A Prayer For Military Personnel

The following prayer is more of a condensed version of the prayer for protection from terrorism, but can be used to pray for our military personnel and loved ones fighting for our nation.


Father God, 

I ask that You bless us with Your favor - on land, in the water, and in the airwaves. Help us to advance from victory to victory, crush the wickedness and oppression of our enemies, and establish Your justice among men and among nations. 

I ask You, Father, to set up safety and protection for all those that come under the umbrella of my prayer. I pray for myself, my family members, my brothers and sisters in the military, and their families at home and abroad. For Your namesake, O God, I ask that You remember the sacrifice Jesus paid on our behalf and deliver us from the hand of our enemies. Deliver us from evil we pray and hear this petition. I acknowledge You, Lord Jesus, as the One who can forgive our sins, grant eternal life and give us victory over our enemies. First and foremost, I ask Your forgiveness for my own sins, and to please adopt me as Your child. I thank You, Jesus, for Your blood that cleanses me from unrighteousness and takes away the stain of my sin. I receive You as Lord and Savior, and thank You for Your sacrifice on the cross.

Father, You said your wisdom would make us wiser than our enemies, and I ask that You give our military personnel wisdom and discernment for every situation. Help us know what You would have us to do. Give our commanding officers strategic insight and divine knowledge that comes from You, to enable us to outwit our enemies and to see them defeated. 

Let the glory of the Lord be our rear guard. Protect us in our blind spots, Lord. Show us the enemy's plans before they can be executed and give us wisdom to know what to do. I ask that You arrange the timing of our days and interrupt the plans and schemes of the enemy so that we avoid accidents, premeditated plots, spontaneous trouble and dangerous situations.You, O God, are the strength of my salvation and You have covered my head in the day of battle. Do not grant, O Lord, the desires of the wicked. Do not further their wicked schemes lest they be exalted, as it is written in Ps. 140:7,8.

Keep us from the snares set by wicked men, and from the traps of workers of iniquity. Let those that would set traps for us get caught in their own nets, while Your people escape safely, according to Your word in Ps. 141:8,9. I ask for angelic protection and divine intervention to interrupt the plans of the enemy. I declare that every weapon formed against us will fail in the hands of the enemy. No gun will fire. No bomb will detonate. I command every weapon to fail in Jesus name. Let every weapon  be supernaturally redirected back into the enemy camp by the hand of God.

Let angelic sentries be established over every boundary line, secure our borders and hold the line of defense. I decree a release of interdiction into terrorists, drug dealers and drug cartel camps that will delay, disrupt, and destroy enemy forces, supplies, finances, and communication en route to the enemy’s targeted battle areas. I command all communication to be confused so that they cannot understand one another, just as You did at the tower of Babel. Let their coordinates be those of their own headquarters and enemy locations, ISIS training camps and where terrorists plot evil deeds. Let the weapons of Your arsenal be released into enemy territory. I declare the enemy’s tactical operations are immediately halted and are unraveling now, in Jesus name. I declare fear, confusion, and disruption into the enemy’s camp and I ask that You, O God, drive the enemy out of hiding. Rout the enemy, Lord, and compel him to go where You know the Your enemies will be exposed and caught. I declare the enemy shall be brought to justice. 

Lord, I ask that You would cause the enemy to reveal what he has planned in secret and expose the things that have been plotted to do harm to the United States, our military personnel and innocent civilians. Cause the enemy to stumble over his own tongue to reveal his plans. Create a breach in the enemy’s camp. Turn the hearts of terrorists and Muslims to the truth so that they may be saved. Divide their loyalties and turn them against wicked plans of ISIS so that the enemy’s plans shall not be executed. I ask You, O God, to pull them to the Lord’s side without delay that as many as possible may be saved. Open their eyes to see the truth in Jesus name, and those that won't - let them be swiftly defeated.

 I declare the Lord Jesus Christ is my shield and great reward! I thank You, Jesus, that as my shield, nothing can touch me without Your permission. You are my strong tower and my safe refuge! I declare the safety and protection of Psalm 91. Father, hide me and my unit under the safety of Your wings. Cloak us in invisibility so the enemy cannot see, hear or discern where we are. Let all our movements be hidden from the enemy so that we have the element of surprise. I also ask You to send Your angelic armies to ambush the enemy where our adversaries are planning an attack on us or others.

You have given Your people dominion to exercise Your judgments in the earth according to Psalm 150:6-9. I declare that me and my team members will not be controlled by a spirit of fear and terrorism. I release a spirit of faith and courage to uplift our spirit and emotions. You are NOT on the side of terrorists or evil doers. You are MY GOD and You are for ME! You are on the side of justice. With the Great and Mighty God of all Creation on my side, I am on the winning team. So, Lord Jesus, Heavenly Father and Holy Spirit - bless our team with Your success. 

I declare the name of Jesus Christ over myself and my team, over all the U.S. military personnel. I declare Jehovah Nissi is our victory and Jehovah Shammah, the Lord is present with us. I declare the name El Shaddai over my geographic location, for You are the God that is mighty and You are my sustainer. I declare the name El Elyon over this land, for I exalt You as the MOST HIGH GOD. You are the Sovereign One. I declare Jehovah Saboath over this land, for You are the Lord of Hosts of angelic armies.I declare the name of El Gmulot, for You are the God of recompense and the one who spoils the plans of the enemy. I declare JESUS CHRIST IS LORD OVER ISIS/ISIL, ALLAH, AL-QAEDA AL NUSRA, KHORASAN, VENGEANCE and TERRORISM. I command every enemy and terrorist group to bow to the name of Jesus Christ. You are our shield, Lord Jesus, and our great reward. You are a place of strength and refuge for Your people. You said in Isaiah 54:17 that NO weapon formed against us would prosper, and every tongue that rises up against Your people would be condemned. I also claim your promise in Psalm 91. A thousand may fall at our left hand and ten thousand on our right, but trouble will not come near us. Because we have made the Lord our dwelling place, no evil shall befall us nor shall any stroke, mark, wound, affliction or plague come near our dwelling, according to Your word. For You have given Your angels charge over us to keep us in all Your ways and they shall bear us up.

Thank You, Father for hearing my prayer. Thank You for sending Your angels to assist us and help keep us safe. Thank You for spoiling the plans of the enemy and our adversaries. In Jesus name, Amen.

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