Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Prayer to Heal Your Land, Family and Business

 So many people suffer needlessly with the effects of unbroken curses that affect their health, emotions and mental stability and much more. God always has an answer! The Bible tells us in Proverbs 26:2 that "a curse without a cause shall not alight." The enemy looks for legal ways to rob, steal and plunder our blessings, but we have the opportunity to close doors on him through prayer so that he no longer has access to us! Here is a prayer to cleanse, heal and bless your household, business and reverse the curse!

Dear Heavenly Father,

I come before you to ask for Your protection and blessing upon my home, family and business. I ask for healing on the land where my home and business are located. If any previous landowners sinned and never asked You for forgiveness, I come to You now to identify with their sins and ask You for mercy and forgiveness so that this land and everything on it may receive Your blessing.

On behalf of myself, anyone in my generational line and previous landowners, I repent and ask You to forgive the sins of idolatry and rebellion. I renounce fear and the spirit of poverty, which comes from death and hell. I renounce any and all ungodly oaths and covenants that were made, especially those with secret societies. I break all agreements and renounce any covenants or involvement with: lying spirits, the occult, demonic spirits, rituals and traditions that involve the use of idols, Santeria, Lucemi and other forms of witchcraft; voodoo, the practice of hoodoo, root workers, witch doctors, conjuring, the practice of juju, black magic, Wicca, and the use of mediums, familiar spirits, and seducing spirits. Forgive me, my family line, and all previous landowners for any sins involving the abuse of trust, authority, power or using our influence in an ungodly manner. Forgive me, my family line and all landowners that occupied the land where my home resides and on this property where my business is - of any and all sins involving magic, sorcery, practicing charms, incantations, the use of horoscopes, tarot cards, fortune telling, astral projection, psychic energy, astrology, or any forms of healing that invokes demonic spirits instead of Your Holy Spirit.

Lord, let there be a release and a cancellation of every curse that has come as a result of these things. Let all demonic attachments be severed from myself, my family line and that which concerns my business. I command all ungodly altars to be silent and all ungodly oaths, covenants and attachments to be severed both in the earthly and heavenly realm. Now Father, as I have made these renouncements and declarations, I command the enemy and every illegal encroacher (in the spiritual and in the natural realm) off my land in Jesus name. I resist the enemy and command everything the enemy has brought into this place to be gone immediately in Jesus name. Poverty, death, hell, sickness, disease and all manner of curses - GO NOW. Torment, mental illness, unbelief, misery - GO! I command all works of evil to cease immediately, and I ask You Father to set a hedge of protection around me, my family and this business. I declare that death, hell and all that comes from spirits of darkness will not prosper against me, my family or my business from this moment on. We belong to the Lord Jesus Christ and declare Him as Lord and Savior. I ask You, Lord Jesus, to send forth the conviction, power and driving force of the Holy Spirit to drive out any hindrances to Your Spirit, Your will and purpose being fulfilled. Father, You gave me a promise even as You gave it to Your servant Joshua many years ago. You said everywhere I put my foot has already been given to me and so I claim that victory and right of inheritance for me and my family line and for the kingdom of God. Let Your kingdom advance. Let Your kingdom come and Your will be done in my home, my life, my family and in this business. I declare a blessing to come forth. I speak blessing, increase, favor over my family and over all who enter these premises. I ask for Divine Connections and sensitivity to Your Spirit. Let me be an agent of healing, grace, love and encouragement to all who grace this place with their presence. In Jesus name, amen.

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