Thursday, May 29, 2014

Who's on the Throne?

Life happens. It's how we respond to situations that makes all the difference. We are not meant to live off our feelings. Those that live from one feeling to another will get addicted to the emotional roller coaster and actually create their own drama because it feeds their need for attention and emotional highs and lows. A person that repeatedly confesses negativity and unbelief has chosen to live under a curse. Anyone aligned with unbelief is in rebellion towards God. His hands are tied until the person repents. He cannot bless what is aligned with Satan! He blesses what is aligned with faith. Everything will go wrong because negativity and complaints are constantly rehearsed and spoken. We will have what we confess!

I was once at that place in my life too, so please don't take this as judging, BUT -in order to set others free it requires speaking truth in love. I am not condemning anyone, merely calling attention to a problem that can keep people trapped in negative cycles. When a person creates a need for drama so that they can receive attention for their problems, it is actually a much bigger problem called idolatry. The person idolizes their problems and desires praise, attention and sympathy to feed their own need for affirmation. This is often present in a person with low self esteem, identity issues and feelings of low self worth. These things work together with a spirit of self-pity, because self-pity also elicits worship to feed it's need for attention. It doesn't care how it gets it, but it is never satisfied.

The person in bondage to these spirits is a person that does not know who they are in Christ.They feed the idolatrous spirit in their life the praise and false worship that all idols require by seeking attention for their problems and a continuous need to create drama. Those that help feed this spirit in others are actually cooperating with the demons that help keep people bound. It's a form of co-dependency. People that are bound by these spirits have actually made a decision to deny the truth of God's word. This is dangerous because they live in a constant state of unbelief. They are also a person that has chosen to take Christ off the throne of their heart and enthrone Self. They cannot grow into maturity until the make a deliberate choice to deny Self and renounce those forms of idolatry in their life.

Friend, the hard part is recognizing it within ourselves. When someone speaks the truth about our situation it can cause pain, offense or anger. That response is an indicator that truth has found it's mark and is coming against a stronghold in a person's heart and life where the enemy is protecting that lie. Once we recognize where the enemy is hiding, we can then take deliberate action to renounce that false god and allow Christ to take His rightful place in our heart. We can be consumed with ourselves, or we can allow our heart and mind to become consumed with elevating Christ and walking in our real identity. A person will never walk in the authority God has made possible until they choose to discard the lie and embrace the truth. You were never meant to be a victim of circumstance or live under a curse. You can change your mind about who you are. You can change your confession to speak words of faith. By doing so, you begin to create a new cycle that includes freedom, healing, restoration and recovery. You are ALREADY LOVED. ALREADY ACCEPTED. ALREADY VALUED. You don't have to fight for it! Your loving Father loves you unconditionally. Somewhere along the line, the enemy fed you a lie that says you have to try to earn love, attention or affirmation - but the truth is, it's already yours. In Christ. May this be your day to have that revelation of the truth that makes you free!

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