Friday, June 27, 2014

For Such A Time As This

As a child of God, we must come to an awakening in who we are called to be. It's a change of mindset. Our position is one of royalty. It's like waking up one day and realizing that all the things we've done, who we hang out with, and our very belief system is in need of examination and probably, a great overhaul. What would you do differently if a royal messenger showed up at your door and made the announcement that you were a long lost heir in the line of royalty, and were next in line for the throne? Well, I'm that messenger and I'm here to announce, that is who God created you to be. You have incredible authority and an inheritance waiting for you!

There is a story in the Bible about a young orphan girl named Esther. She was raised with wisdom by a loving uncle and as a teenager, was taken into the king's palace to be trained in royal etiquette as a possible candidate to be the next new queen. Against all odds, she won the contest and she was promoted to royalty. Esther inherited power, position, authority and a kingdom of unlimited resources at her disposal. Guess what my friend...if you have accepted Jesus Christ as your Lord, then, as the bride of Christ, you too, have inherited such treasure.

Esther rose to a royal position in order to save her people. Her uncle discovered a plot against their people and told Esther, who in turn, took the issue to her husband, the king. He was outraged to discover that his trusted official and right hand man had enacted a devious plot to destroy a people marked for death and destruction. What this terrorist did not know when he plotted his wicked scheme, is that the new queen was a part of those he had selected to destroy. The king was not delighted to hear that this schemer had put a bulls eye upon his own bride! (How much more do you think King Jesus is appalled and outraged at those who mark HIS BRIDE and HIS FAMILY for destruction? Esther appealed to the king by saying, "How can I possibly endure to see the destruction of my countrymen?" This, my friend, must be the cry from our hearts as well!

Esther's king told her to write a new decree that would give her people a fighting chance to overpower their enemy, so she did. The king told her to have confidence in her decree, because it was written by royal authority, signed, sealed and carried the king's very own stamp of approval. He told Esther that NO ONE could revoke this royal decree and that it would be sent by messenger far and wide so that the people would have an opportunity to STAND AND FIGHT. Friends, we take a stand in PRAYER and lifting our PETITIONS to the KING OF KINGS!

When these people rose up in one accord, the FEAR OF ALL OF THEM FELL ON THEIR ENEMIES and a remarkable turnaround took place. The underdogs won the day and the enemy was routed! This just goes to show that with GOD all things ARE POSSIBLE.

We are at a time in history when we are facing off with Goliath. There are many, to be sure. Goliaths in the government. Goliaths in terrorist groups, bent on destruction and annihilation, no doubt any less intimidating than in Esther's day. I don't know about you, but I am tired of these giants trying to intimidate us. They who feel they are accountable to no one and use fear and unharnessed false authority to strip us of our rights. GOD GIVEN RIGHTS, not theirs! If the Jews could destroy their tormentors by the power of prayer, then so can we! WHO ARE THESE ARROGANT UNBELIEVING GIANTS THAT DENY THE LIVING GOD? God is not with them, we need not fear any enemy! This is a call to pray for our nation. If every person took a few minutes to pray and ask God to forgive the sin of our nation, and appeal to the KING OF KINGS, what the enemy has meant for our harm can be turned around for good. Please, I implore you to pray for your nation, because it involves your family's future. Your children. Your freedoms, and YOUR future. God bless those who hear and respond to this urgent time!

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