Friday, March 22, 2013

Confessions Of A Not-So-Perfect Mother

Do you ever feel like this mom? I thought the picture was great! I've got to admit, sometimes I feel this is how I sound to my kids. I hate it, then wonder, why on earth can't I get it together as a mom? The truth about how we feel about ourselves and how we're actually doing can be worlds apart. But I want you to know I have a lot of empathy for moms and dads that feel overwhelmed. I had actually posted this article quite some time ago, and recently I deleted it off of my previous posts. I don’t know why I did that, because I re-read it and think it has a lot of good points. I’m re-posting it again.

There are some things I think people take for granted. There are certain things that we never stop to think about and just take for granted that they should come naturally, like breathing. Take parenting, for instance.

Many men and women become parents every day. Some by choice and others by chance, but does anyone ever stop to think, “Can I really do this?” “Will I be any good at it?” Why do some people come by something naturally that others do not?

In writing this article, I had to ask myself, “Will I allow myself to be vulnerable before others…can I admit to a truth I don’t want to share, in order for God to use that weakness for His benefit? It’s a question we all have to ask from time to time. Will we allow others to see into our lives - the real us - so that our transparency can help them right where they may be struggling? I had to come to grips with that uneasiness when I decided to take my struggle to an altar call and ask for prayer. You know, we need to be able to ask for prayer and be clear about what we need. I hesitated at first out of fear of what others might think. I didn’t want to admit I’m not always I want to be. It can be a bit intimidating to confess to someone else that you feel like a failure at times. Especially when mothering is supposed to just come naturally to women, right? But for some, it doesn’t.

People have a variety of struggles and issues in life and not everyone gets the optimum home life as children. The internal dynamics of family relationships and how people relate to one another has a lot to do with whether or not some people are just naturally nurturing, compassionate, well adjusted, loving people. There were more than a few things wrong with my early home life that I have taken great steps to overcome for quite some time. People can learn to be different, and yes, better than what they once were; but learning to be someone different and what comes naturally from the heart are not the same. For me, and maybe for someone else reading this article, there are many things that seem awkward and more stressful than they need to be. This has been one area of my deepest pain and longing, to be different towards my children and not always feel like I’m struggling to be a calm and relaxed parent.  

I love my kids dearly, but some things just don‘t come naturally.  I wish they did. I know of some world class moms and I’ve always yearned to be like them, but what comes naturally to some people just doesn’t come as easily to others. I admit I don’t have the patience I would like to have, and I often feel like I’m struggling to make motherhood work. I have a tendency to be a “Martha,“ and get fussy and frustrated when things aren’t perfect. Everyone else is affected by a performance driven person, and that makes for a lot of crazy. I hate to admit it, but somehow it feels like I got overlooked when it came to inheriting that sweet mommy gene. It doesn’t help that I have two daughters very different in age and yet they both seem to have that “gift” already in them while I often feel a lot like Diane Keaton in the movie, Babyboom. What happened there? How did they get “the gift” and I feel like I got passed over? Some things just feel strained, but I‘m learning it‘s more about me than about their behavior. Home school has been a stretch on my patience like you wouldn’t believe, but I recognize it as one of the tools that God has used to change my heart and help me become the person He wants me to be. He’s used it to break me, remold me and create a dependence on Him for grace. Oh, how thankful I am for His grace! But there was a lot of anxiety, frustration and sleepless nights before I was able to start walking in that grace because He was bringing me to an end of myself. I had to be willing to yield, not just look for ways how to avoid the thing I didn’t feel so overjoyed about doing. The breakthrough finally came one day when I told the Lord that either He needed to give me the grace to do it or let me off the hook. I really thought I was not called to do it and He would agree with me! I was so convinced I was not supposed to be home schooling! Well, I don't have to tell you what happened, do I? He didn’t let me off the hook! But He did give me His grace to have a change of heart and decide that I wanted to keep trying, and that made all the difference in the world.

Becoming a better mom is one of the things I have prayed for often. What I didn’t stop to think about is the way that God always picks a day to show up out of the blue and answer our prayers. He shows us things about ourselves in order for us to see the truth and accept it for what it is, which is the first step. The wonderful thing about Him is that He never condemns or makes us feel bad about ourselves, and He doesn’t stop with just identifying the problem; He wants us to be healed.

Jesus had  an encounter with the Samaritan woman at the well. This story is about the Jesus that knows our name, and knows us so intimately that He stops what He is doing to encounter a woman with an issue. She needed to be known - and loved. Many people do things every day because deep inside them they are longing to be known, longing to be heard, seen…loved and accepted. They might not know how to verbalize it, so instead they fall into behaviors that try to satisfy that internal longing. I know most people don’t even realize they’re doing it when they try to satisfy their longings through illegitimate means. We all have them. We do things for so long until it’s a part of us that feels normal when in fact it really is a sign of our need for internal healing. Many of these things we do so long that the behaviors become addictions, and then we cannot deliver ourselves. We need help getting free and healed. It doesn’t have to be drugs, alcohol or gambling to be an addiction. Busyness or activities that come from being in internal overdrive; seeking the approval or attention of others, trying to fulfill a sense of purpose outside of Christ and the many things we all do will never be a substitute for relationship. Even trying to attain what seems like good goals will never be a substitute for relationship with God. It still leaves a person empty, dry and unfulfilled. The woman at the well was one of those people. She tried unsuccessfully to fulfill a need to be known, accepted and loved through relationships, but still looking for love in all the wrong places. Five husbands later and still no fulfillment of her greatest need...until Jesus showed up. He didn’t condemn her for her current status, but He let her know He knew her. He offered her a drink from a well so deep she would never thirst again. She wouldn’t have to live unfulfilled and continuously longing to have her deepest need for relationship met. Once the drink was offered, it was up to her if she wanted to accept it.

This is how He meets every one of us, and when we least expect it, I might add. You may encounter the Lord through a message at church, or it may be somewhere else. He is in your midst already. He identifies our weaknesses and source of pain and longing, then waits for your response. You see, it’s not just the message that heals. Often times it requires a response of humility and faith to ask for our healing, and to go submit ourselves to someone else for prayer. Friend, when was the last time you asked God to heal you? When was the last time you were really afraid to be transparent with God and someone else and admit your need? Because the thing you’re afraid you can’t admit to anyone else is the thing the Lord wants to heal. If we’re too proud to be transparent, fearing what others will think of us, we hold on to our own faults and shortcomings and hinder our ability to be healed, for God resists the proud. When God touched this area of my life, I had to stomp on my pride and submit myself to be prayed for by someone I didn’t know. That was my crossroads. But what I encountered was a God encounter. The woman who prayed for me was an older woman with grown children. She didn’t give advice. She didn’t counsel. She didn’t condemn, and she didn’t look shocked that I confessed my weakness in of all things, motherhood. Her prayer was for a mother’s heart to be imparted. She also reminded me that things don’t have to be perfect. Ahh…that darn Martha spirit! She hit the nail right on the head with that one. I hate admitting my weakness, but my weakness in one area doesn’t mean that I am any less of an anointed woman of God. The power of Christ in me still makes demons tremble. I know who I am in Christ, but I’m still learning about my strengths and weaknesses every day. My lack of “perfection” doesn’t make the Lord turn away from me. It doesn’t even hinder me from impacting others with the reality of the Kingdom of God right where I am. So, don’t let it hinder you, either. People of this world need the Christ in you. I also know that many parents, whether they are moms or dads, sisters, brothers, grandparents, aunts or uncles raising other family members,  struggle with feelings of inadequacy in this area. They struggle because they didn’t have the role models they needed or something vital in their upbringing was missing. They struggle because broken people parented them and they brought that brokenness into their own family. They struggle because maybe there wasn’t the bonding that needed to take place to make things come more naturally. Or maybe it’s not a child that you gave birth to, and try as you might, you can’t change the fact that something is still missing in your relationship. There could be a lot of reasons. I want you to know you don’t have to carry that burden. You don’t have to struggle. I believe it’s a God-given gift to have good parenting come naturally, and when it doesn’t, it’s because the enemy came to steal something vital from you and your loved ones. You need to be honest with yourself but you owe it to your family, too. They need you to be honest about where you’re weak, and let God heal that area and turn it into a great strength. But it won’t come from an illegitimate source. Like the Samaritan woman, or the woman with the issue of blood, or Zacchaeus, the blind man that received his sight, or the many other people that Jesus touched; it can only come from a personal encounter. We need to let go of our preconceived ideas about what that encounter looks like or we might tend to overlook it altogether, but He works through human vessels. He puts the right message in front of you that speaks to your heart.  He tells you things about yourself that you’d rather not admit, but never to bring condemnation. Friend, one of the most powerful prayers you can pray is simply to tell the Lord that you give Him permission to change your heart. Tell Him that you are willing to yield your heart to His, in any given situation. Ask Him to touch you in the areas where you need more of Him. He also gives you the desire to be made whole. And when He gives you the desire, you know the fulfillment of that prayer is right around the corner. He longs to touch you and fill your heart with more of Him, He's just waiting for you to ask.

Lord Jesus,

Thank you for speaking to me today. Thank you for an encounter with You that will speak to my deepest need, my deepest weakness, and allow it to be healed. Heal me and  set me free from the limitations I’ve put on myself. Set me and my family members free from the limitations we have put on ourselves and those others have put on us. Break things off of me and my family that we’ve been holding on to and carrying around for many years. Heal our identity and relationship with You so that we can receive fulfillment from a legitimate source. Give us each a revelation of our Father’s love that will cast out all fear. Release the spirit of Sonship into our hearts that will satisfy the deep longing to be known, heard and validated. Fill us with more of You, Lord. Let those things that should come naturally and instinctively begin to manifest. I yield to You, Lord Jesus. You can have my heart. Give me Your heart for loving and parenting. Let the bonding and relationship with my family and others be healed, and increase exponentially. And as I parent, I ask you to help me to remain calm, clear and use a gentle voice. Give me Your ability to be self controlled so that I can model the behavior I desire in my family. Holy Spirit, show me how to be a good parent, to inspire obedience and right responses. Help me to lead my family with grace. In Jesus name, Amen.

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Declaring Defeat Over the Spirit of Pythos

There is a prevailing demonic principality over our nation that must be dealt with if we are to experience breakthrough and revival. This spirit is the gatekeeper to many cities, and defeating it is the key to others being able to break through spiritually. Defeating it is one of the keys to reaching more people for the harvest and the increase of God's kingdom manifesting in the earthly realm. It is important that those in the body of Christ understand and recognize how this spirit works so that together, we can join forces to take down this principality. There are important keys in this article to help each of us overcome! The spirit I am referring to is known as the spirit of Pythos, or “python.” Python or pythos, from which is originates, is known by certain characteristics. Some of them are:
  • Overwhelming tiredness, loss of desire to fulfill destiny and loss of vision.
  • It operates in pride, stubborness, heaviness, depression and bitterness. (Acts 8:23)
  • Will counterfeit real prophecy with divination, which is from a demonic origin and a form of sorcery (witchcraft). (Acts 13:6, 16:16). Divination defiles and often ends up causing bitterness and rebellion towards the Lord because false prophetic words often end in disillusionment and discouragement. Pythos, or divination utilizes prophecy for profit, or the prostitution of spiritual gifts for selfish gain, (Acts 16:19).
  • Is manipulative and deceptive. Uses flattery to gain trust and promote pride. (Acts 16:17)
  • Squeezes the life out of individuals, churches, and those under it’s influence. (The nature of the python is to constrict).
  • Is attracted to the flesh. (Serpents "lick the dust" which speaks of our fleshly nature. They use their tongue to sense their prey. The more of our flesh they can sense is how it is attracted to individuals.)
  • Despises worship and can result in  “brass heavens” or an inability to break through in worship.
  • Causes heart and breathing problems, back problems and other health issues, sometimes even death. Brings a spirit of infirmity with it.
  • Works together with the spirit of witchcraft, or Jezebel, which lusts after power and control. A spirit of lust (a consuming desire for power, sex, money, fame, recognition, etc. often accompanies the python and witchcraft spirit). Withstands breakthrough. (Acts 13:8)
  • Perverts the straight ways of the Lord. Influences people to believe what is right is wrong, and what is wrong is acceptable and even approved. (Acts 13:8-10)
  • Promotes bitterness, rejection and encourages separation from others rather than seeking healthy, like minded spiritual relationships. Projects doom and unbelief on the future, stripping people of faith. Those under its influence often retreat from fellowship and isolate themselves from others in order to preserve themselves from further hurt or relational disappointments.
  • Lies to those under it’s influence to destroy faith in God, and accuses God to the believer.
  • Does everything in it’s power to wear out the believer until all their strength is gone. The nature of a constrictor is to slowly suffocate and squeeze the life out of it's victim.

The spirit of Pythos, from which we get the word “python” takes on the characteristics of the serpent and tries to squeeze the very life and breath out of the believer, the family of God and tries to destroy the prophetic voice. It hates worship, hates the prophetic gifts (which can see through it’s deceptive ways and identify this spirit), and it hates apostolic authority. It has no problem with titles, name plates or self appointed labels, but it is terribly fearful of genuine authority in Christ. It will attempt to destroy, defame and defile God’s appointed authority because it knows that it has the power to destroy it’s ungodly yoke of oppression and shed light on it’s deceptive ways.

Because this spirit operates in pride, arrogance, bitterness and hatred towards the Spirit of Christ, it is very warlike. KEYS TO BREAKTHROUGH: To defeat pride, you must operate in humility. To defeat hatred, fear, anger, and grief, you must operate in love. Never engage in warfare by the same tactics or by the same spirit as the enemy. 

That is our responsibility in the natural. But as men and women of the Spirit, we engage in combat with the enemy by declarations and decrees which act like stealth bombers releasing bombs over enemy territory. Decrees are actually enforcement of God’s laws, utilizing His word, which declare a higher spiritual law above that of the earthly realm. Demonic principalities operate in the earthly realm and the 2nd heaven (the airwaves where Satan has limited influence) and when we release decrees (speaking the prophetic word, enforcing what God has already spoken through His word), these things give us victory over all the power of the enemy. Air strikes are preparation for what comes next. How many of you know that in war, both air strikes and ground troops are needed in order to advance against the enemy and secure the victory? That is why it is so important for the apostolic and prophetic to work together. Prophetic declarations affirm what God is saying and establish His will, and they also shed light on people's prophetic destinies, while the apostolic releases strategies to the ground troops. Those with apostolic authority often deal with power encounters with the enemy, establish sound teaching and order in the body of Christ, and help mobilize the body of Christ.

Decree an End to the Spirit of Pythos

I declare an end to the Pythos spirit today, in Jesus name, over this geographic region, (the city where I live), over the state of California and over our nation.

I declare Jesus Christ is the stronghold of our family, our city, the people in this geographic region and over our nation.

Let there be revelation of this counterfeit spirit wherever the spirit of python is at work. Let people have discernment to recognize this spirit. Come out of (_________) in Jesus name. (Acts 16:18)

Let the influence and voice of divination be silenced. Let the power of witchcraft and the spirit of infirmity be broken now, in Jesus name!

Where there has been constriction, I speak enlargement: over my family members, over this geographic region, and this nation, according to Genesis 28:14 in Jesus name.

Let the wind of the Holy Spirit breathe new life into those that are weary. Let the wind of the Holy Spirit release resurrection power into those that are empty, dry, and without strength. I prophesy to the breath according to Ezekiel 37:9 and say, ‘Thus says the Lord God: “Come from the four winds, O breath, and breath on these slain, that they may live.’” I prophesy to the whole house of Israel as I say, “Thus says the Lord God: “Behold, O My people, I will open your graves and cause you to come up from your graves; and bring you into the land of Israel. Then you shall know that I am the Lord, when I have opened your graves, O My people, and brought you up from your graves. I will put My Spirit in you and you shall live, and I will place you in your own land. Then you shall know that I am the Lord, have spoken it, and performed it,” says the Lord. (Ezek. 37:12-14.)

Thus says the Lord to His anointed (insert your name) : "I will go before you to make the crooked places straight. I will break in pieces the gates of bronze and cut the bars of iron. I will give you the treasures of darkness and hidden riches of secret places, that you may know that I, the Lord, who call you by your name, am the God of Israel and (insert your name)." (Is. 45:2,3) Lord we agree, that what you did for your anointed servant Cyrus to subdue nations and go before him to loose the armor of kings; to open before him the double doors so that the gates would not be shut, you have done for us. We thank You for breaking through the barriers and leading us beyond the outer gates and through the doors you have for us. In Jesus name, amen.

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Sunday, March 17, 2013

Bless - and God Will Take Care of the Rest!

Friend, do you sense God holding back from you? Do you feel as if blessings are hindered from coming to you? Then let me ask you, how is your confession?  Angels and the Lord are always listening to what we speak. Careless words are one significant reason why people struggle. We may speak something and immediately forget about it, but none of our words are inconsequential. None.

Words are not just words; they carry the power to create in the spirit realm. Words have great power to either release a blessing or a curse. If we are not careful, our mouths have great power to hinder blessings that God wants us to have from actually coming into our hands. Many people have heard of the necessity of speaking life into God’s promises and contending for them until they come to pass. We can believe for good health, financial increase and restoration, family members to come to salvation and many others things, but sometimes there is an area people neglect to consider, and it’s that specific area I want to bring to your attention.

The words we speak about others carries a great responsibility, especially the words we speak regarding other Christians. If we do not harness our tongue, we can put ourselves out of alignment with God and actually hinder Him from being able to release blessing into our lives. "How can we hinder God?" you might ask. Because He is a good Father and teacher. He takes great care to teach us important life lessons because He wants us to not just learn from them, but be permanently changed in our nature so that we begin to look more like him. We must align ourselves with faith in order to move His hand and unlock the blessings, and obedience is a large part of demonstrating faith. In Genesis 12:3 God made a covenant with Abram in which the Lord God said, “I will bless those that bless you, and I will curse those that curse you...” God’s covenant with every Christian is the same as what He offered Abram, and when we speak negative words about others, especially words that have the power to injure a person’s relationships, reputation, livelihood or future success, it is the same as cursing them. When you curse people with negative words, it is creating with the satanic power of witchcraft attached to your words, and God cannot and will not bless it. Speaking ill of others is a direct violation of who we are in Christ. It denies the law of love by which all are judged, and as God’s children, we should know better. James chapter 3 tells us that the tongue is like a fire that holds a world of iniquity in it and is so set among our members that it has the power to defile the whole body; it is set on fire by hell itself. Vs. 9 says “With it we bless our God and Father, and with it we curse men, who have been made in the similitude of God. Vs. 10: “Out of the same mouth proceed blessing and cursing. My brethren these things ought not to be so.” This is a stern warning about the damage that can be released with the power of the tongue! The contradictory speech of speaking blessing and then cursing can only ever produce bad fruit and negative results. Because we judge others, the fruit of judgement, not blessing, is released into our own lives. (See Matt. 7:1) Psalm 109:17 tells us, “As he loved cursing, so let it come to him; as he did not delight in blessing, so let it be far from him.” You can read the next several verses yourself to see that when people misuse their speech and allow their tongue to curse others through gossip, evil speaking and slander, the ripple effects of those actions goes far beyond what they might perceive at the moment they act careless with their words. They actually release a curse upon themselves that can affect every aspect of their lives. Remember God’s promise to Abram. Those that bless His servant would be blessed; those that cursed him would receive the curse. God has never retracted His promise neither has He nullified His covenant. There are many warnings throughout scripture to advise us to be careful about the words we speak. It is not a light thing in the eyes of the Lord to speak ill of others.

I have had many people speak negative things about me and my family over the years, and admittedly it is not always pleasant to our emotions to have to deal with people that rejoice in wishing you misfortune. I have also had people deliberately accuse, slander and try to influence others to think negatively about us, but if we listen to the Holy Spirit, He will always counsel us to bless and not curse.Friend, what voice are you listening to? Who do you allow to influence you? Separate yourself from a gossip, and depart from those that love to whisper about others or you can find yourself in a snare. Don't allow foolish, immature people to entice you to partake of their own rotten fruit. Bad company corrupts good morals. In Luke 6:26 Jesus gave us words of wisdom when He said, “But I say to you who hear: Love your enemies, do good to those who hate you, bless those who curse you and pray for those who spitefully use you.” A little later in the chapter He continued to advise us “not to judge.”

Friends, the words you speak are important. If anyone is guilty of gossip, slander and speaking curse words over others  - especially if they have spoken against another one of God’s children - you need to know that God holds you accountable for what you speak. One cannot sweep everything under the rug with a broad broom of grace and think that there is no responsibility towards what we speak. Words hang in the spirit over others and have the power to release the power of witchcraft or blessing. Now, if you speak well of others you have nothing to worry about. But if you speak things that are not right, those words will boomerang back into your own life with a curse attached to them. God is a shield around those that trust Him. It’s a part of His covenant. (See Genesis 15: 1) So, do you know what a shield does? It deflects the fiery darts, arrows laced with poison and shields us from the onslaught of enemy fire. But if we are not acting in faith, and speaking right things is a part of acting in faith, then that shield is lowered and the person finds themselves vulnerable to taking a hit. Friend, if that is you today and the Holy Spirit has convicted you of speaking the wrong things about someone, then take the opportunity to correct the situation. If you don’t you may find yourself at odds with God and His blessings withheld until you repent. You don’t have to struggle if you will take the road of humility, but pride can keep a person from receiving what is actually theirs. Don’t let pride be your stumbling block. God resists the proud but gives grace to the humble.Talk to God and ask His forgiveness, then do what Jesus told you to do: BLESS the one you spoke against. Pray your best prayer of blessing over them and their household. Bless their family, their future, their health, their business, and anything else you can think of. Ask God to do for them what you would want Him to do for you. Reverse the curse and take it off of yourself at the same time. God promises to show His salvation to those that order their conversation aright.

Your words have the power to bless or to curse. Now, in light of what you’ve read here today, isn’t it wisdom to bless? I have blessed people when they didn’t deserve it, and not just with my prayers. It brought hot coals of conviction on their head and released my heart with joy. Blessing releases joy and freedom, regardless of how others treat you! When others have come against us, I ask God to bless them, heal their heart, bless their family, bless their household, and I tell you, it works. When we bless, God will take care of the rest. He moves mountains. He changes hearts. He removes those with an agenda to hinder what God wants to do. He will take people out of the way if that’s what is needed, and you don’t have to do anything to make it happen. I've seen it happen. You don't have to worry about a thing. Regardless of how you may feel personally about someone, you can still choose to do the right thing. Maturity and wisdom advise us to choose obedience. Just follow God’s word and bless those that curse you. Pray for those that spitefully use you and persecute you. Then trust God to take care of everything else. He is your shield and exceedingly great reward!!

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Kingdom Minded

God wants to give us a key to unlock our future. It's called a kingdom mindset. Until we come into agreement with God's plans, His vision, and His timing, we remain stuck. It's not so much as "oops, we missed it," as the fact that sometimes God waits until we can see and agree with what is in His heart. Isaiah 30:18 says, "Therefore the Lord will wait, that He may be gracious to you, and therefore He will be exalted." God wants so much to demonstrate His grace and mercy towards us that even though it is hard on us, He will wait until we get into the right flow of His grace and anointing so that His desire can come forth. And rest assured, He knew a long time ago exactly where you would be at this moment. He knew and anticipated your struggles and He knew exactly what you need to hear to move you from where you've been to where you need to go! He knows exactly what word in due season you need to hear so you can make that shift with Him and not miss what He intends to do!

 Today is a day for a divine shift - out of an old mindset - and into a new one. When one seasons close and a new one begins, you must prepare yourself mentally so that you don’t get set up for missing your moment. The devil will do all he can to cause you to look at circumstances and misinterpret what is going on spiritually. This is how he can bring you into agreement with the wrong things and cause you to miss the divine timing of the Lord.

The enemy attempts to change times and seasons. Only God is in control of them, but the enemy will try to get us into agreement with the wrong things so that by our very confession we agree with unbelief rather than faith. When one season closes a person may not necessarily be quick to pick up on it, and so, what may happen is that they begin to feel very bored, restless and frustrated. These are little signals that God is preparing us for something new. Things that worked in the past season or seasons will not work very effectively (or maybe not at all) in the new season. It’s because God is getting his people ready to make a shift into something different, but because people may not yet have the knowledge of the new thing He is putting together, they may begin to focus more on their feelings and speak negative words about their circumstances rather than ask for spiritual discernment and speak words of faith about things the Lord has prepared for them.

Friends, it is crucial at this time not to get overly focused on yourself. How often God wants to give us vision and revelation but there are times when He withholds it from us because He cannot tell us His plans with our current mindset. He does not want our negativity to destroy or hinder the power of the Holy Spirit. When we are conditioned to see through a filter of unbelief, our very words could stop the processes of God - not just in our life but in the lives of others that would be affected as well! The enemy will attempt to bring your thoughts down to an earthly level because that is where he works. He works in the flesh. James 3:16,17 warns us not to look to the earthly realm for wisdom, guidance or counsel for it is within this earthly realm that is filled with misinformation. It’s the realm where the demonic has influence, suggestions and will attempt to mislead you by the senses and desires connected to our flesh. The enemy will try to convince you that nothing is happening and you have nothing to look forward to, it's just the same old same old happening all over again. That is a lie! God is always working to put the pieces together, you just can't see it. The truth is, you need to be able to come up higher and redirect your attention on the Lord in order to gain the counsel from above. We look to the wisdom, guidance and counsel from Holy Spirit because it is pure, peaceable, and full of the good fruit of the Spirit. You can always tell the difference between what is earthly and demonic and what is pure and from the Holy Spirit. What is from the enemy or the earthly, natural realm will produce a mixture of feelings and unbelief. What is pure and from a holy source will produce joy and the witness of the Holy Spirit upon the revelation that comes from God. It will inspire your faith to come up higher. When our faith level is sufficient for what God wants to do and He knows our confession will not destroy His intentions, then we are ready to receive the revelation that has been withheld. How often we are tested when we do not understand that He has been preparing us all along!

Keep in mind that the word, the promise or the hope for your future (and this may shock you) - is NOT ABOUT YOU! It was never about you, it’s about God’s plans and His kingdom being manifest in the earth. You are not at the center of His plan. The kingdom is at the center of His plan. You are merely a component, a piece of the puzzle to make up a much bigger picture of what He plans to accomplish here on earth. In a new season, you must transition your mindset and your mouth to agree with God. It means being open minded to new methods, a new word, a new direction and new connections. You need a fresh revelation and the inspired word of God to take you there. What is from the former season is now irrelevant. Your mind and mouth must be positioned to speak life and speak faith into the new thing God is about to do!

You may not get a “thus says the Lord” type of word. It may come like a bright idea in the midst of a storm. It may come as the most oddball thought or word from the Lord - something that may even have no apparent connection to what you were asking Him about. We have had many of those moments, but if you will act in faith and obedience to what is from the Lord (that being the key), then know that it has the ability to unlock the future. Your faith and obedience are keys to opening up new doors of opportunity and most often, it also sets off a domino effect that you could not possibly understand now because God often doesn’t show us in advance. It’s time for a shift into a kingdom mindset that unlocks your tomorrows and brings them into TODAY. It’s time. Your miracle and your breakthrough are on the way!


Today I declare that every negative word I have spoken about my circumstances is made null and void. I declare the power of negative words of unbelief lose all power now to hinder my future. I ask You, Holy Spirit, to forgive my unbelief and any ways I have misspoken about the things you want to do. Anoint my eyes to see correctly in the Spirit. Give me another chance to get it right and speak the right words, to come into agreement with what You and the Father have spoken and agreed upon in heaven. Redirect my thoughts and align my words to speak faith and give life to what You have decreed. Please open a window of heaven and let me enter into the divine timing of the Lord. Prompt me to speak, move and obey what ever instructions You tell me to do. I ask You for wisdom, discernment and Your word of direction now. Send a person or a situation to push me into my moment, but do not let anything cause me to miss the next opportunity to partner with You in kingdom plans and purposes. In Jesus name, Amen.

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

The Fatherhood of God

I will never forget the day when God visited me suddenly and unexpectedly to give me a revelation of His Fatherhood. It changed a lifetime of hurts, religious misconceptions and lies the enemy had introduced into my belief system and caused me to repent for years and years worth of believing the wrong things about Him. I believe this understanding of the Fatherhood of God is a key factor to initiating the salvation of many, the end of the religious spirit and vital to this next move of God. I have been a Christian for many years and gone through some great trials, had many great victories and testimonies of how the Lord has moved in my life - and, I had prayed for this particular revelation many times. Yet for whatever reason in the heart and mind of God, the answer to my prayer to have deep revelation of the Father/child relationship eluded me until the Holy Spirit showed up with personal revelation. How many of you realize that we don't get to pick and choose how we experience God? He chooses the timing and the way He releases the moment. It is different for everyone. I believe at least part of the reason I had to wait so long is because of the many, many people that are in this 'fatherless generation' and need to be set free from religion, set free from deep childhood disappointments, and receive deep healing for their souls. I have known Him in many other aspects but I do believe that understanding the FATHERHOOD of GOD is key to this particular time in the kingdom.  This incredible moment was the experiential reality of Galatians 4:6 being poured out into my heart in a way that I have never known before.

There are many things we know and understand intellectually and by hearing them over and over are absorbed as truth, yet without a personal emotional experience that connects us to the heart of our Father. It is this defining moment with the heart of God that has the potential to change us forever, and with it, the unraveling of every lie that has affected our belief system. I cannot fully explain my own recent experience with God  -  except to say that nothing I have experienced impacted my perception of God’s Fatherhood as powerfully as it did when He suddenly showed up and birthed a cry of “Abba, Father in to my heart, and the wonderful realization that I have a DAD who loves me and will do anything for me!”The truth is, I always had a Father who loved me, I just couldn't see it because the enemy was messing with my thoughts and emotions. I always had a Dad who wanted a relationship with me, but different aspects of my brokenness from my childhood prevented me from being able to relate to Him in a more meaningful way. I knew God was my heavenly father, but intimacy was lacking. The enemy still had seeds of mistrust that were buried so deep I didn't know how to get them out, and he used those seeds of lies to bring me back under condemnation, guilt and legalism whenever it seemed convenient to him. Those lies also told me I was alone, orphaned, and uncared for.

 Then, in one moment, my heart has been changed forever. But the most powerful thing about this defining moment in my relationship with "Dad" is that this revelation suddenly shattered lies that had been intricately woven by the enemy since very young childhood. The enemy lost his grip that day. All the seeds of lies that were continuing to operate in my belief system, trying to convince me that I had to work to please God, self effort that tried to pull me back under the law, seeds of mistrust, frustration, and so many other things that warped my understanding of Father God and His Word - began to unravel. Because every lie was an accusation against His character. Every lie was tied to feelings of rejection in one way or another. My own father was mentally ill as long as I can remember. He fathered me, but he was never a dad. He was absent mentally, emotionally and physically most of my life because of his condition. One simply cannot have a healthy, emotionally fulfilling relationship with someone that is not mentally healthy and stable. When it came to being saved and trying to relate to a heavenly Father, it was completely foreign to me. Sure, I can understand the many other aspects of the Lord such as Healer, Deliverer, Savior, King, Provider, and many other dimensions of His nature and character - the I was still missing a very vital component to the heart of God.

 There are many other people in the same boat. Many people that for one reason or another, need this powerful revelation in order to feel truly whole. God wants to radically change our perception of Him so that we receive the deep healing that will transform our belief system and change who we are.  I continue to pray that those that have felt abandoned, misunderstood, rejected, unwanted and orphaned would have the same experience I have. That the Spirit of Sonship would be poured out into your hearts, thereby settling, establishing and reaffirming the faith and confidence you have towards your Heavenly Father. This is the perfect love that casts out all fear and makes us bold in our prayers!

 It truly is the Spirit of Elijah that carries with it the ability to turn the hearts of the children to the Father, and the fathers to their children. God gave me a personal point of reference to be able to connect with His heart. It all started with a word study related to a portion of scripture in Micah chapter 7. In verse 19, the word compassion is used. It is the Hebrew word 'racham' which means to love from the womb. It depicts the tender love of a mother for her own helpless child and it speaks of the depth of compassion associated with this expression of love. Now, this is where the revelation flooded my heart. I could not relate so much to the whole father relationship because mine was lacking, but I could related to how a mother deeply loves a baby in her womb because I'm a mother. Over and over, waves of God's love poured out as He healed the deep issues of my past. Broken areas of my emotions, my heart and understanding were restored and made whole. I was filled with joy, relief, gratitude and I cried rivers of tears. Holy Spirit poured in the revelation of sonship and so much more that day and the moment He did, the struggles from my past, the lies, the religious misconceptions and even the understanding of how prosperity and formula preaching had defiled my heart. All those things had only added to the misunderstanding I had of God in my belief system yet never knew was there.

Some people have absent parents for what ever reason, or those relationships have been broken or estranged. Those things affect us deeply and can produce feelings of abandonment. But the other reality is that religion also produces a sense of being orphans and being fatherless because it substitutes rules, traditions of men and legalism for genuine relationship. It keeps people's hearts from truly connecting with their Father. This may be a blind spot in people, but again, I encourage you to search your own heart and ask Yourself if your relationship with God is one of intimacy, trust, faith, and confidence towards Him as your Father. Do you feel secure in His love, or do you fight feelings of inferiority, fear, insecurity and condemnation? Are you working for your salvation, or are you resting in His complete grace and what the blood of Jesus has made available to you? It is He that justifies. It is He that sanctifies. Jesus did it all. We can add nothing to the gospel or take nothing away; otherwise it becomes perverted with a mixture of man's beliefs and traditions, diluted of power and impure.

My friends, many people have ambition. Many people desire to do good things for God. Many seek the praise of men or have a need to be recognized because inwardly they seek the fulfillment of something that gives them LIFE. But "things" cannot give us life. Only Jesus can give us life. It must come directly from the life-giver. He must have our hearts before we can do the greater things of the kingdom. We can try to do a lot of "things" but if we fail at loving God and loving others we have ultimately failed the greatest commandment Jesus ever gave us: to love God with all our heart and love our neighbor as ourselves. That is the gospel in a nutshell. We are judged by how well we love. None of us will never be able to love others unconditionally and purely without this revelation of the Fatherhood of God. We will never be able to free ourselves from fear or insecurity in our relationship with God and experience the passion of the Lord without a deep understanding that releases the love of God from our heart to His. 1 John 4: 18 tells us that he who fears has not been made perfect in love. It's not God's love that needs to be perfected, it's ours. When you receive the revelation of His deep, unconditional love towards you, it really will cast out all fear. Would you like to become fearless before the enemy? Set free in your mindset? Bold in faith? Absolutely convinced that God is on your side and will do anything to insure your victory? Then ask for a deeper revelation of Him, because you will never move from where you are now to where you need to go without the faith to get you there. Ask for the Spirit of His dear Son to be poured out in your heart by the Holy Spirit and fill every part of you to make you whole. We love Him because He first loved us, and it's the personal revelation of this deep, sacrificial love that gives understanding to every other scripture. He who did not spare His Son for us, but delivered Him up as a living sacrifice for us all (Rom. 8:32) is YOUR DAD and He will do anything for you. How could He not? This is the love that is spoken of in Romans 8:38 which tells us that nothing - absolutely nothing - can ever separate us from this love of our Father who is found in Christ Jesus our Lord.

I believe that it is paramount to people being awakened in their heart to know God, and when that occurs, it will have such a deep impact that it transforms their heart, their belief system and their faith. It will impact them to such a degree that their lives will suddenly take a new direction and follow after the Lord.  This is a key to winning the lost and partnering with God in the harvest. How shall they know unless someone is sent to them? How shall they hear the gospel unless someone speaks? Yet let us deliver a pure gospel that comes not by the teaching of man, but by revelation from the Lord Himself. When purity returns to the gospel, it really will be seen as the good news. Not just as a "get out of jail free card," but the answer to the needs of our heart and soul. The response on each of our lips should be a grateful, "Here I am Lord, send me. "

Note: If you are curious about the trademarks of a fatherless generation and statistically how impacting and devastating they are, you should do a little research, but recognize that statistics are only an outward indicator of an inward reality. People that feel orphaned or fatherless struggle with deep feelings of rejection, resentment, fear, anger, shame, insecurity, inferiority and much more. We will never resolve the problems of society without first addressing the issues of the heart and soul. Healing is the first answer, not the last. We will never produce change in society, reduce the crime rate, see the reduction of runaways, people delivered from drugs and prostitution, break people free from generational poverty and other important aspects of transformation if we do not first focus on the healing and restoration of people's hearts. Change is produced when the belief system is transformed and restored. Transformation occurs one life at a time and it comes by the love and power of God to heal broken lives.