Strategic Prayer for U.S. Military Troops

Father God,

I pray for Your favor on land, in the airwaves and on sea. I pray for Your favor to help American military troops advance against every enemy, adversary and foe. Empower us to take dominion away from evil men and advance in order to implement justice for the oppressed. Position yourself around us as a shield, and let Your favor grant us everything that is needed to carry out the assignments we have been given.

Give us godly wisdom, discernment, the Spirit of Understanding, prophetic insight and foresight. Grant us the ability to formulate and implement excellent strategy against all adversaries and enemies. Help us to be unpredictable to the enemy so that they cannot predict our next move. Get us behind enemy lines without being seen. We speak blindness into the eyes of our adversaries, opponents and enemies, in Jesus name. Draw their attention elsewhere, Lord. While the enemy is occupied with something else, hit him in his blind spot. Send out the weapons out of your armory that will create fear and confusion in the enemy camp and eliminate his ability to create a strong defense.

Lord Jesus, ride into battle and go before us to help us secure the victory. Give those that are on the enemy’s side troubling dreams. Show them, like you did to the Midianites in Gideon’s day, a dream of their opponents defeating them. Show them that You are not on their side fighting ungodly battles with them. Show the enemy that You have delivered them into the hands of Your servants and that there is no way they can win. Demoralize the enemy and cause them to lose hope in their ungodly leader(s). Let them lose hope in themselves and know that they cannot defeat those that have the King of Kings fighting on their behalf. Turn their hearts and loyalties to come over to the Lord’s side, and to act courageous in taking a stand for righteousness. Compel them to do whatever you tell them to do. Let them see themselves surrounded by those they consider their enemies and know they are already conquered.

I ask you to create calculated disorder to weed out, pluck up and remove ungodly authority and all those determined to fight for Satan’s agenda. Create enmity where it’s needed in order to divide loyalties and tear down the enemy’s authority structure. Establish godly leadership that will yield to Your authority and allow Your plans and purposes to be carried out.  

I ask You to dispatch angels to lay siege to enemy supply lines and cut off their communication with one another. Squeeze, hinder, interrupt and remove the enemy's ability to gather intel, finances, and supplies. Blow up loyalties between allies and separate enemy forces from one another. Thin out enemy forces and cause them to retreat, give up, and utterly take themselves out of the battle. Feed the enemy's paranoia by convincing them that those they are fighting are superior in every way and have capabilities that they cannot match. Release information that convinces them they have already lost so that they will not attack. Show American military troops what is on the enemy's horizon and help us develop a plan to unravel enemy schemes.

Rally Your people O Lord, and call for Your angelic army to establish a fortified front against enemy assault. Help Your people, O God, to advance into enemy territory and set up outposts. Enable us to recover what has been lost, taken captive and what the enemy has claimed for himself. Let our prayers come before you and may You send Your help in answered prayer quickly, O Lord, and may it bring you great glory. In Jesus name, amen.

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