Tuesday, August 12, 2014

In Your Dreams: Spirit Husbands/Spirit Wives

Many people see things in their dreams and are not sure what they mean. Often times it is how God communicates certain truths. He gives us a 'picture' so that we see a spiritual reality.

One question I see many people "Google" or search for has to do with spirit husbands or spirit wives. In their dreams, they see themselves in intimate relationships, sometimes sexual relations or even engaged or married to someone else. God will use the face of familiar people we know that represent something we can understand. For instance, if a person sees themselves married to an ex-spouse or in a relationship with someone that used to be a key person in their life, then you would want to ask yourself what does that person represent to you? What do they signify to you? What feelings do they make you feel, or how did they treat you? Sometimes the person was abusive - that may signify fear. Other times it may represent a different spirit such as control, anger, or something else.

When a person dreams and sees themselves in bed with someone that is not their spouse, most often it is God trying to communicate that there is some spirit (other than the Holy Spirit) that is involved in their life that is intimately involved with them. Sometimes we inherit these spirits from generational sin - doors that have been opened by parents or grandparents, for instance - and we just inherited what ever spirits were active in their lives. At other times, we give permission to the wrong things to remain in our lives because we have an area of sin or compromise. That spirit is there because somewhere it has spun a lie in the person's belief system and the individual has given it permission to remain in their life. 

Fear, lust, bitterness, anger, unforgiveness, a perverse spirit and others all want to be married to you! They want to be your husband or your wife. They want to remain as close as possible in order to keep impurity and uncleanness in your life because not only is that the way they are allowed access to you and your family; it's also how the enemy defiles a believer's ministry. Those spirits will lie to you...they will turn things around in your mind and belief system and help you justify their being in your life. When truth confronts them, they will argue their defense! They will challenge, deny and wiggle away from the truth. Like the serpent of old, they will say, "Well, let's talk about this. Are you sure...? Did God really say...? Do you really have to be committed to purity? After all, isn't that what grace is for? God doesn't expect you to be perfect...He knows you're not perfect. That's why you have Jesus."  If you listen to the tempter long enough, he will enable you to justify anything your flesh wants, but that is how he seduces you into moral compromise and spiritual adultery. 

I knew a woman once that had so made a lifestyle out of compromise, that her heart grew colder, more defiant and rebellious over time. She made room for spiritual adultery that led to an adulterous relationship. Yet, when confronted about her sin, she was convinced that she was neither unfaithful to God nor her husband. She simply said, "Well, (the affair - that lasted over the course of several years) that wasn't an affair...that isn't adultery. It was just a mistake between friends." That is how she justified it. She listened to the perverse spirit, that seducing spirit of adultery for so long and justified the desires of her flesh, that she completely convinced herself that what was wrong, wasn't in fact, wrong at all. That is what those spirits will do. They will work on wearing down a person's convictions so that their moral foundation is destroyed. These adulterous spirits will corrupt morality, integrity and undermine a person's commitment to purity and holiness. Even when that person's marriage ended in complete failure, she was still convinced that she hadn't done anything to contribute to it. She became spiritually blind to her own need to repent because of willful disobedience. 

In Ezra chapters 9 and 10, Ezra and the men of the tribes of Judah and Benjamin were told to 'put away pagan wives' and deal with their improper marriages, and the children that came from those marriages. They needed to confess their sin of taking pagan wives that would corrupt their morals, convictions and loyalty to the Lord. The men were instructed to send away the wives and children from these ungodly marriages because the seed was supposed to be pure. What was supposed to remain pure and holy became mixed and defiled with corruption. Mixed seed brought a curse and defiled the nation. They were warned that the land that they were about to inherit was unclean and filled with ungodly practices that God considered wicked and defiled. Only by committing to purity and confessing their sins could they hope to escape the same defilement. By sending the ungodly wives and their seed into captivity, they were able to get out of captivity. Spiritually, we see the corresponding truth. Any marriage of compromise will produce like seed that has the potential to destroy and pollute the family of God through impurity. We cannot have fellowship with darkness. We must not tolerate demonic spirits and covenants of compromise. We must not pledge our loyalties to the wrong spirits or they will be our undoing. We cannot just try to clean around those areas and get rid of other stuff while retaining the sins we enjoy; we must tell those ungodly spirits to get out! Our oath and loyalties must be to Christ and no other idols. We cannot make a covenant with compromise for that is adultery in the eyes of the Lord. Recognizing these areas within our own lives is the hard part, for people often grow so comfortable with them that they fail to see their own blind spots. This is why the Lord gives people dreams to uncover areas where the enemy hides himself.

Many people find themselves in a spiritual wilderness because they are not committed to cleansing themselves from sin and iniquity. God told Jeremiah that his assignment was to help root out wickedness by declaring the word of the Lord. (Jer. 1:9,10)The word of the Lord would root out, pull down, destroy and throw down all the false mindsets, lies, enemy strongholds and demonic authority structures. The word of the Lord through his prophet would also help build the kingdom of God. In Joshua 3:5, Joshua commanded the people to prepare to cross over into the promise land, but their preparation had to be through SANCTIFICATION. They had to rid themselves of anything unclean. Joshua understood (because he had a lifetime of good instruction from Moses' leadership) that a person cannot stand before the enemy if there is any area of compromise or agreement with the enemy in their life. He was trying to protect his people and also give them the key to victory so that they could overpower the enemy at every encounter. This is how they took hold of their promises and their inheritance! the inheritance had always been theirs from the Lord, but they could not go to battle with doors open to the enemy or they would suffer a defeat. This they learned the hard way through the battle of Ai.(read Joshua chpt 7). Any open doors to compromise are an area where the enemy will come to exploit and bring defeat, often times immediately after a great victory. This is how the enemy offends and defiles a much larger amount of people. He waits until people have greater influence and success before he strikes. God's plan is to eradicate the enemy before he can strike and do great harm. 

Beginning in Ezek. 36:16, God is talking to His prophet about the restoration of Israel. He said that his people defiled themselves (and the land) by living by their own ways, but to God it was unclean and disgusting. He likened it to impurity and idolatry. But in verses 29-36, the Lord gave them a promise that when they dealt with their uncleanness, on that very day, they would receive their restoration. He said that never again would they have to feel the reproach of famine or poverty, and they would become very fruitful and prosperous. He said they would become like a well watered garden, lush and so desirable that it would attract others that would help rebuilt their cities and desolate places. What a tremendous promise!

Friends, truth that confronts the enemy will offend him. Prayers that challenge those ungodly spirits will offend something in you, at times. It may rub you the wrong way and irritate your soul - all because the stronghold where the lie was hiding is beginning to disintegrate. It grieves and quenches the enemy's spirit to be told to leave and give up his ground. Oh, he hates it when we are on to him and command him to leave! He complains and pouts and whines, wanting to have one more conversation where he can try to convince you to let him stay. Don't do it! Give him his eviction notice! Give him his certificate of divorce and tell that thief he has to pack his bags and leave at once!!

The promise is good. It still stands. God watches over his word to perform it and bring it to pass. When we will commit to purity, we will see doors open. We will see our inheritance seek us out and the way open up before us. God has still called His people to come out and be separate from the world. He has still called them to be distinctly different. Yes, there is grace. Yes, there is mercy and forgiveness. But they are not a replacement for moral convictions, integrity and purity. True righteousness is imparted by the DNA of Jesus Christ, and we must remain true to how our Creator designed us - to live, and move and have our being in Jesus Christ. To conform to the image of Christ and come up to a higher standard than the nations that do not worship or serve Him. Amen. Come, Lord. Enable us to live for you and to bring all thoughts into the obedience of Christ. 

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