Thursday, March 1, 2012

Faith Is The Substance of What We Cannot See...

Truly the kingdom of God exists in such a way that although we cannot see it, we can understand the reality of it. I have had the most amazing experience of "the invisible" making itself known. I have heard the sound of a trumpet as clear as though someone was blowing it right next to me...I have heard the scrape of keys in a gate, knowing immediately what the sound was even though I could not see it. I have even felt a crown being placed on my head during a worship service.... feeling the weight of it, being able to distinguish that it was made of some sort of "metal." I'm sure you have had experiences with God, too, that have opened your eyes to the reality of the Kingdom of God. 
God gives people unique experiences in order to build our faith of the unseen realm. With those experiences comes a sense of knowing, with confidence, exactly what you are seeing, hearing, feeling, and sensing - all to act as "proof" of this Kingdom's reality! Although we cannot see it with our natural eyes, our lack of natural vision does not diminish the reality of what exists in this Kingdom, nor does it need to hinder our spiritual sight to "see the invisible." It's like crossing this bridge from where we are (the visible) to where we're going... (the invisible). Have you ever seen an episode of the TV show "Fringe?" There are two worlds in simultaneous existence; what affects one dimension also affects the other. Faith is like this too. It's like traveling back and forth between dimensions, in a way. As we look into God's word, we declare what His word says and faith (activated in prayer) is like walking on this invisible bridge constructed out of His word. We cross into the Spiritual realm and pull something out. It takes us from where we are in the natural circumstances to cross over and tap into what is on the other side. Faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen. Yet everything in God's kingdom is real, it's tangible, because it exists in the presence of God's glory. We've all "pulled something out" with our faith at one time or another because we've put a demand on the anointing which causes things to manifest. Faith produces. The "kavod" (Kavod, meaning heavy; it has weight to it) of God's glory is the reality of what true faith produces - the tangible, credible evidence of the answer in the earthly realm. Something that was absent before is suddenly there in your presence!  
"I believed and therefore I spoke..." We speak forth those things that "are not" (seen) and call them as if they actually exist and they are right here in our present reality. You went across the bridge into the Kingdom of God and come back with your answer. See yourself doing it. Envision yourself walking the bridge and bringing the answer back in your hands! It's time to close the gap between what you are praying for, and the time it takes for the answers to manifest. Seeing the heavenly reality with your eye of faith causes doubt to flee and unwaivering faith to release your answer. Did Jesus not say, "Have faith in God?" Believe that you have received what you are praying for and you will have it." Mark 11: 22 Your words contain the very power to produce the glory of God. Let it be so, on earth as it IS in heaven!

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