Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Turning Around and Taking New Ground

You've been hearing the words "There is a turning around," or it's a
turn around year which seem to echo from many different voices. It's true. This is the year when followers become leaders, and those who are already leading may suddenly be given orders to chart a new course. However, when the ship begins to turn, when your life begins to go a different direction, there are inevitably people that won't go with you. Some are going to fall away, while others are going to jump ship and opt for their comfort zone. It's OK, it may just not be their season and perhaps God has a different purpose for them. Don't judge; just love and let go. With that said, it's going to become obvious who wants change and those that do not. You cannot afford to lose momentum. It's time to take new ground. Keep moving forward. 

Friday, March 20, 2015

Breaking Free From a Poverty Spirit

This is the year to break the limitations, go beyond the barriers and shatter small mindsets. Stop settling! God has an abundance for you!

If you can't see how to get out of your current situation, you need to pray for a bigger perspective and courage to take a leap of faith. God brings us new opportunities when we're ready. God prepares us for change by making us uncomfortable, restless, dissatisfied, and very frustrated with our current circumstances. Do you know why? Because we have to want what's in the future more than we want to remain tied to our comfort zone. You have to be committed to go a new direction, and be committed to whatever it entails. You've got to have grit. Determination not to give up. You have to WANT change. You have to be ready for it, and to seize the opportunity when it's presented. If you're not uncomfortable, then you're not ready. If you're not miserable, you're not ready. If you're not at the place where you say, "I can not go one more day with things remaining the same. Something MUST change," you're not ready. So, know that when you ask God for change, you're asking Him to make you disappointed, disillusioned, upset, irritated, fed up, and miserable in your current situation. You're asking Him to pull apart your nest. You're asking Him for things to stop working, stop going smooth, and generally fall apart. If you're at the point where you're ready to risk taking a big step in a new direction, step out into uncharted territory, and throw yourself into God's arms, change is about ready to show up at your door. ARE YOU READY? Don't be surprised if the change you've been praying for looks nothing like what you expected!

When God wants to give us a promotion, He begins by giving us a problem. That problem prepares us to think differently. We begin to pray differently, and to become open minded to things that are outside the box of our comfort zone. We are forced to trust God in ways that don't necessarily make sense to us or fit into our small, limited thinking. When God wants to bless us, He often causes us to wrestle in prayer so that we begin to put a greater demand on the anointing. Sometimes we just have to get really good and mad about our circumstances until we literally sink our teeth into whatever God presents as the new opportunity and we get determined to be a success. That is a really good thing and it's exactly what He's looking for in us!

It is God that gives us power to make wealth, according to Deut. 8:18. Wealth isn't just handed over; and neither is success. It has to be made. God can lead you to the opportunity but He can't make a person work for success, nor will He force a person to believe all that He says about them. If a person has a poverty mentality they will place limitations upon themselves and God, and actually look for ways to come up with excuses to avoid becoming successful rather than plowing through them. Don't let insecurities, negative experiences, false perceptions or limited thinking make you miss the opportunities God brings your way. Renounce that poverty spirit. Pray for a renewed mind and a positive attitude that creates a new mindset. God has a great deal that can be yours if you will only believe. Keep plowing through those barriers in your mind and break through the walls of limitations!

Saturday, March 14, 2015

Icebreakers Tees

I am very excited to announce the addition of a new online store called Icebreakers! Please make sure to click on the link (enclosed below) or you can also find it under the pages section on the right hand side of the home page.

Have you ever wished you could encourage, inspire and uplift others? Have you ever wished that you were a little more bold at stepping out in faith and sharing a message, a word of encouragement or offering a prayer? Well, now you can, with ICEBREAKERS tees!

The shirts offer a variety of custom made tees that make a statement. These tees INVITE conversation, which is why I chose the name Icebreakers. They are the perfect conversation starter and a great tool for evangelism, too! They are available in a variety of designs, colors and sizes, and best of all, they are all available to personalize to your own liking. If you see a design you like, but perhaps you'd like to tweak it a bit to make the message more your own, you can do that.

More designs are being added daily, so please make sure you keep checking back!


Saturday, March 7, 2015

An Unusual Sign

This morning a most unusual thing happened. As my daughter went out onto the patio deck, she was about to close the door behind her when a bird flew in the house. Lo and behold, it is another parakeet!

We never leave the patio door open because we have a cat that tries to escape, so for the bird to fly in at exactly that time was like a million to one. The timing of it had to be precisely right! The interesting thing is how the Lord gave me a message from what happened.

As soon as we caught the bird, (who is wild, by the way, not a tame bird), we put it in the cage with the other two. Yes, two. Now we have three! My daughter in law, Tausha, will laugh when she reads this because she always says we have the DoLittle anointing! Ha! She's right. smile emoticon Pets seem to find us. I immediately said to Talia, "Have you been praying for another bird??" (That was how the first one showed up!) But when she said no, I had to ponder if the Lord was up to something. I asked Him if He had a message through what just happened.

The first thing the bird did when I put her in the cage was to sit down and put her head down. I couldn't tell if she felt relieved or what. One of our birds, Percy, began to talk to her and groom her feathers, and as he did, she just sort of leaned into him and let him do it. After a few minutes she jumped down and started eating. I could tell she was hungry.

As I prayed and asked God if He had a message through this unusual sign. I started thanking Him that whoever was meant to find us, would. I recalled the demoniac that ran to meet Jesus when Jesus crossed the lake and went over to the other side. The demonized man, even in his worst state, ran to where Jesus was and began to worship him. WHY? Because he desperately needed rest. His mind was tormented and his body afflicted. Now, this message is not just for us but for anyone who will have ears to hear what the Spirit is saying. God is about to bring people into your life suddenly and unexpectedly, and He is doing it because they need something from you. They need rest. They need prayer. They need to be set free from their demons, and the things that afflict their mind and body. The door is already open, just make sure YOU ARE NOT THE ONE THAT CLOSES IT. Some of these people may not be someone you want to take the time to minister to. They may catch you off guard. Don't let the opportunity slip by to allow Holy Spirit to minister to their need. People cannot be at rest when they have no peace. They cannot be at rest when their thoughts and mind is full of fear, worry and unhealthy thoughts. Their bodies cannot be well until they are delivered from what ails them, and YOU ARE GOD's CHOSEN VESSEL. Pay attention to the prompt in your Spirit. If you feel that nudge to go do something, GO! Whatever the Lord tells you to do, just do it! Don't go looking for someone else to pray. Get over your insecurity and go do what needs to be done! You have asked God to help you feel fulfilled and useful; now you must be willing to do your part. You may feel that you are ordinary and lack the anointing for the task at hand, but remember that it's not your anointing anyway; the anointing is the Holy Spirit's and He will do what you in your natural state cannot. You just need to be willing. God can turn the water into wine when you put yourself in the Master's hand. What seems to be ordinary can, in an instant, turn into an a vessel anointed to welcome the supernatural. God shows up when we feel least prepared for it. Jesus didn't necessarily recognize the time of His ministry had come, either. Trust God to meet the need of the person before you. Jesus longs to give people rest, and He's counting on each and every one of us to work with Him in the harvest. LEAVE THE DOOR OPEN. Every revival first started with someone that said yes to God and made themselves available to touch the needs of others.