Monday, October 31, 2016

A Word from the Lord About Restoration

At 4:30 yesterday morning I heard the whisper of the Lord in my spirit. "The blessings and breakthrough that you've been contending for are about to rise up and come meet you with a kiss!" Many of you have felt tired and dismayed at the length of the battle and how much was required of you to simply hold on to your faith in what has appeared as situations that just would not turn around. Oh, BUT GOD! He is Lord of the turnaround! What many of you have not understood in the midst of the waiting is that your breakthrough and the recovery of personal blessings, even children coming back to the Lord, and many of your prayers have been tied into the timing of world events.

The enemy that has gloated and felt so secure is now in a panic. He is losing control and the prayers of My people have shaken his house. "Did I not say that a house divided cannot stand? Did I not say that when you bind the strongman then you can take away his goods? Now you will see that those places where the enemy has felt smug and invincible, thinking that everything was safe in his hand, still belong to Me."

Many of the people that have been trapped in the enemy's hand have been under the control and influence of principalities and powers that are now weakening. Power structures on a world scale are crumbling and shifting, and captives are being set free. Welcome them home! This is the time to regain fresh strength in prayer. Stand strong in the Lord your God! Sing a new song in the midst of your pain and let worship be your warfare! The time of restoration is at hand!