Sunday, July 5, 2015

Stop that Thief!

Many people in the body of Christ are eagerly awaiting breakthrough. This has been a long, tough season for a lot of people, but don't give up now! I wanted to share a couple of things that the Lord showed me recently, and I believe they both tie together.

The first insight came by way of a dream. I'll skip over the dream elements somewhat to get to the point. The enemy comes ONLY as a thief. He comes to kill, steal and destroy by whatever means he can find available to him. In the dream, I saw someone from my past. This person was angry, abusive, a thief, deceitful, and a pretty good example of how the enemy works in real life, so this person pops up frequently in dream illustrations. In this particular dream, he was trying to take something that didn't belong to him, but as it turned out, a restraining order that I had a long time ago (now appearing in the dream) was still 'active' and prevented him from taking what didn't belong to him. I knew by the other elements contained in the dream that it signified either a job or ministry, or perhaps both.

I'll come back to that in a minute, but now I would like to focus on the second insight the Lord showed me. It came by a conversation with a friend. This friend has been in the waiting and seeking mode for a long time. He has been applying for different jobs but hasn't found the right one just yet. As we spoke, he told me that he had his hopes for one position dashed on the rocks when he overheard his boss give a negative review of him to the potential employer when they called for a reference. I know my friend well enough to know that poor job performance was most likely not the real reason. He never mentioned the incident to his employer, but felt extremely let down and disappointed in this person's actions towards him. My friend has continued to work for this same employer for quite a while since that event occurred, and it's been a test he has had to go through feeling as though his boss betrayed him. I don't know why that man handled that situation the way he did. Maybe he didn't want to deal with having to hire another person to fill the void. Sometimes jealousy or competition rises up and people just don't want others to receive a blessing. People can be funny that way. That is all the more reason to seek God's recommendation and not just take the words of others at face value. Anyone that's worth promoting has dealt with injustice, slander and political agendas from others, and we all need to keep those things in mind. Seek counsel from Holy Spirit above man! I know that my friend is a person of of integrity and he's been a victim of injustice, but God keeps good records and he's not worried. He knows that promotion will come but it's a timing thing. That, my friend, could be what is holding many people in limbo and this awkward holding pattern that they've been dealing with. It's just a timing thing, but it will soon be over! Sometimes we have to wait while God deals with the attitudes of others, or allows them to show a side of themselves that maybe others need to see, too. He also has people in other places that will do for us what someone else will not. God does not need the approval or recommendation of someone that doesn't have our best interests at heart in order to promote or bless us. This is the action of a thief, trying to steal a blessing from a child of God, but it won't work! God knows what has been done in an attempt to prevent His people from coming into promotion and He has a way of getting all of us around the obstacles. 

We are all tested prior to promotion. It often comes a year or more before God is ready to release us into the thing He has prepared us to do. So, if you have been one that has endured betrayal, offense, disappointment and a great deal of testing, take heart. That is actually good news because it means God has been testing you to see if you are ready for promotion! If you don't know what to do when betrayal and offense come, just act as much like Jesus as humanly possible. Forgive, bless, move forward and release them to the Lord.

Now let me circle back around to my first point. The thief comes to steal what doesn't rightfully belong to him, but he also comes to sabotage the opportunities waiting for the servants of the Lord whenever possible. The enemy has people in position to ambush and destroy long before the children of the Lord even know what they're walking into...BUT, let me tell you...GOD IS ABLE to get around the pride, arrogance and destroying spirit that seeks to keep His servants out of their promises, promotions, and positions. I remember one time when there was a particular person that was trying to block my husband and I from coming into a blessing, and they were doing what they could to hinder us in this certain thing. However, one day we got a surprise to find out the blessing was there waiting for us anyway. God hadn't just gone around this person, He went straight to the top of the organization and went ABOVE this person's head to accomplish what He wanted to do! Isn't that just like God? He knows who to bypass! Don't worry friend, God knows how to maneuver the pieces on the chess board. He can outwit people at their own game!

Now this brings us to another strategic prayer for God to do what He does best!

Father God,

Thank you that I don't need to get upset or worried about my future, or even what others might try to do to prevent me from coming into the blessings You have for me. You see it all, and You sit in the heavens and laugh at the foolishness of man. You alone know what motivates others and You know the intent of everyone's heart. 

I declare that You are my inheritance and my cup of blessing overflows. You guard all that is mine, and return my inheritance to me. You make my future secure according to Psalm 16:5.

I declare that You prepare a table before me in the presence of my enemies. You anoint my head with oil and my cup overflows, according to Psalm 23:5.

I declare that You have sent an angel ahead of me to guard me, keep me and protect me along the way and bring me to the place that You have prepared according to Exodus 23:20.

I declare that You have issued the restraining order to prevent the thief from illegal encroachment and stealing what is not meant for him. I thank You Father, that You have given your oath that the angel of the Lord goes before to insure my success, according to Exodus 24:7.

I declare the angel of the Lord goes before me to light my path and also comes after me to put my enemies in darkness so that they cannot follow me, according to Exodus 14:19.

I declare that You have brought us into our inheritance and planted us in the land You have for us. 

Thank You Father, for getting around those who have been planted by the enemy to sabotage and ambush your people. I ask You to go around those who have positioned themselves to be mountains of opposition, defiance, and slander towards Your people. I thank You for not only going around them, but going above their heads and putting people on assignment to help Your people come into the places and positions You have appointed for them. Your favor surrounds as as a shield, according to Psalm 5:12. I speak grace, grace, grace to the mountains of opposition and declare every road block is leveled and removed now, according to Zech. 4:7. You push the opportunists out of the way. Let the person or people occupying my portion be removed now in Jesus name. Open new doors and send them out, Lord. Let every remaining piece fall into place now. Let the gift of Your inheritance be released to Your people so that the kingdom of God may bear good fruit and increase throughout the earth. In Jesus name, amen.

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