Friday, May 6, 2016

Prayer for Healing Autism

Because I do not believe God wants us to surrender hope. We do not have to accept negative prognosis or diagnosis. Whether autism is the result of a vaccine injury or other physical condition, a generational curse or another spiritually rooted issue, Jesus Christ is the answer. His will is to heal and deliver. This prayer was specifically crafted for a child with severe autism. You too can believe that your impossible situation can be reversed when you invite God into the situation.

Note: I highly recommend a couple days of fasting in addition to making this prayer, for there are some demonic spirits that only respond to the additional component of fasting. Insert the name of your loved one in the appropriate place.

  • In the name and authority of Jesus Christ, I pray over ___________’s brain and I break the power of poisoned thinking and the strongholds of the mind. I break the power of word curses and generational curses in Jesus name.

  • In the name and authority of Jesus Christ, I bind the spirits of Legion and the Deaf and Dumb spirit, rendering them powerless, impotent and paralyzed. I forbid Legion and every demon under its authority from interfering or interrupting with _________’s thought processes, motor responses and speech.

  • In the name and authority of Jesus Christ, I bind the spirits of Fear, Anger, Bitterness, Rebellion, Rejection and Disapproval. I bind all mind-blinding spirits and the spirit of Autism.

  • In the name and authority of Jesus Christ, I break any and all ungodly oaths or covenants made with occult spirits, religious spirits and spirits of witchcraft. I bind them to silence, impotence and render them paralyzed in the name of Jesus Christ.

  • In the name and authority of the Lord Jesus Christ, I command every spirit of insanity, doublemindedness, instability and schizophrenia be bound to silence, impotence and paralyzed now. I forbid them from speaking, influencing or taking over _______’s mind and body.

  • Now, in the name and authority of the Lord Jesus Christ, every ungodly and unclean spirit, leave _______ now and go to the abyss that was created for you. I command you to leave and never return in Jesus name! Get out and leave ________ alone!

  • In the name of Jesus Christ I declare that the old has passed away and all things are made new in ________’s life, according to 2 Corinthians 5:17.

  • Let every demonic attachment be severed now, in Jesus name, for it is written that we shall cast out demons, lay hands on the sick and they shall be healed, according to Mark 16:18.

  • In the name and authority of Jesus Christ, let the seeds of inherited bitterness, rejection, fear, rebellion and infirmity shrivel and die now.

  • Let every seed that originates from the tree of good and evil, and every other evil tree, shrivel and die now, in Jesus name.

  • Let all seeds that were implanted by Satan in the generational line, even from before birth shrivel and die now. 

  • Let there be no more bad fruit nor seeds reproduced off of evil trees, in Jesus name.

  • Let all evil inheritances, both spiritually and naturally, be cut off and sent back to where they came from, in Jesus name.

  • I command all fear and anxiety to leave _______ now for it is written that God has not given ______ a spirit of fear, but power love and a sound mind according to 2 Timothy 1:7. Therefore, I release peace, joy, love and the sound mind that is afforded to ______ in Jesus name.

  • I declare that _______will come out of his/her shell and no longer be bound by fear or a hardened heart in Jesus name. Let him/her choose to unlock the door from the inside of their heart and mind. Let them receive a new heart by the Spirit of the Lord, for it is written in Ezekiel 11:19 that God will replace their hardened heart with a heart of flesh; compassion, peace, love and forgiveness.

  • I declare _______ will no longer be shy and withdrawn, but he/she will have normal thought processes and social skills in Jesus name. He/she will speak and behave as a normal child.

  • I command all that has been locked up and locked out in _______’s mind is now opened in Jesus name.

  • I command the thief to return _______’s mind in the name and authority of Jesus Christ. For it is written in Proverbs 6:31 that when the thief is caught he must repay and give up all the substance of his house. I command all that is rightfully _______’s to be restored and returned to him/her now, and with a 7 fold increase as well, in Jesus name.

  • I command the gifts of the spirit that originate in the mind and thought processes to be redeemed and purified by the blood of the sinless lamb. Let every gifting of intelligence, creativity, and witty idea under the inspiration of God be redeemed now for the glory of God, in the name and authority of the Lord Jesus Christ.

  • I command every thought process and mental disorder that made _____ unstable or developmentally disabled to be redeemed and restored to normal function now, in Jesus name. Let there be an acceleration of recovery to redeem lost time in Jesus name.

  • I ask that You would heal the cerebral cortex in _____’s brain. I ask that You would fill any areas of deficiency with the fullness of Your Holy Spirit.

  • ·        Let the brain chemicals of seratonin, noradrenalin, norepinephrine, epinephrine, dopamine and all chemicals produced by the brain be correctly balanced.

  • ·        Let every deficiency be filled and every over secretion be reduced to just the right levels for ______.

  • ·        Let there be no over production of cortisol.

  • ·        Let every amino acid neurotransmitter function with perfect wholeness and soundness as it is in Jesus Christ.

  • ·         Let every gene that carried defective or mutated DNA that would perpetuate weakness,  compromised health, mental instability or that which carries the result of a curse be healed at the cellular level. Infuse every cell, every gene, every strand of DNA with the DNA and healing of Jesus Christ.

  • ·        Let every curse be broken and sent back to the source, for You O God did not give _______ any DNA that would carry a curse. It came from the evil one, and as I submit to Your authority, I resist the devil and command him to take back everything that he has brought upon ________.

  • ·        I pray that any damage to the brain itself, the neurotransmitters, and the centers for impulse control in ______’s cerebral cortex be healed now in Jesus name.

  • ·        Let there be light in every darkened area of the brain, though patterns and emotional responses. I declare the amino acid and peptide neurotransmitters be rewired to function in perfect health and send the proper amounts of chemicals to regulate impulse control, stress management, peace, pleasure and pain management in perfect balance.

  • ·        Let the acytlcholine functions be healed and restored to perfect health.

  • ·        Let the chemical agents and the communication messengers between brain cells function in perfect harmony, balance and soundness in every cell.

  • ·        Let all things in the molecular structure that affect mood, anxiety, appetite, sleep, temperature, heart rate, self-control, discernment, impulse control, aggression, fear, stress management and other physical and psychological appetites, desires and occurrences be healed and restored to the perfect wholeness that exists in Jesus Christ.

  • ·        Holy Spirit, let Your fullness fill any deficiencies in ________’s mind and body, for it is written in Psalm 23:1 that YOU are ______’s Shepherd and he/she shall have no lack.

  • ·        Let all areas that have been damaged, those areas that are genetically unsound, weak, impaired or afflicted be healed, for it is written, "Surely He has borne our griefs and carried our sorrows; yet we esteemed Him stricken, smitten by God and afflicted. But He was wounded for our transgressions, He was bruised for our iniquities, the chastisement for our peace was upon Him, and by His stripes we are healed," in Is. 53:4, 5.

  • ·        Lord Jesus, You told us, Your disciples, to lay hands on the sick and they would recover, (Mark 16:18). You said in John 14:7 and again in John 14:16 that if we abide in You, we could ask whatever we desire in Your name and Your Father would do it, because it would bring glory to Your name. So I ask that _______ would be healed in the cellular, molecular level of their genes, in their DNA, and that anything that resides there that is not of Your placement, nor Your will be supernaturally removed, replaced with Your fullness and restored to perfect health right now, in Jesus name.

  • ·        Holy Spirit, please give _______ a revelation of his/her heavenly Father's love and acceptance so that Your perfect love will cast out all fear. Reveal the Father's heart to ________. Show him/her their true identity as it is in Christ. Lead _________ to the salvation that is through Jesus Christ. I thank You and give You glory for the healing that is taking place now in Jesus name. Amen.


  1. These prayers just made my day. I believe I will share my testimony really soon in Jesus Name

  2. amen! and so will i in Jesus Name!!

  3. Amen. In the mighty name of Jesus, my son will be healed!

  4. Praying this prayer everyday. In Jesus name my son will be healed!!

  5. Thank you Jesus!! I will pray this daily until my son is healed in Jesus name!!

  6. Please pray this prayer for my son Ari. Thank you.

  7. I request all of you to please pray for my friends son Ali Bhai who is getting worse and violent. Very soon you will find my testimony too here with all your prayers. Thank you all

  8. What type of fasting do you suggest for those couple of days?

  9. Starting today. Kimberly is heal in Jesus Name !!!

  10. I agree and declare M.J. Pawsey completely healed in the authority in the name of our Lord and saviour Jesus christ amen.

  11. I just saw this prayer. I'm going to prayer this everyday until my son Edward is free from autism.

  12. Praying this and expecting healing in Jesus' matchless name for my dear son, Josiah. Amen.

  13. Thank you for this wonderful, I will do fasting for 21 Sunday , in the name of the God Jesus, if my kid is going to alright . I want to feel the miracle.. Please Jesus help me and my family and my kid. Love you so much

  14. I decree and declare in Jesus mighty name that the chains of Autism will break and Gavyns mind body and spirit will be made new like only you can Lord! You make beauty from ashes and breathe life to dry bones we uplift every parent and child that visits this page! Hallelujah!

  15. I pray for all the above requests to have their Children healed in the name of Jesus. I am looking for a miracle myself that my sweet 3 year old boy Ari recover completely from Autism and the behaviors and limitations that come with it. This prayer gives me hope where I was feeling hopeless.Thank You.