Thursday, April 16, 2015

Deliverers are Coming Forth!

God sends a variety of people on different assignments. Those people are often not appreciated and sometimes not wanted by the very people they are sent to help, often because people tend to prefer the comforts of their bondage over freedom and taking a different path in life. When God sends someone as a deliverer, they may not always be well received. They come to cut away webs of deceit, tear down the enemies false authority, and free the oppressed from spiritual influences that have them bound. There can be no deliverance without some sort of fall out in the process, but if people can recognize that not every whirlwind in their life is meant to harm them, then they will be able to see that the whirlwind is actually there by the hand of God to free them and lead them on into victory. Helping others see and recognize their deliverance when it's in process is key to helping them have the right attitude and perspective so that they don't feel bitter or fearful of the changes taking place around them. Give others your eyes to see the spiritual reality and you will lift their faith and shatter fear.

Moses was called to deliver a nation of people from the behemoth world order of his day, and they ended up hating him for it. Deliverance is messy! They were full of fear on so many levels...fear of change, anxious on where there provision would come from, afraid of the backlash from Pharaoh and his army, and most of all, they complained because they missed the predictability of their former bondage! People get so used to being held captive to a poverty mindset and all the bondage that it brings, that they tend to actually rebel against God when they are set free. Freedom can be such a foreign concept to many that they don't know what to do with it - or themselves. The complaints and frustrations they voice are simply the evidence of the areas of their life that they have never learned to trust God for their life. God is getting ready to shake this nation, shake systems, and shake people. We must be ready to stand firm in the midst of shaking so that we can let others know GOD is trustworthy.

    Gideon was another deliverer, called to confront Baal and tear down the ungodly altars. When people found out he was the one to do it, they went after him, but God intervened and had him bring a great victory against the Midianites that were impoverishing the nation and taking all their profits. Ezekiel was told to prophesy to the corrupt and arrogant Pharaoh of his day, which was also a world power of that time. God heard the words of his servants and dealt a harsh blow to those that used power to oppress, plunder and take His people into captivity. Sin puts us in captivity, but repentance and crying out to God will pull us out. God has heard the cries of His people. We must be ready for changes on every level. Don't complain against the changes when they come or you could find yourself resisting God and getting yourself in trouble in the process. Get ready, get ready, get ready! A new wave of deliverers are coming on the scene!

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  1. Loved the article this so true about Deliverance is Messy!
    This spoke volumes to me when God sends someone as a Deliverer they may not always be received. I pray for love ones that are in bondage and are oppressed by the enemy see the spiritual reality in finding Freedom and to learn to Trust God