Friday, May 6, 2016

Prayer for Healing Autism

Because I do not believe God wants us to surrender hope. We do not have to accept negative prognosis or diagnosis. Whether autism is the result of a vaccine injury or other physical condition, a generational curse or another spiritually rooted issue, Jesus Christ is the answer. His will is to heal and deliver. This prayer was specifically crafted for a child with severe autism. You too can believe that your impossible situation can be reversed when you invite God into the situation.

Note: I highly recommend a couple days of fasting in addition to making this prayer, for there are some demonic spirits that only respond to the additional component of fasting. Insert the name of your loved one in the appropriate place.

  • In the name and authority of Jesus Christ, I pray over ___________’s brain and I break the power of poisoned thinking and the strongholds of the mind. I break the power of word curses and generational curses in Jesus name.

  • In the name and authority of Jesus Christ, I bind the spirits of Legion and the Deaf and Dumb spirit, rendering them powerless, impotent and paralyzed. I forbid Legion and every demon under its authority from interfering or interrupting with _________’s thought processes, motor responses and speech.

  • In the name and authority of Jesus Christ, I bind the spirits of Fear, Anger, Bitterness, Rebellion, Rejection and Disapproval. I bind all mind-blinding spirits and the spirit of Autism.

  • In the name and authority of Jesus Christ, I break any and all ungodly oaths or covenants made with occult spirits, religious spirits and spirits of witchcraft. I bind them to silence, impotence and render them paralyzed in the name of Jesus Christ.

  • In the name and authority of the Lord Jesus Christ, I command every spirit of insanity, doublemindedness, instability and schizophrenia be bound to silence, impotence and paralyzed now. I forbid them from speaking, influencing or taking over _______’s mind and body.

  • Now, in the name and authority of the Lord Jesus Christ, every ungodly and unclean spirit, leave _______ now and go to the abyss that was created for you. I command you to leave and never return in Jesus name! Get out and leave ________ alone!

  • In the name of Jesus Christ I declare that the old has passed away and all things are made new in ________’s life, according to 2 Corinthians 5:17.

  • Let every demonic attachment be severed now, in Jesus name, for it is written that we shall cast out demons, lay hands on the sick and they shall be healed, according to Mark 16:18.

  • In the name and authority of Jesus Christ, let the seeds of inherited bitterness, rejection, fear, rebellion and infirmity shrivel and die now.

  • Let every seed that originates from the tree of good and evil, and every other evil tree, shrivel and die now, in Jesus name.

  • Let all seeds that were implanted by Satan in the generational line, even from before birth shrivel and die now. 

  • Let there be no more bad fruit nor seeds reproduced off of evil trees, in Jesus name.

  • Let all evil inheritances, both spiritually and naturally, be cut off and sent back to where they came from, in Jesus name.

  • I command all fear and anxiety to leave _______ now for it is written that God has not given ______ a spirit of fear, but power love and a sound mind according to 2 Timothy 1:7. Therefore, I release peace, joy, love and the sound mind that is afforded to ______ in Jesus name.

  • I declare that _______will come out of his/her shell and no longer be bound by fear or a hardened heart in Jesus name. Let him/her choose to unlock the door from the inside of their heart and mind. Let them receive a new heart by the Spirit of the Lord, for it is written in Ezekiel 11:19 that God will replace their hardened heart with a heart of flesh; compassion, peace, love and forgiveness.

  • I declare _______ will no longer be shy and withdrawn, but he/she will have normal thought processes and social skills in Jesus name. He/she will speak and behave as a normal child.

  • I command all that has been locked up and locked out in _______’s mind is now opened in Jesus name.

  • I command the thief to return _______’s mind in the name and authority of Jesus Christ. For it is written in Proverbs 6:31 that when the thief is caught he must repay and give up all the substance of his house. I command all that is rightfully _______’s to be restored and returned to him/her now, and with a 7 fold increase as well, in Jesus name.

  • I command the gifts of the spirit that originate in the mind and thought processes to be redeemed and purified by the blood of the sinless lamb. Let every gifting of intelligence, creativity, and witty idea under the inspiration of God be redeemed now for the glory of God, in the name and authority of the Lord Jesus Christ.

  • I command every thought process and mental disorder that made _____ unstable or developmentally disabled to be redeemed and restored to normal function now, in Jesus name. Let there be an acceleration of recovery to redeem lost time in Jesus name.

  • I ask that You would heal the cerebral cortex in _____’s brain. I ask that You would fill any areas of deficiency with the fullness of Your Holy Spirit.

  • ·        Let the brain chemicals of seratonin, noradrenalin, norepinephrine, epinephrine, dopamine and all chemicals produced by the brain be correctly balanced.

  • ·        Let every deficiency be filled and every over secretion be reduced to just the right levels for ______.

  • ·        Let there be no over production of cortisol.

  • ·        Let every amino acid neurotransmitter function with perfect wholeness and soundness as it is in Jesus Christ.

  • ·         Let every gene that carried defective or mutated DNA that would perpetuate weakness,  compromised health, mental instability or that which carries the result of a curse be healed at the cellular level. Infuse every cell, every gene, every strand of DNA with the DNA and healing of Jesus Christ.

  • ·        Let every curse be broken and sent back to the source, for You O God did not give _______ any DNA that would carry a curse. It came from the evil one, and as I submit to Your authority, I resist the devil and command him to take back everything that he has brought upon ________.

  • ·        I pray that any damage to the brain itself, the neurotransmitters, and the centers for impulse control in ______’s cerebral cortex be healed now in Jesus name.

  • ·        Let there be light in every darkened area of the brain, though patterns and emotional responses. I declare the amino acid and peptide neurotransmitters be rewired to function in perfect health and send the proper amounts of chemicals to regulate impulse control, stress management, peace, pleasure and pain management in perfect balance.

  • ·        Let the acytlcholine functions be healed and restored to perfect health.

  • ·        Let the chemical agents and the communication messengers between brain cells function in perfect harmony, balance and soundness in every cell.

  • ·        Let all things in the molecular structure that affect mood, anxiety, appetite, sleep, temperature, heart rate, self-control, discernment, impulse control, aggression, fear, stress management and other physical and psychological appetites, desires and occurrences be healed and restored to the perfect wholeness that exists in Jesus Christ.

  • ·        Holy Spirit, let Your fullness fill any deficiencies in ________’s mind and body, for it is written in Psalm 23:1 that YOU are ______’s Shepherd and he/she shall have no lack.

  • ·        Let all areas that have been damaged, those areas that are genetically unsound, weak, impaired or afflicted be healed, for it is written, "Surely He has borne our griefs and carried our sorrows; yet we esteemed Him stricken, smitten by God and afflicted. But He was wounded for our transgressions, He was bruised for our iniquities, the chastisement for our peace was upon Him, and by His stripes we are healed," in Is. 53:4, 5.

  • ·        Lord Jesus, You told us, Your disciples, to lay hands on the sick and they would recover, (Mark 16:18). You said in John 14:7 and again in John 14:16 that if we abide in You, we could ask whatever we desire in Your name and Your Father would do it, because it would bring glory to Your name. So I ask that _______ would be healed in the cellular, molecular level of their genes, in their DNA, and that anything that resides there that is not of Your placement, nor Your will be supernaturally removed, replaced with Your fullness and restored to perfect health right now, in Jesus name.

  • ·        Holy Spirit, please give _______ a revelation of his/her heavenly Father's love and acceptance so that Your perfect love will cast out all fear. Reveal the Father's heart to ________. Show him/her their true identity as it is in Christ. Lead _________ to the salvation that is through Jesus Christ. I thank You and give You glory for the healing that is taking place now in Jesus name. Amen.


  1. These prayers just made my day. I believe I will share my testimony really soon in Jesus Name

  2. amen! and so will i in Jesus Name!!

  3. Amen. In the mighty name of Jesus, my son will be healed!

  4. Praying this prayer everyday. In Jesus name my son will be healed!!

  5. Thank you Jesus!! I will pray this daily until my son is healed in Jesus name!!

  6. Please pray this prayer for my son Ari. Thank you.

  7. I request all of you to please pray for my friends son Ali Bhai who is getting worse and violent. Very soon you will find my testimony too here with all your prayers. Thank you all

  8. What type of fasting do you suggest for those couple of days?

  9. Praying for my daughter India and will share my testimony!!

  10. Thank you so much, i will be sharing a great testimony to the whole world as well. God bless.

  11. Starting today. Kimberly is heal in Jesus Name !!!

  12. I agree and declare M.J. Pawsey completely healed in the authority in the name of our Lord and saviour Jesus christ amen.

  13. I just saw this prayer. I'm going to prayer this everyday until my son Edward is free from autism.

  14. Praying this and expecting healing in Jesus' matchless name for my dear son, Josiah. Amen.

  15. Praying this for my son, Josiah, for a full healing in Jesus' matchless name, it is done. Amen.

  16. Thank you for this wonderful, I will do fasting for 21 Sunday , in the name of the God Jesus, if my kid is going to alright . I want to feel the miracle.. Please Jesus help me and my family and my kid. Love you so much

  17. I decree and declare in Jesus mighty name that the chains of Autism will break and Gavyns mind body and spirit will be made new like only you can Lord! You make beauty from ashes and breathe life to dry bones we uplift every parent and child that visits this page! Hallelujah!

  18. I decree and I declare her that in Jesus mighty name that Gavyn will be healed from the chains of autism he is set free he will be renewed mind body soul and spirit thank you Jesus hallelujah! I pray every parent and child struggling will be set free as well

  19. I pray for all the above requests to have their Children healed in the name of Jesus. I am looking for a miracle myself that my sweet 3 year old boy Ari recover completely from Autism and the behaviors and limitations that come with it. This prayer gives me hope where I was feeling hopeless.Thank You.

    1. It's not right. I'm sorry but God is not going to heal Ari, and let me tell you why. He made your son into that to teach you and others about unconditional love, patience and unconventional ways that He Himself works. It's not going to be easy but autism isn't a curse. It's a blessing to those who receive it and watch their children grow and overcome trials and tribulations. They show God's love in their own way.

      So please don't think for a minute that he's cursed or there's no hope. He's fine the way he is, it's not life threatening or a punishment. In fact, he's going to be just fine. I hope you can have a great time raising him, as my parents did raising me, their God-fearing and loving autistic daughter.

  20. Okay. First of all Autism is a neurodevelopmental disorder that never, ever, ever goes away. It's wired in. Second of all there shouldn't be a 'cure' for it, it's not life-threatening like cancer or AIDS. It's simply a little extra work raising and teaching a child, but I can assure you that is not in vain.

    I have autism, I was diagnosed later on in my life but God is good to me. He gave me a more creative way of thinking. He taught my parents about love, and patience and joy. I'm a happy go lucky young lady. I'm graduating from high school and I'm going to attend university. I love to write stories and I love animals, I have a different way of looking at things that's taught people that there is so much more. I am happy with who I am.

    Didn't God say that all he has made has a purpose? And didn't Jesus say that all of his father's creations were perfect? If so, then why try to pray away something that makes the world a little different? It makes me shake my head that my religion would wish someone like me away, when we deserve love and acceptance and tolerance instead of wishing for a 'normal' child.

  21. If I may say something:

    I have been raised in a loving, Christian household. I have been taught values that I hold dear to this day. I love animals, I love writing and I love my life. I go to church, I'm an active participant and I'm graduating my Catholic School and attending university in the fall.

    But I have autism. I want you to know that you shouldn't pray away something that isn't lethal, that isn't a curse. There will be tough times, because some of us can't talk. We're quick to anger sometimes and slow to understanding. Let me assure you that raising me took patience, strength and love. But didn't Jesus say that all of his father's creations were perfect? And didn't God say that everything he has made serves a purpose?

    Before you start asking God to take away something, think how God has blessed you with giving you a child who is there to teach you how to love in a whole new way. A child who sees His creation in a different light, who loves and lives in a spectacular way. If you really feel like it's a curse then I am sorry that you do. But God isn't going to 'heal' your child. You just have to let go of your earthly appeal to perfection and start trying to understand the reason behind why God has given you something (and trust me it's not because you did something wrong).

    1. Dear Nicole,

      Thank you for such a thought provoking letter. I understand what you are saying. I also know that God does indeed create people uniquely different and that sometimes does include certain handicaps and other things. Not for the sake of discouragement or disappointment in His creation, but many things are opportunities in disguise to show His glory. Even the Apostle Paul said that he would rather boast in his weaknesses so that the power of Christ would dwell in him.

      I am truly grateful that in spite of having Austism, you seem to have a very high functioning capability. You articulate your thoughts well. You have a loving family that has demonstrated their commitment to love you unconditionally and be an integral part of your ability to live as a light into this dark world. However, I also know that God has personally shown me certain things about some individuals with Austism, which I know are a result of a curse and caused by demonic attachments in those people's lives. I understand if you don't agree, but please let me share what God has shown me.

      I have a friend with a son who is severely Autistic. I started out writing this prayer for her situation, then decided to make it available on my website. God showed me that at least for some people, Autism is the result of a curse. It is directly tied to a spirit of fear and a deaf and dumb spirit.

      (Continued in next reply)...

    2. I cannot agree with your comment that "God isn't going to heal your child." That contradicts many various scriptures. Jesus went about healing and delivering many people, and all who came to Him in faith were healed. "With faith" are the key components, for without faith it is impossible to please God.

      I am not saying the child or individual did anything wrong to deserve a handicap or the diagnosis of Autism. Some things are passed down by generational curses (especially when idolatry is prevalent in a family line, or when generations in a family have failed to acknowledge their sin and come to Christ). Sometimes it can be the result of a medically induced situation such as vaccine injury. Some of those situations can be viewed as a curse and some as a result of other things. I am not placing blame on anyone for incurring those situations.

      Let me also give you the illustration of the blind man in John chapter 9. He had been born blind. The disciples asked Jesus, "Who sinned? The guy born blind or his parents?" The disciples completely didn't get it because they thought a child born straight from the womb had already sinned and was therefore born blind. Jesus had to correct their theology. He said, (my paraphrase) "Hey guys, you're missing the point. It's not about who sinned; it's about demonstrating the glory of God." (Read in John 9:1-12) God had waited a long time to demonstrate that He had the power to heal difficult situations. When a person is born a certain way and has lived with a disability all their life and then God suddenly reverses it, it has the potential to bring many more people into the kingdom of God. The miracle isn't so much for just the one that gets healed, but for the many more that will witness the miracle and come into the kingdom as a result.

      Jesus went on to heal that man and restore his sight. If what you're saying is true all the time, then why did Jesus bother to heal the man at all? He could have said, "Hey, you're fine the way you are. Don't bother wishing or hoping for a miracle." That's not God; He loves to display His glory. The reality is, He does reverse situations all the time, but He is sovereign over who receives miracles and those that continue to live in the state they are born into. There are a lot of factors that can affect the end result. Do we stop hoping or praying for God to touch those we love? Does everyone just surrender their hope for God to change their situation? Absolutely not. If that was true, no one would be believing for anything. Yes, I understand that God uses every situation to bring about good for those He loves. He can use challenges such as physical and emotional infirmity or handicaps to make us all into kinder, more loving, patient individuals. But Jesus also said that healing is the children's bread. It's our privilege and right to expect healing as heirs to His kingdom. I believe that we must know in our heart when God is asking us to believe against all odds and when we are to accept the situations of our lives. This is between the individual and God.

      God may, in His infinite wisdom, choose not to answer certain prayers, but He does creative miracles to give people hope, so future generations will continue to believe in Christ for their salvation. Without the power of God, there is no demonstration of His kingdom! Therefore, although I completely understand and respect your opinion, I also choose to believe that with God all things are possible, and that it is God's will to heal. If I make room in my theology that it's not God's will and I should not even pray for others to receive a miracle or healing, then I am a double-minded person that receives nothing from the Lord. I will always side with faith, believing for God to do the impossible, rather than make a choice to side with unbelief. I leave room for God to decide if, when or how to answer prayer.

      Bless you,

    3. Dear Nicole, as much as I can't agree with the "God is not going to heal..." , thank you for speaking out! Whether God wants to heal, it is ultimately up to God to decide and we should not say for sure that God is or is not going to do something. However, I do feel very uncomfortable at the number of people praying against Autism like it is some disease and something deadly.

      As a person with autism, I feel very hurt to know that parents are praying against Autism and wanting it to be gone. God says that people like us are fearfully and wonderfully made, so why can't parents just love us the way we are? It's all these that make me feel that I'm never good enough to be loved just because I have Autism and parents need to pray for me to be healed in order to accept and love me.

      I can't speak for the whole community but what I feel we need, is not healing, it is acceptance. We need acceptance that we can be who we are without being judged, that we can freely stim without receiving weird stares. As much as I hated the symptoms and the sensory overload sometimes, Autism is a part of us, it is who we are. Just like Temple Grandin says, "If I could snap my fingers and be non-autistic, I would not. Autism is part of what I am."

      “... for every disability you have, you are blessed with more than enough abilities to overcome your challenges.”
      - Nick Vujicic

    4. Dear friend,

      Thank you for a wonderful reply. I just want to clear up any misconception regarding the prayer above.

      There are a few responses on this thread that seem to feel that praying for God to heal someone from autism or even other handicaps is some slight against them as a person, or an indication that somehow it is detracting from a person's value. None of those things are true. Having autism or some other handicap is also not an indicator that the person with that issue is somehow unlovable or unaccepted. I noticed that you mentioned that praying against Autism somehow was equated in your mind as a parent not having the ability to love her accept their child the way they were. That was never my intention to communicate that in writing this prayer.

      There are amazing people in all different kinds of Packaging and some of those include people with handicaps or other diagnosis. But there are also many parents and individuals that are hoping for a miracle in their body or in their child and I don't think it's wrong for us to believe that With God all things are possible. I do hope that this has cleared up any miscommunication or misunderstanding.


  22. Thank you for this prayer and for giving hope to the broken harts. Since I started to pray many times a day , I see improvements on my daughter's behavior and I can't believe it. I'm not as scared as I used to be because I believe in Jesus. I started to laugh again after many years being in the dark.
    God bless all our children .

  23. I am praying and believing that the children on this thread will be healed. I am also asking you to pray with me that my son will be healed.

  24. Hi Laura

    Thank you for blog. You have a unique ministry and I thank God for the hope you are giving to others. Continue to stand on the word and believe what it say. Doctors and health care professionals are good people and they really help people. But medicine and science has it's limitations. God has promised to heal,deliver and set the captives free. It is His will to heal.

  25. I believe my daughter is heal already, Jesus paid the price. I LOVE YOU JESUS !!!

  26. God has sent his word to heal every infirmity. And I know from the deepest part of my heart that God can heal autism. There are so many testimonies to support the claim. The healing of the mute boy in Mark 9 is a case study. If you believe sincerely that God can heal your autistic child, trust me you will sing for joy in the end. My prayer for every autistic child is that they shall fulfill destiny. Every mute child will speak and every abnormal behavior will become normal. They say autism has no cure, but whose report shall we believe? I pray today that God through his son Jesus who is the great physician will bring joy and complete healing to every home going through this demon called autism. To every parents of autistic children you will look back and give God alone the glory.

  27. Those of you who are saying people should not pray for deliverence from autism,oh so you have autism? blah blah blah...your lucky enough you have the brains to log online and share with the rest of us your nonsense,what about those who can't do anything for themselves is it wrong for their parents to ask for mercy from God? Do you know having a severe autistic child changes the lives of the people involved? Their finances,their freedom in life imagine having a child who throws tantrums,breaks everything in the house a child who is a dangerous to himself and others?, do you know how painful it is to give your child away to some government care center just because you can't deal with it anymore and because you have lost your JOB because of him it hurts so shut up u have no idea what you are on about