Saturday, August 23, 2014

You Are The Prophetic Word Fulfilled

In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God. Jesus the Son became the living fulfillment of the SPOKEN word that was with God from the very beginning. That is why we can say that Jesus is the fulfillment of prophecy. 

From the beginning of creation and before even that took place, there were words spoken in heaven about the Son, His future and His destiny. His purpose was wrapped up in those prophetic words spoken between the Godhead and the heavenly hosts. This is a truth that is key to each one of us understanding our own destiny and purpose.

The Godhead has had conversations about each one of us since before time and creation ever came to be. Our Father has discussed our destiny and purpose with he Son, Holy Spirit and with the angels. They know and understand things about us that we don't understand about ourselves! Why? Because they are privy to the conversations. Just because we have not heard those conversations, does not mean that they have not taken place. In the beginning, we were with God, because our spirit is eternal. He has spoken words about us, prophecies, that pertain to our life purpose, future and destiny. We are now, like Jesus, in the sense that we are the spoken word come into physical existence to fulfill an ancient prophecy. Jesus looked into the scriptures, rehearsed the things spoken about the Messiah, and understood what was required of Him. He had a clear picture that kept him focused, but intimacy with God kept him anchored in God's love. That is what enabled him to fulfill His purpose.

Knowing and understanding the words that have been spoken about you by God himself are key to being able to fulfill that purpose and carry out the destiny that is assigned to you. Each one of us carries a very specific anointing that is there to help us accomplish the purposes of God. Let me ask you, when you look into scripture, do you feel drawn to a particular biblical character? Do you feel an affinity towards someone or something that witnesses to your Spirit a resemblance or similarity in character or purpose? Have you had prophetic words spoken about you that compare you to a biblical person? Those may be good keys to the type of anointing that help you identify your calling and purpose. Ask the Lord to give you new eyes to look into scripture and pull out the things that not only clarify your identity but also your purpose and destiny. Pursue God to ask Him to reveal what HE HAS SAID about you in the heavenly realm. Ask Him to show you how He sees you, and to share with you the conversations that heaven has had about you. Not only will it draw you closer to the heart of God, but it will help you see yourself in light of your destiny, as a child of God sent into this world to fulfill a divine purpose.

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