Thursday, March 1, 2012

Prayer For Healing From Cancer

Prayer for healing from cancer:

Dear Lord Jesus,

We know that cancer does not come from You. It comes from the pit of hell, but You overcame all the power of hell when You rose from the cross. The Bible says that YOU took the keys of death and Hades away from the enemy! You took the sin of all mankind and every evil thing upon Yourself. You were beaten - for us. Your word in Isaiah 53:5 declares this truth and that by Your stripes, we are healed. You would not have written it in Your word unless You meant what You said. So today, Lord, we say a prayer for _________, asking that you heal their body. Please fill them with the fullness of Your Holy Spirit and let the wholeness, the power and the peace that is in You manifest within them.

You have given Your children Your authority, and as Your child I command cancer to be placed upon the stripes You took on behalf of: (insert the name of the person you are praying for). I bind the spirits of infirmity, death and hell and forbid them from advancing against them in Jesus name. Spirit of death, flee _________ now! Spirit of Life, infuse _______ with resurrection life, strength,  and perfect soundness. Jesus, You are the resurrection and the life! I command the root of this cancer and these tumors to wither and die immediately. Let salvation come to ______ now. Give them room to breathe, room for their organs to work properly, and room for life to flow unhindered in their body.  I command the blood supply that  feeds these tumors to cease. I command the cancer cells that reproduce uncontrollably to be supernaturally restrained and healed. Let all the healthy cells refuse to let cancer attach to them. Let the DNA of Jesus' perfect blood heal any areas that are predisposed to cancer. Let the broken spirit be healed, and the bones filled with fatness. We ask that the bone marrow be healed and filled with new, healthy red blood cells that continue to multiply exponentially. Let joy and laughter come back to _____________ as their strength, for Your word says it is medicine to the body. We command all cancerous cells to leave _______ body now in Jesus name.

Father, I thank You for hearing these prayers and releasing Your answer into this earthly realm. I thank You that You are faithful to watch over Your word in order to bring Your promises to pass. Thank you for releasing healing. In Jesus name, Amen.

Note: We have personally noticed the connection between physical disease such as cancer and unresolved unforgiveness and bitterness. The body often manifests the physical symptoms of a spiritual reality. That is one factor why some people do not get healed or perhaps they do get healed only to have it return. If the root of the spiritual issue has not been dealt with the problem can return. I am not saying this is true in every case, but there is a lot of evidence between unbroken curses, spiritual issues and physical disease. Please ask the Lord if there is something that you need to specifically address in prayer to insure that your victory is 100%!


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