Friday, March 20, 2015

Breaking Free From a Poverty Spirit

This is the year to break the limitations, go beyond the barriers and shatter small mindsets. Stop settling! God has an abundance for you!

If you can't see how to get out of your current situation, you need to pray for a bigger perspective and courage to take a leap of faith. God brings us new opportunities when we're ready. God prepares us for change by making us uncomfortable, restless, dissatisfied, and very frustrated with our current circumstances. Do you know why? Because we have to want what's in the future more than we want to remain tied to our comfort zone. You have to be committed to go a new direction, and be committed to whatever it entails. You've got to have grit. Determination not to give up. You have to WANT change. You have to be ready for it, and to seize the opportunity when it's presented. If you're not uncomfortable, then you're not ready. If you're not miserable, you're not ready. If you're not at the place where you say, "I can not go one more day with things remaining the same. Something MUST change," you're not ready. So, know that when you ask God for change, you're asking Him to make you disappointed, disillusioned, upset, irritated, fed up, and miserable in your current situation. You're asking Him to pull apart your nest. You're asking Him for things to stop working, stop going smooth, and generally fall apart. If you're at the point where you're ready to risk taking a big step in a new direction, step out into uncharted territory, and throw yourself into God's arms, change is about ready to show up at your door. ARE YOU READY? Don't be surprised if the change you've been praying for looks nothing like what you expected!

When God wants to give us a promotion, He begins by giving us a problem. That problem prepares us to think differently. We begin to pray differently, and to become open minded to things that are outside the box of our comfort zone. We are forced to trust God in ways that don't necessarily make sense to us or fit into our small, limited thinking. When God wants to bless us, He often causes us to wrestle in prayer so that we begin to put a greater demand on the anointing. Sometimes we just have to get really good and mad about our circumstances until we literally sink our teeth into whatever God presents as the new opportunity and we get determined to be a success. That is a really good thing and it's exactly what He's looking for in us!

It is God that gives us power to make wealth, according to Deut. 8:18. Wealth isn't just handed over; and neither is success. It has to be made. God can lead you to the opportunity but He can't make a person work for success, nor will He force a person to believe all that He says about them. If a person has a poverty mentality they will place limitations upon themselves and God, and actually look for ways to come up with excuses to avoid becoming successful rather than plowing through them. Don't let insecurities, negative experiences, false perceptions or limited thinking make you miss the opportunities God brings your way. Renounce that poverty spirit. Pray for a renewed mind and a positive attitude that creates a new mindset. God has a great deal that can be yours if you will only believe. Keep plowing through those barriers in your mind and break through the walls of limitations!

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