Thursday, February 20, 2014

Your Struggle Will Lead You To Your Purpose

Your struggle will lead you to your purpose. The things you've overcome are your testimony. When you share your testimonies and your God-given gifts, those are the things the world is in need of, and that is where you will find your purpose. Live with intention to find where those two roads merge, and you will discover great fulfillment.

 How do you discover your purpose? The first part of the answer is, you must first develop your relationship with God, for He is the one that gave you distinct and unique gifts that are tied to your calling. Without drawing close to Him, you can't possibly hear Him to know what He is saying. He won't shout, you have to quietly listen for His voice. So, the closer you are, the more you learn to develop that listening ear.

The second part of discovering your purpose is to look deep within and ask yourself, what are you really good at? Usually it is something that just comes easily, like a natural gifting. That is one clue that it is God-given. Others can't do what you do like you do it. Whatever that thing is, it makes you unique. Zero in on THAT.

Tyler Perry had a really great inspirational message on this topic and one thing he said is that he had a dream and that dream wouldn't go away. He tried and tried in his own strength to make his dream come to pass, but only met with failure. UNTIL, one day, GOD breathed life into the dream and it was birthed for real. We all have to learn the lessons of perseverance and risk looking foolish. That is part of maturing and growing our faith. We have to learn to deal with failure, but failure in itself is not an indicator of whether or not the dream is actually going to come to life and be successful. With every failure and false start, God tests our responses. We will be challenged with how we handle offense, disappointment and the assault against our soul when the enemy does all he can to discourage us from trying again. There are times when you desperately want others to acknowledge your success or give you that 'attaboy' pat on the back, and be met with stoney silence. You know in your heart it is a deliberate slight by those you thought would or should be happy for you. This too, is all testing prior to the dream coming to pass. Because what God has in mind for you can sometimes be so big, it astounds even you. It can be so awesome, that it makes others envious of the way you are getting blessed. You have to be able to handle that with grace and not offense.

Your purpose and the dream inside of you WILL come to pass if you give yourself to doing that ONE THING with excellence. You may be able to do a lot of things well, but the gift that you give yourself to, to do it with an excellent spirit, is the thing that will lead you into the birth of the dream of God. FOCUS. Pursue excellence in all you put your hand to do, and pray that the grace of God does for you what you cannot do for yourself. Your purpose will be fulfilled and joy will be the trademark of your life's work.

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