the powerful God, the Most High, who delivers Your people and rescues us from every fear and foe. You are the God who parted the Red Sea, the One who makes a way where there seems to be no way. You are the One we can depend on, the Great and Mighty God, the One who knows all things and is an ever-present help in time of trouble. You are the God who is unable to be fully understood, Your qualities so vast, Your knowledge immeasurable and Your character so expansive. There is no way to measure You. There is no other way to describe You except wonderful, majesty and awesome to behold. Your ways are so beyond our ways. Your thoughts are so above mine. I am left undone when I consider Your beauty!

You are Lord of all the earth. You are the Lord of Hosts. King of Kings and God above all other gods. Your name, Lord Jesus, is the name above every other name that could ever be spoken. Your name is above every name that could ever be conceived in the mind and imagination. Your name is sweeter on my lips than any other name.

You are Jesus, the God of the spoken word. You, that came from Yourself and lived in the flesh among Your people. You are our Savior, Teacher, Liberator, Deliverer, Defender, the One who Forgives. Your name is Wonderful, Counselor, Mighty God. You are known for Your faithfulness. You are the One who paid the price for our sins and our resurrected Lord. You are the Lover of my soul. You are the God who puts an end to all sorrow, the God who gives joy, who calms every storm saying ‘Peace, be still.’

You are my God, clothed in light. Clothed in glory. Everything about you speaks of honesty, integrity and holiness. No one has ever been or will ever be like You! You are the great warrior of heaven, the Commander of Angel Armies, the God who fights for the defenseless, who intercedes for us, the God of our freedom who delivers us from the hold of sin and helps us live victorious. You are the One who tears down walls that divide, who destroys the plans of the evil one and who reigns as the King of Kings. You make the heavens and the earth your footstool. You reign in Supreme Authority over all the earth.

You are merciful and compassionate, a holy and loving God. You are the miracle working God who speaks and does not change Your words. You are the light in the darkness. You’re the God who rescues us from the pit, the prison and the poorhouse. You are the God who redeems time and restores our losses. You are the God who blesses me because You care for me. You are my confident, my conqueror, my protector. You are my God who covers me with a banner of love and spoils evil plans so that the enemy cannot triumph over me!  You are the One who provides, as often as I need one. gracious provision for a new beginning. Your mercies are brand new every day! You are the One who never with holds your forgiveness from me. As long as I come to You honestly and confess, You cleanse me. You graciously begin again with me. Lord, forgive my resistance! I want only You as my God, Jesus! You are my companion, my friend, my provider and the lifter of my head. You are the King above every other king; so pure and holy that you cannot be judged. You are the God who defends those who are truthful, my vindicator, the just Judge of heaven. You are the One who opens doors no man can open and the one who closes doors in their time. You are the God who lifts up the humble and opposes the proud. You are the One who is worthy to walk with and worthy to follow.

You are God the Holy Spirit, who has come as my Comforter, Helper, Healer, and my  Hope. You are jealous for me, to consecrate me to the Lord as His bride and keep me in the ways of righteousness. You are the God of answered prayer, the One who reveals Jesus, and the One who knows the deepest secrets of my heart. You’re the One who sees the visible and the invisible, who understands the heart and motive of mankind. Nothing escapes you. You are the One who lives within me, continually revealing Jesus, and nothing can separate us. You are my great advisor, the One who gives life and resurrects the dead. You are the One who is both the essence of all that is gracious, kind and loving, yet, the God who changes appointments with death because Your power is unmatched. Your ability to transform a dead situation into one of life is unparalleled. You alone can remove inadequacies from my life and turn empty, barren places into places of fruitfulness. God of the living! You are busy loving. The God who blesses, restores and giver of life. You open the womb of the barren. You heal and make whole. You hold the keys to my existence, the keys to my future, and reveal strategies for success. You are the God who can turn a bad situation into good, who rallies to my defense and leads me into truth so that I may be made free.

O Lord of Lords and God of Gods, You are a righteous God and Your mercies endure forever. Great is Your faithfulness! You truly are a great and powerful God, and I exalt you to the highest place in my life. You are worthy of my praise! I give you honor and esteem You worthy to be praised, now and forever! Your heart towards mankind is pure. It is always for our restoration. You never sleep but are always watching out for me. You are the God who listens intently for my voice. I am Yours. I have a glorious Father! A faithful friend! You have good plans for me that will certainly come to pass because You are incapable of lying. You watch over me and You watch over Your word to perform it. You are holy and perfect in all your ways, O God! Eternity will not be enough to praise Your glorious ways, O God! Be exalted in my life, King Jesus! Amen and amen.