Sunday, February 19, 2017

Freedom from Lust, Sexual Addictions and Sexual Demons

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Every month I receive many, many emails from people who are searching for help in regards to problems with sexual demons, lust and other sexual sins. Many people find the articles on getting free from incubus, succubus and lust, but are still struggling. It became so time consuming trying to repeat myself over and over again that I have now put the information in a brand new book, which I am happy to announce is now available on

An excerpt from the book:

     "When it comes to issues of a sensitive nature, the church tends to shy away from topics they feel ill equipped to address. Sometimes that means they also distance themselves from those who have issues that make them feel awkward or uncomfortable. That’s where we all need personal growth and to work on love and acceptance. The subject in this book deals with things that people don’t often want to address because it makes them feel uncomfortable. Pornography, lust, and demonic torment from sexual demons are not exactly casual dinner conversation. You’re probably not going to hear it preached on a Sunday morning, either. For the most part, the unspoken message that is conveyed is, “We don’t talk about that here.” ...

"Writing this book was not necessarily something I wanted to do, simply due to the nature of the subject matter. It is no easy thing to bare one’s soul to the world in utter transparency. Yet, time and time again, I continue to receive correspondence from those that have read articles on my blog, asking for help. Allow me to share a portion of one person’s correspondence, if you will, because this person’s words describe the nature of the problem. “I’ve asked many preachers for help. I’ve been to multiple ‘deliverance services’ to see if I can find freedom from this problem…Nothing has been successful. Everyone I ask for help treats me as if I have the plague. When I tell them the problem they won’t talk to me again. It is really a horrible problem when you can’t even get help from the church.”

"90% of the people who contact me on the subject of sexual demons and addictions voice the same kind of situations. What is equally frustrating are those who write or teach others on spiritual matters, telling them such things like incubus or succubus spirits do not exist, when they have no actual experience on the subject. Just because something may not be understood by some people doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist. There are those, like myself, who have seen, felt, battled and wrestled with these demonic spirits. It is very hurtful and harmful for anyone to tell them that what they have experienced isn’t real. Many people  have turned to traditional forms of counseling for help but have not found any peace, remedy or answers." 

"I have come to realize that there were reasons why I went through the things I experienced. I lived with those spirits for decades before I got free, and others can benefit from what I have learned. From the very beginning of my life, the enemy had marked me as an outcast. He did everything possible to insure that I would never find my voice, or my place within the body of Christ. Perhaps in reading this book others will find some of those truths ringing loud and clear about their own lives. If so, then this book is full of insights so that you, too, can obtain your freedom."

"Practical steps to freedom are included so that people can learn how to be effective in working through issues in their own life, as well as learn how to equip others."

Table of Contents:

Bound by Shame
Evil Inheritances
Incubus & Succubus – What are They?
The Relationship between Lust and Witchcraft
The Way of Escape
How Perverse Spirits Affect Marriage and Family
Renouncing Old Covenants
Living in a New Identity
Getting Free
Practical Steps to Deliverance

Every month approximately 2000 people come to this website looking for help on the subject of sexual demons such as incubus and succubus. Almost another thousand come for help with things resulting from sexual molestation. Many of them don' t realize the two subjects are connected. Multitudes of people are looking for help!

This book gives practical help to those who truly want to live free from demonic oppression and reclaim their purity. It is a tremendous resource for those that desire to work with God in self deliverance but it is also a great tool to have on hand in working with others. If you are struggling with the guilt, shame and condemnation from sexual demons, addictions and other troubles from lust related issues, I encourage you to get this book!

Click to order Seduced into Shame by Laura Gagnon

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