Wednesday, December 4, 2013

The Promise Is Out For Delivery!

Without prayer the devil already has us beat; with prayer we are more than conquerors! No matter what forces seem to keep your answer to prayer at bay, know that in Christ all God's promises are YES, YES and AMEN! They might be slowed down for a while but they won't be stopped - unless you release your hold in prayer. Don't lose your grip on the promise! Regardless of what day your breakthrough arrives, IT IS STILL ON THE WAY. Confess THAT. Thank you, Lord, answers to prayer, miracles and breakthrough, healings and provision, salvation and deliverance - - - special deliveries are on the way! Angels have been assigned to oversee God's word so that it comes to pass, and the promise is "out for delivery." It's on the Fed Ex truck - IN TRANSIT, and that is what the tracking information will declare until the day it is delivered, right to your door!

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