Monday, June 8, 2015

Brokenness is NOT the new normal!

Everywhere we turn, we are bombarded with people that deem their way of life is the new normal. When Caitlyn Jenner, aka Bruce, rewrote his identity to become a woman, Bruce made the statement that "Caitlyn" and the emergence of life on his terms was the new normal. The world claims that we should be tolerant of this sort of confusion and even embrace it. I disagree. Why should someone else's brokenness become the standard for others? That's insanity.

This isn't an article about transgender individuals. I'm simply making a point, and that illustration seems to hit it head on pretty clearly. The world would like you to accept that brokenness and confusion are the new normal. They're not. Don't accept that lie! Just because the world embraces sin, brokenness and disillusionment to God's order at an alarming manner, doesn't mean you have to. Above all, don't let the enemy re-write your identity! That is all just an illusion but it will never truly lead to freedom and a healed individual if the root issues are not dealt with in love and truth. Love and truth reside in God's statement of our identity, not man's, and certainly not the devil's lie.

This brings me to a point. Painful disappointments in people who should be able to be trusted can make us distrustful of others. When we feel betrayed, rejected or abandoned by others, it breaks the foundation of trust, creating long term emotional and relational dysfunction.

The enemy takes advantage of these events that cause us pain and somehow twists truth all around. Don't let someone else's brokenness, their inability to communicate, or show love and faithfulness in that relationship in a healthy manner get turned around to become your standard for acceptance, self worth and determining YOUR value.

How does that happen? Liar liar pants on fire. It only comes from the one who intends to deceive you and trick you into wearing his yoke so that he can oppress and control you. With some people, the lie is going to result in an identity crisis that shows up in gender identity issues. With others, it may show up in performance or other things. Either way, Satan lies and tells you that because you felt rejected by someone you trusted with your heart, you have to own it. Somehow the fault lies with you. The original you wasn't good enough. You have to try harder to prove you are worthy of acceptance. You have to work to prove that you aren't a failure or defective. You have to re-write your identity, what you do, and who you are, so that you can somehow try to see yourself through the faulty lens of what it means to be approved and accepted. It's vague. It's hard to define, and the person striving towards performance driven behavior can't quite seem to figure out what the unattainable standard is, in order to feel worthy 'enough.' It's that mouse chasing the cheese on the wheel of life that never seems to catch the prize. It becomes the lie that drives you internally.

That lie is what causes you to wear the yoke of the enemy. That lie is why you have no rest
in your soul. That lie is what makes you dissatisfied, frustrated, suspicious of other people's motives and overly sensitive to everything around you. That lie is the stronghold the enemy is protecting, and he's sitting in the driver's seat of your thoughts and emotions like a madman. It's like the enemy is the crazy, out-of-control chariot driver, whipping the horses to drive you faster, work harder to perform and prove yourself. It's called selfish ambition and it will drive you mad. Literally. Internal driving with no relief makes a person resentful, short-tempered, frustrated and so,so tired.

Sometimes you have to walk through some things in order to realize that all along you were trying to prove something to yourself. It's that sense of competing with yourself and maybe others, too, that makes you realize just how ridiculous it's all been. For what? When you give yourself over to competition, when does it all end? What standard can be met that is 'high enough' to warrant satisfaction? This too is vanity to which there is no end.

Get rid of your short fuse. Rid yourself of competition, because truth be told, at the root of all competition is jealousy. Jealousy is a fear based emotion out of fearing that you're not good enough. Where did THAT come from? Hell. Find peace for your soul. Recognize the lie and throw the lunatic chariot driver out on his ear! Take back the reins and bring those out of control horses to a stop. Take the yokes of guilt, self condemnation, ego, pride and ambition OFF. Those lies are simply an illusion. You ARE accepted. You ARE loved. You do have value, even if those who you trusted to see it, nurture it, and love you unconditionally can't recognize it. The fault lies in their own brokenness and trust issues, but they don't have to become yours. THROW OFF THE YOKE OF THE ENEMY AND BE FREE!



I thank You that I am accepted in Christ and no one can take that away from me. Your word is full of truth. I cannot trust the enemy to tell me the truth. I reject the lies that I am rejected, defective or need to prove myself. I break every agreement I have made knowingly or unknowingly with the father of lies and I renounce every spirit of rejection, abandonment, fear and insecurity. I reject the spirit of inferiority. I command them to go back to the pit of hell where they belong, and I command the yoke of the enemy to be broken now in the name and authority of Jesus Christ.
Thank you Holy Spirit for showing me the truth so that I can walk in freedom. You give my soul rest. In Jesus name, Amen.

Thursday, June 4, 2015

Now You See It...

God works in mysterious ways, doesn’t He? Last Sunday our pastor shared a message on provision. He spoke on how committed God is to provide for all of His creation. It was a very inspiring and comforting message. I also happened to read several different articles, all dealing with the topic of provision. As encouraging as they were, it is even more fun when God gives you your very own object lesson as a means of conveying His message!

Now, before I share what I’m going to share, let me just say that some people may chalk it up to a coincidence. Yet, to the prophetic, all things become prophetic. God leaves messages hidden in all sorts of experiences. He loves to communicate this way! It’s His way of speaking in a very personal, unique way to His kids. I had such an encounter today and it’s definitely been one of those days that make you go hmmm.

A few weeks ago, I was terribly disappointed to discover that a diamond had fallen out of my wedding band. It was quite noticeable, too, and I didn’t want to wear the ring out of fear of losing more stones out of the setting. I knew it was going to cost more than I could afford to get it fixed. I examined the ring closely and it was very clear that one of the stones had fallen out. I ran my finger over it to double check. The stone was gone.

I put it in my medicine cabinet and every time I opened it to get my toothbrush, I would see the ring. Periodically, I would pick it up and examine it. Every time I put it back I knew the stone was missing.

When it first happened, I asked God to please provide the money to get it fixed, then, as an add-on to my prayer, I said, “You can even put a new stone in the band if You want to. Anything is possible with You.” Then, because nothing appeared to change, I forgot that I had even prayed that prayer.

June 2nd was my birthday. My son still wanted to ‘celebrate’ so he went around the house finding things and putting them in this little jewelry box for me to open. After the third or fourth time of doing this, I opened the box and inside the box, to my surprise, was my wedding ring. Instantly I said, “Oh honey, I don’t want you to play with this. I don’t want any more stones to fall out.” My son had this huge grin on his face. I looked at my ring, and I was utterly shocked to find the missing stone was there in the ring!

It wasn’t there.

Then, it was.

My mind was completely baffled. I knew that I knew there had been no stone in it for two to three weeks. How could this be? I asked Jace if he knew anything about my ring and he said, “Oh, it was just makeup. I wiped it off.” But my head did not agree. I had touched the spot where the stone should have been...nothing. I had checked that ring multiple occasions and there had not been a stone in that setting! Or had there? I started to question what I thought I knew to be true. Was my mind playing tricks on me?

My son laughed and said, “Mom, it was just an illusion!”


When I showed my daughter the ring, she said, “Oh, you got your ring fixed?!” I said, “No," I said, "Jace took it out of the medicine cabinet this way.” A puzzled look came over her face. “Wait. What?” “Mom, that’s impossible!” she yelled.

A sigh of satisfaction from the front seat of the car. I wasn’t crazy!

It hadn’t been there. Then it was. Mind blown.

Wow! God, You are so good!

I was so thrilled that I decided it really wasn’t important how it took place, whether it had merely been an illusion or not - but the message God had for me was too important to ignore.

It's interesting that this happened to my wedding ring because it's symbolic of covenant. When we are married to the King, there is nothing He won't do for us! We might not see when the miracle takes place. We might not know how or when it’s going to occur. That’s the whole point of the miraculous. The supernatural realm is not meant to be fully comprehended! Sometimes we just have to remain open to God working in ways we don’t understand.

Don’t get so caught up in looking at the facts that it unravels your faith. Maybe you’re in that place now. You’ve been praying for something that challenges everything you know to be the facts, and it seems like for God to answer your prayer would be against all odds. Your head and your heart have convinced you that it’s such an impossible situation that it just isn’t going to happen. Shake it off!

That’s just the illusion. A clever deception intended to trick the mind, and convince us that we will never be able to replace or recover what’s been lost. A convincing lie that tells us the situation isn't going to change.

This leads to discouragement, a sense of hopelessness, and unbelief settles in like a damp, heavy fog. The enemy knows that it takes real faith to please God and receive the answer to our prayers, and he works hard to convince us that what we see is all there is. This is a direct contradiction of what exists in the heavenly realm. In the kingdom of God, nothing is impossible. God can create the solution you need. It takes a determined, conscious effort to think differently and apply faith to the circumstances! God can - IF you have your faith anchored in HIM and not on what you see in the natural. We must get our eyes off of what we think are the facts, and focus on the Lord. God is good. He rewards faith. Stir up the memories of all the ways God has done something for you in the past. Rehearse your testimonies. You know that thing that He did just for you? That secret you share between just you and the Lord? Yeah, that. The testimony that defies logic. The testimony that defies even WHY God would choose to do that for you. You didn’t deserve it. That thing you know that you know God did just for you, but it’s not something you share with anyone else. We all have at least one. Remember that.

Build up your faith until you feel your confidence come back again.If, by any small chance you just can’t remember any previous experience with God, then lean on the testimonies of others. If He did it for someone else, then He can do it for you! None of us deserve His goodness. Nevertheless, He’s willing. It’s not about what we see in the natural or know to be true. It’s about having the utmost confidence in the One who loves us and has given His life for us. It's about training our mouth to confess faith and in doing so, beckon the supernatural realm to invade our circumstances. "I believed and therefore I spoke..." Call forth those things that do not appear to exist and tell them to exist in the here and now. Because they ARE there, they do exist in the invisible spirit realm. The illusion is that they don't exist. The reality is that they do! Everything you need is there waiting for you to lay hold of it by your faith. Your confession of faith compels what is unseen to show itself and all of a sudden, what wasn't there before, simply IS.

Friend, let me tell you something about God. He delights in impossibilities! He sets the stage for miracle-needing situations just to show His glory! You don’t have to be able to figure out all the details of how it will happen, you just need to focus your confidence on Your Father. Don’t put your confidence in your own abilities to make the miracle happen. Don’t put your confidence in others. Put your confidence in Jesus and His ability to produce the solution you need. He loves you and WANTS to make things happen for you! He is so good! He cares about the things that you care about. He knows who to work through, and who He has chosen to help you. He knows where to find the finances. He knows how to heal what needs to be healed, and He knows how to find the things that you’ve felt are lost forever. He knows how to restore your losses. It can happen in a blink of an eye.

What didn’t exist a moment before, suddenly just is. Somehow Jesus makes it all look so natural. Because for Him, it is. It's SUPER natural.

My husband and I sing this little song called I Will Restore. I think it’s by Ferris Hill, and the words go something like this:

What was lost in battle,
What was taken unlawfully,
Where Satan has planted his seed

When your health is ailing
And your strength is failing
I will restore to you all of this and more

I will restore, I will restore
I will restore to you
All of this and more.
I will restore to you all of this and more.



I thank You that creating the miracle I need is a simple thing for You. Forgive me for putting my confidence in the wrong things, and for taking my eyes off of You. I shake off unbelief and I thank You that You surround me with favor as a shield. I thank You that you compel others to step in and help me. I thank You that You influence people to help make dreams, desires and prayers become realities. I thank You that You provide for me out of Your goodness, and it is Your deep desire to make me whole in every way. I thank You for finding what’s been lost, taken unlawfully and plundered. I thank You for releasing the judgement in my favor, sending out the answer to prayer and restoring the losses of previous years. You are a great restorer, and I thank You for pouring out the blessings that will make my heart leap for joy. In Jesus name, Amen.