Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Kingdom Advancement, Swiftly!

In Daniel 7:21 the enemy found ways to make war with the saints and was prevailing against them until we see in verse 22 the Ancient of Days came and a judgment was made in favor of the saints of the Most High. Now here’s the key as the scripture continues…“and the time came for the saints to possess the kingdom.” We are living now in the time for us to possess the kingdom! The judgment over the works of the enemy has been made and the judgment on behalf of the saints of the Most High has been issued! The only thing that can hinder people from possessing their inheritance is themselves. Just as choices that line up with unbelief, compromise and disobedience stop people from kingdom advancement, decisions that are made out of faith and obedience provoke people to take steps of faith, and obedience always makes room for blessing, increase and advancement.

In the previous articles, we've been dealing with things that would hinder people from being able to advance. Since everyone in the body of Christ is connected, when one is hindered, others are too. That is why it is so important that when you pray, you pray for as many people as possible along with the prayers for yourself and your own family. When people begin to act in faith, more links in the chain begin to come together. Let’s take a few moments to declare the spirit of delay is broken - today!

Father God in the name of Jesus Christ I declare:
The spirit of delay to be broken over all my family members, my friends and their families, and the body of Christ in the city of _______ and the state of _______.

I declare
a kingdom shift into the kairos timing of the Lord in Jesus name.

I declare
the power of the Holy Spirit to advance people, including myself, and move them forward. I call for acceleration to come forth and overtake us swiftly.

 I declare the spirit of compromise to be broken. I declare all ungodly agreements are now broken.

 I declare the power of all lying spirits broken now in Jesus name. Unforgiveness, fear, torment, jealousy, anger, the spirit of war and strife - be broken now in Jesus name!

I decree
a release of the Spirit of Truth and Revelation. Holy Spirit, give people the revelation that will make them free. Counsel people in truth, and tear down the walls that the enemy has obstructed to keep truth out. Get around the obstacles, Holy Spirit.

I declare
death, infirmity and the spirits of death and hell are defeated and bound in Jesus name.

I decree a release of the Spirit of God to raise up those that have been in the valley of death. I declare a release of the wind of God to breathe fresh breath into those that are weary, and the spirit of life to raise people up in strength and wholeness, in Jesus name.

I declare
an end to divisiveness and the spirit of war.

I declare a release of grace, forgiveness, and mercy. I declare a release of Divine Love. I declare a release of humility, repentance and the spirit of adoption in Jesus name.

I declare
reconciliation to come to every family, every individual that is covered by my prayer. I declare healing and reconciliation between families, church members, pastors, leaders, and my community.

I declare life and blessing, healing and wholeness, prosperity, increase and kingdom advancement to every person in my life. I ask You, Lord, to apply this declaration and decree to those I have offended, and those that I have been offended with. To those that I have hurt, and those that have hurt me, I speak a release right now of all unforgiveness, bitterness, ill will, fear, anger, and wounding. I choose to forgive and want to forgive every person. Let there be no remembrance of ill feelings between myself and others, and help them to be free also, Lord. Help people to let go of the past and to remember only the good about others in Jesus name.

I declare a release of sight, and that the blind now see. I declare a release of hearing, that people may hear and understand what Your Holy Spirit wants to communicate to them.

I declare
everyone that this prayer touches is blessed with the unparalleled, unmerited favor of God and Your favor is a shield around us.

I declare the favor of God opens new doors of opportunity and increase upon increase will flow into our lives, in Jesus name.

Thank you Lord Jesus, Father God and Holy Spirit for hearing this decree. I believe that as it has been declared you will establish it according to Job 22:28 and light will shine on my ways, in Jesus name.

Monday, January 28, 2013


Do you sense us building a momentum with these prayers and decrees? I hope so! It's time to set the course ahead!

Chuck Pierce has a great prophetic word (100 Days to Set The Course for The Year Ahead, dated Oct. 2011) that I used to write this prayer. Awesome word! When you know what God is saying, you have to do more than just agree with it. ASK!


I life up myself, my family, those in my community and city of ______. As I pray this for myself, I include them. I thank You for releasing clear vision for the season ahead. I yield my vessel to you. I yield my mind, heart and mouth to you for Your service. Over ride my natural instincts, give me boldness and let Your Holy Spirit have Your way in me and through me. Fill my mouth with the voice of heaven. Release the word of the Lord that will penetrate the deception of occult powers and releases people from darkness and captivity. Release to me the voice of the Lord that penetrates demonic structures and is like a hammer against all resistance. Give me the word that will unlock the hearts of others. Give me the word that will unlock the calling and destinies of others, the word to bring healing, and the words to set free. Give me the word that will unlock treasuries of creativity, strategies for success, wisdom, understanding, and wealth. Let these words come as lightening; quick, sharp and powerful. Let these words come as arrows that hit the mark every time. You have created me to be a skillful weapon in Your hand, O God, give me the word that like an arrow,  penetrates the enemy’s armor.  Let my words be anointed with fire to break off heavy weights and break the yoke of the wicked oppressor. Give me the words to destroy strongholds and deliver nations. Give me the words to activate gifts, ministries and callings. Give me the words to mobilize Your army!

Anoint my feet to crush the head of the serpent and bring good news. Anoint my feet to find firm footing and establish your kingdom dominion every place I set foot. Anoint my hands to heal, comfort and bless others, in Jesus name. Amen.

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Prayer to Find the Right Employment

Scripture tells us that it is God's gift to us to rejoice in our labor and to find joy in what we do. (Ecclesiastes 5:19,20). The work that each person does is part of God's plan to establish His eternal kingdom. There are also other scriptures that tell us that people need to work and to do it as unto the Lord. When we do, it brings a blessing of joy.

Everywhere around us we hear daily of layoffs, cutbacks, companies downsizing or going out of business. We cannot rely on government to keep their promises of creating new jobs and we certainly cannot afford to put our confidence in government aid. It's a poverty trap designed to keep people in poverty and dependent upon the government. In all honesty, if people are not careful those that are dependent upon government assistance can quite easily misplace their confidence and look to the government as their source instead of God. Looking to government as a person's source can usurp the rightful place and position of God, and when government fails or checks don't arrive, fear is the immediate response. Many people may be trapped in a poverty system but not have any idea how God could possibly get around their own personal obstacles and help them find a good paying job. There are many others that face this fear, regardless of whether the government is their source for assistance. Perhaps you lack a good education, the degree you think you need or other credentials. Perhaps you need a flexible schedule, a transportation issue or childcare issue resolved. Friend, whatever it is, let me assure you that God is bigger than your obstacles and can move a mountain for you if that's what it takes!

I remember years ago when my husband and I were cut off from everyone we knew. Many years of personal and professional references were cut off. Family cut us off. Spiritual leaders cut us off. We had no one except for God, but He was more than enough! We were running out of money and did not know what to do. As we prayed, my husband said he was going to write a letter asking our landlord if we could work off the rent. I had no faith it would work, but guess what? It did! Not only that, but the landlords owned other properties and started giving my husband work. Then after many months, that connection moved us to Florida where we took on another contract for the same owner. As that job was ending, again we found ourselves in a place where we did not know what to do. Now we were in Florida again with no real connections. My husband decided he was going to go back into the flooring trade and see if he could get something started installing carpet. Again, I had no faith for this! It had been 15 years or more since he had done any of that and I was worried about our future. At this time, we had zero dollars in the bank. We were completely on empty! Yet, once again God was faithful. We went to see our pastor at the time, thinking perhaps in a fairly large church he might know of someone. He did, and before we left the church parking lot we were connected to someone else that helped us on our way in setting up a new business! I can tell you many testimonies of God providing divine connections for us when the ordinary attempts at putting in applications for employment didn't produce anything. I can tell you many testimonies of God providing work connections just through prayer. He can do more with you practicing faith than anything you can produce with worry! When we moved back to California, again we had no open doors for a place to live, where to find work, or the practical needs of survival. God gave us what seemed like a ludicrous suggestion - going on prayer walks - but in the process of being obedient He divinely connected us to others that we never would have imagined would be a part of His provision to us.

You have to be willing to be led by faith and make your fears and insecurities take the back seat. If you are led by emotion, you will be on a roller coaster from hell. If you are led by faith, the Holy Spirit will take you by the hand and lead you into your next step. You have a good Father, you can trust Him! I've been on this road many times, and though it wasn't comfortable, He got us through it. Sometimes you just have to take your hands off the reins of your life and let God lead. I encourage you to trust Him. He will get you around the obstacles that seem too large to handle!

Father God,

I thank You that You are trustworthy. I admit that letting You lead is not always comfortable for me, but I choose to live by faith. I do not want to put limits on what I think You can or will do. Please take me by the hand and lead me into the good plans that You have for me. I need a good paying job that will provide for me and my family. You know my skills and abilities better than anyone. Please help me find the right employment that will also be a joy and a blessing. Your word says the blessing of the Lord adds no sorrow to it. Please give me the blessing of employment that adds no sorrow to it. Father, every time an obstacle appears, I ask You to get me around it. I ask You also to move every mountain out of my path or dig a way through it, but get me connected properly. I ask for You to make divine connections for me and my family, for my friends, and for others in the body of Christ. I pray for the people in my neighborhood and in my city of _______ that they too would have good employment. Holy Spirit, please give me the inspired ideas, creative solutions and the plan of Your design that will help me know what to do next. Let Your thoughts become my thoughts. Those things that are truly of You, let them keep pressing me to take the appropriate action, even if it doesn't make sense in the natural. I choose faith over fear. I thank You for Your sudden interruption in my circumstances to lead me into the blessing you have for me. Tell me what door to knock on, what to ask for, and let Your favor grant my requests. In Jesus name, amen.

Saturday, January 26, 2013

God's Power to Heal the Brain

Specific, targeted prayer is needed in order to heal the mind, emotions and spirit, but often one of the things that is neglected is prayer to heal areas of the cerebral cortex in the brain. The cerebral cortex has many functions, including the higher mental functions that include areas of discernment, a variety of emotional responses, impulse control, reason, thought, memory and behavioral reactions. It has many separate functional areas with many different cell designs. The cerebral hemispheres are composed of neurons and axons. On any typical day, your brain secretes brain chemicals that act as trillions of little messengers. Seratonin, noradrenalin and dopamine are "happy messengers" that help regulate things attributed to your rest, peace and emotional balance. The brain chemical levels can fluctuate and swing out of balance depending on whether a person focuses on positive or negative thoughts. A person's thought life can actually influence the levels of hormones. Every right thought will result in faith; toxic thoughts lead to unbelief, discouragement and depression.

Thoughts Produce A Corresponding Action: Physically, Spiritually, Emotionally and Behaviorally

Seratonin functions as a regulator for your body's physiology so that your body can sleep and attain rest. Without seratonin doing it's job properly, you will not be able to sleep well no matter what you do. It is responsible for keeping your body clock and your bodily functions coordinated. It also regulates your stress fighting hormone called cortisol. Any disruption in your cortisol also affects the body's ability to regulate proper sleep cycles. It literally shifts the body to be in a state of stress. One of the first signs of being under stress is the lost ability to sleep well. Noradrenalin is responsible for setting the body's energy levels. Without it, a person feels tired, exhausted and can become increasingly more and more lethargic. (Another symptom of depression). Norepinephrine influences sleep; Epinephrine is a stress hormone and a neurotransmitter, and Dopamine functions as a pleasure center. It is the area of your brain that allows you to experience enjoyment, pleasure and a sense of satisfaction in life, but it also can act to reinforce addictive behaviors and can influence psychotic behaviors. There are other numerous brain chemicals also that can attribute to dysfunction, depression, addiction and other physical and emotional problems.

When the body goes into an overstressed mode, the person often experiences things such as overwhelming heaviness and discouragement, tiredness, lack of desire for life, activity or social contact; they feel overwhelmed and depressed. They may also feel nervous, experience shortness of breath, feel like they are having a heart attack or feel like they are having an anxiety attack. Overstressed individuals are often labeled as having a form of mental illness and may be prescribed medicine, but we as Christians can also pray specifically for God to heal the brain and any chemical imbalances that might be causing these emotional responses. Medications will always require refills if the source of the problem is not healed. Let's trust God to do that, no matter how impossible it may seem. Nothing is too difficult for Him!

How It Connects to Impulse Control

A lack of being able to effectively manage stress is also a common trigger for addicts to relapse. Our body consists of the physical, emotional and spiritual which makes up our entire being. Human beings are hardwired to be spiritually connected to our higher source, which is our Creator. Father God made us in His image (see Genesis 1:26-28) and when we accept Jesus Christ as our Savior, God's Holy Spirit comes to dwell within us, reconnecting us with our Heavenly Father. When the body is overstressed, it is very difficult indeed for a person to be able to connect meaningfully with God. Overstress causes the body to go into a state of agitation; when the overproduction of cortisol is present, the body actually gets ready for war. It's ready to go into a higher state of emotional response such as fight or flight, hunger, trauma, expectation of fear or pain and other things. This is why emotional triggers seem to set a person off very quickly. Remember, the cerebral cortex is where emotional responses are activated. The cerebral cortex is also the place in the brain that has the "stop" function. It is the part of the brain that tells a person when to stop certain negative behavior. A normal healthy person would have common sense kick and and set off a "stop button" - for instance, telling them, don't go kill that person or don't commit an act of rage, etc. In a normal healthy person that button works to tell people to stop over consumption of certain things but in an addict, that 'stop button' is broken. Excessive use causes a tolerance to build up in the pleasure sensors, so the person needs more and more of that particular thing in order to feel pleasure. Its like trying to obtain the unattainable, which is why an addict will continue to use over and over again even at risk of consuming lethal doses of whatever they are addicted to. It's not a self will issue, it's a physiological issue. The neurotransmitters actually get rewired at the cellular level in an unhealthy way. All this occurs on a subconscious level where we are not aware of what is happening. these are triggers to causing a person to feel overwhelmed, resentful, frustrated, angry or emotional - and often a trigger for addictive relapse. All of these factors working together can cause a host of other emotional, some physical and physiological problems.

Knowledge is power, especially when it comes to crafting a prayer to target specific areas of healing the brain. There can be accidents, trauma, head injury and more issues when it comes to needing healing for the brain. I can't tackle all of them today, but we can address some of the more common problems people deal with. Regardless of the cause, there are legitimate issues that can be healed with the power of prayer. How often people try to manage what is simply the fruit of the problem (the symptoms and behaviors) without dealing with the root of the problem, and the root of depression, addictions and many other things that can be attributed to an imbalance of brain chemicals is fear. Fear always magnifies itself. It is the root of anxiety, frustration, impatience, anger, depression and every wrong thought process. Fear is what causes cortisol to be over produced. Fear will send the adrenal glands into stress mode and cause a domino effect of a whole host of other physical problems. Fear is also the culprit when it comes to toxic thinking. Continued negative thought processes leads to depression and other mental illness, and can even change brain chemicals. Defective genetics and DNA that carries a curse in the cellular makeup can be targeted with our prayers.

 We are fearfully and wonderfully made in His image. Any defect came as a result of inherited sin carried a curse and was reproduced as a genetic defect in the DNA. This deals with the physical aspects, but we still need to address the spiritual part of the remedy, and that is the revelation of our Heavenly Father's love and acceptance. The Bible says in 1 John 4:18 that perfect love casts out all fear. God's love and acceptance is so powerful that it will displace the wrong thoughts, fears, and insecurities that trigger the negative thinking that makes room for physical and emotional illness. Love displaces depression, anger, anxiety, insecurities, and many, many other problems. There is no reason why God should not heal because Jesus Christ paid the price for our total and complete victory, healing and restoration!


Father God,

I thank You for Your Holy Spirit that gives us wisdom to know what to ask for in prayer. I pray for myself and ask You to send the answer to prayer. (You can also pray this over others).

I renounce fear, depression, anxiety, and addictive behaviors. I renounce and repent for any ways I have come into agreement with the enemy. I thank You Jesus for your forgiveness and restoration. I believe You are the Son of God and You can heal me. You took my sin and disease upon yourself so that I could live victoriously. Please help me live freely. Let faith rise up in me and Your Holy Spirit fill me with wholeness, power and the fullness of God.

I ask that You would heal the cerebral cortex in my brain. I ask that You would fill any areas of deficiency with the fullness of Your Holy Spirit. Let the brain chemicals of seratonin, noradrenalin, norepinephrine, epinephrine, dopamine and all chemicals produced by the brain be correctly balanced. Let every deficiency be filled and every over secretion be reduced to just the right levels for each individual. Let there be no over production of cortisol. Let every amino acid neurotransmitter function with perfect wholeness and soundness as it is in Jesus Christ. Let every gene that carried defective or mutated DNA that would perpetuate weakness,  compromised health, mental instability or that which carries the result of a curse be healed at the cellular level. Infuse every cell, every gene, every strand of DNA with the DNA and healing of Jesus Christ. Let every curse be broken and sent back to the source, for You O God did not give me any DNA that would carry a curse. It came from the evil one, and as I submit to Your authority, I resist the devil and command him to take back everything that he has brought upon me. I pray that any damage to the brain itself, the neurotransmitters, and the centers for impulse control in the cerebral cortex be healed now in Jesus name. Let there be light in every darkened area of the brain, though patterns and emotional responses. I declare the amino acid and peptide neurotransmitters be rewired to function in perfect health and send the proper amounts of chemicals to regulate impulse control, stress management, peace, pleasure and pain management in perfect balance. Let the acytlcholine functions be healed and restored to perfect health. Let the chemical agents and the communication messengers between brain cells function in perfect harmony, balance and soundness in every cell. Let all things in the molecular structure that affect mood, anxiety, appetite, sleep, temperature, heart rate, self control, discernment, impulse control, aggression, fear, stress management and other physical and psychological appetites, desires and occurrences be healed and restored to the perfect wholeness that exists in Jesus Christ. Holy Spirit, let Your fullness fill my lack, for it is written, "the Lord is my Shepherd and I shall have no lack," according to Ps. 23:1. Let all areas that have been damaged, those areas that are genetically unsound, weak, impaired or afflicted be healed, for it is written, "Surely He has borne our griefs and carried our sorrows; yet we esteemed Him stricken, smitten by God and afflicted. But He was wounded for our transgressions, He was bruised for our iniquities, the chastisement for our peace was upon Him, and by His stripes we are healed," in Is. 53:4, 5. Lord Jesus, You told us, Your disciples, to lay hands on the sick and they would recover, (Mark 16:18). You said in John 14:7 and again in John 14:16 that if we abide in You, we could ask whatever we desire in Your name and Your Father would do it, because it would bring glory to Your name. So I ask that I would be healed in the cellular, molecular level of my genes, in my DNA, and that anything that resides there that is not of Your placement, nor Your will be supernaturally removed, replaced with Your fullness and restored to perfect health right now, in Jesus name. Holy Spirit, please give me a revelation of my heavenly Father's love and acceptance so that perfect love will cast out all fear. Reveal my Father's heart towards me. Show me my truest identity as it is in Christ. Lead me to the salvation that is through Jesus Christ. I thank You and give You glory for the healing that is taking place now in Jesus name. Amen.

Friday, January 25, 2013

Prayer to Be Healed from Sexual Molestation

Please read another article that discusses this topic more in depth prior to praying this prayer.I feel it can give you much more insight and understanding. http://xpectamiracle.blogspot.com/2014/08/deliverance-from-incubus-succubus-lust.html

The spirits that cause perverse actions in others are predator spirits. Lust, incubus, succubus and other perverse spirits are the cause of many sins and much shame and fear as well. When I use the term 'molestation,' it can be by a demonic spirit alone, or using someone else as it's host in order to inflict harm. Either way, an evil spirit is involved. It just doesn't always have a host body.  If you read the article mentioned above, you will have greater understanding. Regardless of whether a person is the perpetrator or the victim, they need healing and deliverance. Today we deal with deep shame, inferiority, insecurity, fear and identity issues that have resulted from lust, pornography, sex outside of marriage, and a whole host of other things, including sexual molestation, abuse, and sins perpetrated by sexual predators. The amount of people that deal with this issue is staggering and many do not feel comfortable asking for prayer on this subject. You can be set free. Bring it to Jesus, and let Him heal you. Today is a day for a fresh start!

Father God,

I need a Savior, a Deliverer. Lord Jesus, I believe you paid the price for my sin and shame when you went to the cross on my behalf. I do not have to bear the weight of it any longer. Jesus, I pray that Your blood would wash over my mind, my body and my spirit and make me clean. Renew in me a pure thought life. I come to you to ask you for healing from lust, perverse spirits and demonic attachments of incubus and succubus spirits. I take responsibility for the things I've done, the things I've allowed, and even things that have been done to me against my will. Right now I forgive ______ (speak the names of those that have sinned against you) so that I can also have my own sins forgiven, and I ask You to empower me to do so. As a matter of my will, I choose to forgive them and ask that You, Father, give me grace and strength to not take this offense back into my heart. I ask that You heal those that have perpetrated sins against me, and set us free from the perversity and sin that has had us bound. Lord Jesus, I give myself to You and ask that You forgive my sin. Please forgive the sin of my family and ancestors. Forgive all the ways that we all rejected You and rebelled against your ways, and exerted our independence from You. Forgive idolatry, witchcraft, involvement with the occult, shedding innocent blood, broken vows and covenants. Forgive the many things we have done to deny Your Lordship. Let Your blood cover our sins, I pray. Be Lord of my life. I take You as my Savior, Master, Husband, Friend, and Lord. I will not have any other gods besides You. I make a covenant with You, Jesus. Help me to be faithful to You. Thank you, Father, for accepting me and adopting me into the kingdom of God.

Satan, you are not my husband or my master. I renounce you. I divorce you. I want nothing to do with you ever again. I reject your seed and your lies. I reject, refuse, renounce and divorce all unclean demonic spirits of perversity including incubus, mare and succubus spirits, spirits of lust, pornography, pedophilia, voyeurism, domination, brutality, homosexuality, confusion, gender confusion, astral projection and spirit travel, mischievous and trouble-making spirits, spirits of double-mindedness, unbelief, sodomy, rape, anger, rage, bitterness, unforgiveness, witchcraft, lust, idolatry, hardheartedness, accusation, familiar and familial spirits, pride, rebellion, and death. I renounce the spirit of Pan, the god of sexual stimulation. I renounce and divorce Lilu and Lilith, and all the offspring that comes from Satan and his demons. If there is anything of Satan's seed implanted within me, I command it to shrivel and die immediately in the name and authority of Jesus Christ. I repent for any ways that I have knowingly or unknowingly come into agreement with these spirits, and I humbly submit myself to the Lord Jesus Christ and the authority of His Holy Spirit. 

I submit to You, O God, and I resist the enemy, commanding him to flee from me and take everything he has put on me, everything he has brought into my life, and every seed that he has implanted into my belief system. I reject every seed of Satan I command them to die immediately, in Jesus name. I curse Satan's seed and declare, "YOU WILL BEAR NO MORE FRUIT EVER AGAIN," by the name and authority of Jesus Christ. His blood covers these sins and I command these doors to be shut, never to open again.

Let every cord of sin, shame, fear, witchcraft, and soul ties from ungodly sources be severed now, in Jesus name. I renounce the soul ties to former lovers, spouses, and others that may be tied to me in the spirit. Let any fragments of their souls return to them, and let any scattered and fragmented parts of my soul return to me, in Jesus name. Let all those that would practice astral projection, spirit travel, witchcraft or other occult practices against me find the door closed. Let there be blindness into this evil eye now. I bind and forbid the entrance or demonic spirits into my life in Jesus name, according to your promise in Matthew 18:18. What is bound on earth has already been bound in heaven.

I loose myself from all shame, resentment, fear, insecurity and feelings of inferiority that have come upon me as a result of sexual molestation and other sins against my body - both those that were done without my consent, and those that I may have participated in - willingly or unwillingly. I reject and refuse all perverse spirits, lying spirits, familiar spirits, incubus and succubus spirits, mare spirits, Lilith and Lilu spirits, and Lust. I command them to go now back to the abyss in Jesus name. I bind the screech owl that brings terror by night and forbid it to enter my life, that of my family or my home, in the name and authority of Jesus Christ.

I submit to You, O God, and I resist the enemy, commanding him to flee from me and take everything he has put on me, everything he has brought into my life, and every seed that he has implanted into my belief system and go now. I command all evil trees, ungodly seeds and demonic roots to come out, shrivel and die immediately, in Jesus name. Let all evil trees be pulled up by the roots out of my life now in Jesus name. I command every spirit that does not worship Jesus Christ; every spirit that does not confess Jesus Christ has come in the flesh, and any spirit that does not declare Jesus Christ as Master to leave me and my household at once, in the name of Jesus.

I receive by faith the healing for my mind, my emotions, my body and spirit. I receive by faith the mind of Christ, and I choose this day to pull up the root of bitterness and replace it with the love of God. I ask You Lord to plant forgiveness, purity, obedience, peace, joy and love in place of bitterness. Fill me with Your Holy Spirit and let the spirit of adoption be poured out into my heart in Jesus name. Let your love and acceptance captivate my heart, O God.

I receive by faith healing for my emotions, belief system, and perspective towards God, myself and others. I declare: “Because the Great I AM lives within me, I become what YOU are, O God. Because the living word of God dwells within me; You are transforming me, renewing my mind, to become the living word, as Your truth is lived out in me. You are transforming me to become the anointed of God. I am not a victim, I am victorious. I do not fear, the enemy is fearful of me. I declare that no weapon formed against me shall prosper, and every tongue that rises up against me is refuted according to Your word in Isaiah 54:17. I walk in the fullness of God, in Jesus name.

I thank you, Lord Jesus, for being my healer, restorer, redeemer and protector. I thank you for replacing every lie in my belief system with the truth that will set me free. Thank You, Holy Spirit for releasing revelation as to my true identity in Christ.Show me how You see me. Show me if I have believed lies about my true identity. I thank You for establishing and settling me in faith and truth, in Jesus name.

Help me, Lord Jesus, to identify and break free from any relationships that are unhealthy and undesirable in Your eyes. Help me to honor Your word, Your will and Your wishes. You know my weaknesses; I pray for strength to overcome them. For those things that You know I cannot or will not be able to overcome in my own strength, I pray that You would take them out of my hand and let it be done according to Your will for my life and for the benefit of Your will carried out in the lives of others, too. Lord, replace those relationships with better ones that will strengthen me in my walk with you, and fill the void for love, relationship and friendship.

Father God, I thank You for overcoming victory. Please fill me with Your Holy Spirit and empower me to live for You. Help me to live a life that honors You and brings You glory. In Jesus name, Amen.

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Decree To End Human Trafficking

The following information precedes the decree to end human trafficking. If people are going to experience breakthrough in their cities, then we must understand the spiritual significance of deeply rooted issues that come from our past. I have included some historical insights to the city of Escondido, where I live. You may feel led to do some digging into your city's historical roots too.

Historical Insights: Rancho Rincon del Diablo was a 12,653 acre Mexican land grant that was given in 1843 to Juan Bautista Alvarado. It exists in present day San Diego county, in the city of Escondido. Escondido means “hidden valley,” and Ranch Rincon del Diablo means “devil’s corner,” or “the devil’s lurking place.” In the days when San Diego county was being pioneered, this particular piece of property seemed to have great potential for financial gain. A San Diego judge by the name of Oliver Witherby set out to obtain full ownership of about 13, 000 acres, buying out the shares from the Alvarado family. In 1857, Witherby bought enough shares to feel legally entitled to the land, then moved onto it, eventually maneuvering an out of court settlement that gave him complete title. The judge had a great deal of influence, financial investments and responsibility in government that gave him an incredible amount of power as a “founding father” in this area.

Although the origin of why the land became nicknamed the Devil’s Corner is unclear, it soon became known as a place where white men could engage in illicit sexual conduct with the Native American women. At the time, (around 1866), there were still very few white women that had settled in this area, making the allure and sexuality of the Indian women very attractive to the settlements of white men. The Indian women apparently were uninhibited and quite open about nudity as well as their sexuality and was quite a contrast to the puritanical beliefs of the white women of that day. It became a strong attraction for the male population of that time and supply and demand are the basics of any trade. Methods of procuring these Indian girls (and boys) became available with an atmosphere of “legality,” and it became quite a lucrative way to buy and sell human slaves. (More information at: http://www.sandiegohistory.org/journal/78spring/corner.htm )   The issues of human trafficking are not new to San Diego county, but once we understand how some of these things came to be, we can begin to address the roots of it through prayer. Political corruption, greed, unlawful use of authority and more will be uncovered and brought out of this “hidden valley.” God promises that what is done in secret will be revealed. When righteousness reigns, this “devil’s corner” will become the Lord’s footstool. May the God of peace crush Satan under our feet shortly according to Romans 16:20.

Decree To End Human Trafficking

The Lord is well pleased for His righteousness sake; He will exalt the law and make it honorable. But this is a people robbed and plundered, all of them are snared in holes, and they are hidden in prison houses; they are for prey, and no one delivers, for plunder, and no one says, “Restore!”  Isaiah 42:21,22

Who among you will give ear to this? Who will listen and hear for the time to come?
O God, You have spoken in Proverbs 21:13 that whoever shuts his ears to the cry of the poor will also cry himself and not be heard.

“Present your case,” says the Lord.

An Indictment and a Decree for Justice

Father God, I hear You. I feel Your heart. I stand with You, O God, to declare an end to this injustice. You have stated in Your word, in Job 22:28 that as I decided upon a thing (as I declare it), You will establish it, and light will shine on my ways.

Therefore hear this now, you who are given to pleasures, who dwell securely, who say in your heart, ‘I am, and there is no one else besides me’; I shall not sit as a widow, nor shall I know the loss of children;

But these two things shall come to you - in a moment, in one day: The loss of children, and widowhood. They shall come upon you in their fullness because of the multitude of your sorceries, for the great abundance of your enchantments.

For you have trusted in your wickedness; you have said, ‘No one sees me’;
Your wisdom and your knowledge have warped you, and you have said in your heart, ‘I am, and there is no one else besides me.

Therefore evil shall come upon you; you shall not know where it arises, and trouble shall fall upon you. You will not be able to put it off. Desolation shall come upon you suddenly, which you shall not know.” (Isaiah 47:8-11)


Whereas, the enemy has worked evil and wickedness in our midst to rob our youth of their innocence, involve the use of fear, torment, pain, drug addiction, lies and other forms of oppression to gain an unfair advantage over vulnerable members of society;

Whereas, the enemy has perpetuated ungodly and evil works to make himself slaves and servants;

Whereas, the enemy has incited people to cooperate with his evil schemes by rewarding them with bribes and other forms of compensation,

Whereas, this conspiracy and agreement to do evil thereby diverts justice for the oppressed, abused, and weaker members of society;

Therefore, as God’s delegated authority I do hereby declare and decree an indictment against Satan and all parties participating with, joined to and in partnership with this evil adversary. The adversaries are charged with lying to entice and commit bribery; deception with an intent to commit fraud, the use of fear, pain, torture, drug addiction, witchcraft and other forms of violence, using  force and control against the will of others, making slaves for themselves to secure personal and financial gain. Let the witness of Holy Spirit testify to the validity of these charges.


I declare and decree the wicked oppressors have been caught and their wrongdoing exposed, according to Eph. 3:11-13.

I declare that what has been done in secret shall now come into the light, according to Mark 4:22 and 1 Cor. 4:5;

I declare the cries of the oppressed have come before the Lord of Sabaoth and the wages and the violence of wicked oppressors testifies against them, according to James 5:3-6.

I decree an end to political corruption, and all businesses that are operating as an illegal front to hide the black market trade, trafficking, sale and prostitution of sex
slaves. Let them be exposed for what they are. Lord Jesus, I ask You, as the Lord of the Armies of Heaven to extend Your arm against the works of evil to destroy it and break the arm of the wicked according to Psalm 10:15.

I decree the wickedness of the wicked has come to an end according to Psalm 7:9 and the wickedness of the wicked has caused them to fall into the ditch which they have made. Their trouble shall now return upon their own head and their violent dealing shall come down upon their crown, according to Psalm 7:14-17.

I decree the captives of the mighty are taken away and the prey of the terrible are delivered; You have saved our children, according to Isaiah 49:25.

I decree that the blood of Your covenant, O God, is the standard that I raise against the works of the enemy. I declare the banner of Jehovah Nissi over my family, the cities of  Escondido, San Marcos and all of San Diego county; throughout the State of California and the United States of America. (Change the names to be specific to your area!)

 I decree the gate of unrighteousness and human trafficking is CLOSED in Jesus name. I decree closed gates and closed doors across our nation to those that do wickedness. I declare the border gates, all inspection and checkpoints, all underground border tunnels, and the ports of entry at the waterfronts are now closed to human trafficking, prostitution and drug smuggling. These gates shall not allow wickedness through, but I declare they are the gates of the Lord, through which the righteous shall enter.

I decree the gates of praise which ushers in the KING OF GLORY are opened, according to Psalm. 118:19, 20. I declare a release of the Spirit of Praise and Worship to make a throne for the Lord Jesus Christ to rule in our city, state and nation.

I decree a highway of holiness across interstates 15, 78, 76, 5,8, hwy 56, 54, and 52 are the highways where the redeemed shall travel, and the ransomed of the Lord shall come to Zion with singing and everlasting joy. They shall obtain joy and gladness, and sorrow and sighing shall flee away, according to Isaiah 35:8-10.

I decree a release of the kingdom of God, the fear of the Lord, and the zeal of the Lord. I decree a release of Your justice for the oppressed and righteous judgment towards those that conspire to do evil.

I decree a release of Your power and might against the works of the enemy. Stretch out Your hand O Lord, and release Your angels to bring help and salvation to free those that are in captivity.

I decree the roots of perversity, oppression, greed, witchcraft, and bondage must shrivel and die immediately. I command the roots to dry up and may they never bear ungodly fruit again in Jesus name. Father, please send your angels to pull out the roots of these spirits, reveal what must be exposed in order to cut off those illegal operations, and let godly establishments be planted to replace those ungodly works of evil. Let trees of righteousness be planted by the Lord.

I decree the prisoners are set free from the waterless pit of hopelessness and despair; they have returned to the stronghold of hope. I declare a double portion of restoration to them, in Jesus name.

I decree healing and restoration for the victims of human trafficking. I declare salvation and deliverance to come forth out of Zion, in Jesus name. Let the deliverers arise, O God! I loose their shackles and release the Spirit of Liberty to all those that are oppressed. Let the poor in spirit be comforted. Let the weak say they are strong in the strength of the Lord.

 I decree a release of the Spirit of Grace, Repentance, Faith and Sonship. Let Your Holy Spirit visit those that have been targeted by the enemy for destruction, drawing them to the Father through the Lord Jesus Christ.

I decree a release of the Spirit of Righteousness and the Spirit of Truth to reveal Jesus Christ to the nations and lay the capstone in our cities. Let all foundations of ungodliness, evil, error and perversity be torn up and removed. Let all spiritual foundations of deception, witchcraft, greed, corruption and thievery be torn up and removed. Father, I ask that You would forgive the sins and iniquities of our forefathers, both natural and spiritual. Forgive the greed, the oppression, thievery and shedding of innocent blood. Forgive the generational rebellion and let the blood of Jesus cover these sins. Father, the sins are too numerous to declare. I admit, the people of this land stand guilty before You. The land cries out for justice, but I pray that you grant us mercy and forgive Your people. You said in Your word that if Your people would humble themselves and pray and seek Your face, and turn from their wicked ways, then You would hear us and You would forgive the sin and allow our land to be healed. Please hear my prayer. We need you. We need Your healing and restoration. We need Your intervention to restore the godly foundations. Please let the godly foundations in our cities be restored; let the foundations of righteousness, truth, equity, mercy and justice be laid upon the revelation of Jesus Christ. In Jesus name, let it be established. Amen.

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Sampson, Wake Up!

The greatest deliverers are those that have lived in the house of the enemy, in compromise, and suddenly woken up to discover they'd been deceived. This is what happened to Sampson in the Bible. He got himself entangled in a relationship that turned out to be one the enemy used to try to destroy him. Sampson chose a woman that appealed to his flesh..  The interesting thing is, scripture tells us that GOD was getting ready to exact vengeance upon the house of the Philistines. That had a lot to do with Sampson choosing his wife, who was later killed, even though his parents tried to get him to re-think his choice. (See Judges 14:4). Yet, God used the poor choices in Sampson's life as a means to create an opportunity to take down the enemy. So, although Sampson's relationship with Delilah did serve as an ungodly yoke and a threat to Sampson's well being (both spiritually and naturally), the relationship wasn't necessarily an accident. It actually served God's purposes for a time and a season. Delilah was never loyal to Sampson. That is no surprising, given her lifestyle and reputation. Her loyalties were in another camp, with the Philistines. The enemy used her influence and relationship to try to destroy one of the Bible's strongest heroes, yet in the end, God's purposes were fulfilled because Sampson rose up and was used mightily by God to destroy Israel's enemies.   Sampson ignored many things he shouldn't have until he almost lost his life. He was literally lulled asleep by Delilah's charms and fell asleep on her lap, but how many times did she try to kill him while he was unaware? The enemy used the person he was closest to in his life to try to destroy him. The longer he lived in compromise the weaker He became. Compromise opened the door for a false sense of security and deception. He fell for the lies of one who professed to love him, while everything she did was designed to secretly destroy the anointing in his life. Now, it can be easy to try to overlook a lot when it comes to matters of the heart, but in all things we also need to consider the spiritual effect those relationships have on our lives. When all is said and done and we're standing before God, there's a lot He won't ask about, but He will ask us if we did His will while we had time on earth.

Sampsons, awake! Awake O sleeper, before it's too late! People that truly love you will encourage your relationship with the Lord. They will honor the anointing in your life and will affirm your identity in Christ. Those that don't, and that can be anyone, including family, friendships, mentors, or even those you may esteem or admire as spiritual authority figures in your life, must be viewed with an objectivity that allows a person to understand other motives that may be going on. This is when it becomes crucial to guard yourself from those that may profess they are for you, when they secretly would try to undermine your ability to fulfill all that God has for you. Those kind of relationships will set you on a different course. My friend, not everyone in your life is going to agree with you, or want what you want. Not everyone is going in the same direction spiritually, and some are only in your life for a season but won't go with you for the rest of the journey. You must be able to make some difficult decisions about the relationships in your life. Many will offer their counsel but if it is worldly and based on personal opinions and emotion, there is no stability in that sort of counsel. Not everyone is going to want you to succeed. Not everyone is going to possess honorable intentions, spiritual wisdom or have the mind of God for your life. It is so important to live in such a way that your own relationship with God is not compromised. God deals with each person individually, and no person should usurp the authority or relationship of God with another person. If anyone attempts to do so in order to control or manipulate you, you need to consider that a red flag. You need to be able to discern the Delilah's in your life. Delilah represented a person that professed love yet was actually disloyal. This can come in many forms in relationships, but often the underlying consistency is that of people with a self serving agenda. Delilah represented a person motivated by a desire for selfish gain. No matter what the relationship, actions speak louder than words. The anti-Christ spirit doesn't have to blatantly speak against Christ in order for it to be against the God in you. It will undermine your spiritual authority, attempt to destroy your credibility with others, and it will do all it can to deny the power of God, harness it, and take away your spiritual sight!

The Father loves us enough to keep telling us truth even when we don't want to receive it. His love is from everlasting to everlasting; He will do everything in His power to keep speaking truth because He knows it is the truth that will lead people out of their bondage. When the enemy has a person's faith shackled he feels confident, yet even when Sampson was bound by ropes and shackled to a grinding wheel, his spiritual sight began to come into focus and his strength returned. It was the pain of his compromised loyalties and poor decisions that led to his bondage, and though he was in chains, he began to see clearly for the first time in a long time. The enemy had  poked his eyes out and he was blind in the natural yet this became a most unusual gift in his life that allowed him to regain spiritual understanding. Eventually wearing the yoke of the enemy grows heavy, and people will yearn to be set free from it. The yoke of the enemy produces a wrestling on the inside, where choices must be made and difficult decisions must be faced. Sampson had to take a stand! Spiritual sight will return if the presence of the Holy Spirit is sought by genuine prayers of repentance! Sampson could have blamed Delilah, and maybe he did for a time; it is human nature to look for someone to blame when we are disappointed in ourselves, but eventually he had to choose to rise up and fight for his freedom. In doing so, he also managed to take down the house of the enemy and destroy the thing that was set to destroy the family of God (the Israelites). It's not what others have done to us ; we have to take responsibility for our own life and areas where we have allowed pressures, temptations, and our flesh to lead us into a place of compromise. God isn't looking for our many excuses He is looking for our repentance. The whole thing about Delilah is that her relationship with Sampson, although she was his wife, was based on fraud. Her heart was loyal to her own selfish agenda, not to Sampson or their marriage. She didn't love him, she just professed to love him. Underneath her outward confession of love and concern was a heart that was disloyal. Sampson must have known this for a while but he made light of it - until one day he woke up and realized if he didn't fight back he was about to lose his life. She had sold out to the Philistines and gave Sampson into their hands when she had an opportune time.  Delilah's loyalties were on the enemy's side. When Sampson cried out, realizing how he had been duped by the woman who proclaimed to love him, he asked God for another chance to defeat the enemy and God responded. He filled Sampson up with so much strength that his power was probably greater than at any other time of his life. He pulled the pillars of the Philistine house down and did more at the end of his life than he had ever accomplished prior to losing his strength and his sight.

Many people get into relationships for one reason only to learn later on that those relationships are actually doing more harm than good. If the people in your life have bad fruit, leave you feeling discouraged, emotionally drained or frustrated...if they are needy or have unhealthy attachments of a co-dependent nature...or perhaps they are so selfish that they can't relate in a healthy manner then it's probably time to re-think the value of these relationships and what they are doing to sabotage your future. Friend, don't wait so long to take charge of your life that you lose your life (spiritually) in the process. No relationship is worth a loss of salvation, and one can still be very much alive in the physical sense while the spiritual reality is that they are dead or dying on the inside. Bad relationships corrupt good company. If you surround yourself with those that have bad fruit in their life (unbelief, full of fear, mocking God, slandering or gossiping about others, disloyal to God, etc.), eventually it will rub off and corrupt you in the process. People most often gravitate to others that they find things in common with. Raise the bar. Unhealthy relationships will serve to strip you of your anointing and leave you spiritually weak, vulnerable and prone to further attack by the enemy. Recognize those that the enemy has planted in your life to accomplish his agenda. If relationships continue to drain you of strength, continuously sapping the energy and life right out of you, something isn't right. The enemy subtracts from people's lives in order to wear them down and deplete their spiritual strength. It's a form of thievery and plundering. Friends, you need to evaluate your relationships. If you don't set some healthy boundaries for yourself those things can easily steal from your life. Disentangling yourself from those relationships that drain you emotionally and spiritually is a part of loving yourself and setting healthy limits form how much you should tolerate from others. Respect yourself enough to know when to say "No more." Part of taking care of your own emotional health is to lovingly but firmly set some guidelines on what others are allowed to do - to you! If they can't or won't respect those boundaries, or if the relationship is not adding something valuable and healthy to your life, you need to ask yourself if you should really be holding on to it. Are others holding you back from growing with God? Do others prevent you from being healed emotionally or spiritually? Often times there are soul ties to others that must be renounced so that God can either cut it off or renew the relationship in a healthy way. If you can't bring yourself to do what you know needs to be done, then ask the Lord to do it for you. He will. There are many strong men like Sampson, that are bound. There are many women of strength and grace, yet they are equally bound. Male or female, God wants to unshackle your chains and lead you into freedom, but you're going to have to deal with those Delilahs. No matter how much you may love or care for those individuals, you will have to make a choice whether or not you want more of the same, or to be able to move forward with God and into freedom, emotional health and be able to regain your spiritual strength. Who we join our loyalties to is so very important. God wants us to have covenant relationships that bless our lives, and add something vital and life giving.It is never too late to make new choices, put your loyalties with God and take a stand. In doing so, you may just be setting others free. Sampson did!

God wants to give his children their power back. He is waiting to release their shackles and fill them with fresh strength. He wants to break you free! If there is a truth that you have resisted, then take the time today to talk to God. His love is so great, He will not scold or scream at you. He wants you to know you can always come back to Him! Let Him fill you with a fresh anointing, and lead you out of captivity. Yes, you'll have to deny those Delilah's in your life that want to strip you of strength, keep you in compromise and profess to love you when they really don't have your best interests at heart. Truth will bring people to a point of decision. The Holy Spirit will continue to reach out and show love, hoping, praying, that one day those He is trying to reach will hear and respond to God.


You know and discern heart and motive better than I. You know those relationships in my life that are unhealthy and some set in place by the enemy in order to strip me of all spiritual strength. I ask You to take those relationships out of my hands and do what you know needs to be done with them. If separation is needed, help me not to fight to keep those people you want to remove from my life. I do ask that You bring new healthy relationships with people you draw into my life. Those that will support and encourage my relationship with you. Let all those that bring confusion and bad fruit be separated out of my life. You bring the separation, Lord. I trust You to do what's best. I also pray this prayer for those in my family, in my neighborhood and those in my city. Bring a divine shift in our relationships, and help us to connect in new ways. Lead us in new paths that will take us into Your plans. In Jesus name, amen.

I declare a disentanglement and separation from all relationships that are designed to destroy, hinder, sabotage, and undermine my identity in Christ, and those that have set themselves against the anointing, calling and purposes of God my heavenly Father.

I declare the enemy's plans are ruined as of this day and no weapon formed against me or my family shall prosper, according to Is. 54:17.

I declare I am anointed with fresh oil, as it is written in Psalm 92:10.

I declare a release of renewed spiritual sight and let the strength of the Lord fill me now, for it is written in Ps. 92:11, 'My horn You have exalted like wild ox.'

I declare Your faithfulness and mercy are with me, and in Your name, Lord Jesus, my horn (my strength) is exalted, according to Ps. 89:24.

I declare the enemy's house is pulled down and the captives set free, (Judges 16:30).

Monday, January 21, 2013

Healing Marriages (Prayer Included)

God wants to heal marriages and families.  If there is one thing the enemy will fight hard against, it’s the power of two in agreement. He is after marriages, families and covenant relationships. 

Dear Heavenly Father,

Help us shut the enemy out of our marriage and family. We repent for anger, power struggles, poor communication and dishonoring one another. We repent for any ways that we have rejected or disrespected one another. We chose to forgive each other of the past and we will not bring up old issues. We will not continue to blame each other for things that happened in the past. We repent for any sins of ourselves or others in our family line that led to adultery, jealousy, broken vows, and betrayal of trust or broken commitments. We ask that the sins of the past be broken off of us and forgiven. We ask You, Lord Jesus, to receive us as Your own. We believe You can heal our marriage and make it healthy. Let this be a brand new day.

We renounce fear, unloving spirits, anger, condemnation and criticism. We repent and renounce any ways we have entertained fault finding. Today we ask for grace to modify our behavior, to know when to remain silent, and appropriate ways of addressing issues. We ask for a release of Your love and grace to help bring lasting change. Give us eyes to see the positive things and help us bless those things deserving of praise. Help us to replace bad habits with good ones.

We come together now in a prayer of agreement, asking that you help us recover trust, love, honor and respect. Holy Spirit, forgive us for grieving you and not honoring Your authority over our marriage. We make a covenant with You now, and ask that You speak to us, bless us with wisdom and counsel from above. Help us to remember to honor You and ask You for help. Please protect our marriage from the plots and schemes of the evil one and workers of iniquity. Come and refresh our marriage. You can make all things new. You can resolve issues that on our own strength we cannot. Let the hurt feelings be washed away by the power of Your love. Breathe a fresh wind into us individually, but also into us as a couple, and let your love wash over our children, too. Fill us with Yourself, Holy Spirit. We need You. We cannot revive ourselves. Please, help us come back into divine order in all things and shut the enemy out of our thoughts, our responses, our family and our future. In Jesus name, amen .

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Prayer For Businesses to Prosper

There are some things that God just cannot bless. He won't bless dishonesty, greed, oppression, or lack of integrity. The devil might, but God won't. God also won't bless those things that lead others away from Him and promote occult spirits, witchcraft, rebellion or lawlessness. He does bless those that earnestly seek Him and want to run their business with honesty and integrity, and He will go out of His way to bless those that remember to give back to others generously.

The kingdom of God operates on faith, love and generosity. In order to receive, you have to give. In order to reap, you need to sow. Forgiveness enters into the business realm, too. Sometimes you will need to forgive someone else's debt and show mercy rather than trying to exact every penny from someone that cannot afford to repay you. It can make all the difference between God holding back a blessing and releasing one. Trust me, you will never out give what God can give back! He has infinite ways to bless His people!

Dear Heavenly Father,

I come before you to ask for Your protection and blessing upon my home, family and business. I ask for healing on the land where my home and business are located. If any previous landowners sinned and never asked You for forgiveness, I come to You now to identify with their sins that may be affecting my ability to prosper, specifically if they did something that released a curse upon this particular piece of property. I ask You for mercy and forgiveness for the sins that were committed, and ask that any unbroken curses would be cancelled and cut off, and allow my home, family & business to prosper.

On behalf of myself, anyone in my generational line and including previous land or business owners (and/or business partners), I repent and ask You to forgive the sins of idolatry and rebellion. Forgive, I pray, any ungodly oaths and covenants that were made, including those with secret societies. Forgive me, my family line and all land and business owners that occupied the land where my business resides of unjust, unlawful or unscrupulous business practices. I break all agreements and renounce any covenants or involvement with: lying spirits, occult spirits, Native American rituals and traditions (and any other cultural traditions) that involve the use of idols, witchcraft, voodoo, the practice of hoodoo, root workers, witch doctors, conjuring, the practice of juju, black magic, Wicca, and the use of mediums, familiar spirits, and seducing spirits. Forgive me, my family line, and all previous landowners for any sins involving the abuse of trust, misuse of authority, power or influence.  Forgive any bloodshed or injustice that took place on this land, even in the settling of this nation. In the name of Jesus Christ, I confess these sins and and by the power of His shed blood, I ask for forgiveness and restoration.

Lord, as I have asked forgiveness for these sins, please also show me if I need to forgive someone else that is indebted to me. Help me to trust You in all matters, financial or otherwise, and give me the grace and compassion to forgive the debts of others. Bless those that are indebted to me and help them to have more than enough for their household. I know You command me to practice forgiveness of debts so that my own sins and transgressions can be forgiven. Let there be a release and a cancellation of every curse that has come as a result of these things. Forgive our sin for the things we know and that which is unknown. Let every generational curse be cut off now in Jesus name. Let other reputable businesses in the city of _____ prosper, too. Everything I ask for for my own business, I ask You to do for others, too. Let all demonic attachments be severed from myself, my family line and that which concerns my property and business. I command all ungodly altars to be silent and all ungodly oaths, covenants and attachments to be severed both in the earthly and heavenly realm. Now Father, as I have made these renouncements and declarations, I resist the enemy and command all unclean and evil spirits off my land and away from my family. I command all works of evil to cease immediately, and everything that has been sent towards me in order to carry out a curse must be turned back to where it came from. I bind the spirit of death and hell and declare they will no longer advance against me, my household and business. I command all that devourers to be sent back to hell in Jesus name. I ask You Father to set a hedge of protection around me, my family and this business. Father, You gave me a promise even as You gave it to Your servant Joshua many years ago. You said everywhere I put my foot has already been given to me and so I claim that victory and right of inheritance for me and my family line and for the kingdom of God. Let Your kingdom advance. Let Your kingdom come and Your will be done in my home, my life, my family and in this business. I ask You to release all the blessings that have been held back, even for generations. Let this business prosper, in Jesus name. I ask for divine wisdom, witty innovations, creative solutions and ideas that are anointed for breakthrough. Tell me the things I need to change in order to receive your blessing, and the blessing of being anointed for business as well. Holy Spirit, I invite You to be my business partner and show me how to excel. Help me to prosper in every area of my life. Let customers be drawn supernaturally by Your Holy Spirit to come into my business. Help me, Holy Spirit, to run my business with integrity, righteousness and generosity towards others so that the blessings continue to pour in. Help me to give back to others so that I set up a continuous cycle of blessings coming in and going out. I am blessed to be a blessing!  I speak blessing, increase, and favor over my family and business, and all those who enter these premises. I ask for Divine Connections and sensitivity to Your Spirit. Let me be an agent of healing, grace, love and encouragement to all who grace this place with their presence, and give me opportunities to share how You have blessed my business. In Jesus name, amen.

 Please share this prayer so that others can prosper too. When businesses prosper, it doesn't just help a few individuals; it helps the economy. The government is not our answer. There is no stability in an unstable, divided government. Prayer is the answer. With God, all things are possible.