Monday, June 30, 2014

Where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is Liberty

Where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is liberty. Freedom. Is there any place where your life does not exhibit freedom? A lack of joy is often an indicator that something isn't quite right, maybe an area of sin that needs to be dealt with. Resolve to open the door to allow the Lord greater access to that place. Your spirit sighs and groans with displeasure where you have bondage restricting your ability to live free. Did you know your bondage can cause you to feel like complaining? It's true! Jesus removes the shackles and releases our Spirit to give a sigh of relief. Now that's true freedom! Where there is freedom from constraint, there is evidence of joy. This is how you identify the presence of the Lord in any given place - even in your own heart! In a few short days we will celebrate our freedoms with the approaching holiday of Independence Day. Ask the Lord where He wants to release more healing and freedom. His answer may surprise you, but if you surrender that person, place, thing or even an old mindset, you will discover a reason for celebration. Freedom is a cause for celebration and it's why we worship with joy! Jesus loves to set people free!

Praise and celebration declares Jesus as our Victor, Commander, Lord and King. Praise opens the door to the entrance of the King! It allows Him to be elevated in our heart and mind, releasing joy and an overcoming attitude. PRAISE is a necessary component in the life of an overcomer! Praise is a trademark of a worshiping warrior. Praise Him today for all the He is, and watch Him become the very thing that you need. Declare who Jesus is, and declare who YOU are in Christ. Declare the promises of God from a heart of gratitude. Praise and worship will heal your heart and life. Praise brings breakthrough in your circumstances!

Unquantified Faith

Yesterday I heard the Lord say, "Never let anyone quantify you." That wasn't a word that I would ordinarily use, so I knew it had to be the Lord. Instantly He clarified: It means to define by placing limitations upon something. God cannot be quantified! He is unlimited in every way! The great news is, He lives within YOU! I hope that shatters some limitations you've allowed yourself to believe - about Him and yourself! No matter what you've been telling yourself; no matter what circumstances look like, the answer is, "YES, YOU CAN!" All things are possible - take the limits off!

Today's declaration: I can do all things through Christ who gives me strength!

I've been having dreams about having another baby, and I believe in my heart the Lord is speaking about a spiritual birth. But in a couple of the dreams I've heard myself saying the words, "But I'm too old to have another baby." I was telling this to a friend the other day and she said, "How odd you would say that. I just had a dream last night where I saw my older sister pregnant, and I said to her, "But you're too old to have a baby!" She was puzzled because in the natural her sister is 56 and well past child bearing age. I also had a dream where a much older woman was pregnant with her sixth child, and she was quite old with grey hair! In the dream, she was encouraging me to believe for another baby by telling me that there are great rewards by bringing children into the earth. She said that if she wasn't too old, then neither was I. What are your dreams telling you? Is God trying to encourage you to believe for something new?

I believe the Lord is speaking through these dreams. There were at least several older women in the Bible that were well past the age to have children, but God gave them strength to conceive and bear children. Sarah and Elizabeth both come to mind. Both had angelic visitations to announce the intention of the promise that was about to come to pass. Their dream was about to come true! Angels are messengers. They had to believe in the messenger that God sent to them in order to receive the strength to conceive! In other words, their faith had to be activated and encouraged to believe for the impossible! 

My friend, God wants godly offspring. So, no matter what you are believing for, ask God to give you strength to believe for that promise. You might need a supernatural kick in the faith to believe for what ever seems to be against all odds, but I'm a messenger to tell you that nothing is impossible with God! When you say yes to God, like Mary, or just simply say, "So be it unto me according to Your word." God wants to birth something new in your life. Do you believe it? So many people are disappointed that something didn't happen sooner, and they have resigned themselves to thinking their dream is gone. Many are saying, "Well, I'm too old. It's never going to happen now." Don't believe it! No matter what your age, God can give you new purpose and fulfill some wonderful promises if you will just dare to believe again! 

Don't let anyone quantify you or tell you what God can or cannot do in your life. If you examine your life and find that you are surrounded by situations that limit you or restrict your faith, you may need to change some things. Make room for the promise to come in!

I declare nothing is impossible with God.

I declare I take all the limits off for God cannot be quantified and He lives within me!

I declare  I CAN do all things through Christ who gives me strength!

I declare I will not allow myself to be boxed in or have other people's limitations or expectations limit who God called me to be!

I declare I have received faith to conceive the miracles of God!

I declare I am a sign and a wonder to many!

I declare I am breaking out of every constraint and my faith is growing exponentially in Jesus name!

Friday, June 27, 2014

For Such A Time As This

As a child of God, we must come to an awakening in who we are called to be. It's a change of mindset. Our position is one of royalty. It's like waking up one day and realizing that all the things we've done, who we hang out with, and our very belief system is in need of examination and probably, a great overhaul. What would you do differently if a royal messenger showed up at your door and made the announcement that you were a long lost heir in the line of royalty, and were next in line for the throne? Well, I'm that messenger and I'm here to announce, that is who God created you to be. You have incredible authority and an inheritance waiting for you!

There is a story in the Bible about a young orphan girl named Esther. She was raised with wisdom by a loving uncle and as a teenager, was taken into the king's palace to be trained in royal etiquette as a possible candidate to be the next new queen. Against all odds, she won the contest and she was promoted to royalty. Esther inherited power, position, authority and a kingdom of unlimited resources at her disposal. Guess what my friend...if you have accepted Jesus Christ as your Lord, then, as the bride of Christ, you too, have inherited such treasure.

Esther rose to a royal position in order to save her people. Her uncle discovered a plot against their people and told Esther, who in turn, took the issue to her husband, the king. He was outraged to discover that his trusted official and right hand man had enacted a devious plot to destroy a people marked for death and destruction. What this terrorist did not know when he plotted his wicked scheme, is that the new queen was a part of those he had selected to destroy. The king was not delighted to hear that this schemer had put a bulls eye upon his own bride! (How much more do you think King Jesus is appalled and outraged at those who mark HIS BRIDE and HIS FAMILY for destruction? Esther appealed to the king by saying, "How can I possibly endure to see the destruction of my countrymen?" This, my friend, must be the cry from our hearts as well!

Esther's king told her to write a new decree that would give her people a fighting chance to overpower their enemy, so she did. The king told her to have confidence in her decree, because it was written by royal authority, signed, sealed and carried the king's very own stamp of approval. He told Esther that NO ONE could revoke this royal decree and that it would be sent by messenger far and wide so that the people would have an opportunity to STAND AND FIGHT. Friends, we take a stand in PRAYER and lifting our PETITIONS to the KING OF KINGS!

When these people rose up in one accord, the FEAR OF ALL OF THEM FELL ON THEIR ENEMIES and a remarkable turnaround took place. The underdogs won the day and the enemy was routed! This just goes to show that with GOD all things ARE POSSIBLE.

We are at a time in history when we are facing off with Goliath. There are many, to be sure. Goliaths in the government. Goliaths in terrorist groups, bent on destruction and annihilation, no doubt any less intimidating than in Esther's day. I don't know about you, but I am tired of these giants trying to intimidate us. They who feel they are accountable to no one and use fear and unharnessed false authority to strip us of our rights. GOD GIVEN RIGHTS, not theirs! If the Jews could destroy their tormentors by the power of prayer, then so can we! WHO ARE THESE ARROGANT UNBELIEVING GIANTS THAT DENY THE LIVING GOD? God is not with them, we need not fear any enemy! This is a call to pray for our nation. If every person took a few minutes to pray and ask God to forgive the sin of our nation, and appeal to the KING OF KINGS, what the enemy has meant for our harm can be turned around for good. Please, I implore you to pray for your nation, because it involves your family's future. Your children. Your freedoms, and YOUR future. God bless those who hear and respond to this urgent time!

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Chopping Down The Lemon Trees

When I picked up a lemon out of my fruit bowl, all I saw was 'a lemon.' Just one. But when I cut into it, I saw that the seeds had actually sprouted and were already in process of reproducing new life. There in front of me was the birth of new trees. Orchards upon orchards, just within the seeds of one fruit. Suddenly I realized God was showing me a prophetic picture of what bearing fruit (either good or bad) looks like in the spirit realm.

Looking at this picture gives me a fresh understanding of just how important it is to make sure that we don't allow even one bad fruit in our lives. We must be diligent to extinguish the seeds that the enemy wants to use to cause us to bear bad fruit and thus become disqualified for the greater good of God's kingdom. Lemons are known for being bitter. There are many things that can cause bitterness in a person's life, and it is a very powerful, deep rooted thing that doesn't want to give up easily. It takes a determined effort to make sure we are free from every negative effect. The enemy will use his weapons of creating offense in order to keep a person dealing with repeated issues of a bitter root growing back.

In a recent dream, God gave me a glimpse into a spiritual reality that He is also communicating on the same subject of bitterness. I  thought I would share it with you.

There were four parts to this dream. In the first part, I was observing this woman that had an abusive boyfriend. It was this same woman's wedding day, but she was supposed to marry someone else. In the second part of the dream, the scene changed and I was observing young girls who were supposed to be a part of the wedding party, but they were so fearful that they were hiding in a dark closet. There was a rat in there with them coming in and out under the door, but they were more comfortable being in the closet with the rat than coming out and being a part of the wedding party. The wedding officiant (dressed in a priestly robe like a Father), kept trying to get them to trust him and come out of the closet. In the third part of the dream, the bride kept getting distracted by a variety of things and then looked at her watch to discover she was really late in getting ready. Her watch said 5:15 p.m.and the wedding started at 6:00. Her hair was a mess, she didn't have herself together at all, but she just shrugged her shoulders and said, "Oh well, they always wait for the bride anyway. I will just take my time getting ready." Then she looked out a glass door and saw three lemon trees. One of the smaller trees had been cut down and old, moldy fruit lay on the ground next to it. As she looked up to the other two trees, she saw Betty White, the actress, shaking lemons out of the trees." End of dream.

Well, that is a pretty crazy dream, don't you think? But it tells quite a story.

The bride (that's all of us), is hanging on to abusive boyfriend(s) when she is supposed to be betrothed to someone else. An abusive boyfriend can indicate familiar spirits such as fear, insecurity, rejection, anger, bitterness or something else. These things dominate our thought life and compel us to act out of a wrong belief system. These things act as forms of bondage yet what do we do? We defend our decisions to stay in agreement with the wrong things, and we make excuses for the things that tend to make us bitter rather than breaking free and being done with those things!

The young girls in the closet are also indicative of the bride. They are immature, fearful, and intimidated about coming out of the closet with their Christian beliefs. They are more content to live in darkness with the things that make them unclean rather than come out into the light and be a part of the wedding ceremony. This is a call for deliverance, cleansing and inner healing that will restore confidence in our royal position as not just children of the Most High God, but coming into maturity to be the bride of Christ.

The bride is distracted with many things and her attitude is very casual and disinterested at readying herself for her groom. Her attitude is "I'll get there when I get there," but she does not realize how late the hour is for her to ready herself! The clock is ticking in the final hour before her groom will appear at the wedding ceremony. Ephesians 5:15 says, "Be careful then how you walk, not as unwise, but as wise (vs 16) making the most of your time because the days are evil."

The final part of the dream is a bit funny. Can you imagine Betty White standing in the top of the lemon tree, shaking out the lemons? She was smiling while she was doing it. I think the Lord is saying through this that we, as in Christians, (represented by the trees) have a lot of bitterness that needs to still be shaken out of us. To me, Betty White is a comedian, so I felt like the Lord was saying though this is a serious message in it's intent, laughter and joy are a good remedy to dealing with bitterness from our past. After all, scripture tells us that the joy of the Lord is our strength. Jesus wants to give us each an exchange - we give him the things that cause us to feel bitter, and He will give us joy. Prov.17:22 tells  us that laughter is good medicine for the soul! Don't hold on to those lemons and keep squeezing them - get rid of them and put the axe to the tree! When we do, it allows the blood of Jesus to cleanse us from that unrighteousness and make us "white" as snow. Aren't you blessed to know that even when God wants to give us a serious message, we can rest assured He is also giving us a little humor to make the pill go down easier? He is a good and gracious God!

The name Betty also means "God is my oath." We can take comfort in knowing that God's oath towards us is His word and His covenant. He is committed to helping us in the transformation process. He doesn't give up on us. His work of righteousness in us is to help us rid ourselves of spot, wrinkle and blemish so that Jesus finds us spotless and our wedding gown pure and white. The lover of our soul never gives up on us, and He is with us throughout eternity!

Let's pray:

Father God,

Thank you for helping us each see things within ourselves that You want to change. Holy Spirit, come change my mindset and help me to see the things within myself that have been blind spots - things that cause bitterness, unrest and steal my peace and joy. I give you permission to change my heart and my perspective so that I do not continue to make excuses for offenses, irritants and wrong attitudes, for those things will only serve as abusive boyfriends that beat me up in life. I repent and renounce all familiar spirits of offense, anger, fear, unforgivness, jealousy, envy, competition and indifference. I renounce and repent for allowing unbelief and a cold heart to govern my heart and my attitudes. Renew my love for You, Lord Jesus. Renew my peace and joy. Thank you so much for loving me and being kind in the ways You correct my thinking. You are so gracious.  I love you! I break every agreement with fear, jealousy, envy, malice, gossip, evil speaking, a desire for vengeance, offense, bitterness, anger and every familiar spirit from the enemy. Satan, go now, in Jesus name. In the name and authority of Jesus Christ I pray, amen.

Monday, June 23, 2014

Decree to Overturn the New World Order

"Then the king stood by a pillar and made a covenant before the Lord, to follow the Lord and keep His commandments, testimonies and statues, with all his heart and all his soul, to perform the words of this covenant that were written in this book. And all the people took a stand for the covenant." 2 Kings 23:3

Do you ever wonder why it's so hard to break through in prayer? Why it's so difficult to deliver truth to loved ones or recover your family out of the hand of the evil one? The world is under the influence of the prince of the power of the air. There are demonic principalities, powers and thrones in the 'airwaves' or the unseen realm that are established to resist the prayers of the righteous so that evil agendas can continue. So, what's the answer? Prayer, of course. Strategic prayer that is targeted to hit the enemy where it hurts is called for, in order to overthrow those ungodly thrones where evil rules and mocks God's people.

What overthrows ungodly rulers? Prayer decrees.
What releases others to 'hear  from God?' Love.
What establishes Christ as Lord over all? Worship.

When we praise God, we establish a throne for Him to reign and rule and establish justice and judgment over evil forces. 

The is no ignoring the fact that the enemy has a strategic plan to make slaves of anyone that does not resist him. He has a plan to take our families into captivity. Daily we can turn on the news and see evidence of all the ways the enemy is getting more and more bold. So what shall we do? Confront the prevailing forces set against us. My newest decree launches air strikes against the prince of the power of the air and his ungodly thrones so that we can break through with our prayers on the ground level, too.Our decrees "poke holes" in the shadow of death so that light and truth can open up the heavens and allow our prayers to get through. 

The enemy has an agenda to fulfill - an agenda not in favor of American citizens. All of this is part of the government's plan to implement a new world order, and they aren't being shy about saying so. These are not made up fantasies based on a minority few dealing with paranoia. Watch Glenn Beck. Watch the news. Look at how the government, Monsanto and the pharmaceutical companies are all in bed together. There is a bigger agenda behind a great deal of what's going on, and it's about who will control the population. It's happening at an alarming rate. I thought I would put together a bit of history for those that may not understand what this is about. (Aside from the obvious, which is to make modern day slaves of all people!). As much as we do not like to think that our own government would act contrary to our best interests, most people are no longer asleep to the truth. Little by little we see the government making decisions that don't seem to uphold our constitutional rights and higher officials using their authority to do as they please. They avoid accountability. That is dangerous government, because left unchecked, it will eventually deprive us all of our God-given rights. 

In the book of Esther, when an evil person in high authority wrote a decree to annihilate the Jews, Esther discovered the plot and brought it before the king. The king was outraged and told Esther to use her royal authority to write a new decree that would change the outcome of the enemy's intention. This is what King Ahasuerus said to Queen Esther: "You yourselves write a decree concerning the Jews, as you please, in the king's name, and seal it with the king's signet ring; for whatever is written in the king's name and sealed with the king's signet ring no one can revoke." (Esther 8:8). Dear ones, you are God's royalty and we each have the ability to write a new decree concerning the destiny of our family, our cities and our nation. YOU HAVE THE SEAL OF AUTHORITY IN THE KING'S NAME. USE THE AUTHORITY CHRIST HAS ENTRUSTED YOU WITH!

I pray for the faithful prayer warriors to come along side with prayers of agreement, that we may see a return of Godly order in every household, in our government and throughout our nation. Here is a background of history and how it fits together with the decree at the bottom of the page.

History, part 1.

On the back of the Great Seal of the United States is “The Eye of Providence” which in Latin are the words “Annuit Coeptis.” If you don’t know the origin, you might be apt to take the reference to it’s so called meaning, “He favors our undertakings,” as a reference to God. However, the person that chose these words and motto for our nation wasn’t referring to the Father of Jesus Christ. He was not referring to the Creator and author of salvation. He was NOT referring to Jesus Christ or the Holy Spirit. He was referring to an entirely different god.

In 1782, Congress appointed a design artist by the name of William Barton to bring a proposal for the seal of the nation. He chose the 13 layered pyramid underneath the “Eye of Providence.” The mottos which Barton chose to accompany the design were “Deo Favente” which means ‘with god’s favor.’ The problem is, Barton did not choose our God. It’s a carefully hidden deception of the enemy. For Barton, “Deus” and the “Eye of Providence” were the same entity.

The word "Deus," through "Dei," is the root of deism, pandeism, panendeism, and polydeism, ironically all of which are theories in which any divine figure is absent from intervening in human affairs. This curious circumstance originates from the use of the word "deism" in the 17th and 18th centuries as a contrast to the prevailing "theism", belief in an actively intervening God:
The new religion of reason would be known as Deism. It had no time for the imaginative disciplines of mysticism and mythology. It turned its back on the myth of revelation and on such traditional "mysteries" as the Trinity, which had for so long held people in the thrall of superstition. Instead it declared allegiance to the impersonal "Deus".[1] ( ) Deism rejects the idea of prophecy and miracles in favor of referencing God as The Supreme Architect of the world. Several of the Founding Fathers were deists and were heavily influenced by enlightenment philosophies. It is also very similar to what the Masonics refer to as their god, “The Great Architect of the Universe.”

The “Eye of Providence” is usually associated with Freemasonry. The eye first appeared as the standard iconography of the Freemasons in 1797. Here it represents the all seeing eye of God and is a reminder that a mason’s thoughts and deeds are always observed by God, although the god of the Mason’s is the Great Architect of the Universe. Some theories claim that the eye atop the pyramid on the Great Seal of the United States indicates the influence of Freemasonry in the founding of the United States.

Satan does not have to be openly worshipped to claim the souls of men. All he has to do is blind them to truth so that they do not worship Jesus Christ. If man does not have God, he does not have salvation. 1 John 5: 10-12

Annuit coeptis and the other motto on the reverse of the Great Seal, novus ordo seclorum are both traced back to the Roman poet Virgil. It comes from the book Aeneid and references a prayer by the hero of the story Aeneus, which translates to “Jupiter Almighty, favor my bold undertakings.” These are bold declarations to exalt a different god over America; Satan, who hides himself behind many other names and faces. Any time someone makes a declaration proclaiming a different god over our nation's people, it is an attempt to take people captive and make them subject to that god. We cannot afford to silently acquiesce without protest or we will pay the price for our silence! 

History, part 2.
 Aleister Crowley, the well known Satanist, lived during the late 1800’s and early 1900’s. His influence was far reaching in both the occult world as well as the secular world. His influence infiltrated the movie industry, political realm, religious leaders and more. His life work drew on ancient mysticism, influences from various countries, their gods, belief systems, rituals, traditions, spirit guides, magic and more. All of these things were incorporated into Crowley’s teachings, and his disciples were many. Crowley died in 1947 but even today he is still revered by many Satanists and known as a great prophet, teacher, mentor and illusionist (magician).  Aleister Crowley used magic that incorporated the mind, will, emotions and intent of the prayer, hex, curse or incantation that was spoken. He studied and practiced alchemy and experimented with many drugs, incorporating it into his philosophies, as well occult teachings. For him, there were no limits in his practice of magic. He took everything he knew to the extreme, to make all of his demonic magic as potent and as powerful as possible. He called it the “magic of the New Age.”

The ‘eye of providence’ mentioned on the Great Seal of the United States is also remarkably similar to the eye of Horus, and the god Horus, from which Aleister Crowley incorporated into his teaching and demonic magic. Crowley was also a part of the Masonic order of secret societies and many others that practice these forms of occult magic. Even Anton LeVay, a more contemporary (also now deceased) occultist followed in the footsteps of Crowley and continued in many of his teachings. Many of these secret societies, especially the Masons, were involved in helping the enemy lay the foundation of our cities when they were first experiencing growth and the establishment of government in those cities took place. At the same time, their occult magic was a part of the plan to keep our cities, our families, and future generations under the spell and resulting curses that came with them. Crowley not only taught on the subject but invoked the demonic spirits of ancient Egyptian gods known as “Ma’at,” which is the Egyptian word for “order.” He also called on the god of ‘Chaos.’ “Ma’at” was also known as a spirit connected to death and the underworld. 

(Note: In Isaiah 19, the reference in verse 3 is made to the “spirit of Egypt,” which is this word, “Ma’at.” When God had Moses confront Pharaoh in Ex. 5-14, it was this “Egyptian order,” or “Ma;at” that was under attack.) Do you see how all this ties in together?

There is a statue of Molech (a demonic god in the shape of a large owl) at Bohemian Grove, where many of the world leaders congregate on a regular basis. They participate in demonic rituals and call on false gods for power,influence and demonic assistance to implement their plan for a new world order. This is all part of the Illuminati's plan. I won't go into an in-depth teaching on it but you can research it for yourself to see that there is a great conspiracy among men and women of power and influence and pledging their allegiance to Satan. They have sold their souls to do evil all for the gain of worldly wealth and power. It must be stopped! We must take a stand in prayer! How that you understand more about the history, the prayer declaration below will make more sense.

What is the answer to the enemy’s plan to implement a new world order? PRAYER!.

The Decree:

Father God, Lord Jesus Christ, Holy Spirit, we ask You to forgive our sin and let the blood of Jesus cover all our unrighteousness. We declare JESUS IS LORD OVER AMERICA. We ask now for favor in the airwaves, favor in the earthly realm, and favor with You to see the deception and assignment of the enemy come to a quick end. In the name and authority of Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior we now make the following decree:

We decree the power of Annuit Coeptis and Novus Ordo Seclorum, which means the “New Order of the Ages” is now broken according to Your word in Job 22:28, for it is written, ‘You shall also declare a thing and it will be established for you; so light will shine on your ways.’

We declare that You will ruin the enemy's plans and remove the crown from those unworthy to govern. You will give the right to rule to the people who will rule in righteousness, and those You have chosen, according to Your promise in Ezekiel 21:27 and Jeremiah 23:6.

We declare that the spirit of Ma’at and it’s counsel is destroyed according to Your word in Isaiah 19:1-3(a). For the day of the Lord of Hosts shall come upon everything proud and lofty, upon everything lifted up - and it shall be brought low, according to Isaiah 2:12.

We declare that the false gods of Molech, Minerva and all those that represent the Illuminati and Satanic worship are bound in the name and authority of Jesus Christ. We command those ungodly altars to be torn down and destroyed, according to 2 Kings 23:3-4, where the people took a stand for the Lord, His statues, and His covenant. 

We declare the idolatrous priests are removed according to 2 Kings 23:5. We declare the demonic places of worship at Bohemian Grove are destroyed. Milcom the owl statue is broken and destroyed. All demonic altars, false gods and implements of Satanic worship are reduced to dust and burned in the fire, according to 2 Kings 23:12-15.

We declare ungodly thrones are overturned and the power of foreign kingdoms are shattered. You have overthrown the driving forces and those that are in league with evil forces according to Haggai 2:2. 

We declare the Lord Jesus Christ reigns over this nation of the United States of America, and our God is seated on His holy throne, according to Psalm 47:8. 

We declare that all the ends of the earth shall remember and turn to the Lord. We declare dominion belongs to the Lord and He rules over the nations, according to Psalm 22:27-29. 

We declare Your throne, O God, will last forever and ever and be a scepter of justice for Your kingdom according to Your word in Ps. 45:6.

We declare You, O God, have broken the yoke of slavery off of America and lifted the heavy burdens from our shoulders. You have broken the oppressor's rod according to Your word in Isaiah 9:4.

We declare that the burden of ungodliness is taken away from our shoulders, and the enemy’s yoke from our necks. The yoke is destroyed because of the anointing oil, according to Your word, O God, in Isaiah 10:27.

We declare that the government shall be upon the shoulders of Your Son, Jesus Christ, according to Isaiah 9:6,7 and that His name shall be called, Wonderful, Counselor, Mighty God, Everlasting Father, Prince of Peace. Of the increase of His government and peace there will be no end, upon the throne of David and over His kingdom; to order it and establish it with judgment and justice from this time forward and forever, Amen. We declare the zeal of the Lord shall accomplish this in Jesus name.

We declare the power of Deus, Deism, the “Eye of Providence”, the “Eye of Horus,“ and the demonic deception that originated with Freemasonry, secret societies, occult magic, sorcery, witchcraft and evil is broken according to Your word. For it is written, that YOU, O God, are the Lord our God who has brought us out of Egypt, out of the house of bondage that we should not be their slaves; You have broken the bands of our yoke and made us walk upright, with our heads held high, according to Lev. 26:13.

We decree that “it is written, we shall have no other gods before You, as it states in Exodus 20:3. We declare we shall not serve false gods, communism or caliphs. We resist the enemy and deny his authority to reign and rule over this nation. 

We declare that this nation, the United States of America, once again praises the name of Jesus Christ and You have become our salvation. We declare our praise is the gate of the Lord through which the righteous enter, according to Psalm 118:19. 

We declare that environmental toxins, chemicals and other toxic or poisonous agents in food, water, the ground or air that are assigned to kill, ruin and destroy human life shall not harm us. For You, O Lord, have said in Your word in Luke 10:19 that You have given us authority over all the power of the enemy and nothing shall by any means harm us. This is YOUR WORD, and You do not lie. You also said in Mark 16:18 that if we ingest deadly poison it shall not hurt us at all. You gave us authority to cast out demons and lay hands on the sick and they shall recover. We agree that this is our inheritance in Christ and this we shall do, according to Your word.  We declare we dwell in the secret place of the Most High and we abide under the shadow of the Almighty. We take refuge under the shadow of Your wings and we say the Lord is our refuge and our fortress. He delivers us from the snare of the fowler and the noisome pestilence. We fear no weapon, no destruction, for a thousand or ten thousands can fall on either side of us yet it does not come near us, Your people, O God, for we make You our refuge and shelter. No evil befalls us and no evil comes near our dwelling. Your angels have been given charge over us, to keep us in all  Your ways. Your angels bear us up in their hands. The enemies and predators are trampled under our feet, and under Your feet, Lord Jesus. We set our love upon You and You deliver us from all evil and trouble. This is Your promise in Psalm 91. You show us Your salvation and satisfy us with long life according to Your word.

We speak blindness into the evil eye that watches, waits and conspires to cover injustice, hide and protect those that are in alliance with evil and corruption.

We declare that those that have been poisoned by bitterness, bound by iniquity, shall repent and turn to the Lord. No longer shall men worship an unknown god. We declare that those that have practiced magic shall believe in the One and Only True God, Jesus Christ, repent, and shall bring their magic books and burn them in the sight of all as it is written in Acts 19:19.

We declare to the spirits of fear, the anti-Christ spirit, lying spirits, pride, lawlessness and rebellion, “Be bound in Jesus name!” We declare that through the power of His cross and resurrection, these spirits have been stripped of all authority, power, and influence and we now appropriate that victory over them, commanding them to be silenced, paralyzed, and sent back to the pit of hell. We bind all spirits of Divination, the spirit of Pythos, Abaddon, Death, Ma’at, Chaos, Hell, and all the power of the enemy to silence. In the name and authority of Jesus Christ, let all the works of Satan and all those under his authority and influence be bound in Jesus name. Return to the pit of hell.

We command all demonic sorcery, hexes, spells, and all forms of magic to become powerless, deprived of all power and effectiveness in Jesus name, for it is written that “No weapon formed against us shall prosper, and every tongue which rises against us in judgment shall be condemned, according to Isaiah 54:17. We command all demonic altars of iniquity to be immediately severed from all spirits, void of power and all ungodly altars to be silent in Jesus name.

We declare a return to truth that is according to godliness and a release of the Spirit of Truth over our families, cities, and nation. For it is written that, “You shall know the truth and the truth will make you free,” according to John 8:32.

O God we thank You for hearing our cries and taking pity upon Your people, for You have seen the oppression of Your people who are in spiritual captivity to a spirit of “Ma’at,” Chaos, Death and Hell. You have heard our cries because of these taskmasters. We thank You for coming down to deliver us out of the hand of the wicked oppressors, just as You promised in Isaiah 49:25.

We declare a release of the Spirit of Liberty, and we LOOSE the captives from their chains, for it is written, “Then they cried out to the Lord in their trouble and He saved them out of their distresses. He brought them out of darkness and the shadow of death, and broke their chains in pieces,” according to Psalm 107:13, 14.

We say to the United States of America and it’s citizens, ‘Woman, thou are loosed from your infirmity!” Awake, Awake, put on your strength O Zion! Shake yourself from the dust, arise! Loose yourself from the bonds of your neck O captive daughter of Zion!

We declare “Let there be DIVINE ORDER, in Jesus name! Let there be light, revelation, and a release of the Fear of the Lord. We declare a SHIFT into God’s kairos timing to establish the house of David, and the government of Jesus Christ. We declare God’s order to manifest NOW in every family, every household, every church, and in our government, in the name and authority of Jesus Christ. 

We thank You, Father, for hearing our declarations and letting them be established. We come before You O God, Our Father and Our Lord Jesus Christ, who reigns forever. We declare the decree that it may be established by Your angelic hosts and the words of our mouth. As it has been decreed, let the outcome be established in truth and righteousness according to Your will. We entreat the heavenly hosts to come to our aid. We declare no one can revoke or change the decree established by Your Bride. In Jesus name, Amen.

Note: This decree can be changed to make it specific to other nations as well, just change the appropriate places to include the name of your nation as you make your declarations.

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Silencing the Enemy

I had a very interesting dream this morning. I saw snakes hiding in the grass just under the surface of the earth. They were waiting to bite anything that came near them. I put my ear down to the ground and music was coming forth. The snakes were using the music and the sound waves to send out certain things into the atmosphere so that people could not discern they were actually laying in wait to make victims of them. I awoke, knowing that God had given me insight into how the enemy captures people: soundwaves. Music. No wonder, since Satan was once the worship leader in heaven, but I knew God was saying, 'Let's expose his tactics and destroy his ability to poison others through what comes through their ears. So, here is my new decree. Speak it out in faith!

Father God,

I come before you to declare your will on earth as it is in heaven. I send out this decree to destroy the works of the evil one.  I implore You, O God, to grant me favor in the airwaves, on land and sea, and everything in between. I ask you to remove the unclean spirits from our land and those embedded in hidden places. I ask for Your favor to dispatch Your angels to war against the works of the evil one and to uncover the places where the devils hide themselves.  

Father, as a child of God, I ask Your forgiveness for any agreements myself or my ancestors, and those in my city, may have made with the enemy, whether knowingly or unknowingly. I break them now in the name and authority of Jesus Christ. Let the blood of Jesus cover those sins and release cleansing from all unrighteousness.

I declare the prince of the power of the air, principalities, powers, thrones and all ungodly authority structures are now rendered silent, impotent, powerless and paralyzed in the name and authority of Jesus Christ.

I declare the vibrations, tones, sound waves and movements produced by the demonic realm are silenced in my ears and in the ears of my family members and citizens in the city where I live.

I declare the voice of the enemy is silenced. My ears, the ears of my family members and those in my city can no longer hear the voice of lying spirits, spirits of lust, perversity, or seducing spirits.

I declare the deceptive voice of the enemy that is contained in subliminal messages using tones, vibrations, sound waves and music has now become void of all power; deaf, dumb and mute in Jesus name.

I declare the voice of the serpent that speaks through bitterness, unforgiveness and poisonous words is now mute, deaf and unable to speak or influence anyone.

I declare the voice of the serpent that hypnotizes and dulls the hearing is void of all power to do so.

I declare the voice of the tempter that entices to sin is silenced and rendered mute in Jesus name.

I declare the voice of the serpent that desensitizes, anesthetizes and paralyzes is rendered powerless, impotent and void of any ability to influence others.

I declare the voice of the enemy that sends out lying spirits is now silenced in the name and authority of Jesus Christ.

I declare the voice of the enemy that sends out seducing spirits and spirits of bondage to keep people chained to their vices, secret sins and bondages is bound to silence, paralyzed and impotent of any ability to influence people.

I declare the voice of the enemy that brings heaviness, depression, discouragement, hopelessness, grief and despair has become deaf, dumb and unable to communicate and influence others.

I declare the voice of the enemy that incites people to anger, rage and violence is bound and forbidden from speaking, whispering or any movement whatsoever in Jesus name.

I declare the voice of the enemy that disguises itself as an angel of light is discerned and unable to mislead people away from truth and righteousness.

Let the voice of the enemy that comes up from the ground and from the pit of hell be silenced now in Jesus name.

I declare the voice of the enemy that speaks through divination, and hides itself in tarot cards, mediums, occult powers, magic, prognosticating, forecasting, and other demonic activity is cut off. I declare the counterfeit voice of God through the spirit of divination is unable to communicate with me, my family members and those in my city. I declare the head of python the whispering and constricting demon is cut off and unable to communicate in any form or fashion, by the power and in the name of Jesus Christ.

I declare the voice of the enemy that draws occult power through magic spells, incantations, hexes, conjuring, root workers, and other demonic activity is now void of any ability to influence others.

I declare the voice of the enemy in Leviathan, that twists and distorts communication and incites offence is silenced now in Jesus name.

I declare the voice of the accuser is silenced and my ears (and those of my family members, city, etc) are deaf to the spirits that stir up strife, offense and false judgments.

I declare the voice of fear, anxiety, stress and panic is silenced and unable to communicate with me, my family members and those in my city, in Jesus name.

I declare the voice of the enemy that speaks thoughts of abandonment, rejection, self-hatred and unloving spirits is silenced and bound in the name of Jesus Christ.

I declare the voice of mocking, slander, mischief, bullying and discord is silenced and unable to influence me, my family member or those in my community and city in Jesus name.

I declare the voice of the destroyer, Abaddon, and all those from the bottomless pit are silenced and rendered powerless, impotent and bound from all activity, in Jesus name.

I declare my ears, the ears of my family members, and those in my city are anointed to hear and respond to truth. I declare their ears are closed to the demonic realm and hear what the voice of the Lord speaks to them. I declare our ears are anointed to receive holy and pure communication. I declare our minds are anointed with understanding and our hearts are anointed to respond in faith to the truth. I declare our hearts are anointed to respond with obedience to the Lord Jesus Christ and Holy Spirit.

I declare the voice of every demon working through idols is bound in the name and authority of Jesus Christ. I declare all thrones, altars and places where Satan derives worship are now abandoned, torn down, dismantled and void of all power. Let all the power of the enemy and works of darkness be bound in the name and authority of Jesus Christ. Let the power of Christ and Holy Spirit be released to destroy the works of the enemy, according to 1 John 3:8. Let the Spirit of Truth be released to make people free, according to John 16:13. Let the Spirit of Truth be released to convict the world of sin, according to John 16:8. As I declare these things, I thank you, Father, that you establish them so that light shines on my ways. You said that I was made in your image. You said that I have the power to call those things that are not as though they existed, according to Romans 4:17, so I declare these things to manifest now in the name and authority of Jesus Christ. Let it be so, on earth as it is in heaven according to Your will, in Jesus name. Amen.

Monday, June 9, 2014

Today’s Declaration: I am free from negativity!

By the power of God living within me, I can do all things through Christ who gives me strength. Today I declare that I am free to make a choice about what thoughts capture my attention. I am not powerless! I refuse to be a captive to the lies of the enemy. No longer will I focus on any negative thought. 

I declare my mind is renewed and I dwell on the beauty of the Lord. I see my Creator in nature. I see my Creator in humanity. I see the wonder of creation in everything around me and I am blessed by what I see. No longer do I look past the homeless person, the addict, the stressed out mother in the grocery store or others. I see their struggles. I see their pain. I see their reality, and my heart is moved with compassion;  I see God’s beauty in everything around me.

I declare the thoughts that capture my attention are gratitude for all that the Lord has made available to me: my health, my very breath, my family, friends, neighbors and co-workers. I am grateful for my job, shelter, food and clothes. I am grateful. I will not take them for granted any more. 

I declare that I increase in love for humanity day by day.

I declare that I will surrender the things beyond my control.

I declare that I will not numb my feelings in order to withdraw from reality.

I declare that I will not allow self-pity a place in my life.

I declare that I forgive every person that has wronged me. I refuse to hold grudges or negative judgments against others, no matter what they have done, for those things rob me of peace and joy. Every person that I felt was indebted to me is now free and the debts cancelled.

I declare that I have accepted the past. I cannot change it, and therefore I accept the things that happened. I refuse to nurse grudges or rehearse wrongs. I let it all go.

I declare that I let go of every disappointment, every frustration, and unrealistic expectations.

I declare that I will not blame anyone for my disappointments, regardless of whether or not I feel they contributed to them.

I declare that I will not place the fulfillment of my needs on others or other false expectations. They are not responsible for my peace of mind, joy or fulfillment. I take responsibility for my own life and my own needs.

I declare my fulfillment and joy come from God and right relationship to Him and others.

I declare I will not act out of selfishness, but look for ways to be a blessing to others.

I declare that I will not blame God or others when things do not go as planned. I will not allow myself to become bitter and complaining. I purpose to look for good and a positive outcome.

I declare that I will not avoid confronting things within myself that need to change. I will not resist the truth that I need to accept about myself for that is what will help me heal and be set free.

I declare that I am courageous and confident in God's ability to change me without feeling condemned. I can trust Him and be transparent without shame.

I declare that I am blessed by God. It is His delight to bless me.

I declare that I delight in obedience to God because I love Him and have a grateful heart towards all that Jesus endured for me.

I declare that my heart is full of gratitude, appreciation and joy.

I declare that I am full of love, kindness, peace, patience, temperance, righteousness and meekness.

I declare that I am the righteousness of God in Christ Jesus.

I declare that I am beautifully and wonderfully made in the image of God.

I declare that I am loved, accepted and significant through Jesus Christ my Lord.

I declare that Jesus Christ is Lord over my life, my thoughts, my past, present and future. He has good plans for me that will come to pass.

I declare that my sins are forgiven and I am the redeemed of God.

I declare that I have peace with God and a peaceful mind.

I declare that I am protected, loved and sheltered by God.

I declare that I am free from the fear of man.

I declare that I am not inferior, unwanted or unworthy.

I declare that I resist all feelings of abandonment, rejection or self-hatred. I reject all unloving feelings directed towards myself because those are lies from the enemy.

I declare that I accept myself just the way I am. I am free from negative self-judgments. I choose this day to end negative behaviors that contribute to a negative mindset. I choose to live free and healed. As I declare these things they are established so that light will shine on my ways, according to Job 22:28. In Jesus name, Amen.

P.S. Just as a little side note, I had my children speak this out loud last night before bed. My daughter was instantly convicted by the Holy Spirit, and both my children repented of treating each other with disrespect. My son came to me a few minutes later and commented that he kept hearing the voice of the enemy in his head and he wanted it to go away. He said he kept hearing voices that told him to lie to his mother. We prayed, and he asked God to forgive him and I took authority over the enemy. I have never seen my 6 year old so eager to cooperate in prayer until last night! There is something that is released in power when we do these things in faith. I encourage you to do this with your family too!