Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Amazon Book Reviews

Hi Friends,

I get so many people writing and asking me for advice, prayers, etc. I find myself repeating myself a lot, directing them to certain prayers or articles. You can find a great deal of help in my books. Many of the prayers and counsel you are asking about is in there! All my books are available on I thought I would post some of the reviews in case you wanted to know what others have said about them.

 Five Stars October 12, 2017
Wonderful book.
 Excellent Prayers! I used the Prayer for Sight on ... March 20, 2017
Excellent Prayers! I used the Prayer for Sight on my 70+ Spiritual Mother and God RESTORED HER SIGHT! She called and left me a voice message saying, "I can READ!!!!". Thank you Jesus and Thank you Laura Gagnon.
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 This book is guaranteed to touch every aspect of your life! February 7, 2017
I gave this book 5 stars but could give it much more. Laura Gagnon has opened her heart and her life experiences to help guide women to heal in areas that we didn't even know needed healing. It touches every aspect of your life. At first I was thinking, "wow, I know so many people who need this book" then by the 2nd or 3rd chapter, I was thinking "wow I really needed this book". Some chapters left me tearful while others projected me to take a step back and spend some time deep in prayer and the Word. This book is for EVERY woman and I think ever man needs to read it as well. I am a Pastors Kid and have been raised in a spirit filled church all of my life and this book has opened my eyes to areas of spiritual warfare that I didn't even know existed and the prayers she includes in this book are phenomenal! So many women have been touched by this book in our church, we have started a weekly book study which uses "Healing The Heart of a Woman" as our syllabus. Order this book for yourself and all of your friends and family. They are guaranteed to be ministered to!Show Less
 Five Stars November 19, 2016
LOVE this book!
 The prayers are life-changing and Powerful March 10, 2016
This book "Prayers for Impossible Situation" exceeded my expectations. I pray this prayers almost every day, I find the prayers very helpful and it touches specific areas in my life, which is why I don't go without this book for long. This book taught me how to pray, it speaks the words on my heart. I feel God hears me when i pray using the prayers in this book. Get this book if you can, you will not regret it and it will bless your life. Laura did a wonderful job in this book.Show Less
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 Excellent! February 18, 2016
Our lives are filled with so many. Seemingly impossible situations. God is the God of the impossible! These prayers are truly anointed. With obedience and faith.... God will do mighty things for you and those whom you pray for.
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 Five Stars January 23, 2016
 Prayers from the heart!! January 17, 2016
This book was written for a time like this in my life! Sometimes in prayer I could not articulate in words what I wanted to ask the Lord- this was definitely written from a humble heart! I thank God for the author and for her obedience to write it!
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 Breakthrough prayers! January 11, 2016
God has truly use the author to get His children free- Nothing is impossible for those who believe in Jesus!
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 I would rate this book with 10 stars if I ... November 7, 2015
I would rate this book with 10 stars if I could. I have read books on healing emotional pain, strongholds and the mind but never have found a book that hits the mark so clearly and so deeply. I found myself highlighting to the point where I was practically highlighting the whole book. I know this is my personal reflection of the book and how it touched me, but if you have read books (apart from the word which is THE Book of healing and restoration) that grab you but doesn't quite get to the root of your issue, well not to worry with this book! It gets straight to the core, the depth, and heart of what binds you and frees you with the truth! I am thankful for how God used and still is using Laura. I have been richly blessed by this book and pray you will be too. It makes sense that if we are broken the church is broken. In order for us as a body to relieve the inheritance we are meant to have, we need to face our pain, despair, wounds and fears with the light of truth so we may be the light and reflection of Jesus to a broken world. This book, along side the bible, gets us there!!Show Less
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 Five Stars December 15, 2014
Brilliant. The timing was just right.
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 A NOW Word! December 6, 2013
A NOW word!
Both men and women will benefit from this book as you read and prayerfully go through it.
Let it heal and restore you!