Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Mercy Triumphs Over Judgment

Where the fear of the Lord is missing, there will be injustice. Injustice is a result of people that have no fear of authority or repercussions for their actions. What we see played out in society - anger, hatred, violence and retaliation - come from lawlessness. The remedy then, is the restoration of the fear of the Lord.

God hates injustice. He is exposing a great deal of it so that America will wake up to the lies and deception, and refuse to support those that perpetuate the injustice. Sometimes it can be difficult to know who is able to be counted worthy of our trust, but lean into God for His wisdom.

There is something important that everyone needs to understand about the Black Lives Matter movement and some of the other protests going on right now. They are in a political chess game financed by wealthy political figures that have an agenda to fulfill, and they are using our citizens as pawns. Soros has funded approximately $33 million dollars to these groups to start factions, strife and revolts. They have put more lives in danger and are getting people killed. The leaders have received money to orchestrate chaos. Paid to disrupt the peace and promote violence. Because the bigger picture is a desire to implement martial law and further control, oppress and dominate the American people. The political powers that are afraid of losing their control and positions will stop at nothing to carry out their plans to make slaves of American citizens. I urge people everywhere to put their emotions in check for a moment and consider what they get involved in. Don't let the enemy lure you into his trap!

The reality is none of those wealthy political influences behind all this really care about Black lives, or any lives for that matter. They have no desire what so ever to help anyone except themselves, and yet people continue to take the bait. Hook, line and sinker. Protests, when done well, can be powerful. But, protests that promote lawlessness, anger, racism and murder are simply another form of terrorism. The protests will not correct injustice, end the corruption or level the playing field. It will only add to the problems, keeping the power brokers and corrupt political figures in the very places that hinder real justice. It won't accomplish any of the things that these protest groups are supposedly fighting against. So why are people allowing themselves to get carried away with someone else's political agenda when it won't solve any of the real issues? Wake up, America! There are behind the scenes players that are maneuvering events to suit their desired outcome and they are not for justice. They exploit people's emotions, using the pain of this nation's citizens against them in order to lead them further into captivity and slavery. 

Bitterness has held people hostage but neither side is free until they choose to forgive. Bitterness has made people slaves to the enemy that pulls their puppet strings. Don't rely on your own emotional responses, for they can often be misleading. God's word to all of us is not to take vengeance into our own hands, but to leave room for Him to balance the scales of justice. He will! Remember, even Martin Luther King, who was a minister of the gospel as well as a social activist, did not just march for love and unity. King marched for truth, and truth will always force people to take sides. 

Truth does cause division, but I believe that recognizing the truth and understanding a need for change does not mean that we overlook the issues. When truth is revealed, people must choose what side of it they will be on; what they will support and defend. It is a natural response to feel outrage when corruption is revealed. It is natural to feel as if something must be done to correct things that have gone wrong, but remember that people cannot act as judge, jury and executioner of their own version of justice without taking the side of the destroyer. To think that God overlooks that type of behavior is reckless at the very least and speaks of those that are blind to His ways.

Forgiveness does not mean that we overlook the issues but it does mean we do not take vengeance into our own hands. Let us acknowledge where change is needed and then work together to implement proper measures to achieve the changes that are necessary. Prayer must be an important component in any reformation.

Proverbs 1:7 reminds us that fools despise wisdom and instruction, but the fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom and understanding..It is foolishness to heed the words of those that stir up strife and instigate, by their insinuations, that the increase of more darkness over the earth is the right answer. Lawlessness can only produce more lawlessness, which invites the judgments of God on those that partake of it.

Dr. Ben Carson got it right when he said (tonight on the Hannity Show, Fox News) that America is in a crisis of family values. We cannot afford to divorce ourselves from morality. 

We must heal the great divide. There is a chasm of bitterness that separates American citizens from one another and we must find a way to heal it. The enemy will always seek opportunity to rob people of their hope. This is what is happening right now. There are many issues in the news that promote violence, a loss of constitutional rights, prognosticators that predict economic collapse, corruption that seems above the law and much more. We should feel angry about that. But, these things are happening because as a nation people we have embraced lawlessness and rebellion from God's ways. We have rejected the fear of the Lord and demanded our own ways. So, God gave us leaders that promoted rebellion, corruption and lawlessness. He gave us leaders that also rejected God and this is what we have reaped. Where there is an absence of the fear of the Lord, there will always be injustice!

We must turn back before because the path we are on is not good. America seems headed for the edge of a cliff, but God can bring us back and restore hope once again. We must renounce generational bitterness and seek forgiveness from God, for as a nation of people, we have carried it with us far too long. The only way to heal our nation is to do it God's way. It's to divorce that spirit of bitterness, vengeance and unforgiveness once and for all, and make the conscience decision that no real good can come from carrying it forward into the next generation. 

We must make the choice to end it now before it destroys us all. We must make the choice to repent from holding on to bitterness, a desire for vengeance and allowing anger to over rule sound judgment. No good can come from a dark heart! Will you make the choice today? If it doesn't begin with each of us, where does the answer start? I urge you today to choose mercy.

Forgiveness is not for the weak. Forgiveness can only be done by someone with personal strength and integrity. 

Mercy triumphs over judgment. It represents the very heart of God. It does not mean that acts of injustice and corruption should not be held to an account. It simply means that we are trusting God to be bigger than the corruption. Bigger than those who feel they are above the law. Bigger than those who get away with evil. The truth is, God cares very much and will act in perfect justice towards those that warrant it. The timing and the way that occurs is not up to us; it is left in His hands. The decision to forgive opens the door for healing. If it can do it for an individual, it can do it for our nation. Forgiveness restores a nation to right relationship with their Creator. It builds bridges of hope to the future.

Those that side with hatred and perpetuate more injustice in the name of retribution act like fools and terrorists. As a nation of people, is that who we want to become? Is that how we want to be known? Actions reveal the heart of the person. What do we truly identify with? Our nation is being tested. It's a test of character. It's a test of integrity, but most of all, it's a test to see whether we will identify with darkness or light. Goodness or evil. Hatred or mercy. 

Are we going to be found faithful to our true identity as patriots and defenders of truth and justice? Will we as Americans, rise up out of the ashes of our pain and injustice and band together for a greater good, loving our neighbor as ourselves, and honoring God and others in the process? I urge every person to consider more than just social justice issues, but to consider how they want others to truly know them. The law of love is the highest law by which we will all be judged! 

God sees the pain this nation is in and He will come to bring healing. He wants to restore our hope for the future, correct the injustices and corruption and heal our hearts, but it can only be accomplished His way. He will deliver this nation from evil if we will trust Him. Healing will come as a result of forgiveness, love and a restoration of the fear of the Lord. Mercy triumphed over evil at the cross and it can do it again. Love is the only force more powerful than hate and violence. Love never fails.


As a nation of people, help us by pouring out Your grace upon us, enabling us to forgive the injustice, corruption and abuse of power that has brought a dark shadow over us for far too long. Help us to forgive those that have sinned against us and caused bitterness in our hearts. Pull up the root of bitterness out of our hearts and please heal our land. Heal the heart and soul of this nation. We cannot do it without You!  We trust in Your divine wisdom to not just expose evil, but to execute judgement and justice on behalf of those that have been treated wrong. Give judgments on behalf of your people that delivers them from the hands of wicked oppressors and those that abuse their power, position and authority. Turn the hearts of the ungodly towards You and convict them of their sin. Give them the desire to repent from their ways that they may be saved. Let mercy and truth never forsake us. Let mercy and truth enter our hearts and guide us in all Your ways. In Jesus name, Amen.

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