Saturday, November 9, 2013

Be Anxious For Nothing!

When you look at the ocean it appears as though there is no end. Powerful. Majestic. A force to be reckoned with. Yet even when it seems quiet on the surface, there is so much going on beneath the surface that we cannot see. Faith is a lot like that too. It takes a different perspective to understand that what we see isn't all there is going on! As huge and as incredible as the oceans are, they all pale in comparison to God. Trying to imagine all that God is capable of, the way He will work out the issues of our life or the things that concern us are all beyond our comprehension. Yet so often we put limitations on Him and allow a faulty perspective to reduce The Omnipotent, All Knowing, Almighty God to the size of our worst fears. Fear projects a false reality as though it were real and makes a person feel as if God is not going to intervene in a situation or answer their prayer. The question is, "Why assume God will not answer your prayer??" 

When you can unravel the "WHY" to that question then you have the root of double-minded thinking. The voice of
fear does not have to be louder than the voice of faith! When we limit God, it's like trying to put the ocean in a cup. IMPOSSIBLE. Let your faith be encouraged today! God has unlimited power and ability to change your situation in a moment. Often though, He is just waiting for you to line up with faith. Trust Him even though you cannot predict the outcome or understand how He works. Faith doesn't have to have all the answers up front; it just understands there is much more going on in every circumstance than what you currently know. Often what things appear to be is not the whole picture. Your prayers are heard in heaven. Be still and know He is God.  Look at this picture of life under the surface. There is a whole other realm of activity going on!

When things seem like nothing much is happening can often be crisis times in a person's faith. We look at the circumstances and think, "Is this the way things will remain?" Yet when it's quiet to us is when God is often hard at work. He is just not tipping His hand to the bigger picture. This is the time when He deals with His enemies, and our enemies, too. He deals with those that would stand in opposition to His purposes. He makes things ready on every level. He has prepared the messenger to deliver the message, but the people must be prepared also to be able to receive the message when the time is right. He allows circumstances to reach crisis levels. He makes all things ready at the appointed time and then brings all the pieces together at the appropriate time so that His purposes are accomplished. What ever you are going through today, trust God to work it out. What you see is often not a true indicator of the outcome. GOD determines the way things play out. Your job is simply to pray and to trust. Be still. Be still and know He is God!

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