Friday, April 10, 2015

Dealing with Arrows of Discouragement

Spiritual births and breakthroughs are coming! But the enemy is aware of this also, and his plans will be spoiled if God's plans come forth. He is looking for ways to stop the births from coming forth, or devour them upon arrival. Ah, BUT GOD alerts us to trouble before it hits, if we listen and pay attention! Don't you love it when God gives a preemptive warning about one of the enemy's strategies? #1 on the enemy's weapons list is the arrow of discouragement. It acts like a drug over a person's mind that also serves as spiritual birth control: it is there to cause premature, spontaneous abortion of the plans and purposes of God! Beware of the enemy's archers, for he is looking for people to use their mouth and release discouragement. The enemy will seek to catch you off guard but keep your shields up! Take those words laced with death and discouragement captive to the obedience of Christ and apply your spiritual authority to them. Condemn those words immediately and declare out of your mouth that NO WEAPON fashioned against you will prosper. This is your right as a child of the Most High. May the God of peace crush Satan under your feet shortly.

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