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What is the Perverse spirit?

In the previous article, we touched on the perverse spirit and how it manifests in sexual sins. There are other ways it manifests also. It will twist doctrine, truth, morals  where ever it is tolerated and allowed to increase in influence. It is very much intertwined with religious spirits as well and can thrive even in a church environment. That is why it is so important not to just know what a scripture says in black and white, but to be able to understand God’s heart and intention of why it was written. Without discernment one can be led astray. It can thrive in government too. Anywhere it can latch onto lust, pride or power seekers. It thrives in those environments because satan always attempts to control, manipulate and re-write laws in order to pervert them. The perverse spirit is AT WAR with everything that is God's order. It is AT WAR with morality. It is AT WAR with purity, righteousness, goodness and friend, it is AT WAR with you. The perverse spirit will create strife and it looks for reasons to go to war.

What exactly is a perverse spirit, and how can one identify it?

According to the online Free Dictionary, the word perverse means

1. Willfully determined not to do what is expected or desired (contrary);
2. Obstinately persisting in an error or fault; wrongly self-willed or stubborn;
3. Marked by a disposition to oppose or contradict;
4. Turned away from what is right, good and proper; wicked or corrupt
5. Similar words indicate a negative personality, one that is resistant to guidance or discipline; one that has a negative outlook on life, lacking in integrity or moral conduct.

Without even connecting this to scripture, we can see how dangerous it is to allow any part of a perverse spirit to operate in our lives, in the lives of our children, family members, church, community or nation. A perverse spirit twists truth into something that it isn’t. It turns things upside down. It argues. Denies. Resists. It is full of self-will and rebellion - all the things that speak of Satan’s nature and things of demonic origin.

Throughout history, God instructed Israel to be a people that stood out as distinct, separate and clearly different from other nations. They were forbidden to participate in cultural traditions and practices and warned not to serve the gods that other nations did or they would be destroyed by them. (Ex. 20:5; Ex. 23:13; Ex.23:32; Ex. 23:33; Num. 33:52; Deut. 12:30). God’s promise to His people was that He would send an angel to guide them into their promise land if they would serve and worship Him alone. He refused to be a god among many gods. His comfort and care was affirmed by His oath and His word that He could not lie. (Heb. 6:18). God is HOLY. If people did according to His word, He would provide for them and help them defeat their enemies. God would give them the land that was overtaken by wickedness; not because they were so deserving, but because of the wickedness of other nations, and the fact that those nations and people practiced things that were perverse and ungodly. God wanted a holy people that would be an example for others to follow, and an example of His goodness towards those that were His.

A perverse spirit is a mixture, it’s impure. Confusion, chaos and evil of every kind is the result. Going back through biblical history, the word perverse is connected to those that adopted cultural and religious rituals of a sexual nature. Cultic prostitutes, whether male or female, were used in orgies and other sexual practices because it was thought to give them favor with the gods of that culture. It was also thought to give them power, fertility and even agricultural growth. False prophets of Baal and other demonic gods were given babies and children as sacrifices in order to earn their favor. God saw these things as abominations. Where ever there was homosexuality, sexual sin, and infant and child sacrifice, destruction soon followed. (I kings 14:24; Lev. 18:22; Lev. 20:13).

One of the greatest snares to people of any race, culture, or point in history has been their neighbors. Their friendships and relationships affected their lifestyle, habits and their relationship with God. Bad company corrupts good morals. The thing we must fear the most are those that would tend to corrupt us through the pressures of becoming ‘like them,’ and end up sinning against God. That is why God warned His people not to make friends or companions with idolaters. God was quite clear that if they didn’t keep themselves separate, the sins of others would become snares to them and end up being the cause of their ruin. Pressure to conform to the world around them was always the warning If they didn’t want history to repeat itself, they must be committed to obedience and purity. There could be no room for compromise lest the perverse spirit would turn their hearts away from God and all that was good and right in his sight.

With all the turmoil, war and atrocities in the Middle East right now, we can see how far this perverse spirit will go. What god do they serve? Allah. Muhammad. False gods are not driven by love, as the Christian God, Jesus Christ. This spirit knows no limits. Hamas and other terrorist groups have turned away from everything that is humanitarian. They are committed to doing evil. They are so turned around in their minds that evil has become good and they do not feel their purpose can be served in any other way. Fulfilling their purpose is fulfilling a law of hatred, murder, torture and pure evil.There is a perverse root in their land that has left them with a debased mind, a reprobate mind, their conscience seared by their own sin, unable to feel remorse or the need to repent. It is not difficult for the world that observes these horrendous crimes against humanity to realize that it is fueled by demonically inspired hatred. Yet, none of them were born completely wicked. They were indoctrinated into it from a very young age. They had to be diligent and forceful in hardening  the hearts of those born into it. They had to willfully corrupt their minds and force them to ignore their conscience, to turn away from morality and good. They had to create a disdain for humanity and an intolerance for those that resisted their beliefs. This is how evil overtakes a land. Iniquitous sin patterns of hatred and violence repeated generation after generation.

If any other nation thinks that they cannot fall into the same sins they are mistaken. Click on this link  to read just one of the many warnings that ISIS and terrorist groups fully intend to take over America and subject it to Sharia law.

That same spirit of perversity is at work in every nation, in every community, in our families – as the enemy attempts to turn family members against one another and desensitize people so slowly that they fail to see their own need to repent. Yet the attitude is, “Repent? For what?” We have lived by self-will for so long that to think of giving up our rebellion in order to obey God seems offensive. We feel entitled to kill the unborn and call it 'women's health care.' We euthanize the elderly, handicapped and incapacitated and feel we are doing them a service. We rename our evil and call it 'ending life with dignity.' There is no dignity in taking life. We cannot play God! We feel entitled to live as we please. We feel entitled to live without morals. We persist in self-will, obstinately declaring that we will teach our children that it is good and right to celebrate gay marriage, adultery, promiscuity, and choose at will what sex they can become, regardless of how they were born. Everyone is given a choice yet in the process our free will leads us into bondage, sin and guilt before God. We insist on filling the minds of our youth with the idea that any god of their choosing or philosophy of life that suits them is acceptable. The foundations of morality have been eroded and replaced with the philosophy, ‘live as you choose.’  “Do as thou will,” by the way, is the fulfillment of Satanic law and is a well-known quote by famous satanist, Aleister Crowley. Can you see the enemy’s perverse influence now, as this anti-Christ spirit seduces people into following a life trademarked by self-will? This is a quote by another famous satanist that followed in Crowley’s footsteps. “Our religion,” he said gravely, “is the only one, I think, in complete accordance with human nature. It is based on indulgence. Instead of commanding our members to repress their natural urges, we teach that they should follow them. This includes physical lusts, the desire for revenge, the drive for material possessions.” – Anton LeVay

The enemy is quite patient. He knows that little by little, he can wear down a nation’s convictions by those insisting on living in perversity. Perversity creates conflict because of it's intent to WAR AGAINST anything good, moral and godly. It is resistant to truth. It perverts truth. It glories in propaganda, fear tactics and intimidation. It is driven by a lust for control and power. The pressure to adopt the world’s ways and become TOLERANT of that perversity – under the threat of backlash and persecution – is to subdue by force. It is a warring spirit that fully intends to take captives, and it will not stop its ungodly agenda. To rob our children of their innocence. To convince us that human life is expendable at whim. To desensitize our consciences and ignore the convictions that GOD HAS PLACED IN PEOPLE’S HEARTS. To use ungodly organizations, corrupt judges, lawmakers, government officials and yes, terrorists, to steal our rights away from us, until we are so in chains that we will do just about anything in order to survive. Little by little we become just like any other nation that lives under the fear and threat of tyrannical rulers and terrorists that control the masses by fear. We become driven by fear and anger, and eventually  turn into the very thing we despise.The perverse spirit has been around for a long time, and the stronger it grows, the harder it is to root out. If we do not want to suffer at the hands of our enemies – those that have sold themselves to do evil – then we must turn back to God and genuinely repent for our stubborn self-will and lawlessness. We must turn to God and ask for forgiveness for the generations of people that never repented and never valued the blessing of Jesus' blood that could take away the stain of their sin. We must cleanse the land of sin so that once again the tide of evil can be turned and God will intervene on our behalf. This is not just true for America, but for every nation. This evil that is so rampant has an ungodly agenda to pervert the straight ways of the Lord and overturn good. Save yourself from this perverse generation! (Acts. 2:40). There is a promise for you and your family, that anyone that calls on the name of Jesus Christ can be saved. There is no other name under heaven by which men may be saved. (Acts. 4:12). The only way is to confess that Jesus Christ is the risen son of God and ask for forgiveness for your sins. (Rom. 10:9,10). If you confess Christ as your Savior, you shall be saved. 

Part of the curse for rebellion to the Lord and worshipping and serving other gods was for the land to ‘vomit out the inhabitants of the land.’ (Lev. 18:25-28). Look at what is going on in foreign countries. Look at the mass exodus of people leaving their lands from the poverty, famine and evil that has forced them out. They must flee if they are to survive. Why? Because of the sin. Because of the lack of repentance, and for lack of serving and worshiping Jesus Christ as Lord. Where sin is allowed to flourish, evil deeds will take its toll on those that live there. I pray for America and nations everywhere to wake up to the truth. Wake up to the need – YOUR NEED – to personally take responsibility for the sins of your family. Repent and plead for God’s mercy and forgiveness over yourself, your land, your families. Those that do not learn from history – even that which is made daily – are doomed to repeat it. Come back. America. Come back to your godly foundations and serve the Lord your God with all your heart, with all your soul, and with all your strength. Love your neighbor as yourself and so fulfill the law of love. This is the whole essence of God’s law. LOVE. We must do everything we can to eradicate this spirit that tangles itself in the root of war. If we do not repent NOW, we reap the fruit of judgment. No one can stand against their enemies and prevail when sin and defiance against God's laws testify to their guilt. Please join me in a prophetic declaration against this evil root system. WE MUST ACT NOW. 

I declare: 

Every evil tree the bears forth the fruit of corruption, perversion and rebellion, whether it is in myself, my family members, this geographic region or my nation shrivel and die immediately, in the name and authority of Jesus Christ. Let every evil seed that carries the DNA of perversity, rebellion, and bitterness shrivel and die. I command you to bear no more fruit ever again, according to Matthew 21:19.

Let every evil tree be plucked up and cast into the sea in the name and authority of Jesus Christ, according to Mark 11:23.

Let the root of war and the perverse root systems be cut off, plucked up, shrivel and die immediately, in the name and authority of Jesus Christ.

Let the roots of wickedness be cut off and let the root of Jesse spring up according to Romans 15:12  and Is. 11:1

Let the root of Jesse stand as a banner over Your people, O God, according to Is. 11:10. 

Let trees of righteousness be planted in place of evil trees, according to Is. 61:3 and Jer. 17:8, to restore the land. 

Let trees for healing of the nations be planted according to Ezek. 47:12

Let torch bearers for the  Lord be planted with the good trees, according to Heb. 1:7 and Psalm 104:4.

As I declare a thing, I thank you, Father, that it is established according to Job 22:28 so that light will shine on my ways. In Jesus name, Amen.

Please go to the following link to pray for our nation.

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