Saturday, April 4, 2015

God is Pulling Your Promise Out of the Grave!

The approaching celebration of Easter brings many things to remembrance. We remember the injustice of false accusation that Jesus went through, the betrayal of the one who sold him out to certain death, and the abandonment of Jesus' friends when the fire got too hot and they feared for their own lives. It's a time to remember the rejection, the mocking, the jeering and those who spat in His face. We remember the brutality of cold, self-righteous hearts that gave their approval as Jesus endured the whipping, the sheer torture of being nailed upon the cross, and the humiliation of being stripped of every right, every dignity as the world gazed upon his nakedness. This is the power of loveless religion. 

The most beautiful thing we can remember about Jesus's sacrifice is the fact that He endured it all out of His great love for all mankind. He secured the victory for each and every one of us. He secured redemption from the penalty of our sins. He secured healing and deliverance from the things that torment our soul and weaken our bodies. He secured the ultimate victory over death itself, and every power of evil that would be used against us in this war for our very souls. Jesus took the keys of Death and Hades away from Satan and rose again as the ultimate victor over evil. The grave couldn't hold him! But the beauty doesn't end there. Jesus went on to share Himself with all of mankind that would accept His sacrifice and believe in His resurrection, and then He poured Himself into others so that we, too, could live in the power of His resurrection life. Friend, that is true love. He never wanted us to feel lost, alone or afraid. He came to live inside our hearts so that we would always know how close and accessible He is. Behold, the kingdom of God is as close as your next breath!

As I was considering some things I've been sensing about this merciful and awesome God of ours, one thing is certain. He always has a plan to raise dead things back to life. He always has a plan to restore what the enemy did to bring pain, injustice, betrayal, rejection, and yes, even the things that the enemy caused to die. Though some things will not be resurrected in this life, God always has a plan to restore and replace what was lost. If He didn't none of us would have hope, but the reality is, most everyone has heard at least one testimony of the God who pulled a miracle out of nowhere just to wipe the smirk off the enemy's face - and put a smile on the face of His child.

Many people have been waiting a long, long time for God to do something new for them. Some people have suffered a lot at the hands of the enemy, and they've gone through the fires of adversity. I want you to know something. There is a promise in Genesis 4:25 for everyone that has suffered injustice, betrayal, accusation or even death of something as a result of the schemes of that Jezebel spirit. What the enemy thought was over, isn't over yet. Look at this promise in Genesis 4:25. After Cain killed Abel, Adam and Eve conceived again, and Adam named the child Seth. He said, "For God has appointed another seed for me instead of Abel, who Cain killed." There is always another seed appointed to take the place of that which ended at the hands of the enemy! God always has a plan for new life!

There are more promises found In Ezekiel 37. Ezekiel looked upon an entire valley of bones, souls that had been slain. Though they were dead, God did not forget them! When Lazarus died, Jesus did not forget Him, either! Yet, realize that when a person has been "slain," they cannot resurrect themselves. All one's efforts are in vain until the moment that God appears to restore and revive those that are without strength to raise themselves from the grave. God brought Ezekiel to prophesy to the dead bones and call for the breath of God to fill them once again, and as he did, the bones began to be raised up and filled with new life.

God told his prophet that the dry bones were crying out that their hope had been lost and the people felt cut off. They didn't even have an ember of life that would sustain a flicker of hope. BUT GOD INTERVENED! God came to tell them of His promise, that HE would raise them up from their graves and plant them in their own land, and that when He did so the people would know He was the Lord. Read the whole chapter, it's so good!

I tell you today that God is about to open your grave and call you out! He is about to pour new life into you and restore your hope! God is about to visit you with the resurrection of promises that you thought were dead forever! And when He does, once again Jesus will put the powers of darkness to an open shame for everything they tried to do to kill and destroy the plans of God for your life. He is about to plant you in your own land where you will not simply be alive, but you will thrive! 

He continues to affirm His promises that the things that were broken through division will be healed and restored. Read Ezekiel 37 and meditate upon His promises. They are for you today! God's people will come together as one people under one banner and serve one King. Those that have felt despondent, disassembled and disconnected, I tell you to rejoice in the Lord Your God for He has not forgotten you! He is bringing spiritual rebirth and renewal and once again pouring out the power of His resurrection. Sing Hosanna! Sing His praise, for the Lord is good and His mercies endure forever! 

Father God,

I thank You for new life in the Spirit. I call for the breath of God to come and breathe upon those that are slain, despondent, lifeless, and without hope. I prophesy to the breath of God: "Fill these dry bones with life! Breath of God, raise up those that have been slain by the enemy! Raise up families! Raise up those that have been rejected, betrayed, abandoned, and left without hope! Raise up those that have been murdered by the enemy! Raise up new life, new ministries, and open the womb of God to birth what only You can birth! I command the graves to open up and death to surrender to the name of Jesus Christ! Let resurrection power be poured out into Your people and cause them to live again! Bring Your people up and out of their graves and plant them in their own land where they can thrive! And Father, we declare that what was broken and divided is now joined together in Your hand. We declare that Your plans and purposes are coming forth quickly. Relationships are being supernaturally healed and restored. We declare the Spirit of God to pour out resurrection power and bring forth that which is in the heart of God, in Jesus name. Amen"

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