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Deliverance from Incubus, Succubus, Lust and Perverse Spirits

Deliverance from Incubus, Succubus Spirits, Lust and Perverse Spirits

This is a subject I have never heard mentioned from any pulpit. Many, MANY people struggle in silence due to the shame of the subject matter and the fear of rejection associated with issues of a sexual nature. Pornography, personal gratification, sexual fantasy and ungodly habits connected to sex are awkward to discuss, and the enemy knows it. I read somewhere that one statistic had it as high as 7 out of 10 people struggle with this issue, yet no one seems to be talking about it. Can you imagine the amount of unclean spirits attached to people's lives that keep them locked behind walls of shame and fear of judgment, fear of rejection? How can people get delivered if no one talks about it? I want to set some people free today and let them know YOU ARE NOT ALONE AND YOU’RE NOT CRAZY. As one who had years of first-hand experience with these things, I can tell you without a shadow of a doubt, it's not all folklore, myths and made up stories. Incubus and succubus spirits are real.

First of all, what are they? An incubus or succubus spirit is a demonic spirit that will come and lie upon someone in order to have sex with a person.  It usually occurs at night, but I had it happen when I was awake, too. I could feel something touching me in a very real way, and it wasn't my imagination. A demonic presence was involved. Wikipedia states, "An incubus (nominal form constructed from the Latin verb, incubo, incubare, or "to lie upon") is a demon in male form who, according to a number of mythological and legendary traditions, lies upon sleepers, especially women, in order to have sexual intercourse with them. Its female counterpart is the succubus."  Other references to this particular kind of demonic entity may appear in other ancient scrolls as well.

Many times people have sexually arousing dreams which they chalk up to a dream and nothing more. Or, perhaps they think they imagined something and they discount it as not being real. Psychologists and other mental health professionals can try to offer even more disturbing explanations, such as forms of mental illness. This is often NOT the case. Though an incubus seems to be drawn more to males, and the succubus to females, the spirit involved can be one and the same. Many attribute this to the spirit Lilith, or Lilu. Their 'children, or offspring," are known by many other names in various languages and countries throughout the world. Their stories have been around for thousands of years and the Bible does give reference to them. Lilith is mentioned as a screech owl spirit, (an unclean spirit that brings fear and terror by night) in Isaiah 34:11-15.Variations of scripture sometimes state the word Lilith in place of the screech owl. This spirit that brings fear and terror at night can also bring feelings of sexual pleasure, which can cause very conflicting feelings in the individual. There can be a great deal of guilt over enjoying something that a person feels is wrong, yet the pleasure part is what the enemy counts on so that people will keep the door open to him. There are many references in the Bible to spirits that will tempt, seduce, entice and lure people into sin. 

These spirits, also known as a mare spirit, have the ability to make a person feel like a heavy weight is sitting on their chest. They may make their victim feel paralyzed and unable to move or speak. They touch a person sexually in very intimate places, rape and have sex with individuals. They can also affect child-bearing, fertility/infertility, miscarriage and more. These demonic spirits can reportedly cause childhood trauma, abuse, and infant death. They can also cause untold marital and relationship problems. They will destroy marriages. These spirits can also be known as ‘spirit husbands or spirit wives’ because they have made themselves ‘one’ with those they have chosen. They are very jealous for the object of their desire, which could be one way the spirit of jealousy and control also affects people in relationships. They are also able to work through witchcraft spirits in real people that use astral projection to ‘visit’ people at will and try to have sex with other partners.  

 It’s important to recognize several things at work. First, lust, personal sexual gratification, and fantasy are open doors that the enemy uses to entice people through the enjoyment of sexual arousal and climax. Romance novels, pornography and other graphic things that defile the mind and thought life; things that contribute to the impurity in the eye gate all add to a defiled thought life that is easily led astray by wrong thoughts and fantasies. Our minds act as a big movie screen. What we feed it will play over and over again and lead people into acting on those thoughts and fantasies. That is just a fact. One cannot look at certain things and then have those images just struck from the record, so to speak. It stays in our minds, and it's not innocent. It's not without consequence. If a person looks at pornography, they will think about it. If people read lusty novels that spark certain imaginations as they read, then they are playing that image in the movie screen of their mind. It's the same with violence or other unsavory things.Sooner or later, the person will want to act on what they put into their thought life and those things become a magnet to the wrong spirits.

Demonic spirits observe us all the time. They know our likes and dislikes, and where we have weaknesses. They know how to use just the right bait to entice a person to open a door to them so that they can really get their hooks into a person. Little by little, as a person partakes of certain things, demons feel comfortable in that person's life. The person is deceived into thinking that they are acting on their own free will, but each time they partake of the same sin, they lose their resolve to say no. The demonic presence grows stronger until the person is so chained to the sin, they cannot break free. Satan is master and they are subject to his will. They need the power of God to free them. They need deliverance. But far too often, when a person enjoys the benefits of their sin, they are not yet ready for deliverance. The demons know it when they have been given permission to stay, and so they will, until the individual cries out in earnest for Jesus to set them free. God knows, too, when a person is still not ready, and He will wait. He will wait until the person is ready to walk in truth and righteousness and values their deliverance. Psalm 107:13 says:

Then they cried to the Lord in their trouble,
and he saved them from their distress.
14He brought them out of darkness, the utter darkness,
and broke away their chains.
15Let them give thanks to the Lord for his unfailing love
and his wonderful deeds for mankind,
16for he breaks down gates of bronze
and cuts through bars of iron.

We know the Holy Spirit wants us to live a pure life because we are told to ‘put on the Lord Jesus Christ and not to think about how to satisfy the desires of the flesh,’ in Romans 13:14. We are also instructed to 'be holy as the Lord is holy.' When a person enjoys the feelings of masturbation, fantasy or sex outside of marriage, for instance, they become willing partakers of the sin; thereby giving permission to the enemy’s legal right to access to the individual. Second, these spirits often come in through various open doors of abuse (emotional, sexual or physical), molestation, rape, incest or other sexual sins. There can be generational curses that have left an open door to familiar spirits, lust, witchcraft and other things that simply make unwilling individuals recipients of the things demons do to bring defilement and to rob them of their purity. Even one sexual partner that has these spirits in their life can transfer them to someone else. That makes a great argument for no premarital sex and saving oneself for marriage! The reality, though, is that there are billions of people on earth that are at the very least curious and interested in pornography, they don’t wait for marriage, don’t understand this sort of thing, and have opened themselves up to making the enemy quite comfortable to visit them whether or not they think they may have invited him. There are those that have had things happen to them that they didn't ask for or invite, yet they are just as troubled. I've known women who were abused and raped by pimps that were initiating them into the sex trade industry. While this is not true of all people, there are those that become addicted to that lifestyle and don't want out. They feel tied to the pimps and those that abuse them and they don't know why. They just keep running back to the lifestyle, or the lifestyle doesn't seem to leave them regardless of whether or not they continue in the industry. It's because of the spiritual ties. So many have lost hope because they feel there is no way out for them. These people are living with the feelings of being dirty, defiled, guilty, angry, afraid and ashamed and don’t know what to do about it. 

The third thing we need to realize is that these demonic spirits have made slaves of those they have under their control. It’s not necessarily a matter of willpower as to whether or not a person can control things such as masturbation and sexual fantasy. I have known people, myself included, that had no control because I was a slave to sin. I don't remember how old I was, perhaps around middle school age, when I saw a movie on TV that involved a paranormal spirit raping a woman in her sleep. I was struck with both fear and fascination, and it seemed to be a door the enemy used to gain even more access to my life. It wasn't long after seeing that movie that I began to have demonic nighttime visitations. Never think, "Oh, it's just a movie. It isn't real. There's no harm in in."  Not everything comes without injury to your spirit, mind and emotions. You need to guard yourself and your children from watching certain things, because the enemy is always looking for a way in. As a teen and young adult, I was promiscuous and for a brief moment, felt powerful when I had sex. Then I just felt unclean and guilty. The more I felt unclean and guilty, the more I looked for validation - through sex. I thought it was the avenue to be shown love. what I really desired was love and acceptance. Wrong thinking will keep a person trapped! Lust will produce an insatiable appetite for sex and other perverse things because as the scripture says, “Lust is never satisfied.” The saddest part of that was that I was terribly lonely, felt rejected and abandoned and desperately sought love, but in all the wrong places. I somehow attracted all the wrong people in my life, people that would abuse and mistreat me, because I became a magnet for others with demons attached to their lives. Darkness attracts more darkness, and unclean spirits are attracted to one another. Satan was my master and as such, he overpowered me. When a person is under the dominion of another master, they are subject to the will of that master. Is. 26:13 says, “O LORD our God, other masters besides You have ruled us....” There is no deliverance except through the name and authority of Jesus Christ.

When incubus and succubus spirits or other perverse spirits are in a person’s life, they assume the role of husband or wife. They become a covenant partner which must be renounced and DIVORCED. They will defile even a Christian marriage through ungodly,  impure fantasy and other things, because a demonic spirit of any kind will never be satisfied with something pure or godly. It will come to despise it, because Satan despises God’s order. Read that again! Any demonic spirit will resist and seek ways to defile what God intends to be pure. A perverse spirit is intertwined in this also. One of the key things that Satan takes advantage of  is the secrecy involved in these sort of sins. He will help a person rationalize things in order to keep those secrets tucked away in the darkness, and that is where he hides. That is where he manipulates a person's thoughts. Secrecy is where the enemy seeks to unravel the covenant of honesty, the covenant of trust, and the covenant between a husband and wife. It is also how he puts a wedge between the believer and God. Anytime we try to protect or preserve an area of our heart and life that is not submitted to God, it places us in relationship with the enemy. This can be seen in the spirit realm as making a covenant with darkness and can be thought of as a form of spiritual adultery.We can only be loyal to one, and we must choose where we place our loyalties.  If the enemy is working on helping people keep a secret, then he is working on lies, because self deception and lies told to others are what defends the stronghold and the behavior he wants us to protect and hold on to. When the enemy looks for an inroad, he is looking for ways to produce a domino effect. All he needs is to set off one that will trigger a chain reaction and cause much more trouble and heartache. When the covenant of trust and respect are undermined, the foundation of that relationship is destroyed and it's very difficult to get that back. 

Even as Christians, my husband and I both suffered and struggled with a variety of these ungodly spirits. We did not know who to turn to, to get free. I had lived with these demonic spirits all my life. I did not know where the door came open, they just always seemed to be there. I remember being a very small child and sensing unclean things in my life. There was always a sense of being watched and some invisible presence around me. They were familiar spirits but I did not know that then. Fear was huge in my life, as was insecurity. I also had an unnatural attraction to the supernatural and occult. Lust had been with me since I was very young. When I got saved, those things didn't automatically leave, even though I tried very hard to fill my life with good, godly things. Nothing I tried worked. Even as a very committed Christian, I still suffered with nighttime visitations from demonic visitors. I was still addicted to the same things that had been a part of my life when I was young. And there was no one to turn to, no one that I felt would understand. The church made it seem as if willpower was all that was needed in order to live free, with an attitude of just don't do certain things or engage in certain behaviors and you'll be fine, but that was not all there was to it. I needed deliverance, but the people I was surrounded with did not have the answers. The fear of rejection and being judged by others in the church was too great, and for many people, it still is. I could not bring myself to ask about such an uncomfortable subject. Unbeknownst to me, the man that later became my husband had some of those same things working in his own life. He too, felt the same way about fear of being judged. He felt there was no one he could trust. At the time, he was a pastor. Ministers fear rejection and judgment from their peers just like anyone else, probably more so, because they are standing in front of others as an example. There were things in his life that had opened doors to the wrong spirits gaining entrance. We both had things we didn't necessarily ask for, but regardless once we had the wrong spirits operating in our lives we found ourselves in bondage. Those open doors caused both of us to experience some tremendous disappointments and failures. I would not wish them on anyone. Far too often, all that people hear is a message telling them all the things not to do. Honestly, most of them already know that. The problem is, they've got issues already and don't know who has the answers to set them free so that they can walk in righteousness. We cannot help anyone if we are busy judging them. All people tend to see is the sin, but since they can't see the demons controlling others they tend to judge the sin and reject the person. God still loves us all, regardless. It makes Him sad when people live in bondage and He longs to give us the answers we need. People fear the rejection of talking openly about this subject, and fear of judgment keeps people trapped. The reality though, is that the enemy will use that to undermine a person's success and lay a trap for them so that they end up being judged anyway.Pride will make a person fall because it will keep a person from asking for help. Better to face your fears from someone that is equipped to help you than allow Satan to drag you through greater shame and failure later on. The enemy will wait, until you are on the brink of a tremendous breakthrough and then he will strike. You don't want that. I am transparent here, because I can’t help anyone if I’m not willing to share from the heart. My husband and I do understand your struggles. It can feel very unfair indeed to have to take responsibility for things that were done to us because of someone else opening a door to the enemy, or things inflicted upon us. I know the bitterness that can result, but I must tell you that bitterness opens a big door to much more trouble than you want. Regardless of how the enemy gained access to your life, I urge you to do what YOU NEED to in order to gain your freedom. You must take responsibility for all the junk that is in your life!

More of a side note here: A perverse spirit turns things upside down. What is bad, seems good. What is pure and right, is considered undesirable, void of any satisfaction, or insufficient. It doesn't always have to take on the idea of being bad, just undesirable, therefore it is rejected in favor of something else. In order to turn a person to reject God’s natural order, His ordained order of things, the stage must first be set for a person to become disappointed or dissatisfied with what is His choice and His will. Disappointment turns to bitterness. Then, a rejection and abandonment of godly morals and conduct so that a godless and rebellious lifestyle can be embraced. Now stop to think about all that has been written here up to now.It is said that incubus and succubus spirits are the same spirit, but able to switch between male or female, so they have bisexual abilities and possess the power to influence others in a similar fashion. It is easy to see how these demonic spirits can cause gender identity issues, sexual orientation issues, and a root cause of homosexuality. Familiar spirits can be a part of someone’s life all their life if they are born into generational sin and iniquitous patterns. That is why people can swear up and down they were ‘born gay’ when in fact it is actually caused by demonic spirits. There are simply familiar spirits that remain in families to reproduce certain sins and lifestyles. It may skip a generation or two, then reappear, which is why it can sometimes not be considered as a generational curse. Also, in households where the female is controlling, abusive and male leadership is greatly lacking or subdued by a dominant female, there will be greater instances of children turning to the gay or perverse lifestyle. Why? Because the order is upside down. It's reversed. God has chosen the male authority to be dominant over the family unit, not the female. God has chosen the male authority to represent Christ to the family. The male authority is designed by God to protect, cover, instruct, and discipline the household in righteous ways so that good fruit and godly offspring are the result of a divinely ordered union between a man and a woman. THIS IS GOD'S ORDER. The incubus and succubus spirits can work in those situations where the authority is backwards, missing or dysfunctional  because they are rooted in rebellion and of a perverse origin. Friend, it is not love to allow you to fool yourself into thinking anyone can sin with impunity. You must know the truth because you are held accountable to it. There is a holy, loving God that has made a provision for your sin, and that is the blood sacrifice of Jesus Christ. All you have to do is accept His provision! Trying to deny or avoid truth does not lessen the penalties for breaking God's laws.

1 Corinthians 6:9 says, 

Or do you not know that the unrighteous will not inherit the kingdom of God? Do not be deceived; neither fornicators, nor idolaters, nor adulterers, nor effeminate, nor homosexuals, 10nor thieves, nor the covetous, nor drunkards, nor revilers, nor swindlers, will inherit the kingdom of God.…

Galatians 5:20,21: 

"...idolatry, sorcery, enmities, strife, jealousy, outbursts of anger, disputes, dissensions, factions, 21envying, drunkenness, carousing, and things like these, of which I forewarn you, just as I have forewarned you, that those who practice such things will not inherit the kingdom of God. 

You must be saved and walk in the truth that you know, for the truth that you know is how you are one day judged by the Judge of heaven and earth. 


You can be free!! Please click on the link to a prayer to be delivered from all these ungodly spirits.

I also have a brand new book published called Seduced into Shame that has all the information available on how to work with God in your own self deliverance in these issues. It is available on 


  1. Thank you for being honest. I too struggle with spirits. I was delivered 14 years ago by regurgitation but i let them back into my life. It was then a way of life. A life that i felt connected to. The Lord continued to watch over me and rescue me and mind mind from committing sinful acts and putting myself in situations where yes was my answer but he still never left my side. Im married now with children and i know that they(incubus and sucubus) are here. It affects my marital life in an unknown way aswell. I want to be free and give myself,husband,and children,and those that i am suppose to witness to a chance to live in Spirit and in truth

  2. I Need your help , my husband Dies this all the time to me and Im Seprated

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    1. Hector,

      Have you prayed the prayer to be delivered from these spirits? Please see the prayer link at the end of this article, and also pray the Breakthrough Prayer as well. You can find the link on the home page.

      I really do not like to post such graphic comments as what you've written but I understand your dilemma and I wanted to make sure you saw my reply. It is really important for you to WANT to be free more than you enjoy the momentary pleasures that these spirits are bringing into your life. They know when you are in agreement and have given place to them and when you're serious about wanting your deliverance!

      I would also suggest you go through your house and get rid of anything that could be questionable. Sometimes demons can be attached to inanimate objects. The Breakthrough Prayer is very important to do also as it breaks off soul ties to former lovers as well as cutting off legal loopholes that the enemy looks for in order to gain access to your life. I know the prayer is long, but speak them out loud from a sincere heart. Let your faith connect with the words that you speak. God is faithful. He will answer!

      If you need additional counsel, you may contact me at rather than posting everything here.

      Bless you, hope you regain your freedom quickly Hector!

  4. I am praying and believing that I will be delivered soon. I have been tormented for over 10 years. I want to be free I want to be delivered.i need to be free. Sometimes I feel so tired I have been fighting for so long. Help me.

    1. Chrissy, how are you doing? Are you still struggling in the same areas? If you need additional help you can contact me at

  5. I have been tormented for over 10 years. I have been praying for so long and believing sometimes I feel so tired. I need to be delivered I have to be.

  6. I have talked to ypu before though i never really go to read your testimony. Everything you said was me and is me. I have sren things and been attacked by things since i was five. I can feel everything they do to me but its usually on my back i ferl sensation. I have done things since i was little and was addicted to things. I thought things i didn't understand and even when I tried to get the thoughts out of my head they were still there. I hate sexual things and though i tried to have willpower i did not very well. I used to think it was me and I was evil though now i know it is not. The guilt still eats me alive and i her thoughts constant thoughts saying its me or I am evil. Even on my birthday today i struggle with these thoughts but when i prayed for the thoughts to go away they did. O thank you for praying for me and i hope i am able to receive deliverance soon. Thank you and God bless you.

    1. Keep resisting, Marinda. You are not evil. That is the enemy's voice. Jesus takes our guilt, shame and sin away through His blood. Begin to declare the blood of Jesus defeats you, Satan! Here is a link for you to read and declare the scriptures over your life. Remember, Jesus always defeated the enemy by starting with, "Away with you, Satan! For it is written..." and then He would quote the scripture.

      If you still need help you can contact me at

  7. Glory Be To God our Lord and Savior!
    IT IS NOT BY COINSIDENCE THAT WE HAVE STUMBLED UPON THIS PARTICULAR ARTICLE AND DECIDED TO POST OUR DEEPEST SECRETS.SOMETIMES WE FEEL ALONE ASTHOUGH NO ONE WOULD UNDERSTAND THESE FEELINGS.WELL YOURE NOT WE ARE NOT ALONE. If you have confessed with your mouth and believed in your heart that Jesus died for your sins...DONT LET THE DEVIL TAKE THAT AWAY FROM YOU THROUGH HIS ANTAGANIZING AN DECEITFUL WAYS. Continue to talk to God daily seek his face dont be afraid to look like him....Be encouraged soilders and i pray for you and please do the same for me

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  9. I had these sex dreams for decades and was ashamed to talk about it. January, 2016 I decided to tell a friend of mine after having sexual dreams with ex lovers and my brother. I also struggled for years with vaginal infection, miscarriages, broken marriages and a lot of other different problems. My spiritual eyes where opened when the person told me I was married in the spirit realm by incubus spirits. I cried for weeks when i started my research on sex demons, knowing that I've been having this problem for so many years and didn't want to talk about it. I got deliverance with the help of my pastor and his wife.

  10. Remember, Jesus always defeated the enemy by first submitting to God (He always was), then resisting Satan's wiles of temptation or deception. He fought with the words, "Away with you, Satan! For it is written..." And then He quoted scripture. Here is an article on this topic with scripture verses included. Personalize them and declare them over your life.

  11. our God provides thank you Jesus for reaviling this

  12. These spirits have destroyed my life. Please. Please. I caution anyone reading this. Don't delay in addressing this issue. It caused irreparable damage to my life. It's too late for me. Don't let them win.

    1. Hi Deb,

      It's never too late for deliverance. Run through the previous comments and look at what I've written to others. Jesus came to set the captives free! Cry out to Him and He will lead you into your deliverance, healing and restoration.

  13. Hi Laura:
    I and going through this similar struggle with my husband.....I felt lost and confused and just started searching for a word and the Lord lead me to your page. I can see now the struggle is not my husband its the evil spirits within...... I saw that you had a breakthrough prayer in Spanish, do you happen to have the in Spanish as well? He is not very fluent in English.
    Thank you again, this has truly help me to understand the struggle he is facing. God bless.

  14. Hi, no I do not have this prayer in Spanish. I believe you can hit the Google translate button but I am not sure if it all comes across clearly that way. Some things may be lost in translation.

  15. Hi all,

    I wanted to announce my new book that deals with incubus and Succubus issues...It's called Seduced into Shame, and it's available on It has all the information in one place to help people with their deliverance issues.

    1. Good morning Laura, first of all may God keep you and bless you. I was led to your page this am. Even though I have been delivered from lust, there was a door opened or transfer of something causing a dream. I came on to do research as I am in deliverance ministry and i know I am supposed to be teaching on a higher level, as there are layers to that stronghold. Thank you. I am going to get your book for more info and as a reference.

    2. Hi Renee,

      The book is a wealth of information on a number of levels. It is also a great resource for those desiring to form their own ministry teams. I believe it will bless you!

  16. I had a homosexual experience in my adolescence and, since then, I do not know freedom or liberation, because on many occasions I returned to fall into the same, even after coming to God at my 30 years. I have come back to thinking about suicide, but since it is not the way to choose, at most I am asking God to die, that I would rather die than continue living in relapsed periodicals.

    1. Dear El Fundamento,

      Please do not lose hope! There is something you are not understanding about your situation that is keeping you stuck, but there is always help through Jesus Christ. If you pray and ask God to let you die then you are making an agreement with death in the spirit realm. This allows demons to act on what you've spoken. There are many things that could be affecting you. I encourage you to get my new book and allow the truths in there to speak to you. You can also greatly befit from prophetic ministry. That can help she'd some light on something you might not be aware of. Keep praying and ask God to show you the root issue.He will help you!

      Bless you,

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  19. Hello Friends,

    I know many of you are contending for your healing. I just wanted to encourage your faith by posting a recent review on from my book, Prayers for Impossible Situations. This is from a person who prayed this prayer to recover sight.

    "Excellent Prayers! I used the Prayer for Sight on my 70+ Spiritual Mother and God RESTORED HER SIGHT! She called and left me a voice message saying, "I can READ!!!!". Thank you Jesus and Thank you Laura Gagnon."

  20. God is my healer, as I read this article I know that I am not the only one that is going through this.
    I have been going through this same heartfelt Misery for five years now, and it is not easy to have something to attack your body where you can not fight back at in the natural.
    But as I stay on course I know that, God has me and I know that it will work out in the end.
    God is teaching me that it's all about surrendering​ to him and that it is not about, call or talk to people about certain matters that are going on in our lives, because of our judgemental spirit, we also have small mind's, and that he is the all sufficient one, who controls everything.
    On March 29 of this year GOD told me, my name has power and I will get things done.
    So whenever​I have these attacks from the enemy I get up and read my Bible and pray, we run to Him because he is our protector, and when we run from GOD we are open to the devil play ground.
    So the devil can't stay were God is, oh he may try to temp you but God's word has power.
    Yes I maybe going through this but as long as I got king JESUS, I AM
    Heavenly Father, I ask in your son's name that you would keep them from harm's way, I pray that these attacks would diminish and that you would Shield them by put your arms around them and letting them know that you care about their affairs and that as they learn to look to the hill which cometh their help their help will always comes from you Psalms 21.

    Be Blessed ��

  21. hi am christopher..i too have that same problem with my wife right now,she told me one day that she pray god and he reveal her to divorce from me,now she doesnt have any afection for me..i know its the devil,we are separated for 1 month,its hard but i know God will not let us down,i pray everyday till she accepts and repent herself and get delivered in Jesus name...NO devils shall win over my marriage as Jesus already gave me victory over them ALL...there is NOTHING greater than the name of JESUS...

  22. Hi Christopher, you and your wife need to read my book, Seduced into Shame. Especially the chapter on how those spirits affect marriage and family! They want to be the only spouse in your life and will bring division. God bless your marriage. Remember the verse, 'what God has joined together, let no one divide asunder!' Declare this over your wife and family. Bless you...

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  24. Hi Tina,

    Contact me privately at and let's talk about it.


  25. I just can't see the beauty in life anymore or the point in living. I have your book and I hope as I read I can find the answers. I'm being touched and tormented daily(especially at night) and I can't deal with this anymore! The rubbing/poking and the nightmares.. the voices..Will I be able to get married/date!? I'm a young female in her 20's and I'm afraid I'm damaged goods :( I made a mistake at 18 and these demons have been here ever since. I've prayed, fasted, worshiped.. no signs.. no assurance.. nothing.. I'm even beginning to doubt God to be honest.. I cry all the time and I'm stressed out beyond belief. I fear getting close to anyone in college because I'm damaged goods with attached spirits. I feel like nothing. I really want to commit suicide but I also want to dream and live and idk what to do. This is overtaking me. I'm gonna dig more into your book and pray but this may be above me.

    1. Dear Comments,

      Please don't give up! There is something the enemy is using to gain access to your life. It is currently a blind spot to you, which is why it is so important to rely on the ministry of the Holy Spirit. He can tell you what door the enemy sees that you do not! Unforgiveness is often a door that people think is not open, when in reality the spirit realm sees it differently. Ask Holy Spirit to reveal if there is anyone you need to forgive. Pay attention to the people or memories that come to mind because those will be clues. The book also helps uncover other possible entry ways, and includes prayers to help cut off those access points as well. But, you should also consider the possibility of things such as soul ties to former lovers that need to be broken, partaking in something that is sin (but you may not think it is sin), or even curses on your home that may have been there before you moved in. All of those things can be reasons why demons find access, but there are ways to cut them off. Where do you live? Do you have access to authentic, anointed prophetic ministry? This is really necessary at times, to have someone with spiritual authority pray over you.

  26. Just comments Before Laura answers we rebuke suicide in the name of Jesus!!!! Trust me it gets better! I still struggle with residue and I'm older than you . I'm trusting God for total deliverance but know we go thru things for others!!! This will be your testimony. Do you have access to a deliverance ministry? These types of issues cannot be handled alone. Discipleship is necessary I've experienced but God led me to those who could assist in deliverance. Don't lose hope!!!!' Will be praying for you . I know EXACTLY what your dealing with

  27. Thank you guys for your comments! I really need all the hope I can get it's been so long and I'm tired. I recently bought a book called Thd Bait of Satan and I'm really hoping that helps me with my unforgiveness issues. I'm also going to find a deliverance ministry like you guys suggested and I'm going to try and keep my head up. It's so hard sometimes but I have so many dreams I don't want to go to waste.

  28. Please pray for me that the spirit of delay will be broken from my life.


  29. Hi Laura, I think my wife is having an affair with another woman. Circumstantial evidence.
    She asked me if one could get STD's through Lady sex.
    Secret phone calls but not often.
    Often comments on other women's, breast and looks in a sexual way.
    A man touched her daughter not in a good way.
    She sends me text messages as me to texted her before I come home.
    Last Sunday she ask me to text her before coming home. I did?
    We met on first floor of our apartment, where there are restaurants. I went to kiss her, she turned, only allowing me to kiss her on the cheek.
    Same day, Found another women's panties in our bathroom. Checked to see if it was hers or our daughters. It was not either ones.
    Also found a hair tie on our dresser. She does not use them as her hair is too short. Daughter only uses the little black rubber band type.
    A few days later, she ask me to message her breast, namely the nipples, as they were hurting. When I ask when they started hurting, her answer was elusive. No real time line given. Feeling this to be a bit odd and in lieu of the fact of this items found, I pressed harder. I asked a leading question, was it 3 or 4 days ago. She answered, Yes it was 3 or 4 days ago.
    My heart sank
    Her brother is a homosexual, but pretends to know God.
    Do you know some scriptures I can ask to reveal this affair. I know of scriptures to heal her, but if I do not catch her she will always deny the affair. I need hard evidence.