Saturday, March 29, 2014

The Miracle is in the House

Testimonies are powerful. So powerful, that they have the ability to keep producing life to those that hear them long after the moment is over. I don't know what made me think of it, but out of the blue today I recalled a testimony my mother shared that happened to her grandmother. Now, that was a very long, long time ago!

My mother was raised by her grandmother, who was a very strict, very difficult to please woman who wasn't exactly pleased at having to raise another child. I never met my great grandmother. About the only other thing I know about this woman, Matilda, is that she was a Methodist. Not much to go on as far as family history! But here's the testimony that stands out: I remember my mother sharing my great grandmother's testimony. My mother's family was extremely poor, and one day there was absolutely nothing in the house for food. Great grandmother Matilda prayed and paced, prayed and paced the floors of the house for hours. She would walk in to the pantry and the shelves were bare. She would go out and pray and pace, pray and pace. Finally, after who knows how many times of checking the cupboard shelves and finding nothing, there it was. A mason jar full of navy beans, and it was sitting where it hadn't been sitting before!

One thing I know: I had a great-grandmother who believed in Jesus and had the testimony of at least one miracle in her life. Some people have none, and sometimes all you need is one to keep reminding you of God's faithfulness. When people forget God's goodness they begin to grumble and complain. When they rehearse his goodness, they become thankful and full of joy and peace. Make sure you rehearse the goodnes of God! What testimony has He given you to remind you that He is a good and a faithful friend? When God has given you ancestors that dug wells of prayer for their family, that is a tremendous inheritance. Maybe it's time to ask your parents, grandparents or other relatives for some of their testimonies. Re-dig those wells and stir up the gift of God inside of you, because He wants to refresh your faith and renew your passion for Him! When you remember His faithfulness, it is easy to speak of it to others, and you just never know when someone might need that testimony to encourage them. The way we keep the devil under our feet is through the blood of the Lamb and the word of our testimony! 

Friends, miracles happen if you just keep believing and keep praying. Never let the enemy tell you the miracle isn't in the house, because the miracle is in you. God has given each one of us a mustard seed of faith. All faith comes in seed form. If you want to grow it, you have to use it. You have to press into the anointing and command God's promises to produce. I think sometimes we kind of get this sense that we pray and pray and God doesn't do anything; yet, His word in Is. 55:11 tells us that His WORD doesn't return without producing exactly what it was created to do! When we pray, He responds. He doesn't just sit there and ignore our petitions. My great grandmother couldn't afford to take no for an answer and I'm sure that's how she presented her request to the Lord. And when she pressed God to send back an answer, she pulled her miracle out of the anointing and caused it to appear where it hadn't been just minutes before. Don't give up on the brink of your miracle! Sometimes God wants us to have others pray for us and with us, because He designed us to need one another. But, sometimes all it takes is that seed of a miracle residing in us and our faith presenting our requests to our Father. The KINGDOM resides within you, so whatever you need, it's there. It may be in seed form and require you to press hard into God, but nevertheless, it's there. The miracle is in the house!

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