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Amazon Book Reviews

Hi Friends,

I get so many people writing and asking me for advice, prayers, etc. I find myself repeating myself a lot, directing them to certain prayers or articles. You can find a great deal of help in my books. Many of the prayers and counsel you are asking about is in there! All my books are available on I thought I would post some of the reviews in case you wanted to know what others have said about them.

 Five Stars October 12, 2017
Wonderful book.
 Excellent Prayers! I used the Prayer for Sight on ... March 20, 2017
Excellent Prayers! I used the Prayer for Sight on my 70+ Spiritual Mother and God RESTORED HER SIGHT! She called and left me a voice message saying, "I can READ!!!!". Thank you Jesus and Thank you Laura Gagnon.
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 This book is guaranteed to touch every aspect of your life! February 7, 2017
I gave this book 5 stars but could give it much more. Laura Gagnon has opened her heart and her life experiences to help guide women to heal in areas that we didn't even know needed healing. It touches every aspect of your life. At first I was thinking, "wow, I know so many people who need this book" then by the 2nd or 3rd chapter, I was thinking "wow I really needed this book". Some chapters left me tearful while others projected me to take a step back and spend some time deep in prayer and the Word. This book is for EVERY woman and I think ever man needs to read it as well. I am a Pastors Kid and have been raised in a spirit filled church all of my life and this book has opened my eyes to areas of spiritual warfare that I didn't even know existed and the prayers she includes in this book are phenomenal! So many women have been touched by this book in our church, we have started a weekly book study which uses "Healing The Heart of a Woman" as our syllabus. Order this book for yourself and all of your friends and family. They are guaranteed to be ministered to!Show Less
 Five Stars November 19, 2016
LOVE this book!
 The prayers are life-changing and Powerful March 10, 2016
This book "Prayers for Impossible Situation" exceeded my expectations. I pray this prayers almost every day, I find the prayers very helpful and it touches specific areas in my life, which is why I don't go without this book for long. This book taught me how to pray, it speaks the words on my heart. I feel God hears me when i pray using the prayers in this book. Get this book if you can, you will not regret it and it will bless your life. Laura did a wonderful job in this book.Show Less
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 Excellent! February 18, 2016
Our lives are filled with so many. Seemingly impossible situations. God is the God of the impossible! These prayers are truly anointed. With obedience and faith.... God will do mighty things for you and those whom you pray for.
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 Five Stars January 23, 2016
 Prayers from the heart!! January 17, 2016
This book was written for a time like this in my life! Sometimes in prayer I could not articulate in words what I wanted to ask the Lord- this was definitely written from a humble heart! I thank God for the author and for her obedience to write it!
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 Breakthrough prayers! January 11, 2016
God has truly use the author to get His children free- Nothing is impossible for those who believe in Jesus!
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 I would rate this book with 10 stars if I ... November 7, 2015
I would rate this book with 10 stars if I could. I have read books on healing emotional pain, strongholds and the mind but never have found a book that hits the mark so clearly and so deeply. I found myself highlighting to the point where I was practically highlighting the whole book. I know this is my personal reflection of the book and how it touched me, but if you have read books (apart from the word which is THE Book of healing and restoration) that grab you but doesn't quite get to the root of your issue, well not to worry with this book! It gets straight to the core, the depth, and heart of what binds you and frees you with the truth! I am thankful for how God used and still is using Laura. I have been richly blessed by this book and pray you will be too. It makes sense that if we are broken the church is broken. In order for us as a body to relieve the inheritance we are meant to have, we need to face our pain, despair, wounds and fears with the light of truth so we may be the light and reflection of Jesus to a broken world. This book, along side the bible, gets us there!!Show Less
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 Five Stars December 15, 2014
Brilliant. The timing was just right.
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 A NOW Word! December 6, 2013
A NOW word!
Both men and women will benefit from this book as you read and prayerfully go through it.
Let it heal and restore you!

Tuesday, October 17, 2017

God's Warning of Things to Come

I just had a very disturbing dream, which I know was a warning of things to come. It felt like it wasn't far off, either. I don't share this to incite fear, but I feel people need to be warned so they can pray. Not only for the situation to be turned on the enemy's head, but for people to realize the seriousness of the moment they live in and get right with God without delay. Souls hang in the balance!

The Dream: I had been taken to a concentration camp for Christians, run by FEMA. At least, that is what it felt like in the dream. They were lining people up to kill them. I was trying to write a last-minute letter to my daughter, telling her I loved her and to be strong. We were given a chance to renounce Christ and the ones that would not were put to death. I couldn't find anyone to mail my letter to my daughter. I felt so sad that she would never know my final goodbye! I was standing in line, and as it became my turn to face death, I remember praying and surrendering my Spirit to the Lord, asking that He take my life before the enemy did. Nevertheless, it became apparent that I would face death at the hands of someone who delighted in evil and causing terror to Christians. End of dream.

Friends, God gives us warning dreams for a reason. He sends out His warnings as an act of His mercy. He wants us to realize that the enemy has very real plans to destroy those who profess Christ as their Savior. There are people now in many countries and other nations that face martyrdom for professing their faith. They face their tribulation now, but much of that is regional depending on where people live.

Far too many people are waiting for Jesus to return and come rescue them from the troubles on this earth. I've got news for you; WE ARE THE RESCUE CREW!

Anyone that believes that evil is more powerful than God ought to just throw away their Bible now because that is unbelief and that is useless theology. We are full of the power of the Holy Spirit. We ARE the new Jerusalem coming down out of heaven. We call those things that are not as though they were, bringing heaven down to earth. The government of God is upon the shoulders of the Lord Jesus Christ. There will be government leaders that make room for the government of God. The glory of God will cover the earth as the waters cover the seas. There will be a great revival. Evil laws will be overturned. Righteousness will overcome evil. The plots of evil men will be overturned, and those that conspire against the Lord and His anointed will be caught in their own traps. There are more with us than against us! Greater is He that is in the earth than He that is in the world. The enemy has already been defeated!! But, we must pray.

We must pray against the evil plans but we must also pray for ourselves and loved ones, that we would not allow any sort of fear, threat or intimidation to cause us to renounce Christ. God does not honor cowardice. He expects us to stand firm in our faith to the end, even though we may come face to face with evil. The enemy only wants trophies to drag to hell with him. No one would be spared from the eternal consequences of renouncing Christ. One way or another, we all leave this planet through death. It is far better to know Christ and remain faithful to Him, knowing that after we die we will be in the presence of the Lord, than to deny Him and end up in the lake of fire for eternity, along with all those marked for destruction.

"But the cowardly, the unbelieving, the vile, the murderers, the sexually immoral, those who practice magic arts, the idolaters and all liars--they will be consigned to the fiery lake of burning sulfur. This is the second death." - Rev. 21:8

Never trust an enemy to tell you the truth or to keep you safe. Never trust an enemy to provide for you. Never, EVER, put your trust in an evil person because it is only a deception.

God is sending out His warnings so that we will not be caught off guard. Pray now, before you ever have to face making a difficult choice under duress. Pray that you would be found faithful. Pray for people to wake up and stop playing around with the time they have left, because none of us know the number of our days. Either the blood of Christ covers our sins and Jesus is our Lord, or He is not. If He is not, there are eternal consequences for that decision. There is no middle ground for the undecided, the self-deceived or those that refuse to believe God's word is truth. We don't get to re-write what God has said to suit our personal preferences. Upon death, our soul can only go to one of two places: heaven or hell. The Bible is clear about this! But none of us need to face eternal condemnation. It is as easy as saying, "Father, please forgive my sin. I believe Jesus took my sin upon Himself when He went to the cross, died, and rose again. I believe He is the Son of God. Jesus, come into my heart and be my Savior. Enable me to have a personal relationship with You. Thank you for eternal life. In Jesus name, amen." God is looking for the sincere prayer, but salvation is really that simple.

Pray that God would turn the hearts of men towards Himself so that people would be spared. And finally, take nothing for granted. Say what needs to be said to your loved ones while you have the opportunity to do so. Leave no regrets. Make things rights with your family while you have the time. Tell them you love them. Tell them you are proud of them. Speak words of blessing over them so that they feel empowered to fulfill their destiny and finish their race strong, whenever that time may come for them. Pray for them to be courageous. Sorry for such a serious post first thing in the morning, but I must report what God gives me. His mercy compels Him to tell us what is on the road ahead so that we can take every opportunity to prepare ourselves. I pray that you do.

Friday, September 29, 2017

Provision in Unexpected Places

Hey gang! Sorry, I have not posted a new article in a while, but I've been busy working on a new project. I am happy to announce my NEW book,  PROVISION IN UNEXPECTED PLACES!

It just became available today through Create Space, and is also available on Amazon.

This is a book about hope. Multitudes of people have lost homes, businesses, jobs, finances and more due to natural disasters, economic issues or other things, and they are faced with starting over. Sometimes people have to start over in a completely new place!

We have lived it, and we know how intimidating and frightening it can be when all of a sudden you have nothing and no one to depend on except God. No safety nets. No familiar faces. No references for a job. No family or friends to turn to. Nothing.

This is our story about God's miraculous provision in the midst of our struggles to start over, not just once, but several times. He can get you through transition! He can take your mess and use it to birth miracles! He got us through it, and He can do it for you, too! Do you want to discover the God that knows all your needs? Can help you start a business with absolutely nothing? The God that can give you strategy for business and prosperity? Come along on the journey and meet the God of dead ends, difficulties, and disasters - the loving Father that will take care of you and get you through your challenges!

Click on the link to order your copy now! ORDER PROVISION IN UNEXPECTED PLACES

Or go to:

Saturday, September 2, 2017

Five Wise Men and an Angel

Allow me to share a little story I read. I have taken the liberty to modify the original story somewhat to fit in with the content of my article.

An angel of the Lord appeared to five wise men, asking each man the same question. “If you could acquire one trait that would make you a better person, what would it be?” Only one of you will be granted your request.

The first man answered, “I would like to have eyes to see the good in others.”

The second man said, “I would like a good friend, for man cannot bear the burdens of life alone.”

The third man answered, “I would like a good neighbor, for it is good to help one another when one of us has a need.”

The fourth man answered, "I would like to have the foresight to see what will come from my actions.”

The fifth man said, “I would like to ask for a good heart.”

The angel of the Lord responded, “All of you have carefully given me your best answers, but there is one whose request is the wisest of them all. It is the man who asked for a good heart, for all of your requests are included in his. The angel went on to explain:

"The honor and respect of your brother, your sister, your neighbor or your friend, should be just as important to you as your own. What belongs to your neighbor should be just as important to you as your own. Live with kindness and love, for one day you will stand before God, and you will be repaid in like manner. How you treat others is the basis for which you will one day be judged. Repent before your death. Do you know on which day you will die?" None of the men had an answer for that question. The angel said, “Then should you not take advantage of today and repent? For perhaps tomorrow you will die. Should you not let each day be a day in which to take advantage of the time that you have, and live in a perpetual state of mercy towards others and repentance towards God?” 

[I altered the above story to re- tell it here, but the original story, using five rabbis, came from, taken from Ethics of the Fathers: Chapter Two. It also referenced All copyright information is credited to the author and/or as used in the original version of their story.]

Every time we turn on the news or scan through any form of social media, it is filled with reports of anger, protests, riots, and people treating each other with hatred and injustice. People are busy passing judgments and speaking unkindly about others, and much of it is based on fake news. Taking in these negative reports is like slowly being poisoned. It is stripping us of compassion. It creates in us an evil eye that looks for wicked intentions rather than seeing the good in others. If we focus on the negativity in the news or other people’s evil reports, we allow evil inclinations to separate us from being good friends and good neighbors. Getting caught up in negative, angry, or selfish emotions creates bitterness, and bitterness creates spiritual blindness. People can no longer understand the consequences of their own negative actions. They also have no concept of eternal consequences for how they spend their time here on earth.

The pain that people feel…the bitterness, anger, the frustration with injustices and mistreatment, government oppression – all of it – is the result of a people who have failed to acknowledge their sin. Scripture says that those that try to hide their sin cannot prosper. This allows poverty and ruin to overtake them.
“People who conceal their sins will not prosper, but if they confess and turn from them, they will receive mercy.” Prov. 28:13

There is a story in Psalm 32 about David. When he tried to keep silent about his sin, it caused tremendous pain to his soul and his psyche. He was in a state of mental anguish until he finally decided to confess his sins to the Lord.

“When I kept silent, my bones grew old. Through my groaning all the day long –
For day and night, Your hand was heavy upon me: my vitality turned into the drought of summer. I acknowledged my sin to You, and my iniquity I have not hidden.
I said, “I will confess my transgressions to the Lord,” and You forgave the iniquity of my sin. (Ps. 32:3-5)

David learned an important truth: Confession relieves the soul of pain. 1 John 1:9 tells us why. When we confess our sin, God cleanses our conscience of the pain it has caused from carrying all that guilt, shame and toxic emotions. He cleanses us from unrighteousness so that once again we can be restored to right relationship with Him. David thanks God for his deliverance and preserving him from trouble. All of a sudden, the tone of Psalm 32 changes. The dialogue shifts from David being the one who is speaking, to God jumping into the conversation and speaking to David. God begins to tell David not to be stubborn like the horse or the mule that needs to have a bridle put in their mouth to lead them. He also reminded David that many sorrows come to those that act wickedly, but mercy surrounds those that put their trust in the Lord.

It is not an easy thing to escape the constant fake news, strife, and offense that the enemy constantly tries to stir up. Friend, don’t let hatred be birthed in your heart towards others because it is the enemy’s way to pull you over to his side. Hatred does not begin with anger, violence or despising others. It begins with apathy, indifference towards what others are going through, and allowing your love for others (and God) to grow cold. It comes from an evil eye – the lens by which we see the rest of humanity and the world around us, looking for wrongdoing to judge rather than looking for the good in others. When this happens, the enemy has succeeded in placing us under a curse, for the spiritual laws of sowing and reaping is always in effect, and God is bound to honor His word.

“Judge not, that you be not judged. For with what judgment you judge, you will be judged; and with the measure you use, it will be measured back to you.” (Matthew 7:1)

“Do not be deceived: God cannot be mocked. Whatever a man sows, he will reap in return.” (Gal. 6:7)

“And just as you want men to do to you, you also do to them likewise.” Luke 6:31

Our nation is in a time of spiritual emergency. Even President Trump has declared Sunday as a Day of Prayer. In a time of spiritual emergency, no one is excused from prayer. We all live in this nation and share the good, the bad and the ugly of what is going on around us. Even in the midst of tragedies and trials, the world is still full of the goodness of God. We see it in the tender kiss of a mother loving her child. We see it in the strong arms of those that have rushed to help the flood victims in Texas. We see the love of God poured out in the lines of people bringing donations to help those in need, or simply the kindness of a stranger lending something in need to their neighbor. We see acts of compassion in those that rescue strays, abandoned or orphaned animals. Even in those we find difficult to like, or those that seem impossibly bent on doing the wrong things, there is something good. The question is, "Are we looking for it? Or are we looking for something to judge and criticize?" Offended people look for someone or something to criticize. Friend, if that's you today, and you're feeling offended with someone - even those in politics or others that you don't even have a personal relationship with - there is something there that needs to be dealt with. It's robbing you of peace, positive thoughts, and it's robbing you of being able to see the good in the world around you. Bring it before God and confess that sin. Let the blood of Jesus cleanse your heart and mind so that you can have a more positive outlook because if you don't, you end up hurting yourself. God's love and goodness are all around us every day. Let's remember to look for the good in others! 

God is gracious and merciful, slow to anger and abundant in mercy. When people genuinely and truly repent, He responds with kindness. Blessings are restored. Productivity returns. Even the agriculture gets blessed. All He is looking for is a proper response. Confess your sins. Cleanse your heart. Treat others the same way you want to be treated. It’s not complicated. Remember the story of the five wise men. Ask God for what is most important: a good heart.


I confess my sins before You today. I haven’t always chosen to see the good in others. I have failed to judge myself by Your standard, and I’ve judged others by what I’ve seen or heard – what constitutes as fake news in Your eyes. Forgive me. I have no right to judge anyone. I don’t want to reap from judgments I’ve sown against others. Please let the power of any negative words I’ve spoken against others be broken in Jesus name. Help me to be a good friend, a good neighbor, (a good spouse and parent). I confess I have not always treated others right. Forgive me for not treating others with the same honor or respect I want for myself. Please cleanse me from unrighteousness and relieve my soul from pain, guilt, and shame that comes from unconfessed sin. I ask You for a good heart: to see the good in others. To be a person of integrity, compassion and live in truth. Help me to have the foresight to see the consequences of my actions. Guard my heart so that I am not easily angered or offended, and when I feel that way, help me to be quick to forgive and let go of any negative emotions. In Jesus name. Amen.

Monday, August 28, 2017

A Dream of Sudden Destruction

This afternoon I laid down for a nap and had an unusual dream. This dream seems to be mostly symbolic in nature, but I believe could involve some literal events about to occur as well.

My family was in the car driving on the freeway, but suddenly on the road ahead, I saw storm clouds. I said to my husband, “Look at the enormous amount of rain that just dropped from those clouds, and it’s coming this way!” I urged him to slow down because visibility from the storm was so poor. Suddenly the earth opened up and there was great destruction. I couldn’t tell if there had been an earthquake or what the exact cause was to cause such great ruin of the freeway. It was like the roads just disintegrated and gave way without warning. Cars began to fall into the huge chasms. They were very deep. We had to pull over and stop because there was no way to get around the deep fissures. As I looked down into the crevasse, I saw what looked like a river of blood flowing downhill. This river was full of people, some even jumping from the top of the ravine by choice and plunging into the river. It seemed as though some of them were there because of the disaster from the roads giving way, but others were just blindly following the rest to their death. It gave me the impression that the river led to hell.

Somehow, I found myself swept up in the momentum and I wondered how I would escape. Then a peace came over me and I started praising God and telling others to praise Him also, that it would carry us out of the river. I began to move upward and found myself out of the river in a place that kind of resembled a waiting area, like what you would see at an airport or a train station or something. I found myself praying for a police man and sharing hope with others. End of dream.

I am not sure if this dream has something to do with all the rains in Texas right now or not. It could be a warning that roads are about to give way. It may be related to something completely different and could be interpreted as a warning to pray against sudden destruction. I do believe God is sending out warning dreams to many right now about a variety of events.

I believe the warning to many people right now is to honestly evaluate yourself and determine what road you are on. God is dealing with the enemy. He is exposing sin and sometimes that brings sudden destruction. It can leave people feeling quite unprepared and devastated when that happens. It is not that God wants us to suffer, but because He loves people too much to allow them to remain in bondage to sin, shame and sickness of their soul. In order to set people free, He must judge the works of the enemy so that they can see where they have allowed themselves to be taken into captivity by the wrong things. It is not merciful to leave people stuck in sin, hiding it so that they can continue to deceive themselves and others. God will allow things to be exposed so that the pain of dealing with those things causes people to genuinely repent and ask for forgiveness. People that have been humbled have a greater opportunity to be rescued and redeemed by the Lord rather than those that are too proud to admit when they need help or ask God to save them.

There are those that are following a multitude to hell simply because everyone around them seems to be on that path. They don’t stop to question what they’re doing; they just follow the herd. This is a warning to stop and turn around before it is too late! Just because others are forsaking God or living without relationship to Him does not mean that they are doing things right! It means they are blind to their need for a Savior and One who can wash away the stain of their sin. Only those whose names are written in the Lamb’s Book of Life will be granted eternal life. Friend, is YOUR NAME written in this book? Are you living in personal relationship with Jesus Christ? Does the blood of Jesus cover your sins? Will your faith be strong enough to carry you home to heaven when your time on earth is over?

None of us knows the exact number of our days, and this dream is an important reminder of that fact. We should all be prepared no matter when that day happens. Call on the name of Jesus. Don’t take chances with your salvation! Stop what you’re doing now and pray a simple prayer, asking Jesus to forgive you of your sins and to be your Savior. Confess that He is Lord, the risen Son of God. Invite Him to bring His Holy Spirit to live in your heart. Thank your heavenly Father for adopting you as His child. Pray this in Jesus name.

If you have been on the wrong road and gotten lost, simply ask God to redirect you back to Him. Ask Him to guide your life and to keep you safe from destruction. It so important to be able to hear His voice and sense His leading. A person that cannot hear God is spiritually blind and doesn’t know where they are going. Ask God to open your eyes, unblock your ears, and give you an understanding heart. Give Holy Spirit permission to change your heart and your desires so that He can lead you away from trouble and keep you on solid ground. Pray for yourself. Pray for your loved ones. Pray that they are in a close personal relationship with Jesus Christ and can hear His voice for themselves. Someday your very lives may depend on it!

Please also pray against any natural disasters as well as those things the enemy is doing to bring destruction. Pray that the things that can be averted, would be, and that there is no loss of life. Pray for souls to turn to God NOW while they still have an opportunity to do so. Pray for the witness of peace and stability in those that belong to Christ so that others will want to know our God!

We do live in times of uncertainty. I pray that this blesses you and convicts you of your own need to examine yourself, because when we judge ourselves – not by our feelings or opinions – but by the word of God, then we realize we all come up short. We cannot get to heaven on our own merits. We need our loving Father to watch over us and guide us into the truth that will help set us free. May you find Him today! He is watching and waiting to hear from you!

Saturday, July 29, 2017

What Field are You In?

Every day I travel a road that passes by several fields. Because it’s in the middle of summer, and these fields are unwatered, the majority of the vegetation is brown and dry. There is very little anything that looks green, so imagine my surprise when one day a great many sheep were suddenly grazing in the field.

There must be close to a thousand head of sheep in that field. Once my shock wore off at seeing them there, I began to wonder why the shepherd would put them there. I thought perhaps the shepherd had been hired to take the flock to clear the field of unwanted weeds or something.The first day or two, I would drive by and delight myself in seeing all the sheep in the field. I thought they were cute. Then, day by day, I began to feel frustrated and sad for the flock because there was nothing there for them to eat. It wasn’t good grazing at all. There were no health benefits, no nutritional value from anything in that field. It was brown, dried stubble. I began to get upset with the shepherd.

It was as if God gave me a visual contrast between a good shepherd and a hireling. A hireling just does his job to collect a paycheck. He has no personal concern or commitment to the flock because his heart is not connected to them. In John 10:12, the word hireling is used to compare and contrast a worker that is just there to collect his pay vs. the shepherd who had made a personal commitment to the flock in his charge. The shepherd is the owner of the sheep, and he is willing to do whatever it takes to properly care for them, even risking his own life in order to protect the sheep from injury or death.

It is difficult for anyone to really grasp this concept, I think, unless perhaps the person comes from a sheepherding family and is familiar with the amount of work that goes into caring for a flock. It takes constant watchfulness to protect sheep from the many dangers that they can encounter. Predators are one risk, as well as the elements of weather, parasites, and even a sheep that has fallen and cannot get back up. They can die if the stomach gasses bloat them too much. A cast sheep, or a sheep that has fallen, is in grave danger if they are not quickly rescued by their shepherd.

One of the responsibilities of a shepherd is to make sure that the flock is fed well. A good shepherd will get up early and scout various pastures to find the best grass for their flock. They will take them out early while the dew is still on the grass, so that the sheep can benefit from the moisture on the vegetation. The shepherd is there among them, making sure they do not eat anything unhealthy that can make them sick, watching that they do not go over a cliff or step into holes that can break their legs. A good shepherd also takes care to put ointment over a sheep’s nose and eyes, keeping the flies and other insects from driving them mad. A crazed sheep can take off blindly just trying to escape the torment from flies or other annoyances. They aren't looking where they are going and can run themselves into danger if they aren't watched carefully by their shepherd. The shepherd checks their coat for ticks and burrs that might burrow into their coat and cause them pain, sores or infection. A good shepherd also brings his flock into the safety of the sheepfold at night and sleeps in front of the door so that predators can't get in, and sheep can't wander out. A good shepherd does all these things, and when a predator does show up, the shepherd either scares it off or fights that predator to the death, if necessary, to keep the flock safe. This is why the sheep feel safe around their shepherd. They have a sense of trust that they are well taken care of, so when a hireling or someone pretending to be a shepherd calls to them, they don’t even respond. It’s not their shepherd’s voice, and they won’t be led astray. This is the relationship we are also to have with our heavenly shepherd, Jesus.  

"I am the good shepherd. The good shepherd gives his life for the sheep. But a hireling, who is not the shepherd, one who does not own the sheep, sees the wolf coming and leaves the sheep and flees; and the wolf catches the sheep and scatters them.The hireling flees because he is a hireling, and does not care about the sheep. I am the good shepherd and I know My sheep, and I am known by my own." John 10:11-14.

Let me return to the analogy of the field. I started to feel angry and upset with the shepherd that wasn’t giving his flock anything good to eat, because he continued to put the sheep in a field knowing there was nothing healthy or satisfying for them to graze on. They were out in the blazing hot sun day after day. Some of the sheep even wandered too close to the highway where they were in danger of being hit, and the police had to be called. They weren't being watched over or protected. Their needs were not being met. It wasn’t just neglect; it seemed like a stubborn refusal to care for them so that they could be healthy, and that’s just wrong. Sheep are grazers. They need to be in a place where what they are grazing on is healthy and nutritious. The thing that also seemed so upsetting is that just another mile down the road was a field that was unused, lush with rich green vegetation. The flock would have been so much happier and well fed in a new field, but the sheep didn’t even know it existed.

There are so many spiritual parallels that could be used as additional teaching material, but I won’t go into all that now. What I do hope to stir up in each of you is the alertness to discern what type of field you are currently in. Are you being fed nutritious, healthy meals from the Word of God? Is it balanced? Does it bring you to a place of conviction and change? Or, are you being fed the equivalent of junk food and cotton candy? Are you just being entertained with smooth sounding words that make you feel good about yourself, or are you feeling compelled to become more like Christ? Are you connected to the heart of your pastor, and is he connected to you? Is he committed to you? Do you have under shepherds that care for the flock with genuine concern, or are they hirelings just doing a job? 

The type of environment you subject you and your family to makes all the difference in whether or not you will grow and be spiritually and emotionally healthy. If you are simply filling a seat on Sunday and there is no relational connection, please pray and ask God if that is where you are supposed to be. Ask God to direct you to the place where you genuinely feel connected, loved and cared for, or where His purpose for you can be fulfilled. The feeling should be mutual, and the people you choose to add into your life should give you a sense of love, family and a place where you can feel at home. If you don’t experience that, keep looking. Or, at the very least, keep checking out the small groups for a place to connect with others. Ask God to direct you to the shepherd of His choosing for you and your family. You will know when you discover the right place. I believe something inside of you will witness to the voice of the shepherd inside of the right leadership for your life. The witness of God's peace will be upon the right place and the right people.

The Lord is Your shepherd. His promise is that you shall not be in want. 

He causes you to lie down in green pastures - a place of peace where there is good spiritual food.

He leads you beside still waters - a place of peace and refreshing.

He restores your soul - a place where you can receive healing and deliverance that will make you whole again. 

He leads you in paths of righteousness for His name's sake - Where God leads you will be a place where you find righteousness and His name is glorified.

He leads you THROUGH the valleys in such as way so that you do not have to fear. His rod (the word of God through teaching) and His staff, (the authority present in His anointed) bring comfort and peace of mind.

It is a place where you encounter victory even in the midst of trials, the anointing flows both to you and through you - your cup of blessing is full.

Goodness and mercy are trademarks of your life as a result of the blessings of the Lord. These are the promises of Psalm 23.