Thursday, January 15, 2015

Like A Mighty Rushing Wind

I just felt this is a much needed prayer today. Be blessed in Jesus name!

Father God,

I pray that Your Holy Spirit would rise up from within me with great power and rush upon me like a mighty forceful wind that breaks out and spreads like wild fire. Let this resurrection power endow me with a capacity and disposition to act in a manner that far supersedes my previous character and habits. Give me the energy, wisdom and magnanimous character worthy of a royal ruler. Let my mind be disposed to readiness and I pray, keep my Spirit sensitive to the promptings of Holy Spirit. Lead me and guide me into the circumstances You have for me each day, and let me intuitively understand exactly what to do in each moment. Give me eyes to see the signs and confirmation that You provide. Release angels with strategies, wisdom, revelation, breakthrough and other forms of supernatural assistance. Help me to know what the occasion requires that I might know how to follow Your leading. Give me a courageous yet humble Spirit that allows Your leadership and Your Spirit to take over that Christ might be glorified in the earth. In Jesus name, amen.

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