Saturday, February 21, 2015

Outwit the Enemy With This Prayer!

You know what I really love? When I come up with a prayer that is just going to make Satan scream and jump up and down out of sheer agony and frustration! Well, this is one of them and I am so excited to share it with you! 

I was reading today about great men of God that eventually ended up falling into great deception and going down a really bad road. Many lost their lives and their ministries because of it. So, after learning some of the things that caused them to fall, I decided to write a prayer for all of us that will hopefully get out there ahead of the enemy's schemes, or at least cut them off at the pass before they can go any further. Is there anyone that cannot admit their own need for a prayer to outwit the enemy? Satan has spent thousands of years studying mankind – us, personally – and plotting how to manipulate human beings. His snares and deception sometimes take months or years to put into place, but he is patient, methodical, calculated, and without mercy. Let this be a lesson to each of us to be equally committed in how we pray lest we allow him to get one over on us! Let us PRAY to OUTWIT every devil’s schemes in order to beat Satan at his own game. Pray this over yourself and your family members.

Heavenly Father,

I ask You to guard and protect me, and keep me in the way of righteousness, truth and integrity in every matter. Bless me with revelation, wisdom and understanding that will alert me to the plots of the enemy and his subtle tactics of deception. Guard me from entering into temptations that are disguised as my own thoughts and feelings. I give You permission in advance of any situation that may occur - You may change my heart, attitude and responses towards situations so that I am kept in the ways of righteousness. Holy Spirit, I give You permission to possess me. I do not want to struggle and wrestle with my flesh trying to retain control. I am willing that You would make me willing to do Your will. Therefore, I surrender to You before the temptation arises. I ask You to help me exercise my will towards those things that are pleasing to You. When I struggle with my flesh wanting to lead me in the wrong direction, I give You permission to change my desires and my thought processes so that Your will for me becomes my will and my choice in that situation. Change my mind so that I just don't want the thing the enemy is using as a temptation. When I may be prone to having a wrong response, I ask You to change what comes out of my mouth so that I glorify You and honor and respect myself and others. I am asking YOU to take over when I am weak or tempted so that my true identity as Your child wins the battle.  Open my eyes to truth so that I am not blinded by pride in one particular area. Keep my feet from the snares of the enemy; rather, allow me to see the bait and step carefully around the snares so that I am not caught in them.

Help me not to neglect my marriage, family and other key relationships. Strengthen my family relationships so that the enemy cannot find anything to exploit. Remind me not to hold on to offense or grudges and to forgive others quickly. Help me remember to pray for my loved ones daily, and to pray WITH them. Help us to build strong spiritual relationships with our family and to encourage one another daily.

Holy Spirit, help me not to embrace the things I should renounce. Bless me with the grace to let go of every thing that might try to cause me to retain bitterness and unforgiveness. Help me not to entertain unfruitful thoughts, negativity, envy, jealousy, self-pity or emotional hurt. Heal my memories from all past hurts, injustices and brokenness, and help me to only remember the good about others regardless of what they may have done to me.

Help me to be full of Your Holy Spirit; to have my mind controlled, directed and fixed on Jesus. I ask You to consistently fan the flame within me and continue to create, over and over again, a passionate desire to pursue Your presence, towards prayer and a love for You. Help me not to think of myself more highly than I ought, and thus fall into error or corruption. Enable me to stand against the wiles of the enemy with grace and humility. Help me not to overstep my bounds and enter into another person’s ministry office to which I am not called. Lord, guard me and keep me from the sin of presumption.  Help me, Lord, not to get so excited over the good things that You do that I end up taking the credit for it and claiming the glory for myself. When the enemy tempts me with pride and vain glory, immediately allow me to recognize the temptation, renounce it and put the enemy in his place, under my feet! I ask you to help me recognize the subtleties of the enemy’s deception and to immediately take every thought that exalts itself above the knowledge of Christ into obedience and cast down every vain imagination. I thank You, Holy Spirit, that you are able to keep me from stumbling and enable me to stand with You for righteousness sake. In Jesus name, amen.

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  1. I recently "stumbled" across your site, and it has become a source of new ways to pray in power, as well as freedom. Thank you! This prayer above resonates in me and I am printing it out to pray on a regular basis.

    1. I second that and totally agree with this comment. Very Powerful Prayers! Thank you for being open and Obedient!