Saturday, March 31, 2018

New Book Release!

Hello Friends,

I am so happy to announce my latest book, Unmaking the Culture. It is available on

This book was written specifically for missionaries and ministry leaders to better understand the people and spiritual influences where they live and minister. And, while it was written with the Mexican culture in mind, it goes far beyond that because of how the culture has migrated from Mexico to various different parts of the earth. The languages, traditions, religious practices and cultural activities that originally began in Mexico have dispersed all over the world. I would highly recommend this book to anyone that has Mexican, Hispanic, Latino or Native ancestry. The spiritual influences of people's ancestry and culture can have a powerful ability to impact generations upon generations of people without them ever stopping to consider that they may have demonic assignments attempting to hinder their ability to attain success in life.

This book is full of powerful historical facts that affect people today and shows why breaking ground in a different culture can be so difficult. Rich teaching on altars, thrones and the courts of heaven offer insights how to break demonic power and cancel assignments of the enemy. There are chapter summaries and prayers written in both English and Spanish. Chapter summaries are excellent teaching material for small groups or individual meditation and the prayers are like strategic, well-crafted arrows that hit the mark! 

This book is also a call to reformation - for the individual just as much as religious reform and reformation of society. It's a clarion call to come back to the truth and for Christians to find our common ground in the truth of scripture rather than being divided by cultural customs, religious traditions or the deception of beliefs that are deceptive and lead to destruction. 

One last note: I have deliberately kept the price of this book low, even though a tremendous amount of time, research and labor went into making it because I truly believe this is a book that can help missionaries obtain some powerful teaching to help them minister to the Spanish speaking nations. Missionaries typically do not have many resources and financial support can often be sporadic. Bless someone today and buy them a book! I have no doubt this book will be an incredible blessing!

Click on the link to order your copy today!

ALSO...For those that just want the prayers in Spanish, I have taken the prayers at the end of each chapter from the book Unmasking the Culture and made a no-frills mini booklet. Adios Diablo! Available on Amazon.  Click here to order yours today!