Friday, September 27, 2013

Use Your Voice

Dear woman of of God...young person...I encourage you to tell your story. Use the voice God gave you to share your pain, your healing, triumphs and testimonies. Our lives are wrapped up in one another. You have lived someone else's story, and your story will give others hope. YOU are a miracle waiting to be poured out onto someone else to help them rise from the ashes of hopelessness, despair, pain and shame. Some of you have been waiting on God to do a miracle for you, not realizing YOU ARE THE MIRACLE He has been waiting to send to someone else.

Putting a voice to your experiences is what releases your healing. How often the enemy would try to shame us into silence, thereby stripping us of the power of an overcomer. Child of God, the keys of authority have always been in your hand. You just forgot to use them. Your testimony is the key to the next open door.

Perhaps your testimony is not for everyone; but there are those that need it. It's their lifeline of hope. God didn't take you through the things you've gone through only to bury your experiences and hide them in the closet of shame. Though the enemy tried to steal your innocence, God will use what you've gone through to bring others out of their own shackles. You hold the keys to their chains. You can unlock them from the irons that have been unjustly placed upon their heart and life. Like the King that went before you, you have gone through hell but come out victorious. You now stand at the gates of your enemy in a determined confrontation, hand outstretched, demanding the surrender of those keys. Sharing your testimony indeed snatches the keys of Death and Hades out of the enemy's hand. The authority he thought he had is stripped from him forever!

Use your keys, dear one, and unlock others from their chains. USE YOUR VOICE. Compel others to come to the anointed healer that healed you. Declare your victory loud and clear. Declare the victory of others over their situation and help them take their keys of authority away from the powers of darkness that have held them in captivity.

The Bible tells us that we are all living epistles read of all men. Each of our lives is a witness and a testimony to others. Ordinary people do not get the opportunity to write their stories and censor all the press releases. Our sorrows and sadness over the times we forfeit a victory are played out for all to see just as much as our moments of triumph as we beat the game and enjoy that beautiful moment of a celebratory win. Our accomplishments and achievements as well as all of our failures and frustrations are laid bare for all to see. The important thing to remember is that our moments of defeat, no matter how many there are, will always pale in the light of the sweeping win God has written into our story. As we follow Christ, He carries the day so that we come out on top. There is no misfortune or injury that can outshine the glory of God. We are containers for His grace and glory, a lighthouse that sends out beacons of hope guiding others to their safe haven so that they can find peace in the midst of the storms of life. You are a miracle, waiting to be poured out into someone’s life. You are blessed with all that God has, so that you can give it away as a blessing to others. The key to living a life without regret is to love generously. Forgive quickly. Live graciously, and bless abundantly. It is the unselfish act of loving others unconditionally that fulfills the human heart. Where there is love, there will always be great miracles.

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