Friday, October 2, 2015

Overcoming A Spirit of Rejection

Did you know a spirit of rejection can come through the womb as a generational curse? A spirit of rejection works alongside fear, It creates an inner voice that tells the individual they are unworthy, unlovable and inferior. The enemy will set people up to experience situations that confirm those negative thoughts, because negative experiences serve as a form of validation, that what they think, feel or have experienced is a basis for truth. This is how the enemy creates a false belief system in an individual. Once the person accepts the lie that they are flawed, unlovable, unaccepted, unworthy and rejected, they will then begin to create their own man-made 'fig leaves' to cover their feelings of rejection.

Rejection will cause people to feel unloved. If they feel unloved, then the next course of action is to find something to fill that void. Paying inordinate amount of attention to make up, appearance, drinking and recreational drug use, gambling, shopping or other impulsive behaviors can be the result of a spirit of rejection.
Rejection can drive a person to perfectionism, become nit picky and critical of others, and results in self rejection. It's a no win situation because the person suffering from rejection develops negative behaviors to try to compensate for feeling rejected, even if they can't verbalize why they do what they do, but those negative behaviors can end up sabotaging relationships. People with a spirit of rejection may also feel prone to acting out in other attention getting behaviors, look for flattery or other forms of praise because they feel those things somehow validate their ability to feel accepted and normal. They feel driven to over compensate for their inner voices that tell them they are an outsider, unwanted, rejected, or unable to find acceptance in the places that they feel are important.
Do you need healing from rejection? If so, begin by renouncing all generational curses tied to a spirit of rejection that came through the womb and attached themselves to you. Forgive your mother and father, your ancestors, and others for things that resulted in you feeling unloved, rejected, unable to measure up, unworthy and unaccepted. They too, were probably victims of a generational curse that caused them to develop negative behaviors. They too, probably had people in their life that the enemy worked through to create a sense of rejection and unworthiness in them. Then it got passed on to you. If a person feels unloved and rejected themselves, they will have a difficult time loving others. Renounce unloving spirits, familiar spirits, lying spirits as well as a spirit of rejection. Ask the Lord to forgive you and your other family members for falling short in the area of love and acceptance, and ask for the blood of Jesus to cover those sins. Ask the Lord for a revelation of God's love and acceptance towards you to unravel the lies of the enemy, and help you see yourself as God sees you. This will help re-establish your God-given identity, and defeat the power of the enemy's lies. Don't pass it on to your kids; break the cycle and reverse the curse.

Here is a link to a prayer to help break the power of fear and rejection:

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