Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Pray to Reverse SB277 and Forced Vaccination Laws!

I do love it when God gives insight and strategy. Last night in a dream I saw myself talking to President Trump on the subject of the law, SB277, and the matter of forced vaccinations. I knew that I had a very limited time to talk to the President on this matter but I made my voice known and asked for his help to overturn these unjust laws that had been passed, removing individual rights and subjecting people, especially our children, to the oppression of the government.

I woke up this morning and prayed about it, asking our Father once again to intervene. I believe that those that truly want to see these laws reversed should go to the top with their requests. Write letters to President Trump. Address your concerns. He doesn't accept email, but you can find his address online. Even more than that, take your prayer requests to the One who can get in touch with him at any time. Let us pray that Holy Spirit impress upon the heart of our new president that these laws are unjust and part of the corruption from the Obama administration that must be immediately reversed upon him taking office.

I know that God has this on His heart or He would not have brought it up in the dream He gave me, so let's agree with God and PRAY for this matter. The future of all Americans - military, health care workers, teachers, our children...they depend on our prayers to overturn evil and corruption. May parental and individual rights be restored quickly! Thank you for all of you that will pray. 

I am also going to re-post a link to a prayer I wrote months ago on this subject. Our decrees are powerful because God releases angels to pick up the word of God and run to carry them out!

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