Wednesday, January 6, 2016

The Drought is Over

Word of the Lord for the Body of Christ January 5, 2016, given by Norm Gagnon (transcribed from audio tape)

It’s January 5th , 2016 and I’m sharing some thoughts from God for His children. I just finished in a worship session and the Word of the Lord came. He wants to touch those with a childlike faith a childlike heart. What God put on my heart is that God was tired of seeing His children like the paralytic beggar at the pool of Bethsaida, waiting and begging for someone to put him into the pool. He had been crying out, “God, I see that there is water…a place where miracles happen, a place where miracles will transpire, but no one is there to bring me into that place.” And God said, “I am going to come and bring my children to a place to be lifted up from their weakness and lifted up from the spiritual lameness, where the Spirit of the Lord can come wash over them.” “You will be a people who will not be begging for My presence or begging for someone to come into that place and provide that transportation for them but they will be children of the Lord that will rise up and walk in His presence. He is looking for those that have a childlike faith and a childlike heart that will sense the newness and the sweetness of His presence. There’s been a 7 year drought in this area, in this region of Southern California. There has been a drought for His children but it’s over; the winter is past. The refreshing has come. It’s time for His presence to come. As Peter cried out, “These are days of refreshing, ” God will refresh His children with a sweetness of His Spirit, a sweetness of His presence. It’s a sweetness that will take away the restriction, the constriction that has brought His children to a place where they no longer experience the joy, where they no longer feel the freedom to dance, or they’ve questioned as to whether God’s presence could even be felt anymore. God says He is going to bring a rain of His presence that will bring a freshness that takes away the cloud from your minds. It will take away the restrictions away, and the double-mindedness and doubt as to the will of God and where you’re to be. There will be such a confidence to know that you’ll say, “I am in the midst of God, I am being directed by His presence.” There will be such a confidence in your life of knowing God is with you that you will be directed to others that are hungry and crying out for a taste of Him. This is the now time, it’s the time for Him to pour out on His people now, and it will be the sweetness of His Spirit that will attract others. People with a childlike heart and a childlike faith will yearn for His presence. They will want to be close to their Father, and their Father will draw them to Him. God is going to wipe away confusion. He is going to eliminate the despair, the discouragement and the depression that comes from a soul that is hungry and desiring His presence, to be joyful and set free. As God is pouring out His presence, it will bring miracles. There will be healing miracles of the body and of the mind. God is in the midst of His people healing their minds. There is a cry from this nation and a cry from society to deal with the mental anguish that people are feeling every day. People are desperate to get any sort of medication to deal with their depression and their hopelessness, but you can’t medicate hopelessness. Only God can come in and bring a refreshing and a new hope, a new heart and a new spirit. This is what the Lord says: “I AM going to give you a new spirit. I am going to give you a new heart and a new mind, and it’s going to come where it will come and bring you into a place where there will be no more excuses concerning what I can do or what I will do. These will be a people who will be prepared to go where I send them. At any moment, they will be prepared to be sent forth to take My presence to others. There is not going to be a question as to “How is God going to do it?” “How am I going to get there, or all that God will do to bring you from point A to point B. “There is just going to be a vessel that says, “Yes, Lord, I am filled with Your water, the newness of Your sweet wine and the newness of joy.” “I will pour it out on a dry heart, a dry land and dry lives to those that will be excited to be set free by the Lord.” There is a sweet wine of His presence that comes, a graciousness of the Lord, that once it touches you, you will bring that kindness, that graciousness and sweetness to the hearts of those that are hardened and hurt by life and they are crying out for something new. This is the hour when God is pouring out on San Diego county, and He’s pouring out on those whose lives have been on hold. Those with a childlike heart who have been on the edge, where they haven’t known if they could go on any longer. They’ve been holding on so long they’ve been full of despair, and God says, “This is it. “The enemy has known this was coming and he has tried to constrict God’s people from trying to receive everything that God has for them, but God is going to release joy, grace and He will lead them out of where they’ve been in hiding. It’s those with childlike hearts that will lead them. It will be those like David who danced before the Lord that will lead them. It’s those whose faith has been constricted. It will be those who have a childlike heart that will lead them out,” says the Lord.

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