Monday, June 18, 2018

An Urgent Call to Intercession! Strike Down Manditory Vaccine Laws in the State of California!

Prayer Warriors, it is time to pray to strike down the mandatory vaccine law in the State of California known as SB277! There is an impending court date June 28th for oral arguments to be heard in the Appellate Court. 

A recent development in this lawsuit is a last minute change of attorney after the original attorney withdrew from the case. This left the plaintiffs with less than 30 days to secure new representation, and now, with only 10 days until they go before a judge, they have little time to prepare. Trying to get a continuance could delay this process another couple of years, so they decided to move forward in spite of the setbacks, believing God will come through for all the families affected by SB277. PLEASE PRAY AND SHARE THIS PAGE WITH OTHER INTERCESSORS!

This is going to the Appellate Court where the case is argued before a judge. There is no jury. The odds are stacked against the families of the State of California. The lawmakers that came up with this law purposely wrote this law to eliminate loopholes and used case law (Jacobson vs. the State of Massachusetts) out of context to try to support their point. There is no previous case law for a situation exactly like this one because it hasn't happened before, so the unique circumstances force it to rely on the case law that already exists. That is why it is so vital to overturn this law! 

This is an extremely important case because it's a precedent-setting law, meaning, it's the gateway to the rest of the states following suit, and many already are. Many people may not be sure which side of the debate they're on because they don't know all the facts. My encouragement is to not get hung up on which side of the debate people are on regarding their personal beliefs either for or against vaccines, but recognizing the importance of parental opt-outs being restored, religious freedom being restored and putting the care of our children back in the hands of the parents. Can we all agree that anything injected into our bodies or our children's bodies should be left up to the family to make the decision rather than allowing the government to become the one that mandates such decisions? None of us can afford to leave the decision making power of healthcare in the hands of the government.

I would like to add that each of us in the State of California have the responsibility of dealing with the sins of those that came before us. We bear the responsibility of identifying with the sins of those that have lived here in times past and those that live here now. Collectively, we need to repent for sins that have opened the door to adversaries and enemies gaining the upper hand in order to oppress us. Prayers of repentance have always opened the heavens and restored people to a right relationship with God. Prayers of renouncement also break demonic power and generational curses. I might suggest that people would pray through our Breakthrough Prayer (see link under the pages section) and then move on to the prayer points listed below. Let's truly gain power in prayer by approaching God through humility and demonstrating that we come seeking a verdict both in the courts of heaven as well as the natural court system in the right way...repentance and prayers renouncing the sins of those that came before us can move heaven to respond to our prayers! 

These are the following prayer points I would ask people to agree with. Take this to your prayer partners. We need all the help we can get before the court date on June 28th!

* Pray for the new attorneys arguing this case, that they would be well prepared for anything the State's legal defense may use in their oral arguments. Grant them the ability to formulate and implement an excellent strategy against all adversaries and enemies. Help them to be unpredictable to the lawyers and legal counsel representing the State of California. God, we ask You to send out the weapons out of your armory that will create fear and confusion in the enemy camp and eliminate the State’s ability to create a strong defense.

*Pray for James and Nathan (James will more likely be the one to argue the case) to be clear on the case law, especially those used out of context as in Jacobson vs the State of Massachusetts.

* Pray that this lawsuit would not be contaminated by introducing a fraudulent lawsuit known as WHITLOW, which was a pro-vaccination lawsuit brought about by crooked lawyers. Pray that this would not be introduced or allowed to be brought up as it could bring prejudice to the judge hearing the case.

* Pray that God would appoint the right judge to hear this case, a judge not bribed, intimidated nor biased in favor of supporting vaccination laws and he would rule favorably on behalf of the plaintiffs.

* Pray that NO STATE may be able to mandate products known to cause cancer or other serious health-related issues. One of the ingredients in vaccines is glyphosate, which is the active ingredient in Roundup, the world's most popular weed killer. The Attorney General's office won their case against Monsanto which manufacturers Roundup, stating that they had to have a label declaring that glyphosate causes cancer on their product - YET, they want to declare vaccines are safe and effective, even though this same ingredient is in vaccines. One of the main points that will be brought up is that the state cannot mandate products known to cause cancer, death or injury.

* Pray that the Attorney General cannot prove a compelling, convincing governmental interest in 'total immunization.'

* Pray that the theory that all official agencies support vaccines (The CDC, the HHS, WHO) would NOT be an influencing factor in this case and that any evidence introduced to support this view would be ignored by the judged.

*Pray for the U.S. Supreme Court ruling in Bruesewitz vs. Wyeth (2011) which declared all vaccines are unavoidably unsafe will prevail in convincing the judge to overturn SB277 AND making the stipulation that NO STATE can mandate products proven to be unsafe.

*Pray that the Attorney General's team would not be able to successfully and convincingly argue their case, and that their case would fail to convince the judge of their legal arguments.

* Pray that the Attorney General's legal team cannot prove that SB277 is narrowly tailored to effectuate their argument for total immunization.

*Pray that the Attorney General's team cannot demonstrate there exists no "less restrictive alternatives to SB277."

*Pray that SB277 would be struck down for its vagueness; it does not apply to everyone equally (discrimination).

* Pray that SB277 would be struck down because it violates freedom of religion, the right to education, lack of informed consent, and violates parental rights (removing them in regards to decision-making process over their child's healthcare) without due process of law.

Some scripture references to declare:

*Declare Luke 21:15 over Attorneys James and Nathan (no last names given due to possible harassment ) that God has given them a mouth filled with wisdom that their adversaries cannot contradict nor refute.

* Declare "God, you frustrate the devices of the crafty so that their hands cannot carry out their plans. You catch the wise in their own craftiness and the counsel of the cunning comes quickly upon them according to Job 5:12,13."

* "Blessed be the LORD who delivered us from the hand of the Egyptians and from the hands of political pharaohs, and who delivered the people from under the hand of the Egyptians. Now I know that the LORD is greater than all gods: for in the thing wherein they dealt proudly He was above them." Exodus 18:11

* Your promise in Isaiah 1:26 is that You would give us good judges and wise counselors again. Please give us our liberty back, in Jesus name!

* I declare that according to Psalm 89:23 that You have crushed Your foes and you have stricken down our enemies. Also according to Psalm 18:40, you have given us the necks of our enemies and their heads (authority) have been removed from them in Jesus name.

* I declare a sword of justice is against the mighty that seek to perpetuate evil plans and conspire against our children. Father, it is written in Isaiah 49:25 where You affirmed that “captives would be taken from warriors and plunder retrieved from the fierce; You said that You would contend with those that contend with us, and our children You would save.” Father God, we bless you and THANK YOU for pleading our cause in the court of law. We declare Jesus Christ is our advocate and attorney, going to court with us and for us. We declare the name of JESUS CHRIST over SB277, the Attorney General, the State of California and command they bow to the name of Jesus our Lord. Let Your angels be released to carry out the answers to our prayers. Thank You for victory in Jesus name. Amen.