Friday, April 17, 2015

Recognizing a Divisive Spirit

There is so much good going on in this geographic region with all the prayer and worship gatherings. It is also helping to rebuild the walls, restore the gates, and take dominion away from the enemy. More is happening in the Spirit than we know. But it also reminds me of the opposition that Ezra and Nehemiah faced as they were rebuilding the walls of their city. Their adversaries said "They will neither know nor see anything, till we come into their midst and kill them and cause their work to cease." They bragged that "from whatever place they turned, the adversaries would be upon them." Nehemiah 4:11. 

     The accuser of the brethren is a whisperer and a slanderer. He often issues an order to ambush people out of left field. He does it to divide relationships and stall the work or make it less effective. The question is, what will you do when someone begins to tell you of 'concerns' they have about someone else? The enemy's intent isn't always readily understood, especially if it comes in the form of a familiar face. He doesn't use someone that isn't significant or unable to influence you! Be careful. Be alert, and ask yourself what the enemy's intent is before you bite down on the bait. If he is trying to use someone's mouth in order to divide relationships, there is always a bigger reason why, even if it's not easy to discern at first. Satan simply looks for someone that he can use to exploit a weakness: an unhealed offense, jealousy, fear or insecurity, but it doesn't necessarily mean that that person's opinion is truth. The accuser always tries to create resistance, fear, confusion and disagreement in order to stop the work of the Lord. He uses intimidation and separation to eliminate the strength and anointing that comes from people being in one accord. PRAYERS ARE HINDERED WHEN A SPIRIT OF DIVISION IS AT WORK. Accusations are intended to prevent people from being able to influence others for the sake of healing, restoration, reconciliation, and gaining momentum in the work of the kingdom.Stop the enemy in his tracks! There is always a reason why the accuser does what he does. A demonic spirit is anointed to cause suspicion, accusation and division, and long after the words have been spoken, they will ring in the ears of those that took in those words. Cast down words of death and condemn those words so that NO WEAPON formed against you (and your relationships) will prosper. YOU are the only one that can take authority over the spirit behind the words so that bad fruit doesn't come from them!

 Don't give the enemy any wiggle room to get between you and trusted relationships. Shut him down before he can do any damage by praying in advance. Shields up!

Let the accuser of the brethren be cast down in Jesus name. Where there is no wood on the fire, the fire goes out. 

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