Monday, June 30, 2014

Where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is Liberty

Where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is liberty. Freedom. Is there any place where your life does not exhibit freedom? A lack of joy is often an indicator that something isn't quite right, maybe an area of sin that needs to be dealt with. Resolve to open the door to allow the Lord greater access to that place. Your spirit sighs and groans with displeasure where you have bondage restricting your ability to live free. Did you know your bondage can cause you to feel like complaining? It's true! Jesus removes the shackles and releases our Spirit to give a sigh of relief. Now that's true freedom! Where there is freedom from constraint, there is evidence of joy. This is how you identify the presence of the Lord in any given place - even in your own heart! In a few short days we will celebrate our freedoms with the approaching holiday of Independence Day. Ask the Lord where He wants to release more healing and freedom. His answer may surprise you, but if you surrender that person, place, thing or even an old mindset, you will discover a reason for celebration. Freedom is a cause for celebration and it's why we worship with joy! Jesus loves to set people free!

Praise and celebration declares Jesus as our Victor, Commander, Lord and King. Praise opens the door to the entrance of the King! It allows Him to be elevated in our heart and mind, releasing joy and an overcoming attitude. PRAISE is a necessary component in the life of an overcomer! Praise is a trademark of a worshiping warrior. Praise Him today for all the He is, and watch Him become the very thing that you need. Declare who Jesus is, and declare who YOU are in Christ. Declare the promises of God from a heart of gratitude. Praise and worship will heal your heart and life. Praise brings breakthrough in your circumstances!

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