Thursday, February 19, 2015

Resurrecting the Promise

This word may be only for a specific few. Some of you are feeling so tired, confused, frustrated. You have tried everything you know how to do and nothing seems to come together. There is no fruit on the vine, and all your efforts seem to be stalemated. You've tried to give life to your dreams, but to no avail. Your faith has pulled your promise out of the grave, but I see you sitting there beside a coffin, pleading for someone to go get help because you're not strong enough to raise the lid. There is life inside that coffin, where the promise lies, but you're afraid it will die if you something doesn't happen soon. Some of you are even thinking that by the time help does arrive, it will be too late. You feel you can't keep holding on.

I want to tell you that GOD put you in that situation and it's for His glory. You can stop struggling. It's not that you haven't tried 'hard enough,' or done enough. You've misread the situation, that's all. Every promise has a season where it must die before it can be reborn. It looks and feels hopeless, and for you, it is.

But not for God. Lazarus was completely incapable of raising himself from the dead. He was in the tomb and without life or breath. He couldn't even call out for help! Yet, Jesus heard the wails of grieving hearts and returned at the appointed time to raise Lazarus up from the dead and pull him out of the tomb. He knew that there were people that needed to hear about Lazarus' testimony and it would save many people. And so you must trust that He KNOWS your heart. He HEARS your cries, your prayers that plead for Him to move on your behalf, and I promise you, He won't be late. He hears the cries of those that are in bondage, yet to be saved, and He knows who your testimony will reach ONCE THE PROMISE IS RESURRECTED. God loves those people too much not to send them the very person that can open their hearts to deliverance and salvation - YOU! You carry His glory. You carry the testimonies and experiences, the words of comfort that will heal those that are appointed to hear from you. No one else can do exactly what He has called you to do! He WILL show up. When God pours resurrection power into a person or His dream, then it is full of power to accomplish what cannot be done in the strength of man. What feels much too late for you is right on time for Him, and most importantly, for those that He has been preparing to hear what you have to say. He waited until you KNEW in your heart that nothing you could do was enough so that you would cease from your own efforts and just rest in Him. Nothing but the power of God will raise that promise and WHEN HE DOES, God alone will get the glory.

There are some miracles that we play a part in, by activating our faith and taking some sort of action. God is not a god of confusion. If there is some action He wants you to take, He will communicate it so that you know what to do. He doesn't want you to just guess and proceed in your own strength. The world doesn't need more of man's strength, for man cannot deliver. What the world needs is anointed, spirit birthed ministries that are filled with power to deliver, and those can only be birthed BY THE HOLY SPIRIT. There are also the kind of miracles that only God can do and He is not looking for our participation. He will involve others so that we understand, and others understand, that this is the type of thing only God could do. It is then that we simply wait, trust, and praise Him. God has heard your cry to send help and help is on the way. Your promise, YOUR miracle is about to show up with resurrection life.

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