Monday, December 26, 2016

Urgent Prayer for Israel!

Now is a time when Israel desperately needs our prayers. Congress and the U.N. Security Council are voting against Israel in a shameful act to force Israel to divide the land in a Palestinian state. For our sake as well as theirs, we must pray that Congress vetoes the resolutions to divide Israel. GOD made a covenant with Israel. GOD is the one that divided the land and distributed it to whom He saw fit - from the very beginning. GOD has made certain promises to Israel that no other nation should try to take away.Those that come against Israel come against God. Let us pray for wisdom for our nation's leaders, but also pray for Israel to hold on to their inheritance. I have updated this prayer for Israel based on the current circumstances with Congress and the U.N.Security Council's recent actions. It is sad and regrettable that we must pray against our own government, but they are not acting with wisdom, and how the U.S. acts towards Israel can either release blessing or a curse upon our nation and it's leadership. Let us pray that Israel is preserved!


We beseech your favor and assistance for our brothers and sisters in Israel and other parts of the world. We pray for angelic assistance, supernatural intervention and divine help to be given to them in their time of need. Send help to them, O God! We stand in agreement as we make this decree - Israel is forever and we pray for peace and healing. We pray for an immediate intervention and angelic assistance to to be sent out to help carry out Your word on Israel's behalf. Hear our prayer, O God, as we decree Your word against the adversary and enemy of Your people. 

We also ask Your forgiveness on behalf of the American government's decisions to try to divide Israel and rob them of the inheritance You gave them. Father, please forgive the POTUS, the U.S. Congress, the U.S. Security Council and others that are involved in the decision making processes. They know not what they do. They are spiritually blind and ignorant of Your ways, and do not understand the consequences for their actions. Forgive us as a nation for the sin of acting like a thief and adversary towards this nation. Israel is our friend, and many in America do not share the same viewpoint as some of our nation's leaders. Let the blood of Jesus cover these sins we pray. In Jesus name, amen.

We decree: 

The Lord has set the lines of Israel's inheritance and they have a good inheritance. We declare the enemy shall have no memorial nor any right of inheritance in Israel. Let angelic sentries be established over every boundary line. Secure their borders, patrol their cities and help them hold the line of defense. 

We decree:

A release of the government of God, according to Isaiah 9:6. We declare that You, O God, have broken the yoke of the oppressor and the power of ungodly authority as Your word states in Isaiah 9:4. We release the government of the Lord Jesus Christ and of His kingdom to increase upon the earth. We declare Isaiah 9:4 over Israel,Gaza, Palestine, in Iraq, Iran and throughout the Middle East nations. 

We decree:

Blessing over Israel's leaders. We bless the leadership You have given them in Benjamin Netanyahu, and we ask that You endow him with wisdom and understanding to govern Your people well. We pray for unity and decisive leadership among them. We call all things into alignment to bring order and establish the judgments and justice of God from this time forward, and we ask that the power of Your Holy Spirit will accomplish this.

We decree:

Every attempt by the U.S Congress, the U.N Security Council and the current government administration to pass resolutions against Israel in order to approve principles to form a Palestinian state shall be vetoed in Jesus name. For it is written in Genesis 15:18 and again in Genesis 26:2-5, Gen. 28:13 and Gen, 35:12 that You, O God, made a covenant with Abraham and his descendants to give them the land as You determined. According to Exodus 23:23, and Psalm 16:5 You maintain our lot. The boundaries are fixed, and You promised to drive out Israel's enemies.

We decree: 

According to Your ancient command, Israel will drive their enemies out of their land, for it is written in Deuteronomy 7:2 that Israel is to make no covenant with their enemies and to show them no favor. Furthermore, it is written that the day would come when Israel would return to their land according to Isaiah 11:11-14; Is. 43:5,6 and Zeph. 3:14-20. 

We decree:

God has not broken His covenant with Israel and His word stands forever, according to Psalm 89:34. It is not man's decision to alter what God has stated;therefore, let all decisions to try to rob Israel of her inheritance be thwarted and overturned in Jesus name.

We decree:

All those incensed against Israel shall be repaid for all they have done, for they have been proud against the Lord, against the Holy One of Israel. The proud shall stumble and fall, and no one will raise them up, according to Jer. 50: 32.  

We decree:

Justice for the oppressed. Let supernatural assistance come to those who have been targeted for destruction. Let the strong arm of the Lord be released against those who attempt to hasten the day of Israel's destruction and hinder Israel's ability to defend itself, according to Psalm 118:16-24; Psalm 136:12 and Psalm 89:13. 

We decree: 

The Lord shall make all adversaries small among nations and despised among men. We declare that those that attempt to act as a thief and plunder Israel shall not succeed, for it is written, 'Though your fierceness has deceived you and the pride of your heart; Though you make your nest as high as the eagle, the Lord will bring you down from there,' according to Jeremiah 49:15,16.

We decree:

Those who plot evil and corruption will bow at the name of Jesus Christ, according to Philippians 2:9-11.

We decree: 

A release of interdiction into the enemy’s camp that will delay, disrupt, and destroy all enemy forces, supplies, finances, and communication en route to the enemy’s targeted battle areas. We declare the enemy’s tactical operations are immediately halted and are unraveling now, in Jesus name. We declare fear, confusion, and disruption into the enemy’s camp and we ask that You, O God, drive the enemy out of hiding. Rout the enemy, Lord, and compel him to go where You know the Your enemies will be exposed and caught. We declare the enemy shall be brought to justice. Lord, we ask that You would cause the enemy to reveal what he has planned in secret and expose the things that have been plotted to do harm to Israel and its citizens. Cause the enemy to stumble over his own tongue and create a breach in the enemy’s camp. We declare the enemy’s plans shall not be executed, and that every name opposed to Israel must bow to the name of the Lord Jesus Christ, according to Phil. 2:10 and Rom. 14:11.

We decree:

Freedom to all captives, for it is written in Jer. 50:32-34 that the children of Israel were oppressed along with the children of Judah; all who took them captive have held them fast; they have refused to let them go - BUT, their redeemer is strong; the Lord of Hosts is His name. He will thoroughly plead their case that He may give rest to the land and disquiet the inhabitants of Babylon. As it is also written in Jer 51:20, the people of the Lord Jesus Christ are His battle ax and weapon of war; for with us He breaks nations in pieces, destroys ungodly kingdoms, breaks in pieces the horse and rider, all that oppose him and breaks in pieces governors and rulers of wicked oppressors. We declare those with evil intent that hide themselves behind title, position, and power shall find all their plans to injure and destroy Israel are thwarted by the hand of God.

We decree:

A change of heart to those in Congress, the U.N Security Council and this presidential administration. Trouble those that trouble Your people, O God. Give them no rest until they change their mind to vote with Israel and not against them. Let there be a release of the love and mercy of God, the fear of the Lord, and the conviction of the Holy Spirit to change the hearts and minds of those set against God and against the nation of Israel. For it is written that you hold the heart of kings in Your hand according to Prov. 21:1.

We decree:

Those of other religions will repent and turn to Jesus Christ and the truth shall make them free. For it is written, "There is no other name under heaven by which men shall be saved," in Acts 4:12 and those that call upon the name of Jesus shall be saved, according to Romans 10:9,10.

We decree:

The bow of the proud as been broken according to Jeremiah 49:35.   

We decree:

The mountain of the proud has been brought to nothing and leveled, according to Zechariah 4:7

We decree:

According to Mark 11:23, and Jeremiah 51:25 the mountains of destruction, terror, bitterness, vengeance, rebellion and murder are plucked up and cast into the sea, in Jesus name.

We decree:

Safety and protection from all evil plots to harm innocent lives. We declare divine protection over government leaders, over every place where people gather: in their homes, in the workplace, shopping malls, stadiums, events, and public venues. We declare safety and divine protection throughout their public transit systems, trains, airports and air transportation, schools and universities. We include all police, special forces and military personnel and their families, as well as every private citizen to be covered by this prayer and declaration. We declare that “no weapon formed against Israel shall prosper and every tongue that rises against them in judgment shall be condemned,”according to Your word in Isaiah 54:17.

We decree: 

We decree a release of the Prince of Peace over Israel and its families. You, O God, have a heart for these people and it is Your desire to heal and restore their nation. Your grace is there to transform them and set them free. Your love is evident and will restore them. We release a spirit of liberty to move throughout their nation and set the captives free. We declare a release of supernatural strength to stand up for what is right in Your eyes. Give them courage, boldness, strength and unwavering commitment to stand with You. 

Father, I thank you for sending out Your intervention and allowing Your word to fulfill all Your will and purpose quickly. In Jesus name, amen.

Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Messengers of Hope - The Promise is Alive!

Christmas is a time when many people re-read the Bible story depicting the birth of Jesus. Before we get to the story of Jesus, we first read about the birth of His cousin, John, because their lives were interconnected right from the start.

     Luke chapter one tells us about the lives of an older couple, Zacharias and Elizabeth. They were well past their childbearing years, and had never had children. In ancient times, an infertile woman bore a huge stigma of shame because she could not produce an heir. Zacharias prayed faithfully for his wife to be able to bear a child. Zacharias served in the temple as a priest, but priests didn’t ordinarily hear from God. In those days, it was the prophets that heard from God; but on one particular day, God’s presence was in the temple while Zacharias was performing his priestly duties. God sent an angel to deliver a message to Zacharias.

     “Zacharias, your prayers have been heard. Your wife is going to have a son, and you will name him John,” said the angel Gabriel. “He will bring you great joy and happiness – and many will share your joy at John’s birth.” The messenger continued to expound on the purpose, calling and powerful ministry of this son. He even asked Zacharias if he remembered a certain prophecy that predicted the birth of this child. Now, if you’re like me, you’d be absolutely blown away by an encounter like that! Sometimes we have prayed for something for so long and so much time has passed, we think it’s never going to happen. I believe that’s the state Zacharias was in when the angel showed up. Because his hope had been deferred for so long, unbelief and hopelessness had taken hold of Zacharias’ heart. His response to the angel was to ask, “How can I be sure of what you’re telling me? This is hard to believe!” (Luke 1:13-18)

     The angel, who did not want Zacharias to speak unbelief over the miracle about to occur, made the man mute in order to protect the promise of God about to be birthed. Gabriel told Zacharias, “Because you did not believe my message, you will not be able to talk – not another word – until you experience the fulfillment of my words.” (Luke 1:20) Something the angel said, and perhaps it was the miracle of Zacharias suddenly becoming mute - impregnated Zacharias with faith; he went home to his wife and shortly thereafter she conceived the son that the messenger had prophesied. 

    Have you ever wondered why God seems to keep us in the dark about certain things? We can pray for certain things for a long time and think, “Well, God does not seem to be speaking on this, I guess He just doesn’t want to grant this request.” There is another perspective; one which may be much more in keeping with God's nature. His nature is to say yes! What if the way He chooses to answer our prayer is so surprising He simply doesn’t want us to speak out of our own unbelief?

    The angel’s job was not over, though. He had another message to deliver! About 6 months later, Gabriel visited a young virgin girl by the name of Mary. “Greetings!” He said. ”You are favored and the Lord is with you!” [Among all women of the earth, you have been blessed.] (Luke 1:29)

     I think about Mary, who probably had not been praying that she would become the recipient of an angelic encounter. I highly doubt if she ever had the thought that she would birth the Messiah! I don't think she was thinking, “Hey, I bet today is the day I meet an angel who will tell me something that is so amazing it will blow my mind?” Mary was likely only a teenager when the angel visited her. She was thinking about her wedding, not about being chosen to birth the Son of God! Yet, it’s the incredible compassion of God that compels Him to seek out the disadvantaged, the discouraged and the oppressed. He always looks for someone with whom He can partner so that He can release healing and deliverance in the earth. God knew of the oppression that affected people. He wanted to deliver them from chronic unbelief. He wanted to deliver them from all the power of the enemy that was set against them. He knew that people needed to see the form of God, living and moving among them, so that they could understand the love of their Heavenly Father and His compassion to heal, deliver and shepherd their souls. And so, He looked for a willing vessel to carry out His plan for mankind. His eyes looked upon the whole earth for someone who would be both innocent in their heart, and willing to say yes to His plan; but also strong enough to go through the spiritual warfare that would come against them. He chose Mary and Joseph. Mary also asked the messenger a question. “But I have never been with a man. How can this be possible?” (Luke 1:34)

     The angel proceeded to tell Mary how this child that would be born would be not just her child, but the Son of God. In order to give Mary a moment to consider what she had just heard, Gabriel shared a testimony of Elizabeth being with child. “It sounds impossible, but listen – you know your relative Elizabeth has been unable to bear children and is now far too old to be a mother. Yet, she has become pregnant, as God willed it. Yes, in three months, she will have a son. So, the impossible is possible with God.” (Luke 1:37) Because of this amazing testimony and the encounter with a messenger of God, Mary decided in her heart: “Here I am, the Lord’s humble servant. As you have said, let it be done to me.”  (Luke 1:38).

     There is an interesting interplay between Zacharias’ response and Mary’s. Zacharias’ response was full of unbelief. The angel’s appearance with the message that his prayers had been heard and about to be answered was something he hadn't anticipated. His response revealed that unbelief in his heart. He had waited so long for an answer he simply gave up believing. Even though he still prayed for his wife, his heart wasn't really in it anymore. Zacharias had come into agreement with unbelief!  Zacharias’ ability to speak was restored upon the birth of their promised child. When he communicated that the child’s name was John, in keeping with the will of God, as declared by God’s messenger, his ability to speak was restored. 

     Perhaps there is something that you, too, have been praying for an awfully long time, and if you look at the evidence in the natural, you’d be tempted to say, “It’s too late now. It’s never going to happen.” Perhaps your mind has sized up the situation and come to the conclusion that whatever it is you hoped for is completely impossible now.

     Remember the words of the messenger, “It sounds impossible, but the impossible is possible with God.”

     Just because something hasn’t come to pass yet is not a true indicator of whether or not God has actually said ‘No.” Many prayers are all about timing, and God's timing is very different than ours. Mary gave thoughtful consideration to what the messenger said, and decided in her heart to agree with him. When she agreed with the messenger, she came into agreement with God. She joined her faith with His, and the miracle of conception occurred. If it happened to Mary, it can happen to you!

    In Mary’s day, the Jewish people were oppressed by the Roman Empire. For her to speak about a King who would demote the powerful and the rich, and elevate the poor and humble meant one thing. God was moving towards setting them free! The overflow of her soul was expressed in a poetic overflow of prophecy:

“My soul lifts up the Lord!
My Spirit celebrates God, my Liberator!
For though I’m God’s humble servant, God has noticed me.
Now and forever, I will be considered blessed by all generations.
For the Mighty One has done great things for me;
Holy is God’s Holy name!
From generation to generation,
God’s loving kindness endures
For those who revere Him.
God’s arm has accomplished mighty deeds.
The proud in mind and heart,
God has sent away in disarray.
The rulers from their high positions of power,
God has brought down low.
And those who were humble and lowly,
God has elevated with dignity.
The hungry – God has filled with fine food.
The rich – God has dismissed with nothing in their hands.
To Israel, God’s servant,
God has given help,
As promised to our ancestors,
Remembering Abraham and his descendants in mercy forever. (Luke 1:46-55)

Mary’s prophesy is remarkably similar to what Zacharias sang as a prophetic song to the Lord at John’s birth:

“May the Lord God of Israel be blessed indeed!
For God’s intervention has begun,
And He has moved to rescue us, the people of God.
And the Lord has raised up a powerful sign of liberation for us
From among the descendants of God’s servant, King David.
As was prophesied through the mouths of His holy prophets
In ancient times:
God will liberate us from our enemies and from the hand of our oppressors!”
“God will show mercy promised to our ancestors,
Upholding the abiding covenant He made with them,
Remembering the original vow He swore to Abraham,
From whom we are all descended.
God will rescue us from the grasp of our enemies
So that we may serve Him without fear all our days
In Holiness and justice, in the presence of the Lord.”
“And you my son, will be called the prophet of the Most High.
For you will be the one to prepare the way for the Lord!
So that the Lord’s people will receive knowledge of their freedom
Through the forgiveness of their sins.
All this will flow from the kind and compassionate mercy of our God.
A new day is dawning:
The Sunrise from the heavens will break through in our darkness,
And those who huddle in night,
Those who sit in the shadow of death,
Will be able to rise and walk in the light,
Guided in the pathway of peace.” (Luke 1:68-79)

     God searches the earth for those whose hearts are fully turned towards Him. He looks for those who He can raise up to perform His will upon the earth. We see a great deal of shifting power structures right now. This is evidence in the natural realm that God’s intervention has begun! He is moving to rescue us from wicked oppressors! The amazing thing is the timing of our world events, the recent elections and the upcoming presidential inauguration all speak of another great reversal of power. A movement is taking place all across the earth to shift the balance of power and release a social, economic and political revolution. We are witnessing the impossible situations of our day become possible because God has willed it. He has ordained it! Ungodly, corrupt power structures are being removed. Our prayers and decrees have the effect of dismantling the spiritual scaffolding surrounding our governmental leaders and cutting away at the web of entanglements that have enabled influential world powers to scheme with collusion in secrecy. They once seemed untouchable and above accountability. They seemed beyond anyone’s reach. That is what brought discouragement and hopelessness to our nation. Yet, the recent elections and the fact that a businessman who had never been in politics won the presidency against all odds has become the nightmare of all those opposed to righteousness, justice and equity. The enemy may be livid with rage, but as children of God, “WE HAVE THE POWER.” On a world scale, God is speaking to us to encourage us once again, “Believe! What once seemed impossible can become possible with God!” Keep praying for our nation, but no longer let unbelief or double-mindedness fall like a wet blanket on your prayers. Know for certain God is looking to partner with faith-filled intercessors to bring His will to pass!

     In conclusion, I just want to add that the election of Donald Trump also serves as a prophetic sign. It’s an encouragement for us all to resurrect our hope and faith in God. Regardless of how much time has passed...regardless of what things may look like in the natural...let your prayers be filled with faith. Whatever it is that you have been believing for, know that with God anything is possible. He delights in impossible situations! If you’ve dropped your promise along the road of discouragement, or buried in a grave believing the promise was dead; dig it out and believe again. God is renewing your hope and He’s sending you help! It’s time to unlock the coffins of despair! It’s time to pull your promise out of the grave and know that He is God! He will be exalted among the nations. He is Lord over His word. He is Lord over your promise. The things that are impossible with men are possible with God!